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Galactic News Service

Federation News Network


Front Line View of the Romulan Exodus

Provided by: Commodore Kenneth Clarke, Commanding Officer, USS Republic, CV-02

This is a transcript from a recorded file...

[I have no ******* idea why Grant told me I had to do this, but here goes...

Star Fleet would like to announce that... Jesus, I can't say that!... Oh well.. okay then... we'll just fix it...

Star Fleet's Republic Task Force has arrived in orbit of Romulus, and along with over two dozen Federation Vessels, is assisting the Romulan Star Empire--those knife-eared bast--oh wait... right... with the evacuation of their homeworld following the supernova of a nearby star... I can't remember the name of the damned thing, but their star is called Eisn I think... or maybe it's Easel... anyway...

So far operations have gone mostly according to plan, apart from a surprise arrival by the Klingon Empire's forces... allegedly here to assist... with a battleship and coming in cloaked... who assists that way? Nobody I can trust...

Well they arrived, and thus far haven't made too much trouble. Star Fleet is acting as a sort of middle-man in their dealings with the Romulans, because they really really really don't get along... in fact they get along about as well as I do with one fo those--crap I can't say that either... anyway... where was I?

Oh right... Vice Admiral Derrick Grant--he's an okay fellow for a big softie, and that woman of his ain't bad for a Romulan, and her kid... well it's not really her kid but kind of... anyway the kid is pretty funny. I like her. She has guts. I like guts. It's like the time, back in '96 when we were going up against those Dominion bast--oh right...

Well Grant is down there, negotiating, meeting, all that crap that I said I wouldn't do. And he left me to sit up here on my fat *** and deal with the fleet and to write these infernal reports. If you ask me he's doing a hell of a lot of 'negotiating' especially with that other version of his woman, Sevala... I wonder...

Nah... he's too straight for that. When they told me I was being buddied up with an ex Intel officer I figured he'd be a cowboy, someone who took all kinds of risks. Instead he's like a scared pussycat most of the time.

Anyway, I have to get back to doing nothing and doing it well.

Now... is it this I press to turn on the auto-edit? Or this?

Or maybe it's...]

Message transmitted.

New CO Named

Contributing Editor
Stardate 21010.01

FNN has learned that the Darwin Classed Galactic Exploration Cruiser, USS Copernicus has a new Commanding Officer. Star Fleet Command was fairly tight lipped about the Copernicus’s new Captain and next mission. They would only confirm that the vessel’s previous Commanding Officer had been reassigned and that a new one had been appointed.

Sources close to FNN confirmed that the Copernicus’s new Commanding Officer is Commander Jaden Hawk. According to his personnel file, Commander Hawk is from Earth and previously served as First Officer aboard the space station Sierra-18. Before that, he served as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Dauntless and USS Pulsar.

Those same sources also confirmed that the Copernicus’s next mission was scientific in nature but would not elaborate on its nature or if Commander Hawk was selected especially for this particular mission. FNN will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.

Changes in the Fourth Fleet

Star Fleet Public Relations, 4th Rapid Reaction Fleet, Starbase Delta
Stardate 21010.01

Star Fleet would like to announce the following news for the 4th Fleet, effective Star Date 21010.01:

  • We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new Zeus classed light cruiser, the USS Pegasus. The USS Pegasus has been dispatched for Star System Gamma Victor 3298, to join Battle Group Omega-4. The USS Pegasus is to be under the direct command of Commander Nicholas Ristone, a decorated veteran and former First Officer of the USS Nova.
  • The upgrade to Star Base 157, making it an Immense Classed Star Base and officially re-christening it as Star Base Delta was completed Star Date 21009.27. Star Base Delta will be the base of operations for the entire 4th Rapid Reaction Fleet, and is located near the Acamar star system in Sector 228.
  • The recent departure of the Klingon Empire from the Carraya system has allowed a new provisional government to take over within the system. Star Fleet awaits further news from the Carraya system and the Diplomatic Corps is presently preparing to send an official delegation.
  • We are sad to announce the death of Admiral Temperance Booth, 4th Fleet Commanding Officer, at the age of 123 standard years. Admiral Booth was a highly decorated officer who served in Star Fleet for over ninety years. A replacement has yet to be named.
  • Recent reports indicate that the USS Nova, in the Gamma Victor 3298 system, has suffered a catastrophic power failure and is at present being evacuated. The crew and civilians aboard are being relocated to other members of the Omega-4 group, a vessel belonging to the natives of the Gamma Victor 3298 system. Also Star Fleet has dispatched the 401st Support Flotilla, and requested the assistance of a civilian cruise vessel.


