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Edition 38 - Stardate 21110 - October 2011

Star Fleet News


Bajor accepted into Federation!

Guest Columnist
Stardate 21110.23

The Federation Council voted today to accept Bajor into the United Federation of Planets with full membership, following a formal request by the Bajoran leadership to finalize an agreement which has been in flux for over forty years, since before the first Dominion War of the 2370′s.

Bajor, a planet once occupied by the Cardassian Union, became a significant place in the Alpha Quadrant when the stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant was discovered. Since that time there has been traffic and trade through the wormhole, including two wars fought with the Dominion.

Following this last war, over ten years ago, the wormhole was ‘closed’ to traffic and an Immense-class star base replaced the famous station Deep Space Nine which was there previously. Both sides agreed to respect the wormhole as a border which would not be crossed, and allowed the opposing side to place listening outposts at either end.

Recently, with increased growth in the United Federation of Planets and an extended prosperous period for the Bajorans, the leadership and UFoP established a plan to accept Bajor permanently into the Federation as a full member.

Only two dissenting votes were cast in the Federation Council during the referendum.

The Tellarite contingent opposed the full membership on the grounds of the already stressed resources of a UFoP currently recovering from an extended Romulan war. The Tellarite representative to the Federation Council was later quoted: ”We simply do not have the resources to rebuild after the recent war and also take on a new member that will need increased protection and resources.”

The Seleyans opposed membership for Bajor because of the threat of it increasing problems with the Cardassians, who have a troubled history with the Bajorans. ”We sssimply wissshh to have more peaceful relationssss with the Cardasssssianssss, and feel that this move will cause problemsss with our trade with them.”

In response, the Andorian ambassador was quick to shoot back. ”It has been much too long, and the Bajoran people deserve membership.” It should be noted that Andorian Metals, a major mining consortium has had operations in the Bajoran system for over three decades, and would benefit significantly from Bajoran membership.

There is expected to be a week of celebrations on Bajor in response to the membership.

Here at FNN we would like to formally welcome Bajor to the Federation family.

–Znuf Crolli is a senior member of the FNN political news department stationed in Tokyo on Earth.

FedSpace News


Updated the Emergency Medical Hologram

Surgeon General
Stardate 21110.10

In the past year, I have heard of numerous inquiries into what Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) program Federation Space (FS) uses and I have heard of some ships trying out alternative EMH’s or other Emergency Holograms. Because of this, I have been entertaining the idea for quite some time about running a subplot on FS where Vice Admiral Kodera interviews various Star Fleet officers about using their image or personality for a new EMH program. However, I have not had the time to run the subplot.

Then Kinziri Jal returned to the site. As many FS players know, Jal has quite a history on the site. Interestingly, the character actually started out as a junior science officer under my then-PC Ariana Lacey on the Copernicus. Therefore, I have a long history with both the player and the character, so when Jal approached me with an idea for the EMH, I was very interested.

Jal’s idea was to have the EMH tailored to the ship that their program is on. The ship would start with a standard EMH program, but then when a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) was assigned to the ship, the computer would work with the CMO to download the CMO’s personality and physical form into the EMH program. The EMH program would also have access to the logs and reports that the CMO has done over the years, and the service record of the CMO in order to “learn” from the doctor’s experience. The hologram would still have access to Star Fleet Medical’s database of disease and treatment, and so would have a lot more knowledge than the CMO, but by implementing this program, in an emergency the crew of the ship would have a hologram to react with that is a lot like the CMO that they are used to.

But WAIT! Before you start playing this out on your ships, please be aware that we are still in the testing phase. Jal is running a prototype in game on the Columbia right now, and after this mission I am going to interview the Columbia’s command staff and crew to see how this worked out. Until we announce that the EMH for Federation Space has changed for everyone, all ships will have the standard EMH that we saw in First Contact and at the beginning of Voyager (before the modifications that made the Doctor).

