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Feature Articles

What Makes a Great Leader? - Part 2

What Makes a Great Leader?
Stardate 20806.01

“There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew.”
--Admiral Kathryn Janeway, 2375

In the history of Star Fleet, there have been many leaders who have left their mark on history. Explorers and adventurers, scientists, engineers, dreamers and thinkers – many have left a lasting legacy that has helped and continues to contribute to the foundation of Star Fleet today. But what are the qualities that make leaders such as Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway such great ones?

In our May edition we asked, and here's what you had to say:

LCdr Julia Nielson - Sierra-18
"I think there are several qualities that make a great leader. First off, they need to nice. Nobody likes working for someone who makes you feel bad about yourself. You can get a lot farther on kindness alone than on ruthlessness, wit, or even pity because people would rather work for someone nice than someone rude. That being said, a great leader needs to know when to be firm in decisions and not waver. Being walked over by the people who you're leading just won't do either. A great leader also has to be able to lead by example - you have to set the bar for the people under you. How can you expect the best if you yourself can't do the best either? Lastly, a great leader is humble. They're not afraid to ask for help if they need it, follow suggestions from people if they're good ones, and give credit when it's due."

LCdr Lee Ander - USS Copernicus
"A leader has to lead with integrity. He or She has to be honest to themselves, they can't have their crew doing things against what they would do. They have to lead by example."

Mid Adam Rina - Sierra-18
"The ability to balance being a listener and a decision maker and in that, the knowledge of when to trust the book and when to trust their gut but on top of all that, the ability to inspire their troops and gain their confidence."

Lt[JG] Giordano Santiago - USS Enterprise
"A good leader is one who keeps a calm head in the face of danger, leads by example, not by order, isn't afraid to get his/her hands dirty every once in a while, and connects with his/her crew on more than just a professional level. (S)He must be stern and solid in their rulings and decisions, but flexible enough to take into serious consideration the opinions of their First Officer and Department Heads. I hope to be such a leader one day in the future and hope that I already am so within my own department."

Cdr Paul Braggins - USS Ticonderoga
"Being able to solve problems and motivate others. The ability to diplomatically resolve or diffuse a confrontation.The ability to listen to and act on suggestions provided by others."

Lt[JG] Nick Ristone - USS Sheridan
"Confidence. A great leader must show confidence to their crew. This will help to establish trust and loyalty to the leader. Of course, no one single attribute is enough to make a great leader however I believe confidence is a key element."

RAdm Joseph Daher – USS Ticonderoga
“Among many other qualities, the ability to motivate people is what makes a leader great. A great leader should be able to involve the people under his or her command. He or she should be willing to listen to suggestions and comments from those under their command and encourage active participation in problem-solving.”

Unofficial Fed Space Awards

Unofficial Fed Space Awards

Below are the winners of the Unofficial Fed Space Awards:

Good GM

Evil GM

First Officer that should be Commanding Officer
Commander Aloysia Yvette

Department Head that should be First Officer
Lieutenant Commander Julia Nielson

Commanding Officer that should be Group Commander
Rear Admiral Daniel Wueste

Weirdest Character Name
Lieutenant Gor’Ame th’Terik

Best Subplot

Best Cross-Dressing Character (Best male playing female/female playing male)
Captain Alanna Treborn
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sarah Mynx

Best English as a Second Language Player
Captain Elisa Godard

Strangest relationship in game
Major Raass Giraath - Granger {Giraath} (Gorn/Human)

Best player that has left
Sadie Syntranos

Best player that has returned
Midshipman Adam Rina

Best Newcomer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Laura Macleod

Character would you like to date if they were real
Lieutenant Commander Tyra Crawford

Best Ship

Most Technobabble
Lieutenant Sevala

Best Tactical Officer
Commander New

Best Security Officer
Lieutenant Commander Tyra Crawford

Best Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Zor Kayzon

Best Medical Officer
Lieutenant Sevala

Best Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Judith Tucker
Midshipman Johan Schwicker

Best Marine
Colonel Will Bateson

Best NPC
T’Kir {Sevala}

Biggest Superman Event
Bateson/Thrace assault on SS-18

Best Academy Instructor
Lieutenant Abigail Taylor

Best Administrator
Captain Derrick Grant

Best Commanding Officer
Rear Admiral Daniel Wueste

Best First Officer
Commander Aloysia Yvette

FNN congratulates all of the winners and nominees of the Unofficial Fed Space Awards.

