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Breaking News

Star Fleet Captain Becomes Cardassian Citizen

Stardate 20908.01

The Federation News Network has just received information that respected Star Fleet Captain Joseph E Valiant is alive and living on Cardassia. Captain Valiant was previously thought missing after the assassination of a duplicate Valiant by his Chief Engineer following the evacuation of Space Station Sierra-18.

News reports obtained from the Cardassian News Network indicate that Captain Valiant has officially become a Cardassian citizen, stating that he “just feel more at home” there and that he “trusts that the Cardassian Union’s jaded militaristic past has been fixed, and that unlike the Federation, whose trends have shown they have failed, that Cardassia will become the leaders of exploration, peacekeeping, and humanitarian aid in this quadrant of the Galaxy.”

Both Federation and Star Fleet officials have yet to release statements regarding this event, and it is believed that they will wait until confirmation of this information has been made.


New Instructors Arrive at Star Fleet Academy

Stardate 20908.01

Hello readers! I’m Cesley Wrusher, FNN’s newest reporter and I thought since I’m new, my article would be about something new as well. New instructors that is, recently Star Fleet Academy hired eight new instructors.

Yours truly had an opportunity to talk with two senior administrators at the Academy, the dashing and charming Captain Paul Kilbourne, Commandant of the Academy and the lovely newlywed, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Taylor, Academy Dean of Admissions.

Talk about something new, something old, something borrowed or blue, I hope she had a silver sixpence in her shoe, I asked LCdr Taylor, who recently married former Star Fleet Academy Superintendent Bill Gillenwater if the new instructors were hired because of an influx of new recruits at the Academy and if there was a correlation to the current war with the Romulan Star Empire. “The new instructors were indeed hired due to the influx of cadets. It's entirely possible that people are signing up for Star Fleet due to the war, though the academy typically experiences crests and lulls in attendance depending on time of year,” replied Commander Taylor.

This was echoed by Commandant Paul Kilbourne, who I must say has the cutest little Scottish accent, “We did hire the new instructors mainly due to meet increased enrollment. But we also had some instructors that, unfortunately, left us to either retire or return to front-line duty.”

The Commandant went on to add, “I have no doubt that the increased enrollment at the Academy is at least partly due to the war we're fighting right now. We're seeing a different type of cadet come through the Academy than we have in the past - the type of cadet that wants to defend their home.

That's not to say that Star Fleet has moved away from exploration. That is still our primary mission, of course, but the citizens of the Federation know that we will always be there to defend them from aggression.

I also think that the increased enrollment is coming from the changes to the Academy implemented by former Academy Superintendent Gillenwater that are now being continued and expanded upon by the new Superintendent, Captain Meacham. Both of those men have worked extremely hard to make the Academy the success that it is today, and I'm proud to serve with them."

Well put Commandant! It certainly seems that Star Fleet Academy will continue its fine tradition of "Ex Astris, Scientia"- From the Stars, Knowledge- to current and future cadets. Thanks to the new and current faculty along with the administration, Star Fleet Academy is in great hands.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together. Until next time, remember to keep our service members in your thoughts and prayers.


Capt Jericho Roberts

Stardate 20908.01

Hello all, it’s Cestly Wrusher and this is my brand new column Conversations. Each month I will share with you my conversations with some of the most fascinating and intriguing people from around the galaxy.

This month I sat down with Jericho Roberts. This handsome, rugged looking gentlemen retired from Star Fleet at age 50 just three years ago, but has recently come out of that retirement to return to the Star Fleet ranks once again.

CW: First of all Captain, I just want to thank you very much engaging me in conversation this month. Shall we get to it then? You left Star Fleet at a relatively young age and recently came back to Star Fleet. Why?

JR: I wouldn’t exactly say 50’s young, at least not compared to the average age in Star Fleet now. Anyway… your question. I left Star Fleet to pursue personal goals in life. I came back because those goals weren’t as achievable as I thought, hahahahaha. Plus, Star Fleet needs people with experiences right now, and I have plenty of that to offer.