Capt Julia Nielson and Cdr Jaden Hawk

Stardate 21010.01

The face of Star Fleet has been changing, with a new crop of fresh faced commanding officers taking the center seat.

This summer brought with it many changes in personnel in the Fleet, with several seasoned commanding officers retiring or being promoted within the fleet. This meant a need for new commanding officers to be promoted to fill this newly created gap. Some of the newest commanding officers include Captain Aloysia Yvette of the USS Philadelphia, FF-6053, Captain Julia Nielson of the USS Yeager, SC-8018, Commander Nicholas Ristone of the USS Pegasus, CL-2500, and most recently Commander Jaden Hawk of the USS Copernicus, GEC-9035.

Many attribute this change of command to relative "relaxing" in tensions between galactic powers following the Second Romulan War. It's seen as a good time to train the next generation of COs.

I had the chance to sit down with Captain Nielson and Commander Hawk.

How does it feel being two of the newest captains in the Fleet?

Jaden Hawk: Well, I personally feel honored and excited. Star Fleet has entrusted me with great responsibilities. I am very fortunate to have been given a command with an excellent crew. I am going to do my best to live up to both Star Fleet's and my crew's expectations.

Julia Nielson: I feel about the same. When you first get those orders it's such a feeling of awe and pride that you are being put in such a position that seemed so far away when you first graduated.

Can you speak to the sudden spike in promotions to commanding officer?

Hawk: It's no secret that the last Romulan War thinned the senior ranks in the Fleet, combined with several retirements of senior officers after the war, command opportunities have increased.

Nielson: Several people were promoted within the ranks as well, which left additional opportunities within the chain of command to be filled.

With so many green COs, do you find this puts the Fleet in a tricky position should a difficult situation arise?

Nielson: Not at all. A new CO is green in the sense that they are 'new' to the position, but anyone promoted to commanding officer has years of experience in a command position.

Hawk: I agree with Captain Nielson and would add that Star Fleet Officers go through rigorous training. And that Officer's selected for command positions have been through advanced training to prepare them for the day that may come for them to take a commanding officer's position. Star Fleet Command would not put someone in command of a ship or station that they did not have the upmost confidence in their abilities.

Nielson: First officers are also trained in all of a commanding officer's duties, so that should the CO be off ship and an emergency arise, the FO will know what to do and be able to assume the role without hesitation. So all COs have prior experience sitting in the centre seat.

You two are good friends who serve in the Fleet, do you find this friendship interferes with your abilities as officers?

Hawk: Only if she tries to order me around, (Jaden Laughs).. We are the best of friends, I was at her wedding and she will be at mine, if I ever settle down. Actually, we only served together on the Yeager and on Sierra-18 and since we were in different departments, we were never in a situation in which one had to or needed to order the other one around. But now, we are on different ships. If in the future we found ourselves on the same ship, I would not find it a problem to her under Captain Nielson. In fact, I think it would only strengthen our relationship, to know we could each depend one another to provide honest, open and objective advice.

Nielson: Even with our current postings on opposite ends of the quadrant, it's always nice to know that there is somebody out there who more or less understands what you are going through and what sort of decisions a commanding officer goes through.

To have a team that truly works, there needs to be a certain level of trust between crew members. A friendship only helps to strengthen those bonds of trust. Of course, there will always be nay-sayers who believe a friendship in the Fleet could cloud a person's judgment, and while there are chances it could, I know if I ever asked Commander Hawk for his opinion he would give it to me straight up, as I would for him: sometimes the only people who will give you the utmost honesty are those who are closest to you.

Is there any tension between you two with the difference in ship sizes?