However, if you are interested in playing a prototype CMO-EMH on your ship, I may consider it if you get the permission of both myself and your Commanding Officer. My only caveat is that the CMO-EMH must be played by the CMO. Right now we want to keep this under control so that we can see if it works out both in game and out of game. We would love your help to try it out, though!

You can email me at melissa@brulotte.us to get permission to use a CMO-EMH or to share any ideas you may have about a new Emergency Medical Holographic program! Happy posting!

Fleet Updates

2nd Fleet News

Commander in Chief
Stardate 21110.03

Mission Updates
The 2nd Fleet joint mission continues onward. Away Teams have been dispatched to the surface of Yadalla Prime, where a planetary uprising threatens to pull the world out of the Federation and into the Romulan Star Empire. Teams have been sent to the Federation compound to help protect officials and non-resident civilian workers and to the capital city’s main hospital to provide humanitarian assistance to those injured in protests. The Columbia has also sent a small team to help evacuate an intelligence station on the planet. The situation on the ground is tense and threatens to boil over at anytime. Crewmembers on the planet may soon have their hands full if political negotiations fall through.

In orbit, all three vessels are currently trying to identify the source of mysterious signals that have been detected in the system. The Columbia and the Ticonderoga are also experiencing problems holding their orbital positions and are attempting to ascertain the reason why. Something is clearly going on, and it will take the combined efforts of the three crews to find out exactly what.

Columbia names new CMO and CE
The USS Columbia welcomes Liuetenant Commander Kinziri Jal as its new Chief Medical Officer. The joined Trill is a returning player and fills the void left by the recent departure of the ship’s medical staff.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Veilro also takes over as the Columbia’s Chief Engineer, replacing the departing Kraav. The change is a result of a character swap, and it introduces a new species, the Tenctonese, to the FedSpace universe.

2nd Fleet Promotions
Ens: McGavin
Lt: Veilro

2nd Fleet RPGers
Dauntless: McGavin
Ticonderoga: Fiore
Columbia: Vos

2nd Fleet Job Openings
USS Dauntless
Chief Science Officer

USS Ticonderoga
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer

4th Fleet Monthly Report

Vice President
Stardate 21110.12

Sorry folks for this being a bit late. It’s been a hectic month so far.

In-Game Happenings

The trial of Admiral Grant came to an end, with a rather dramatic set of events. The Vice Admiral seems to have either died and his body stolen or escaped… and none other than FNN’s Kevin Avery seems to be in the middle of whatever happened. An investigation is occurring. Read up on Star Base Delta!

Most of the ships in the 4th are at Dalmatia along with the 1st Fleet’s Copernicus. You can see their reports below.

James Madison is on its own, and below you’ll see the report from Torkav on the crazy happenings there.

Out-of-Game Happenings

September was a decent month for the 4th Fleet. Posting rates were good, a few promotions occurred, and in all things are running smoothly. Most of the ships are mid mission right now, and should have their missions wrapped up by late November or early December.

Ship Reports
USS Sheridan - Benjamin Vaughn

In game report
The Sheridan received orders to head for the Dalmatia System in convoy with the Copernicus, Pegasus and Philadelphia. Starfleet Command have assigned each ship to explorea particular planet within the system which had around 101 planets. The Sheridan was assigned to explore a P Class planet called Telbar on the outer edge of the system.
Upon arrival our initial scans told us that there was no apparent lifeforms present, we also discovered that the planet housed four Gravitic Tractor beams that were currently holding the whole system together. However, part of this system was failing in the Northern region and because this could lead to the whole Dalmatian System collapsing we felt obliged to try and repair what we could.
An away team was dispatched planet side in the shuttle Winchester, as they launched they and the ship came under attack by two small fighter type craft. Their firepower was weak and failed to penetrate the Sheridan’s shields, but they managed to damage the Winchester causing it to crash land. We destroyed the two craft but discovered another two craft launched from the planets southern region – these two appear more powerful than the last two.
Then a storm hit the area when the Away Team were present and communications and sensor contact has been lost.

