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The Federation-class Carrier is a Star Fleet starship class, of carrier type.


The Federation Class Carrier can trace its routes back to Earth's Second World War. Naval battles determined that the Aircraft Carrier, with its ability to launch fighters and bombers against targets hundreds of miles away, was where a fleet's true strength lay. After the Third World War, this knowledge was lost as Star Fleet focused on vessels built for peaceful exploration. However, fighters once again proved their worth during the Federation/Dominion War, deployed from Akira-class heavy cruisers they would wreak havoc among Cardassian fleets, drawing escort vessels away in pursuit and allowing Star Fleet vessels to engage the Cardassian fleet at point-blank range. This tactic was not without hazard and the Starfighter Corps lost dozens of pilots in every engagement. Star Fleet agreed that if Starfighters were to be any use in a major engagement, they would need to be deployed in vast numbers, a task unachievable by the pocket carriers of the time.

The First General War further emphasized this point, when carriers hastily converted from freighters or mothballed cruisers deployed swarms of fighters ahead of a Task Force. Losses among the Starfighter Corps remained high, but the Starfighters themselves proved to be of greater value when utilized in large numbers. When hostilities ended, the plans for the first true carrier in Star Fleet history was laid down at the Jupiter Fleet Yards a mammoth task that would take half a decade to complete. Seven years after the project started, the first ship of the class, the USS Federation, CV-01, was finally completed after some teething issues with the four nacelle design. Heavily armed and able to carry sixteen shuttlecraft and eighty-eight starfighters she was a formidable achievement. After her maiden voyage, the class was put into full production under the orders of Star Fleet Command. Currently there are seven Federation-Class carriers in service, with the original USS Federation serving as the flagship of the entire Federation.

In 2418 the decision was made to mothball the Carrier fleet in order to concentrate on ships of exploration.


Federation Class Carrier
Type: Federation Carrier (FC)
Length: 1250 Meters
Beam: 700 Meters
Height: 400 Meters
Mass: 6,500,000 Metric Tons
Decks: 50 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 800 Officers, 3,200 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 7,000
Warp Speed: Type: 4 Main Warp Nacelles(Type 5B2)
Cruise Speed: 5 (2 with saucer separation)
Sustainable Speed: 7 (4 with saucer separation)
Emergency Speed: 9.2 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type:2 Main Impulse Engines (Class 8), 2 Secondary Impulse Engines (Class 4B)
Speed: .95 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-1)
Armament: Phasers: 3 banks of 3 Type 1 (P/S/A) 3 banks of 2 Type G (1F/2A-360D)
Torpedoes: 6 Torpedo Launchers (4F/2A)
Payload: 500 Quantum Torpedoes, 1,000 Photon Torpedoes.
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-1
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams, 6 Docking Tractors, 6 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 2 Bays (A), 16 Shuttles (10 Type 7, Type 9A) 2 Runabouts (Type 1). 1 Seleya Class Captains Yacht
Fighters: 2 Bays (P/S) 48 F-1 Fighters, 36 A-1 Heavy Attack Fighters, 4 EW-2 Electronic Warfare Fighters
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2
Offensive Rating: Without fighter support: 70% With fighter support: 90%
Defensive Rating: 90%
Maneuverability Rating: 50%
CER: 70%


Name Registry Launched
USS Republic CV-02
USS Enterprise CV-07 20602.20
USS Anarchy CV-11 21308.06