Nielson: We all know that it's not the size of the ship, but what you do with it that counts. Plus that bucket of bolts Hawk calls an 'exploration' vessel couldn't touch the Yeager....(Julia laughs). But kidding aside, I'm quite proud that Commander Hawk is CO of the Copernicus, and I would be more than honoured if we had the opportunity for joint missions together.

Hawk: The Yeager is a fine ship, in fact it is about the same size as my Captain's yacht on the Copernicus (Jaden laughs). But seriously, each ship in the Fleet has an important purpose from the Battleship on down to the Scout ship. Their is no competition between us regarding our ships. We were both thrilled for one another when we learned the other had been given a ship of their own. And regardless of the types of ships that we commanded, we our committed to carrying out the missions and priorities set forth by Star Fleet Command.

Nielson: And in the end, we both know the Yeager is the best (Julia laughs).

Hawk: As a Captain's Yacht for me (Jaden laughs).

How does it feel to be moving back to the First Fleet?

Hawk: It feels good to be going back to a fleet that I am familiar with. I served in First Fleet on the Dauntless and Pulsar under the command of the First Fleets commanding officer, Vice Admiral Daniel Wueste. Admiral Wueste is practically a living legend in Star Fleet. I consider him a mentor and friend, so I was quite thrilled to learn my first command would come in the Fleet that he commands.

Do you want to return to the Third Fleet someday?

Hawk: I am happy to serve whereever Star Fleet needs me. Of course moving back to Third Fleet would be an honor and a home coming of sorts. I have a lot of friends back there that I would like to serve alongside again one day.

You both served on the Yeager, how does it feel to see her relaunched?

Hawk: I was very happy. And I was even happier to see that she had an excellent Captain and the helm. The Yeager has a long, rich history and has served the Federation well, it is good to see her back in service.

Nielson: It's nice to see the Fleet pull the Yeager 'out of mothballs', so to speak, as she was out of active duty for far too long. She was the first ship I served on when I graduated, so you can imagine it's more than an honour to be her new commanding officer. There are a lot of memories between the hull plates, not only for me but for the other crew who have served aboard her. I know Commodore Tregelen was more than eager to visit while we were docked at Sierra-18.

Any last words for aspiring Commanding Officers out there?

Hawk: Work hard, listen to your superiors and your fellow crewmembers. Learn as much as you can and take nothing for granted.

Nielson: Never be afraid to lend a hand or use too much elbow grease. And never forget to have fun.

Travel the Galaxy

Mudor V

Travel Columnist
Stardate 21010.01

While I’m sure most of you assume that the life of a travel columnist is all putting ones feet up and drinking delicious drinks, it's far from that. Most of my time is spent on transporter at high warp going from planet to planet, then trying to see as many sights as I can, before being wisked away on the next transport. All the while fitting in enough time to make one's deadline. It's a hectic life!

So where does a travel writer go when they want to relax and kick back?

Mudor V is a little gem I found while on a layover about six years ago. Nestled in the backwaters of the western arm of Sector ZZ9, this quaint little world is a tropical oasis of beautiful beaches, where crisp violet water crashes on warm sandy beaches. Unlike many of the Federation's more tourist destinations such as Risa or Earth, you are almost guaranteed to find a pristine beach free of any other tourists. Your own relaxing oasis! Many of the resorts also offer on site catering, and with the touch of their local comm network will have one of those fruity beverages I mentioned brought to you within minutes from the resort.

For moments when you're feeling more adventurous, Mudor V has a wide array of museums and cultural mausoleums for you to visit. Cyprus Bowl is my favourite, which displays art work and handicrafts from all of the planets major cultural revolutions. Be sure to also check out the Tocep Heritage Park, where visitors are encouraged to partake in recreations of various cultural tasks. For the extreme adventurers, you could try visit the Kalia Aeronautics Park. Here visitors can base jump off the famous Kalia Pu'a cliffs, or try their hands at Mudor V's own aerial sport Lindy Flying.

So why not visit Mudor V? I know I have my next trip planned already!

Romulan News Network


Evacuation Colony Construction Delayed

Staff Reporter
Stardate 21010.01

We recently received word from our correspondent on Menhei of a tragic event. Two of the three relief centers meant to process new settlers collapsed. No official statement from the security forces has been released yet, but Romulan error seems not to have played a role in the collapse. Unconfirmed reports hint that demolition charges had been placed within the infrastructure of the three buildings. Witnesses at the site saw the first building lean over into the middle one.