Star Fleet News

Star Fleet Headlines

Federation Once Again at War
FNN Managing Editor
Stardate 20806.01

TOKYO, JAPAN -- Only a few short weeks after the units along the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone were put onto alert, Romulan expeditionary forces conducted a daring cross-border raid against Star Fleet forces in the area, according to President Jon Beckett on Stardate 20805.17. It is unclear what ships and installations were attacked and the extent of Federation and Romulan casualties, only that they were high.

President Beckett quickly mobilized Star Fleet forces in the area and appeared before the Federation Council in Tokyo, Japan to “ask for a formal declaration of war against the Romulan Star Empire." In a surprisingly quick emergency session that lasted only 23 minutes, the Council voted unanimously to declare war on the Romulan Star Empire. However, some people speculate that this was only a political move as the Federation and Romulans never officially ended the last war five years ago.

In another amazing move, the President instructed Federation Defence Minister Gage to offer full diplomatic recognition to the Democratic Romulan Republic, the Romulan separatist group that was likely the impetus for this recent attack.

The United Federation of Planets is at war once again, after having almost 5 years of peace. This time, however, there won’t be any Borg invasion to stop the Romulan advance. This time, the Federation has to defeat them once and for all. Just in the past weeks, we’ve already seen the measure of their resolve and one thing is for certain: this is only the beginning.

Star Fleet Academy Faces Low Graduation Rate in Midst of Crisis
FNN Managing Editor
Stardate 20806.01

San Francisco – Just as the Federation prepares to defend itself against an extremely aggressive and hostile foe, disturbing numbers come from Star Fleet’s main officer training facility, Star Fleet Academy.

The numbers, which will surely have everyone at Star Fleet Command and the Federation Defense Ministry worried, show a sizeable decrease in the number of applicants and graduates from the Academy so far this year.

While the average number of cadets who graduated from the Academy in the past three years is up over the three years before that, this year has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of applicants. The Commandant of the Academy, Captain Paul Kilbourne, confirmed the numbers, but downplayed their significance.

“Obviously our numbers are down right now from where they were in previous years at this time, but I don’t think it’s something we should be extremely worried about yet,” he said. “Enlistment rates are up by almost 7% which is most certainly a factor in the decreased number of applicants and the Academy is working on ways to advertise and bolster its recruitment as we speak.”

It is also important to note, he added, that these numbers were compiled and published just before the President’s speech and the Federation Council’s declaration of war against the Romulan Star Empire.

“It certainly changes things,” Kilbourne added. “I’m hoping it works in our favor, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Instructor and Evaluations Representative for the Academy, Lieutenant J.G. Trace Lapid seemed to agree with the Commandant. “I think we'll see a difference in the kind of candidate we see applying. Before we had those looking to be officers in a peace time Star Fleet. Now, we'll have candidates who are willingly signing up to defend the Federation. I don't think there's a short supply of people willing to do that.”

However it is accomplished, Star Fleet certainly hopes that the Academy can increase its admissions and graduates by the end of the year because they know they will need capable officers in the fight against a cunning and ruthless adversary.

"People interested in seeing if they have the 'right stuff' are encouraged to contact myself and Captain Kilbourne," Commodore Gillenwater, Star Fleet Academy's Superintendent, said in a statement hoping to draw new applicants. "Current officers can refer interested friends and family members to us as well."

Fleet News

Fleet News
Staff Reporter
Stardate 20806.01

In a not too unexpected but still shocking announcement today the President of the United Federation of Planets asked the council to declare war on the Romulan Star Empire. Though this is not the Federation’s first bout with the Romulan Star Empire, this is the first major conflict that the Beckett administration has been forced to deal with.