Out of game report
The Sheridan has had an interesting turnaround over the last few months. Since taking command myself and my First Officer have been trying to bring the crew out of their lethargy. Though we have lost some crew due to RL reasons (Gadling, Pixx, Kane and Templar) and now another two reported as AWOL (Toral and Weston) we believe that the Sheridan is finally on track to better things.
We have also received new crew in the form of Lt {JG] Tourock Sothrick, our ACOS who transferred from the Pegasus and Mid Simmons who joined straight from the academy as a Tactical officer. Our one and only Science officer, Ensign Nox has now received points for her promotion to Lieutenant [JG] along with Simmons (for Ensign) and Sothrick (for Lieutenant). I look forward to the next phase of our current mission and hope for more improvements to come.
Note of interest

We currently have a subplot involving our Counsellor, Lt [JG] Whyte who has become insubordinate and aggressive. Currently she is confined to quarters pending a medical assessment as to her mental state. I look forward to see how this plot turns out.

USS Philadelphia - Aloysia Yvette

In Game Report
The Philadelphia is currently on mission at Dvorak, a planet in the Dalmatia supersystem. We have an away team on the surface that is currently trying to repair an Iconian gateway to investigate where it leads to. This same gateway was investigated by the Titan in 2006, but many questions were left unanswered. The away team not only found the gateway broken, but they also found a plant on the surface that established rudimentary telepathic contact with one of our officers, Midshipman Isabela Surana. Surana exhibited odd behavior, and so she was transported back to the ship. She is being investigated by Science while Medical works on a contagion that has affected four crew members.
Out of Game Report
The only major things that have changed since last month’s report is that Lieutenant Lunanova returned from LOA and Commander Macleod joined our crew. Welcome back/aboard, ladies!
Note of Interest
The Philadelphia is the oldest played ship on Federation Space, though it has not been played continuously. It was launched under the command of Captain Raymond Gage in September of 2001. It took a break from March of 2008 until it was relaunched under the command of Captain Aloysia Yvette in May of 2010.
Quote of the Month
“She grabbed her head; she was so confused and torn at the moment. Part of her wanted to fall to the ground or run away, but there was a small part of her that was going to do what she was order to do.
She lowered her hands and knelt to the ground once again, her hands reaching out to touch the life forms once again.
Do not worry. She wasn’t sure if they could hear her or not, I will not be gone for long, I promise.”
-Midshipman Isabela Surana

USS James Madison - Torkav

In Game Report
The USS James Madison is dead in space. I have no idea what in gre’thor caused it, and my incompetant engineers seem also unable to restore power. To make matters worse, it would seem that everyone aboard is hallucinating and losing their minds. I am unsure exactly what is causing this, but if we don’t get answers soon then we are in serious trouble.
Out of Game Report
Thus far the 2nd voyage and first official mission of the James Madison has gone very well. Players seem to be posting a lot, and with quality which is amazing. We have a good core group of players, and I am constantly amused by the posts of Shelmer, Aldren, and Mitchell–as well as everyone else. In the past 2 months we’ve lost our CMO/CSO and CE due to RL issues.
This month we are picking up a new CE played by Brad, who also plays Commodore Dramar; and a CMO/Science Officer played by Donovan, who plays Lt West on the Columbia.
Welcome both of you to the craziest ship on the site! I hope your sanity has been left outside.

USS Pegasus

Managing Editor
Stardate 21110.01

The USS Pegasus, a Zeus Classed Light Cruiser assigned to the fourth fleet, is currently continuing its mission in the Dalamtia System. The USS Pegasus, under the command of Commander Ryan Cooper, was sent to the Dalmatia system with the other vessels in the fourth fleet (Philadelphia and Sheridan) as well as the USS Copernicus to begin studying and investigating the numerous planets discovered during a previous Star Fleet mission.

