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Pekoe Alexandra Fawkes
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Julia Nielson
121 lbs
Eye Color:
Dark hazelnut brown
Hair Color:
Warm brown
Past the shoulders, with soft waves
Slim, but curvy at the hips
Lightly tanned
Soft, cheerful, playful
Earth, Hawaii (Big Island), Waimea
Familial Relationships
Lukas Wyatt Fawkes
Hannah Katarine Fawkes (nee Jasper)
Status of Parents:
Mother is a painter, Father is an architect. Both alive, living in Waimea, Hawaii
Marital Status:

Personal History

Pekoe Alexandra Fawkes was born to parents Hannah and Luke on October 31st. Her parents were always very loving and caring to her. During school, Pekoe found that she had a tough time making friends, and it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Kids would tease her about her name, among other things, and she slowly became a more reserved and shy kind of person. Out of school, Pekoe would spend hours playing outside, developing a very large imagination and going on adventures.

As she got older, Pekoe started developing an interest in drawing and painting. She would create works of art around the concept of construction. Her father’s passion for architecture was very evident in Pekoe, as she would build large cities in the sand.

During a school daytrip, Pekoe got to try kayaking for the first time. This sport because her one true love, and her parents eventually bought her a kayak. Pekoe would spend hours on the water, exploring the various little inlets and beaches along the shore. It helped her develop her confidence, because she knew she could plan out a trip and follow through with it all on her own, which felt like a big accomplishment. One day she was on a kayaking trip with her parents to Malaekahana Bird Sanctuary on the island of O’ahu, when the wind kicked up. A large wave struck her kayak broadside, sending her crashing down on the pebbly sand. The force was so hard, that Pekoe dislocated her left shoulder. This shattered her confidence, and Pekoe became more reserved than ever.

During her last few years of high school, Pekoe started to contemplate her future. She loved to paint like her mother, but also loved designing structures like her dad. Pekoe had always excelled at school, so the possibilities for the young woman were endless. The idea of Star Fleet seemed to attract her the most, but Pekoe felt that there was no chance her application would even be looked at, let alone accepted.

Then on the family’s annual trip to O’ahu, something came over Pekoe. After years of avoiding her much loved sport, she decided she would tackle the trip to Malaekahana again. With no planning, she rented the kayak and set off on the trip by herself. Her parents worried, had tried to convince her not to, but they knew it was a fear she had to overcome. Halfway to the island, the wind picked up again. Pekoe felt her nerves falter, and came close to turning back. But she told herself she had to do this, and managed to land on the beach without a hitch. Confidence restored, when she returned to the dock where her parents were waiting for her, she told them that she would follow her heart and join Star Fleet.

From then on she dedicated herself to studying and preparing for her Star Fleet admissions test. Her school offered a practice test, based on admissions tests of years gone past. This was Pekoe’s chance to prove to herself that she could do it. The results of the pretest were not good: she had failed the test by five points!

However, Pekoe didn’t give up. She was tired of always being scared, and went through with the proper Star Fleet Entrance exam. The week of waiting for the results had been nerve wracking, The results came in, and she actually passed with flying colours!

For four years during the Academy, Pekoe studied engineering and starship architecture and design. She couldn’t have asked for better roommates than Chloe and Kiera, who really helped Pekoe gain her confidence. Over those four years she opened up more, and now isn’t quite as shy or reserved as she was years ago

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Structural Engineering; ship architecture and design
Academy Minor(s): Astronomy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Pekoe has always been a bit of a painter like her Mom. She tends to prefer to stay in a curl up with a good book. She loves to go kayaking
Short-Term Goals: Become a Chief Engineer
Long-Term Goals: Achieve the rank of Captain. Find her soulmate
Personality: When you first meet her, Pekoe is somewhat reserved, but friendly. Once you get to know her, she has a very sunny personality, and will chatter your ear off
Sense of Humor: Witty, but can't tell a joke to save her life
Phobias: Still a little tense when there's big waves, but doesn't let that stop her anymore
Likes: Sitting in a hammock on a sunny day. Chatting with a good friend over a cup of good tea
Dislikes: Spiders. Obsessive people. Getting her heart broken. People making fun of her name
Pet Peeves or Gripes: When people make fun of her name. Yes she knows it silly and doesn't need/want it pointed out to her by every new person she meets. She would never change it however
Achievements: Fleet Prestige Award for Junior Space Craft Design
Disappointments: Failing the Star Fleet Entrance Practice Exam by five points
Illnesses: Typical human illnesses. Dislocated her left shoulder kayaking
Strengths: Friendly and good natured. Will do her best in a trying situation
Weaknesses: Tries to see the best in people, which sometimes ends up with her being hurt
Fears: That people will hate her
Prejudices: Snotty people
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and tshirts, but likes to gussy up now and then
Distinguishing Features: A small trail of stars tattooed along her right shoulder blade
Pets: A wiener dog named hazelnut
Friends: Chloe Hsu and Kiera Fonda, roommates from the Academy

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: During a kayaking trip in Haleiwa, HI, Pekoe was attempting to paddle onto the beach of the Malaekahana Bird Sanctuary (an island), when the winds picked up. A large wave struck her kayak broadside, sending her crashing down on the pebbly sand. The force was so hard, that Pekoe dislocated her left shoulder. Not only did it damage her shoulder, but it also shattered her confidence for several years
Best Time: Being roommates with Chloe and Kiera
Most Crucial Experience: When she worked up the nerve to go kayaking again, she attempted to do the same route to Malaekahana Bird Sanctuary. Half way there the wind picked up again, but when she successfully landed on the beach this time, it showed her that all it took was a little courage to beat her fears. That day helped her realise that the daunting task of applying to Star Fleet could be done too
Role Model: Montgomery Scott, who with a little elbow grease and know-how could fix anything

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