CW: Haha, well I must say captain, for a man in his fifties, you certainly haven’t lost any of your good looks. Moving along, you once held the rank of Commodore, so why did you take the downgrade to captain?

JR: I took a voluntary grade reduction in order to get back into Star Fleet, period. There weren’t currently any open positions for the pay grade that I left at, so it was take the pay grade reduction or not come back. And frankly, at this point in time, I really felt Star Fleet needed my skills more than it needed me being some egoistical Admiral fighting for a desk he can’t have. And… I just couldn’t bring myself to play politics while my kids’ future was at risk.

CW: I see, well that’s certainly a very selfless attitude. Your children should be very proud to have a father like you. Now, tell me about the USS New Orleans and the affects that it had on you?

JR: I’m guessing your referring to the earlier years on the New Orleans? If so, it’s most definitely had a lasting effect; I still have nightmares. Those 3 years are 3 years I would never wish upon even my worst enemy. Though, it did make me who I am today. It taught me how to lead while in the most deplorable conditions. Anyone can lead a crew in the best of times, but you take away everything and put their life in constant danger for a long period of time…. … it wasn’t an easy time, and I learned a lot.

CW: You poor dear, I can’t imagine what that was like for you, suddenly finding yourselves behind enemy lines. Your captain killed, taking command, keeping your ship intact and crew alive while dodging superior enemy forces all in an attempt just to get back home. You are certainly a hero. After making it back and serving a short time as the official captain of the New Orleans, you then spent 7 years as the captain of the USS Excelsior, before being promoted to Commodore at the age of 43. Then you were

assigned as the Tactical Division’s Tactical Assessment department head for Star Fleet Tactical in Chicago. What was that like for you after all those years of space duty?

JR: What was it like…job wise, a jobs a job. There was more work to be done and different tasks, but overall it really wasn’t much of a big deal. The biggest changes were my personal life. My wife liked it at first, and so did the kids I think. It really seemed to help patch things up and make up for the lost time over the years. Though, once the newness wore off, and the realization that I was “gone” nearly the same amount, things got a bit more hectic. Regardless, I think the kids still appreciated having me closer, even if I wasn’t around as much as we all had originally hoped, and I’m glad I could be there for them during such important years of their lives.

CW: Well there you have it, not only a great officer but also a great father. Sources tell me that you have been assigned as the next commanding officer of Station Sierra 18. Do you have any comment on that?

JR: What? Huh? You’re joking right? You’re serious… …. Argh… leave it to me to find out about my new posting from the media…. … How do you all even find out about these things anyway…

CW: Oh, goodness me, they haven’t told you yet? Leave it to me to let the cat out of the bag. Well, let’s hope you like it there. Best of luck, dear.

Well, that was my conversation with Captain Roberts, looks like he and Star Fleet need to work out a few communications issues. Until next time, Au Revoir.

The Tribble

Tribble Columnist
Stardate 20908.01

A man imprisoned at the Tantalus Penal Colony, who was arrested for 3 counts of armed robbery and grand theft, who broke out of the New Zealand Penal Settlement, was sent to the hospital for broken bones, internal bleeding, concussion, and the damage to his scalp for his hair being ripped off. The prisoner somehow managed to smuggle in a mobile transporter in order to escape from the colony. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that the transporter malfunctioned and instead of going in a theorized extraction point, it transported him into the general population filled with female inmates. It took security guards three phaser packs in order to fully stun the inmates to the point where the guards to evacuate the man. The Court of Appeals has made a statement that they will consider a possible trial in order for the man to be sent back to New Zealand on the grounds of “the poor devil has served his time here.”

In a new Federation Colony, there have been reports of abnormal wildlife activity in some of the farms and ranches near the Equator of the planet. Science officers have investigated and have concluded that the abnormality is caused by a malfunctioning guidance beam to help dock supply ships. Before the beam could be repaired, an Itailian worm farmer witnessed in horror his entire stock started to stampede. According to the Italian, he said that “It was like watching all of the spaghetti in your life come back for revenge.” There were no human casualties, however 20,000 worms lost their lives in the stampede.