It has been undeniable that tensions between the two super powers have been rising for months, however most citizens were remaining optimistic for a peaceful solution. Most have not forgotten the toll the Second Federation/Romulan War carried.

In a unanimous vote, the Council agreed with President Beckett’s recommendation to enter into war with the RSE as well as align with the newly recognized Democratic Romulan Republic.

Sadly the Federation is forced to finish a war that never truly ended several years ago. Hopefully the Federation is prepared for war as much as the Romulan Star Empire surely will be. Some skeptics and critics of Beckett’s administration have questioned the President’s decision to build more scientific ships rather then vessels of war.

In his press conference the President mentioned ongoing communications between Minister Gage and the Democratic Romulan Republic, hopefully the President will also explore diplomatic avenues with the Romulan Star Empire.

Completely regardless of anything else the Federation once again finds itself in the challenge to survive. Already a large number of Federation citizens have lost their lives and as the President mentioned it is now up to Star Fleet to keep that number to a minimum.

To quote President Beckett:

"Once again, we are thrown, unwillingly, into the crucible of war. Once again we call upon Star Fleet. Once again, we will be victorious against those seeking to cause us harm. Once again we will know peace."


One-On-One: Cmdr Kinziri Jal
Staff Reporter
Stardate 20806.01

With so much talk of war and the Romulans it is nice to be able to remember what Star Fleet really stands for – peaceful exploration. Perhaps this is why I was so glad to be able to sit down with Commodore Kinziri Jal, a high-ranking Star Fleet officer.

Avery: First, I would like to thank you for sitting down with me. I know you are a very busy person and readers of the FNN and I appreciate this.

So tell me Commodore, what is in your future? Are you heading back to the USS Dauntless? (The USS Dauntless was the Commodore's previous command before taking a leave of absence.)

Commodore Jal: "No, fate has a different path for me to walk. Upon my leaving the Dauntless on Medical Leave some months ago, I believe Rear Admiral Wueste was assigned her CO, and I understand this will continue. I have just been given the all clear from Star Fleet Medical to return to Star Fleet and active duty."

Rear Admiral Dan Wueste was indeed assigned to the USS Dauntless, where he has continued to serve as the Commanding Officer. Wueste was a great fit not only due to his amazing career record, because also because of his command experience on the Dauntless’ sister ship, USS Gettysburg.

Avery: So Commodore, what does Star Fleet have you doing now? What is in the future for Commodore Jal?

Commodore Jal: "I am here to join my new ship and crew. I am assigned to be Commanding Officer of the USS Darwin, GEC-9000. I am rounding up my crew here on the base in time for the Launch of the new ship, and some of them are here in the bar. I haven't met some of them yet, but there are one or two familiar faces to me."

The USS Darwin is a Darwin Class Galactic Exploration Cruiser (GEC) starship and has recently been assigned as the flagship of the Third Exploration Group. The vessel is set to launch for the first time within a month.

Avery: Tell me about the USS Darwin, and what is on the horizon for her?

Commodore Jal: "The USS Darwin is the very latest in scientific and long range exploration vessels, and bears the name of it's class, the Darwin Class Galactic Exploration Cruiser, with all of the cutting edge technology and features that Star Fleet Science Division and R&D can come up with and pack in there. Some of the features are getting their first run out on an operating starship. These features will find their way into upgrades for other serving GECs out in service in due course.

Not only is the Darwin a cutting edge and multi role starship, she is also to be the new flagship of the Third Exploration Group, of which I am the Group Commander.”

Avery: Can you tell me a little bit about your crew? Who is your first officer, your department heads?

Commodore Jal: “Some positions are still being assigned," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I'm looking through available personnel files and through transfer request applications. Most senior staff are assigned, and I do have someone in line for First Officer, but if you don't mind I'd like to get the chance to speak with that person before I mention any names? It wouldn't be right to give a name of someone who isn't available or simply turns me down."

As much as one would like to completely forget the conflict with the Romulans, they simply cannot.

Avery: It seems impossible to deny the rising tension between the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets. What role if any will the Darwin play if conflict does arise between these two super powers?

