FedSpace Chain of Command

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Below you will find the Chain of Command for Federation Space. The one most commonly used by Players is the Personnel Chain of Command.

FedSpace Site Administration

Office Title Name Email
Personnel Commander in Chief (CinC) Fleet Admiral T'Mana E-Mail
Creative and Content Creative Director (CD) Commander Jennifer Braggins E-Mail

Starship Command

Location Title Name Email
USS Artemis, NCC-110000 Commanding Officer Captain Tyra Crawford E-Mail
USS Charon, NCC-88003 Commanding Officer Captain Daniel Brooks E-Mail
USS Geronimo, CR-75250 Commanding Officer Captain Adaran 225 E-Mail
USS Philadelphia, NCC-66053-A Commanding Officer Captain Jennifer Braggins E-Mail
USS Titania, NCC-88002 Commanding Officer Captain Jane Fields E-Mail

Academy Command

Title Name Email
Superintendent Captain Maddie Allen E-Mail
Dean of Evaluations Commander Carrs Jasal E-Mail

Creative & Content Team

Title Name Email
Assistant Creative Director Benjamin Elias Email
Content Manager Artemis D'Tor'an Email