In Earth news, an ancient artifact was found in Los Angeles and what could only be assumed as a Compact Disk. After weeks of research to extract the data, it was stolen from the Archeology firm that first found the disk. The police investigating the theft caught a lead when their sensors picked up what seemed like a looped piece of music. As the officers approached the source of the noise, they saw the suspect running around screaming his head off and it was evident that he had a mental break down. Police apprehended the suspect and sent him to a psychiatric facility. Upon investigation, it was assumed that the suspect locked himself in the room and the song being looped over and over again caused his insanity. The suspect, when asked what he was on the disk that caused his mental distress, could only respond by singing: “It's a small world after all.”

A Bajoran Abbot has refused to have a heart transplant that would be able to keep him alive for another 20 years at least. Initially the Abbot was persuaded by the pleas of his fellow monks to have the procedure done as the latest Star Fleet medical technology will enable a very high chance of recovery with very little pains after. 24 hours before the procedure however, the Abbot stunned everyone when he announced that he will not undergo surgery. When asked why by the senior Heart Surgeon, the Abbot had a change of heart.


Why we can’t trust the Democratic Romulan Republic.

Opinions / Editorial
Stardate 20908.01

Since our introduction to the Romulan race, we have been either at war or on hostile terms with them for one reason and one reason only. It is because the Romulans feel that they are superior to everyone else and want to rule over the entire galaxy.

We find ourselves engaged yet in another war started by the Romulan desire to conquer and subjugate free races throughout the quadrants.

Now, due to their own internal power struggle, a group of supposed rebel Romulans has emerged. Called the Democratic Romulan Republic (DRR), this group is in civil war with the Imperial Romulan Empire. The DRR declared their independence and are asking aid from the Federation, going so far as asking for a treaty with the Federation.

A Romulan is still a Romulan, over the centuries they have demonstrated they can’t be trusted. Therefore, we as the Federation cannot allow ourselves to be tricked into a treaty with the DRR. They will only use the Federation to get what they want, independence from the Empire.

By their very nature, Romulans hate us and feel superior. We will have the same problems with the DRR that we have had and continue to have with the empire. In the future, we will be forced to fight two Romulan factions instead of one.

The Federation should cease all aid to the DRR and let the Imperial forces crush them. Then Star Fleet and allies can then finally overwhelm the Empire’s depleted forces making certain that generations will pass before the Romulans can even think about rearming themselves.

Contributed by guest writer, Admiral Jack Jones (Retired)

Travel the Galaxy

A Great Get Away Spot

Stardate 20908.01

Have you ever smelled the sweet aroma of a challorn or sat under a tall eketha? Or gazed upon the Grand Staircase or Great Rift Range?

If the answer is no, then you have never visited the lovely planet of Andoria. Located near Vulcan in the Beta Quadrant, the homeworld of the Andorian people is a perfect get away for the adventurous and not so adventurous.

Because it is an ice world, the Andorian’s live in underground cities. Don’t worry if your cloister phobic though, each city is so spacious you hardly know you are underground.

Whether you choose to visit the capital city of Laibok, or Harbortown or Gazawahaida or any other of the cities on Andoria, you will be treated to excellent shops and restaurants, a rich fascinating culture and majestic awe-inspiring landmarks.

Economical and conveniently located, this wonderful destination is great for singles, couples and families. So be sure to add Andoria to travel plans. And once you get there, be sure to try the Alardi Partinna, its very tasty. Enjoy!

20 Questions

Commander Julia Nielson

Stardate 20908.01

This month we spoke with Andrea who plays Commander Julia Nielson, First Officer aboard the USS Dauntless, BC-1553.

Age, Sex, Location?
23, Female, Vancouver, BC, Canada

When did you start playing on FedSpace?
April 2006.

What brought you to FedSpace?
I’d watched Star Trek since I was little, but hadn’t really become a fan of it until Voyager (had just never thought about being a fan.. if that makes sense). A friend of mine was a returning player, and wanted me to join. I hummed and hawed over it for about a month before I finally caved and joined. I’m glad I did!