The USS Pegasus was specifically tasked with investigating the planet named by Star Fleet as ‘Weyden’. Weyden is a class M planet that scans confirmed contained life. Currently an away team comprised of several senior officers (including the FO, CE, COS, and CSO) and a few junior officers are making first contact with a group of natives on the planet’s surface.

Meanwhile on Pegasus the crew, especially engineering crew, is being kept busy by a strange malfunction in the computer core that rendered various decks without gravity. The current cause of the computer core corruption is unknown though it is speculated that the scan conducted by a sensor net surrounding the planet Weyden was responsible.

The crew of Pegasus has had a pretty status quo month. Posting across the ship has been picking up pace as we enter our first full month of what I would consider the mission officially starting. During September Pegasus lost her Chief Medical Officer via a transfer to the USS Philadelphia. We wish Lieutenant Commander Macleod the best in her new assignment.

On the bright side the crew of Pegasus are glad to welcome back Lieutenant Junior Grade Johan Schwicker. Schwicker had been on an SLOA for quite some time but is now back and able to devote time to Federation Space once more. Johan has opted to explain his character’s absence by writing a backstory of returning to a University to pursue a degree in medicine. Johan’s character now serves in our Medical Department.

Quote of the Month
Our quote this month was penned by tactical officer Lieutenant [JG] Ouse who was assigned to pilot the away team shuttle. I feel this quote symbolizes the true purpose of the Federation … Exploration. “Ladies and Gentlemen let me be the first of many welcomes to the planet Weyden.” Ciron said.

Creative Corner

Vice President
Stardate 21110.15

Hello Federation Space!

As we start the last quarter of 2011, I’d like to take a few moments to thank all of the people involved in the creative work on the site, and explain some of what they do.

President Beckett: As the top of the site, President Beckett first and foremost makes everything we do here possible. He not only dreamt up the site we all enjoy, and pays for the hosting and software we use, but he also is directly involved with the planning of the largest plot arcs we’ve seen, and in the ones we’re currently developing. In short, without a man who many of you have never spoken to or met, but that I can assure you is a good man with a large heart and a lot of charity, and an active member of the US Air Force, this site would not exist. THANK YOU, JON.

Vice President/Creative Director: In my role as Vice President I am the lead creative developer on the site. While that may sound like a role filled with glory and prestige, in reality what it means is that I am intimately involved in the administration of the site. This includes working out the fine details of anything relating to the big picture on the creative side. I don’t do any of this alone… I work closely with the President, CinC, my senior creative team, and the FC’s and CO’s (and pretty much everyone else) in doing this. (You will note that I don’t include a name as I have yet to officially place an NPC in this role.)

Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral T’Mana: The CinC, among other things, works with President Beckett, myself and the FC’s to ensure that the site keeps moving forward creatively. She is the glue that binds the players to the site admin.

Vice Creative Director and Deputy Creative Director: These two valuable players (RAdm Roberts, and VAdm Wueste respectively) are integral members of the creative development team. They work closely with me on high-level and sometimes secret site-wide plot developments. The reason we have two of them, is that I often compartmentalize certain plans from one or the other to maintain the surprise factor; and in fact we collaborate to do same for the CinC (and in one case which I am not at liberty to discuss) even President Beckett. These two people were chosen because of their proactive demonstrated efforts to help me develop the site creatively.

GM-Authors: We have a team of 3-6 authors I regularly call upon to write the actual missions which are used on the site. Sometimes these are missions that relate to site-wide plot plans, sometimes they are group missions involving more than one ship, sometimes they are one-offs, and sometimes they are a combination of some or all of these. These people are selected from a core team of players who have demonstrated repeatedly an ability to come up with great plot ideas beyond their own character subplots, and have shared those ideas with me, and demonstrated an ability to think through a plot and write an outline which is both comprehensive and flexible enough to run.