The loss of Romulan life has not yet been determined. Rescue crews are hopeful that survivors will be located in pockets of the debris. Approximately thirty-four Federation engineers were lost in the collapse. Not much is known at this time, but a joint investigation with Romulan and Federation officers is being conducted. Stay tuned for more on this latest development.

How to Speak Romulan

HAVRAHA R'MOR Staff Reporter
Stardate 21010.01

Shaoi kon, peoples of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Are you planning to do some relief work on Menhei but have never taken an introductory course in Romulan? Does reading the exploits of the RIS Shadowhawk make you feel as if everyone is saying “Darmok and Jalad at Tinagra?” Well then put your universal translators and take some notes. I assure you, learning to speak Rihan is comparatively easier than Tamarian. The Galactic News Service has several resources on the Romulan language, including translation dictionaries, that will have you learning the words in no time. For the purpose of this article, I will be providing some pointers on how to “walk like a duck” or at least understand mechanics of a Romulan conversation.

The first thing to know about conversing in Romulan is that the language is incredibly formal. Status means everything and conversations are always modeled around what social level the participants belong to. Only rarely will someone use a more personal phrase. Even rarer is the use of slang, unless we are intentionally insulting someone. If you look back to the beginning of the article, you will see I used the greeting “shaoi kon” instead of the relaxed “jolan’tru.” “Shaoi kon” is the standard greeting for someone to address persons on a higher rung of the social ladder. I am a mere civilian, whereas most of my readers will belong to the military of their respective cultures. As the expression goes, I’m “lower on the totem pole” so I must use this phrase or else run the risk of insult. I could use the “jolan’tru” to greet you if we were meeting up in the tavern on your shoreleave. In situations such as these, we would both be equals and no offense would be meant or taken.

Conversely, an underling may take offense if you were to label him/her as an equal in any other setting. It would be seen as being insincere or intentionally rude. For example, a servant does not get thanked for obtaining a drink for a dignitary at a state function. It is their job to provide whatever is requested. A thank you is not necessary, nor is it considered polite. Unless things happen to change during the exodus to the temporary homeworld, Remans for the most part are always lower than any Romulan. When in doubt, be as formal as possible.

If a Federation officer were ever to find himself/herself/itself on a Romulan vessel, formality is key. It is not common for superior officers to fraternize with those in their command. The first officer tends not to have weekly tongo games with the senior staff. Games do not run an efficient warship. Reports to a senior officer are always concise and direct. Filling or fluffing up a report is a waste of time that could be used to enact a solution or find a better one. Remember to use either the officer’s rank or the term “rekkhai” to recognize his/her status within the Imperial Fleet.

Insubordination is rarely tolerated, though a second chance may be given to the officer who spoke up. It is typically met with a direct order or a threat to be ejected from an airlock. The latter depends upon the commanding officer’s discretion and mood. Confinement to quarters isn’t usually necessary as the insubordinate will tend to carry out the order, or they wind up dead from their own error. There hasn’t been an execution for insubordination for some time now.

Romulans by nature are not very trusting of others, including other Romulans. We tend to watch our backs because someone is always watching. There are many conspiracies out there about the Tal’Shiar posing as civilians to entrap citizens. With the current shift in the government, it is uncertain how much influence the Tal’Shiar will have in the future if there is even any validity to the claims. Nevertheless, it’s not just the secret police following your every move. If you are planning to spend some time in the Romulan Star Empire, keep in mind your neighbors will be keeping tabs on you. They will intentionally make comments to cause an outburst from you in the hopes of gaining something incriminating. Whether or not they plan to cash in on such information depends on the individual. Keep your nose clean and they will eventually become bored.

Hopefully, this little guide will prepare you for any future involvements with the Romulan people. The tongue may be double-edged, but remember which part is sharp and you will be fine. Always remember your place in society, but especially know where your conversational partner stands. Insults, even accidental ones, tend not to be forgotten. Bedah.