Commodore Jal: “You really expect me to speculate on the missions that the Darwin will be given? Wouldn't that compromise the safety of the crew and the success of any said mission?" The forty year old Commodore said with a light laugh. "The USS Darwin is a Galactic Exploration Cruiser, I expect her to be carrying out the role she was constructed to perform.

"I can't really comment on any tensions, all I can say is that there aren't any on my part. I have no quarrel with the Romulan Star Empire and have been proud to have served with a number of Star Fleet Officers of Romulan descent on my crews, as I have with any number of species in this diverse occupation. I believe in peace in the Quadrant and have hope and faith in the processes to preserve peace; for the benefit of all life everywhere, sentient or otherwise."

It is obvious from the way the Commodore speaks that she is not an ordinary woman.

Avery: Tell me a little bit about yourself Commodore. What are some of your career highlights?

Commodore Jal: “My career is public record, or you may be better asking someone else. The highlight for me is to have served with some of the best people in Star Fleet. Credit for my career and place in the 'Fleet belongs to those I have served with."

The woman was certainly humble, but as mentioned she did have a public record. The Commodore is a veteran of the Borg war. Her first assignment was on the USS Yoritomo, which was destroyed in the attack. Other career highlights include Jal’s switch from science to medical upon promotion to Chief Medical Officer and eventually a command position. Personally Jal has just returned from her honeymoon with her new husband Jhesev.

Avery: Well Commodore, I think I have taken enough of your time, however before we depart I have one final question for you. What advice do you have for young officers out there?

Commodore Jal: "Never allow your CO to wear sandals on the Bridge.”

Avery: Commodore, I cannot thank you enough for sitting down with me. I wish you and the Darwin the best of luck on your first of many voyages.

The USS Darwin is still awaiting launch, and the placement of several officers. However, thanks to some investigative reporting it has been discovered that Commander Stovon Stewart, former Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Dauntless is slated to take the First Officer position.

Travel the Galaxy

Travel the Galaxy - Aldea
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

Come and See What Those Before You Could Not!

The wonderful planet of Aldea has opened its borders to Star Fleet travelers. With its advanced levels of technology it is the premier stop for anyone interested in the newest, cutting-edge technology. For now, they are open exclusively to current officers!

Take advantage of the numerous visiting scholars from all reaches of the galaxy by attending their numerous seminars on technology. Their upcoming schedule includes: Updated Medical Policies by the famous Doctor Lonnie Pavone; Weapon Ugrades by galaxy-renowned weapons specialist Max Fett; New Innovations in Warp Theory by Clayton Nakamoto; and Updates in Time Travel by Rae Andreas.

If seminars aren't your cup of Raktajino then try out their wonderful hotel and spa packages. Their advanced stress relief and medical facilities allow the opportunity to literally forget yourself and your problems and have some old fashioned time off. They even block comm-badge traffic for you!

No matter what you choose to do, make sure to take at least a few of their guided tours. They have ancient archeology ruins to dig through, huge mountains to rapel down, lakes and oceans to frolic in, and their city buildings are awe-inspiring in design.

So, don't miss this chance to be one of the first to experience everything Aldea has to offer!

FedSpace News

20 Questions

20 Questions - Cdr Aloysia Yvette
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

This month we get to learn more about Melissa Brulotte, currently playing Commander Aloysia Yvette on USS Gettysburg.

20 (21 July 8th), Female, Massachusetts.

When did you first join FedSpace?
Sometime in June 2002.

What brought you here?
Well, I first started watching Voyager when I was 14 years old. I really got into it, and I started reading the forums and chatting on www.startrek.com. On one of the forums, someone was advertizing for Federation Space. I don't remember who at this point. I went to the site, read over the stuff, and applied! It looked like a fun hobby.

What characters have you played?
I started out with Ariana Lacey. I switched to Aloysia Yvette in July 2006 because I felt that after everything that happened with Avark that Lacey needed a rest. Plus, Lacey wasn't a First Officer candidate and after three years as a Department Head, I wanted to move up. The NPCs I've played in the past are Sky Hart, Emilia Cirrus, and a few others that are inconsequential. The NPCs I'm playing now are Tess Natilique, and Ariana Lacey...I brought Lacey back after her year of rest on Betazed.