GM-Administrator: The GM-Admin (who is not me, contrary to what some of you may think!) was hired to deal with some of the administrative task-oriented functions of the creative department. They act, in essence as a supervisor over the GM’s. This is the person who hires GM’s (with my oversight), fires GM’s (again with my oversight), assigns them to missions, and handles any LOA issues, etc. with GM’s. Without GM-Admin, we would not have the quality group of GM’s we have today.

GM’s: Our Game Moderators (GM’s) receive an outline, sometimes very complete, or sometimes not so complete, which they then turn into the missions which the players participate in. They are critically responsible, along with the CO, in ensuring that the missions go off smoothly and that people are posting and enjoying Federation Space. This is not an easy job, and I ask that you remember that behind each GM is a player like you, who has to enjoy Federation Space and also has a real life outside of FS.

Fleet Commanders: Our Fleet Commanders are critical in guiding the creative direction of their individual fleets. Sometimes they write the actual missions. Sometimes they give ideas for the direction which they want their fleet to go, which we then develop with the GM-Authors. They are a critical part of the mission development process, and also work to ensure that missions stay on track when and if there is an issue with CO or GM performance.

Commanding Officers: These are the last step in the chain of people who are actually authorized to see a mission outline. They provide a crucial role in working with the GM’s to make sure the mission keeps moving and that any input requests are answered in a timely manner. If you have any questions about your mission, your CO is the person to ask. They are charged with explaining only what you should know to keep the game exciting for you.

EVERYONE: EVERYONE on Federation Space contributes by playing the game and writing your part. By doing so, I would argue that you provide the most important role on the site. Without folks writing exciting posts, contributing mission ideas, and generally having fun… none of us would be here. THANK YOU!

Now for the hard part…

Who do you see on the site that you feel deserves some recognition for their contribution? Anyone from the newest Cadet to the President himself may be doing things that I didn’t recognize here.

If anyone ever has a creative idea, I encourage you to email me: grayson@fed-space.com.

Creative Development Q&A

Vice President
Stardate 21110.21

This month we have two submissions.

First, from Commander Hawk, Commanding Officer of the USS Copernicus:

Will there be more site wide war plots in the coming future on Fedspace?

Yes. You can expect a build up to some site wide combat/war plots that will involve much of the site in the coming year. I can’t say more or I will ruin a few surprises we are planning. :)

Next up, we have a comment from Lieutenant Dys, also of the USS Copernicus:

I think its time to use the Delta Quadrant cannon (i.e., Voyager based) and to facilitate that, either introduce transwarp drive or some other mechanism to allow travel back and forth. Or…perhaps a more one sided travel, where some Delta Quad peoples arrive in Federation Space (through some mechanism).
Also, keeping the Federation together with standard warp drive would prove difficult (like the Roman expansion), resources would be spread too thin, fragmentation would (most likely) occur.
The above would allow some new story lines and the after effects of Janeway and crew through their 7 year odyssy across a sizeable portion of the Delta Quadrant.
My two cents anyway. :)

I have actually initiated a sort of prologue plot to start moving us in the direction of possibly developing transwarp or similar capability. For all that can be revealed read the Ensign Kraav posts in 2nd Fleet.

Thank you both for your questions and comments! Anyone may send questions or suggestions for the Creative Department to me: grayson@fed-space.com.

20 Questions

Mid Skyler Gray

Stardate 21110.20

This month we get to learn more about Chris, the player behind Midshipman Skyler Gray, Security Officer aboard the USS Titan, CL-2007.

Age, Sex, Location? 29, Male, Washington USA

When did you first join FedSpace? Sep 2011

What brought you to FedSpace? I was bored one day and googled startrek RPG after having been re-watching Startrek on netflix. I really liked the orginization of the wiki, and was not comfortable with the format of some of the play by email sites I had seen.