Tell me a little about the process of developing your character.
When I came up with Julia, I wanted to make her similar enough to me that I could still relate to her to some degree, but different enough that she would give me a challenge. At her core, Julia’s light hearted personality is me, though I’m nowhere near as unflappable as she is. Julia’s hobbies are extensions of mine (I was into music when I was younger, whereas she had it forced upon her), I love surfing though am miserable at it (she’s awesome at it). As well, Julia’s relationship with her Mother is nonexistent, whereas I’m very close to both of my parents. Julia is also very quirky like me. Over the years Jules has been through a lot, and while that’s affected her a great deal, she still tries to remain true to herself.

How has your character developed differently than what you had planned?
I actually hadn’t planned much for Julia when I developed her. Now anytime I try to plan something for her, events change and the plans change. Though I suppose I’d always hoped she would become a Chief Engineer, which she did and then some lol.

So far, what is your favorite part about being a member of FedSpace?
The people. The community here on FedSpace has by far surpassed any expectations I may have had. Everybody here is so kind, and I’ve made some amazing friends over the years. This summer I participated in the Father’s Day Walk for Prostate Cancer, and so many friends here sponsored me. I was so amazed at everyone’s generosity, I don’t think there’s anyway I can ever thank people enough!! So yes… people = amazing! :-)

If you were president for a day, what would you change?
I think the only thing I’d add is a FedSpace store. I wouldn’t mind being able to buy ship patches and stuff!

If you could name your own ship, what would you name it and why?
I think I’d name it either USS Columbia or USS Challenger, in honour of those who have given their lives for space exploration.

What do you spend your time outside of FedSpace doing?
Time outside of Fedspace? What’s that?.... I just finished 5 years of university (4 years for my degree, then an extra year of torture –just for fun!) to become a publishing specialist, which is basically putting together books, magazines, and the like. In my “free time” I cartoon, read lots, kayak, watch movies, and generally act silly.

What is your favorite star trek series?
I always liked Enterprise.

If you watched the movies, which one was your favorite?
I have to go with First Contact, though that’s mainly for the humour. “Assimilate this!”

Who is your favorite character in the shows and why?
Malcolm Reed. He was always so by the book compared to any other character, he just felt like a refreshing change from characters who were keen to constantly break the rules. That’s not to say he didn’t break rules, he just chose his moment to cause mischief.

What piece of Star Trek Technology would you most like to see today?
Warp flight! I wanna see the universe, darnit!

What was it about Star Trek that made you fall in love with the show?
Trek has always sort of been apart of my life, so I can’t even define when I first fell in love it with. Though I think it has to be the optimism that we can reach the stars if we work hard enough for it and have faith in ourselves to be able to accomplish such a feat.

What FedSpace person would you most like to meet in real life?
I don’t think I could just name one, as there are so many people who I would like to meet.

What FedSpace character would you most like to meet in real life?
Good question... I think I have to say RAdm Bill Gillenwater. To be Superintendent of the Academy, then CO of the Yellowstone, which are serious positions, yet still be able to make room in his life for someone as silly and rambunctious as Abby Taylor, I think he would be an interesting person to talk to. I bet he would have some good stories to tell!

How do you feel about the site-wide War plot?
It’s been a lot of fun so far As much as I hate to say it, war happens. When it does we have to be ready to face the consequence. Most of the time that is to stand up for what you believe in, whether that’s to fight or not. . I think it’s given everyone a lot of things to think about, even if their characters weren’t involved in the plot. Julia had to see a place she considered home be over taken by Romulans, and then be told she couldn’t be apart of the team to retake Sierra-18. This is something that will haunt her for a long time, which makes for great character development.

What is in your FedSpace future, for yourself and for your character?
I’d like to stick around FedSpace a long, long time. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve made some really good friends here. As for Julia, I wouldn’t mind seeing her find her Mister Right and settle down. But like I said, every time I try to plan something for her, events change or she changes. I’m excited to see where the road takes her next.