Tell me a little about the development of Lacey?
Well, originally I wanted a character who was half-human, 1/4 betazoid, and 1/4 Klingon. I was 15 at the time; i wanted a complex character! My academy instructor quickly explained how hard it would be to play a character like that. They seemed to know I wasn't ready for it. So, I chose the simple human. The gender was also simple. I'm a girl. I find it easier to play girls. The personality for Lacey wasn't something I thought about. She just grew up to be a very nice, non-confrontational person. I think that comes somewhat from myself as a person, and also because of her science background. Science = pacifist to my 15 year old brain.

What limitations would you say you had when you first joined?
Well, when I started off on Fed Space I was only 15 years old. I didn't really know much about role playing and I got off to a rocky start. Ariana didn't really develop in my first year of playing her at all. She was just the science officer that sat around and did nothing during the Borg War. It was when I transferred to the Copernicus as CSO that she started to come out. She was always a very nice person, and she continues to be. Her major development started around the time when she got involved with Avark, then COS of the Copernicus. It happened that Avark's girlfriend was pregnant with twins, and was shot by a Cardassian. She died, along with the male twin, but they managed to save the female. They transplanted the female to Ariana, as she was the closest.

How did the development of Lacey and Yvette differ in your choices?
They differ HUGELY! I grew up a lot in the four years between the start of the two characters. I wanted my new character to be less nice and submissive, as Lacey is. I wanted her to be a suitable FO candidate, so she needed to be confident and commanding. I also switched departments from Science to Medical, because I'd learned to love the medical sciences more in real life as well as in Fed Space. As a result, Aloysia turned out to be somewhat arrogant, as she's proud of the knowledge she has. Her species also contributes to her personality. Aloysia is Halanan. I chose a Halanan instead of a Human as I wanted a species with "quirks", but also a species that was easy to play. Halanans have psycho-projective telepathy. This means that in times of high emotions, they project images of their feelings to telepathically receptive species without knowing it. As a result, Aloysia tends to be cold at times as she has to keep her emotions in check. It's earned her the nickname of "Ice Queen" on the Gettysburg. Halanans are also forced to mate for life due to a biological imperative that affects their brain. This has also made for great character development, as Aloysia is currently dating LCdr Vaebn Tei, a half-Romulan/half-Human who never thought about mating for life.

What surprises have happened that caused your characters to develop differently then you had envisioned?
With Lacey, I was most surprised when I realized that she had run out of steam as a PC. I never expected to have to change characters, but I'm certainly glad I did! For Yvette, I think I was most surprised at how arrogant and cold she ended up being. I never meant for her to be as full of herself as she is, or as emotion-less as she can be. I certainly never expected the label of Ice Queen! But like I tell everyone, my characters write themselves. I am sometimes as much of a spectator as the other readers!

In what ways is Aloysia different/same as you?
I tend to be a bit arrogant, though I hope I'm not bad as Aloysia can be! I'm also interested in the medical sciences, as I said, so Aloysia's medical background is my interest showing through. I tend to be a lot more emotional than Aloysia, so we don't have that in common. I'm not quite sure other than that.

What activities outside of your main PC do you partake in on FedSpace?
The NPCs I've played in the past are Sky Hart, Emilia Cirrus, and a few others that are inconsequential. The NPCs I'm playing now are Tess Natilique, and Ariana Lacey...I brought Lacey back after her year of rest on Betazed. Lieutenant Junior Grade Tess Natilique is officially a junior doctor on the Gettysburg. It's classified that she's actually part of SFSIS, and is the team doctor and "Electronic Infiltration and Data Extraction Specialist" (aka expert computer hacker). Lieutenant Ariana Lacey is the head of the chemistry department in Science on the Gettysburg. I'm also the head of Star Fleet Medical, which means that I set up almost the medical pages on the wiki and I'm charged with maintaining them. I have my duties as First Officer. I also have a GM account.