Tell me a little about the process of developing your character. Well as my first character on fedspace, I pretty much took what I wanted to be in today's world, and adjusted it for the 24th century. I tried to exaggerate my self. My skills, my interests, and flaws. Then I added some stereotypical events such as parents dieing to try and give some depth to the character with out becoming just another one of THOSE characters.

Do you think it is easier or more difficult to play someone based on yourself? I think that it is easier, and safer, and probably doesn't allow you as much creative freedom, but I think it is a good idea to always start from there at a new place, until you get the hang of the flow of the area. After that you can branch out into people that are different from you. It is hard to react to a situation in a way that is not normal to your self personally.

So far, what is your favourite part about being a member of FedSpace? I REALLY enjoy the wiki so far. Kudos to everyone involved in that.

If you were president for a day, what would you change? You know honestly I haven't been a member long enough to notice anything major, I suppose I would change the posting requirements. I feel people in more key roles should be require to post more than others. For example if you are in the role of an Instructor at the Academy, or the C/O or F/O of a ship you should post more than the department heads, and the DO's should post more than there department crews etc. But then I am also impatient sometimes haha.

What makes a good Ship/Station? I think good communication both in game and out of game. I enjoy being on the Titan, because since day one I was able to talk to my C/O, F/O, and some crew members on msn.

What do you spend your time outside of FedSpace doing? Currently I am a Junior, studying applied Physics. That is what most of my time is spent doing. If not that then I am working at the local Hospital as a Phlebotomist, or building and launching model rockets with my 7yo son.

What is your favourite Star Trek series? My favorite Series has to be TNG, I love Picard, and Data, and it was the first series I started watching as a kid.

If you watched the movies, which one was your favorite? Nemisis. That was the best movie ever that defines Startrek. No I'm just kidding, I really liked First Contact because It is in the timeframe tha I am most interested in, the first fifty years after warp drive, and building up to it.

Do you have a favourite line or phrase from either a show or movie? I don't think I have a favorite line persay, but I do enjoy Data's attempts at jokes.

Do you have a favourite character from the shows and why? Cpt. Picard. If I had a dad in the 24th century in Starfleet, I would want it to be him. Even if hes awkward around kids.

What piece of Star Trek Technology would you most like to see today? Most definately the Warp Drive. I am very disapointed that I was not born in an era that allows more space travel. I would even accept impulse drive and more colonized places in the solar system.

What was it about Star Trek that made you fall in love with the show? It has taken my love for technology and physics, and placed it in a world I want to live in.

What FedSpace player would you most like to meet in real life? I think I would like to meet the captain of the Columbia , Adaran 225. I feel the character would be very interesting and so different from anyone on Earth.

What FedSpace character would you most like to meet in real life? Vexx most likely as hes the one I have spoken to the most.

If you could list one pet-peeve about your fellow players, what would it be? That they all seem to have lives. It is very hard to become unhealthily addicted if no one is playing the insomniac with me.

Do you feel there is any disconnect between you and other players based on geographical location? Not all, because of my schedule I find my self online and random times. The bigger and more diverse the group, the more likely there is someone on when I am.

What is in your FedSpace future, for yourself and for your character? I really hope to add a lot to Fedspace through subplots. I hope that my Character becomes a very well known and respected person in his field, and as most everyone, I hope to someday captain my own ship!

Thank you to Chris for answering my questions! Would you like to be featured in 20 Questions? Please email our <a href="mailto:moonbeamangel[at]gmail[dot]com">editor-in-chief</a>!

Dear Abby

Academy Superintendent
Stardate 21110.18

Each month I will be taking your questions regarding FedSpace procedure and protocols, and getting answers from various FedSpace admins. No question is too small!

What does the current EMH look like?
The current EMH looks the same as the one we saw on First Contact and Voyager – same as The Doctor. There’s a subplot taking place on the development of a new EMH. You can read more about it in the Surgeon General’s latest blog post.