Featured Province


Staff Reporter
Mne'eoth Rihan ih'Shiar
Stardate 21010.01

Ask anyone about Romulus and they will describe the majestic architecture of the capital city. Many don’t know about the outlying areas. With the expected arrival of the supernova, those of us at MRS decided to write pieces about our home provinces as a way to preserve our beloved homeworld in memory before the landscape changes forever. This issue’s featured province is my home of Iuruth.

Iuruth lies just over the river outside the capital. There isn’t much development and it is considered one of the poorer provinces. The land is very fertile, so much of it is used for agricultural purposes. My family has a modest plot of land. We grow seasonal crops that get sent out to various cafes and bistros around the capital. At this time of the year, we’re planting a gourd like crop for the Harvest Celebration. This will unfortunately be the last harvest before the exodus to Menhei. Market analysts are predicting a very profitable season for the agricultural industry because of this very reason.

The overall landscape is very open. There are very few wooded areas, though orchards and livestock ranches are not uncommon sights in Iuruth. This is also where some of the traditional ales hail from. The vintage distilleries are located in the other districts, which be featured in the next issue. Naturalists enjoy visiting Iuruth for the plant and wildlife varieties. Visitors trying to see the planet should definitely visit the Weeping Grotto before its beauty is lost. This is where many couples go to have their marriage ceremonies. Of course, I also recommend you stop by my family’s farmstead for a taste Romulus’ true wealth.

FedSpace News


Unofficial FedSpace Awards 2010

Stardate 21010.01

The Unofficial FedSpace Awards were announced this month, and the Federation News Network would like to congratulate all award winners and nominees.

Good GM

Evil GM

Commanding Officer that should be Group Commander
Commodore Mike Wong

First Officer that should be Commanding Officer
Commander Jaden Hawk

Department Head that should be the next First Officer
Lieutenant Commander Lee Ander

Weirdest Character name
Ensign Zaelisabrin th'Gaoli

Best Subplot
Yeager crew introduction subplot. Star Base Charlie bar fight.

Best Cross-Dressing Character (Best Male playing Female/Female playing Male)
Captain Alanna Treborn

Best English as a Second Language player
Rear Admiral Thomas Grayson

Strangest relationship in game
Lieutenant Commander Dietrich Kaiser/Kiaya (his cat)

Best player that has left
Rear Admiral Joseph Daher

Best player that has returned
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alice Dega

Best Newcomer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle DeWitt

Which character would you like to date if they were real
Captain Julia Nielson

The Best Ship
USS Nova and USS Yeager

Most technobabble
Commander Terra Arking

Best Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Dietrich Kaiser

Best Security Officer
Lieutenant Sienna Tam and Commander Tyra Crawford

Best Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Commander Chris Eaglestone

Best Medical Officer
Ensign Fraser Dunbar

Best Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Archer

Best NPC
Lieutenant Commander Vladimir Komoscov (Lieutenant Commander Nasir Khayri)

Biggest Superman Event
Lieutenant Commander Kaiser crashing the USS Jefferson into a planet and transporting to the distant past.

Best Academy Instructor
Captain Abigail Taylor

Best Site Administrator
Rear Admiral Thomas Grayson

Dear Abby

Questions for 21010.01

Guest Columnist
Stardate 21010.01

Each month I will be taking your questions regarding FedSpace procedure and protocols, and getting answers from various Academy personnel and FedSpace admins. No question is too small!

What is the current year in game?
The year would be 2410, FedSpace year 35, and stardate year 210.

The shuttles on the show were named, do we name ours?
Yes we do. The naming convention of shuttles and runabouts are left up to the Captain of the ship. However, some ships are equipped with a Seleya-class Captain's Yacht, which is named for geographic landmarks.

I'm confused… Unofficial awards and official ones? What's the difference?
The Official FedSpace Awards tend to take place either in December/January, or March, and are run by the site President Jon Beckett. They are more serious (but still fun!) and cover such topics as Best CO, Best Writer, Most improved, and the like. Winners get a fancy little badge on their wiki bios. The Unofficial FedSpace Awards take place in May, and are run by Commodore Alexis Tregelen. These categories tend to be more silly, including Strangest Relationship, and Best Crossdressing character, though some award categories do overlap.

Do you have a question for Abby? Please email her or the editor-in-chief.