Do you feel that activities outside your main PC have helped you stay involved on FedSpace?
I think that I would still be on Fed Space even if I was only playing my PC, but the other activities keep me busy. When I'm waiting on someone in a timeline with my PC, I can always go and post for an NPC, or dabble on the wiki, and whatnot. the other activities keep me from getting bored.

How much effort went into the creation of your NPCs?
Well, since Lacey was my PC before, there wasn't much effort involved. It was difficult to bring her back and figure out her personality after all that had happened, but it only took a few posts to get her back in my mind. With Tess, it took me a few months of playing her before i could flush out the entire bio. I knew I wanted to play a red headed female human who had a personality somewhere between Lacey's submissive kindness, and Aloysia's arrogant coldness. I think i ended up right between.

In what ways has the development of your NPCs surprised you?
When lacey came back as an NPC, I expected her to be more depressed than she is. I found that I'm too happy of a person to write depression, so I decided that she is sad but she's slowly getting over Avark's death. Tess surprised me a lot, but that wasn't my fault. During the first SFSIS mission, Lieutenant T'Kir, another female member of the team, became interested in Tess. Their relationship developed and Tess turned out to be gay. I never expected that! But like I say, I have to blame T'Kir for that one. ;)

How has FedSpace influenced your Real Life?
Fed Space has shaped my real life into what it is today. I met the love of my life on Fed Space. Almost two years ago, I moved from British Columbia, Canada across the country to Massachusetts to marry him. It changed my life, and in all the good ways. I don't even want to think about what my life would be like without Fed Space and Perry.

If you were President for a day, what would you change?
There is a lot of things I would change, mostly having to do with personnel. I think there are some people on the site that are dragging it down because they've lost the fire and can't find it in themselves to keep the plot lines going. This drags other people, who want to post more often, down. I won't go into details because I don't want to offend anyone, but that's the basics of it.

What do you think is the best part of being on FedSpace?
Everything? I really enjoy the subplots I write with other characters. I get forward to reading what they say, and then getting into character and writing a response. I live for subplots!

If you could name your own ship, what would you name it?
To be honest, I don't know. I think it would depend on the class, and such. however, i will let you in on a little secret. I was the one who suggest the name "Apparition" for the top secret SFSIS ship, and I also suggested the name "Pandora", which ended up being the class name.

What piece of Star Trek technology would you most like to see today?
That's a hard choice between replicators and transporters. I think the reasons are obvious ;)

What character would you most like to meet IRL? What person would you most like to meet?
I'd like to meet any of my own characters. It would be interesting to meet one of the voices in my head. I'd like to meet Jow, the player of RAdm Joseph Daher. He's been my friend for years. I recruited him to Fed Space. And I still haven't met him!

What was it about Star Trek that made you fall in love with the show?
To be honest, I don't really remember. I started off watching Voyager when I was 14, and I just loved it. I think it might be in my blood. I found out after I started watching Star Trek that my grandfather was in love with the Original Series and The Next Generation.

What do you spend your time outside of FedSpace doing?
There is time outside of Fed Space? Just kidding. I work as a nanny, so that takes up some of my time. My other hobbies include watching TV/DVDs, reading online web comics, playing Civilization IV, spending time with my husband, and going geocaching. Yes, I am 100% nerd.

Thanks to Melissa Brulotte for granting us the time for this interview. If you are interested in being interviewed, please send an email to LCdr Ander at the.cute.birl@gmail.com.


Pets on Starships
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

The results are in for the anonymous poll from last issue. As expected, less than 2% of Star Fleet Officers currently serving have pets living with them in their quarters. While it is not specifically forbidden, it is frowned upon by most people. Many people had to leave their pets at home when they joined the Academy. Critics are quick to say that a star ship isn’t the best place for an animal, however most people who serve on a ship have better access to holodecks to play with their pets. While a junior officer many people would rather leave their pets at home then try to fit them into an already crowded shared-quarter situation. Once they are of a high-rank to get their own quarters, their childhood pets have usually either passed on, or are old. Moving them from that situation at such an old age is not recommended by most veterinarians. Once they have that high rank, they are responsible for the lives of their officers. Perhaps they don’t feel like also being responsible for the needs of another? In addition, when abducted by evil forces on an away mission, there is enough to worry about without wondering if anyone will feed your pet. Perhaps it is a good rule to not have pets on starships. What do you think?