Can I use smilies in my posts?
For the in-character portion, no. That said, you can use them in OOC tags or posts. :-)

Do science officers carry phasers?
While on board their ship, not typically. The only exception to this would be during times of war, where all Star Fleet personnel are required to be armed at all times.

Do phasers work at warp?
Yes, on newer vessels this is possible. However, on older vessels it takes a tactical officer with a good sense of timing. Factors including matching velocities with target and warp bubble dynamics need to be considered. Earlier 24th century vessels required that their target be within close range, so that the phaser burst would remain in the warp bubble. Newer vessels possess an ACB-jacketed beam device which allows for phasers to be fired at objects outside of a ship’s warp bubble without the ill effects of the beam dropping back to the speed of light.

Do you have a question for Abby? Please email her or post a comment!

Academy Graduates

Academy Superintendent
Stardate 21110.07

Please join me in welcoming all the recent graduates to Federation Space! These midshipmen graduated from Starfleet Academy during our September points cycle.

Midshipman Isabela Surana – USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Midshipman Adam Cross – USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Midshipman Keith Munroe – USS Gettysburg, BC-1863

Congratulations on your graduation, and welcome to Federation Space!

Star Trek News

Trek Trivia

Stardate 21110.30

Each month on the FNN we ask 10 Trek Trivia questions! Some may be easy, some may be difficult. Think you know some or all of the answers? Submit them to the Editor-In-Chief. Each month we’ll post the Top 10 Scoreboard and Top 10 All Around Champs, along with the previous month’s answers and new trivia questions. Good luck!

This Month’s Questions

1. According to Pavel Chekov, Scotch whiskey was invented by a little old lady from where?
2. In “The Dauphin”, which two people demonstrated the art of flirting to Wesley Crusher?
3. What Klingon icon did Worf find with Jadzia and Kor?
4. Where was Seven of Nine born?
5. In “The Wrath of Khan”, it was revealed that Klingon ships possess what tactical technology previously attributed exclusively to the Romulans?
6. What Jem’Hadar did Julian Bashir meet in “Hippocratic Oath” who was not born chemically dependent like other Jem’Hadar?
7. What interstellar law did General Chang cite to arrest Kirk and McCoy for the murder of Gorkon?
8. Who tricked Chakotay into thinking he was the father of her child?
9. To which series does the episode “Alliances” belong?
10. Name the species pictured to the right.

Submit your answers or email them.

Last Month’s Answers

1. Which crew member does Nyota Uhura tease with a song in “Charlie X”?
2. For what assignment did Beverly Crusher leave the Enterprise-D for a year?
Head of Starfleet Medical
3. Julia Bashir developed an interest in holosuite programs depicting:
a) Lost causes
4. How old was Kes when she joined the crew of Voyager?
5. Name the facility where Drs. Carol and David Marcus were stationed in The Wrath of Khan.
Regula I Space Laboratory
6. Who was the only person who could control the adolescent Jem’Hadar aboard Deep Space 9?
7. In The Motion Picture, how long did Scotty say it had taken to redesign and refit the Enterprise?
18 months
8. What song did the Doctor and Seven of Nine sing in “Someone to Watch Over Me”?
“You are my sunshine”
9. In which episode did Bashir and a group of genetically engineered misfits wreak havoc on DS9 while trying to find a solution to the war with the Dominion?
“Statistical Probabilities”
10. To which series does the novel “Last Full Measure” belong?
Star Trek: Enterprise

Last Month’s Winners

1. Gabriel Archer
2. Torkav

All Around Champs

1. Alice Dega (34)
2. Azernal Rin (19)
3. Alexis Tregelen (17)
3. Torkav (17)
5. Julia Nielson (16)
6. Jonathan Cooper (12)
7. Gabriel Archer (9)
8. Benjamin Vaughn (8)
9. Jordan Donovan (6)

Hall of Fame

2010 – Kyle DeWitt (86)
2009 – Laura Macleod (91)