20 Questions

Ensign Simon Thompson

Stardate 21010.01

This month we get to learn more about Ensign Simon Thompson, a tactical officer aboard the USS Philadelphia, FF-6053.

Age, Sex, Location?
I am a 37 year old male living in England.

When did you first join FedSpace?
It feels like a long time ago but in reality was only June 2009

What brought you to FedSpace?
The ability to have a character of my very own whom could develop and grow in the way I wanted. I had a look at various similar sites but found FedSpace to be the best in what it does.

Tell me a little about the process of developing your character.
Slowly and surely. Thompsons character has a long long way to go yet before he is fully developed.

Do you think it is easier or more difficult to play someone based on yourself?
I would say half and half. Don't all actors have a piece of them in their characters?

So far, what is your favourite part about being a member of FedSpace?
The way we can interact and chat to other players who are from other parts of the Universe.

If you were president for a day, what would you change?
In all honesty in respect to President Beckett and all his hard work I wouldn't change a thing

What is your favourite Star Trek series?
I like them all however my particular favourite has to be DS9 because the episodes seem to be of a slightly darker nature than the others.

Do you have a favourite line or phrase from either a show or movie?
There are many a line which I like unfortunately most I am unable to remember at present. However I like the way that Odo and Quark have a love hate relationship.

Do you have a favourite character from the shows and why?
I like the mysterious ways of Garak. I also like the Ferengi you never know what Quarks going to be involved in. Two of my NPCs are Ferengi

What piece of Star Trek Technology would you most like to see today?
Can you imagine what it would be like to have transporters? Would save all the travelling.

What was it about Star Trek that made you fall in love with the show?
Was so long ago now. I believe it was because of Gene Roddenberrys vision of how things could be in the future. There are always hidden messages in the episodes too.

What FedSpace player would you most like to meet in real life? Thompsons DH/FO from the Philadelphia although I would want to meet as many people as possible.

What FedSpace character would you most like to meet in real life? Like Thompson I like to wind up Koingons at conventions. Hey I was thanked by a Dalek when I said it was ugly at one event.

If you could list one pet-peeve about your fellow players, what would it be?
Get posting more. Not an easy thing to do in real life situations.

Do you feel there is any disconnect between you and other players based on geographical location?
The darn timezones mean we can't always get to chat on msn very often.

What is in your FedSpace future, for yourself and for your character?
I intend to become part of the furniture. As for Thompson and the NPCs who knows.

If there was one thing you would want everyone to know about you, what would that be?
I'm not always as mad as my characters.

Thank you to Simon for answering my questions! Would you like to be featured in 20 Questions? Please email our editor-in-chief!

Movers & Shakers

Guest Columnist
Stardate 21010.01

Please join me in welcoming all the recent graduates to Federation Space! Please note that this table reflects the new Midshipman who graduated in September.

Rank Name Ship
Eng-mid.jpg Joshua Jackaya USS Pulsar, BB-100
Tac-mid.jpg Jacqueline Komar USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Tac-mid.jpg Kainan Edon Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18

Trek News


Stardate 21010.01

Each month on the FNN we ask 10 Trek Trivia questions! Some may be easy, some may be difficult. Think you know some or all of the answers? Submit them to the Editor-In-Chief. Each month we'll post the Top 10 Scoreboard and Top 10 All Around Champs, along with the previous month's answers and new trivia questions.

This Month's Questions

Q10: What class of ship is this?

1. Name Christine Chapel's long-lost fiancé.
2. To whom did Natasha Yar make amorous advances in "The Naked Now"?
3. With whom did Jake Sisko become friends shortly after arriving on Deep Space 9, much to the consternation of the parents of both parties?
4. Seska left Voyager to join forces with what species?
5. Where did Scott and McCoy go in The Voyage Home to find whale tank materials?
6. What interspecies war caused the development of the metreon cascade?
7. Who assigned Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick to interrogate the crew of the Enterprise-D in "Coming of Age"?
8. Who is James T Kirk's brother?
9. According to Uhura, "Cyrano Jones says that ______________ is the only love that money can buy."
10. Name the class of ship pictured to the right.