Star Trek News

Trek Headlines

George Takei Begins Making Marriage Plans
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

Star Trek actor George Takei played Sulu in the Original Series for years. In 2005 he came out to the world as being gay, and living and loving his partner of 18 years. On May 16th he updated his blog in the wake of the California Supreme Court overturning the ban on gay marriage. The overturn means that gay and lesbian couples all over the state can file for marriage and be able to access all the same rights that are available for heterosexual couples. With this news, he and his partner Brad Altman are now legally allowed to marry, at least for now. Takei wrote "Our California dream is reality. No more 'separate but equal.' No more second-class citizenship. Brad and I are going to be married as full citizens of our state." The where, when, and how of it all is still in the works, but hopefully it will be as fabulous a wedding as one can imagine.

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Trek Joke of the Month

Top 10 Bumperstickers On the USS Enterprise
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

10. "Our other starship separates into 3 pieces!"
9. "One photon torpedo can ruin your whole day...think about it."
8. "HONK if you've slept with Commander Riker!"
7. "Guns don't kill people...Class 2 Phasers do!"
6. "Zero to Warp 9.7 in 13 seconds!"
5. "CAUTION...We have a trigger happy Klingon at tactical."
4. "If you can read this...don't you think you're a wee bit too close?"
3. "Have you hugged a Ferengi today?"
2. "We brake for cubes!"
1. "Wesley On Board!"

Science News

Astronomy Picture of the Month

Astronomers observe birth of supernova for first time In this image provided by NASA, seemingly out of nowhere, Supernova 2008D burst onto the scene on Jan. 9, 2008, as seen in ultraviolet images and X-ray images taken by NASA's Swift Satellite. Astronomers for the first time witnessed the start of one of the universe's most fiery events: the end of a star's life as it exploded into a supernova.
PHOTO CREDIT: (AP Photo/NASA / May 22, 2008)

Science News

What Does "Computer Bug" Mean To You?
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

A new 'living computer' has been created by US researchers via genetically altering bacteria. The research demonstrates that computing in living cells can be accomplished. This will open the door to a number of applications including data storage and as a tool for manipulating genes for genetic engineering.

A research team comprised of Davidson College, North Carolina and Missouri Western State University, Missouri, USA placed genes in Escherichia coli bacteria and were able to sucessfully create a bacterial computer that solved classic mathematical puzzle.

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Astronomy News

New Red Spots Appear On Jupiter
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

Astronomy.com reports a third red spot has appeared next to its cousins — the Great Red Spot and Red Spot, Jr. — in the turbulent jovian atmosphere. This spot, which is a fraction of the size of the two other features, lies to the west of the Great Red Spot in the same latitude band of clouds.

The new spot was previously a white, oval-shaped storm. The change to a red color indicates its swirling storm clouds are rising to heights like the clouds of the Great Red Spot. One explanation is that the red storm is so powerful, it dredges material from deep beneath Jupiter's cloud tops, and lifts it to higher altitudes. Solar ultraviolet radiation then produces the familiar brick color.

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Technology News

Cash Back Searching from Microsoft
FNN Opinions Editor
Stardate 20806.01

In an effort to catch up to Google, Microsoft has announced it is offering "cold, hard cash" to users who shop online using the Live Search engine. They are offering a percentage of your purchase back to you, if you bought it from one of their partner sellers. They have signed up with some big names, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot and Overstock to name a few. However, this promotion is only available in the U.S.

According to BBC News, Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, is not impressed. He told BBC news, "This is not going to affect Google. Google is so much better. Microsoft is like a bad restaurant - no matter what the incentive, you don't want to eat there. Their product isn't working and their share of the market proves that."

However, there are others who feel this will be a profitable move for Microsoft. Greg Sterling, an analyst at SearchEngineLand.com says that users will at least try something when you wave the incentive of cash in front of them.

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