Last Month's Answers

A10: This is a Wells-Class Timeship

1. Pavel Chekov firmly believed that everything was a ______________ invention.

  • Russian

2. True or False: One of Wesley Crusher's class projects once resulted in the creation of a self-aware hologram.

  • False; He created self-aware nanites.

3. Early on, Worf disliked having quarters on Deep Space 9. Where instead did he choose to live?

  • Aboard the Defiant.

4. What was Seven of Nine's original human name?

  • Annika Hansen

5. In The Wrath of Khan, of what starship did Khan gain control?

  • USS Reliant

6. In the episode "The Die is Cast", a Founder impersonated which species?

  • A Romulan

7. Of what crime was Montgomery Scott accused in "Wolf in the Fold"?

  • Murder

8. What did Charlie Evans turn three playing cards into?

  • Three photos of Janice Rand

9. What series is the episode "Miri" from?

  • The Original Series

10. Identify the ship class pictured to the right.

  • Wells-Class Timeship

Last Month's Winners

1. Kyle DeWitt

All Around Champs

Rank Player Score
1. Kyle DeWitt 67
2. Alexis Tregelen 35
3. Amarik I'Dartha 29
3. Buck Wausau 10
4. Jericho Roberts 6
Hall of Fame
Player Points Year
Laura Macleod 91 2009

Joke of the Month

Janeway's Island

Sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island…

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip.
That started from this Bajoran port
Aboard this tiny ship.
The Captain was a la-dy
A female tried and true.
Those officer's set sail that day.
For a 3 hour tour
A 3 hour tour

The plasma started gettin rough
The tiny ship was thrown.
If not for the brain of the fearless cap.
The core would've blown.
The core would've blown.

The ship stopped here on the edge of this
Uncharted Delta Quad.
With Janeway!
Chakotay too!
Tom Paris!
Neelix and Kes!
The Hol-o-gram.
The dweeb and the Klingon!
Here on UPN!!!

Science News


Io in True Color
Credit: Galileo Project, JPL, NASA

Science News

Devouring What Now?

Staff Reporter
Stardate 21010.01

Chandra X-Ray Observatory has followed the exploits of BP Piscium (BP Psc). The BP Psc is interesting since it’s a cannibal star. While researchers aren’t a hundred percent sure of BP Psc recently devoured a companion star or a planet in it’s system; they are sure that BP Psc isn’t like acting like a young star.

BP Psc is similar to Sol (the Sun) but it’s an older star. In many ways BP Psc is an aging star and swelled to the size of a Red Giant. In the swelling, it is killing off it’s planets and/or companion stars by having an increased gravitational mass.

After BP Psc swallowed up the other planetary bodies, BP Psc is showing the characteristics of a young star. The research is showing that the orbiting disk around BP Psc is producing a second generation of exoplanets. This means for the first time in hundreds of millions years, there are new bodies of matter orbiting BP Psc in a stable factor. This means a whole new chance of life existing with BP Psc as its star. Currently there is a giant planet in the orbiting disk.

The cannibal star research is important and timely research. It gives astrophysicists an idea on how planets and extrasolar planets are made in the clouds and orbital disks. It also gives people a good chance at discovering how Sol will act when it becomes a red giant star.

This Month in Astronomy History

Unitary Wind Tunnel Act

Staff Reporter
Stardate 21010.01

This is a big month for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It marks two anniversaries for them. First is the creation of the Unitary Wind Tunnel Act and then in the same month, NASA was operational.

The United States realized that their hopes for space flight would be hindered without a concentrated effort and facilities to house research projects. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

(NACA) was already well in existence but it lacked test facilities and massive wind tunnels to test for transonic and supersonic flight. So on October 27, 1949, the US signed the Unitary Wind Tunnel Act authorized $136 million to be spent on the NACA facilities. Leading to many discoveries

Roughly ten years later (October 1, 1958) marked the creation of an operational NASA. This lead to replacing NACA as the leader of American aeronautic exploration. At the one year mark, NASA had 9,347 personnel dedicated to the goal of spaceflight. NASA replaced the NACA primarily because of political reasons. The NACA was tied to the US military in some areas of research and after Sputnik, the US government wanted to distance the military ties to the space program. So NACA was dissolved while a concentrated effort was placed on creating NASA as the leading civilian space program built on the back of military technology.