If there was one thing you would want everyone to know about you, what would that be?
That I don't live in an igloo?? Hehe actually, I'd like them to know that I love meeting new people, so if you'd like to add me to MSN I'd love to chat :D

Thanks to Andrea for granting us the time for this interview!


Give Peace a chance

Opinions / Editorial
Stardate 20908.01

Medical, Science, Engineering, Tactical, and Security, these are the current departments which a player can chose from when creating a PC. How about another?

What if Federation Space added Diplomacy as a department that a player could choose? Some might question whether anyone would choose to play the department or ask where they fit in during missions.

I think yes, there would be enough interest that some players would like to play a diplomatic PC, especially since there are Main and Alternate PC options now. Likewise, I think we have such a talented Mission Authoring staff and GM staff that there would be several of opportunities provided during a mission for someone playing in the Diplomatic Corp to have plenty of fun and opportunity to participate and contribute.

My thoughts would be that a Diplomat PC would not be assigned to just one ship; they would perhaps float around from ship to ship and participate when a diplomatic or first contact mission was being played. They would be listed as support staff during missions and their point participation would be determined by that particular ships CO.

Federation Space is the greatest Star Trek Role Playing Game online. It looks a lot different from when it first started because its creator and other players dared to make changes and try new things over the years. Well, for one I believe they were certainly successful and creative changes. Having the Diplomatic Corp as a department and PC option would provide exciting and challenging opportunities just like those previous changes.


Star Trek Log One and Log Two

Author: Alan Dean Foster
Pages: 184 and 176
Series: TOS
Reviewer: Rachel Christie
Rating: 0/5 and 0/5

[Star Trek Log One]
Three exciting episodes from television’s most popular science fiction series! Complete in this volume.

Beyond the Farthest Star. The Enterprise goes to investigate a mysterious radio signal and suddenly finds itself locked in orbit around a dead star. Then suddenly, as if that weren’t bad enough, the ship is taken over by a potent alien force… a force that may destroy the Enterprise and everyone aboard!

Yesteryear. Spock travels back into his past to protect his future that is still to come…

One of Our Planets is Missing. When a huge cosmic cloud is reported moving into the outer fringes of the galaxy, the Enterprise is sent to investigate. But before the crew can do anything, the cloud consumes the planet Alondra… and then heads for Mantilles – a planet with 82 million people!

[Star Trek Log Two]
Three thrilling adventures starring Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The Survivor. Vanished philanthropist Carter Winston’s reappearance aboard the Enterprise was cause for celebration – but none of the crew guessed that he was a helpless Romulan pawn in a deadly game of espionage…

The Lorelei Signal. An unknown power was waylaying starships in the Cicada Sector. When the Enterprise became its latest victim, only Lieutenant Uhura could save her ship and its crew!

The Infinite Vulcan. A survey mission had brought the crew of the Enterprise to a new world on the fringes of the Federation – and a race of plant men led by a mutated human was determined to keep them there!

It’s not often that I find a book that I cannot finish. This is largely because I hate spending money on a book, then letting that money go to waste – I bought the book, I’m going to read it! Unfortunately I fell into a book slump. It seemed like all the books I picked up were garbage. My complaining about this fact got to the point that my bookstore coworker told me it was enough, and that I should just stop reading books that I wasn’t enjoying – why put myself through the unnecessary torment?

And so here we are this month, with not one but two book reviews for the price of one. Why? Both of these books fall in the same series, the Star Trek Logs written by Alan Dean Foster. These are novelizations of the Animated Series, and thus I assumed they would be reasonably enjoyable.

No. They aren’t. These books made me want to cry they were so awful. I managed to make it through the first book with much struggle, and the second one I gave up after 20 pages.

The first reason these books are bad, is that the description hasn’t been used in appropriate places. You will have long passages of detailed description about some what inane things (yes, space is big, we get it already, I don’t need yet another page… oh, no wait, you gave me another page anyway…) and then right when you want to know more, there’s nothing (pfft the reader doesn’t care what the strange alien looks like, do they?).

The next reason to stay away from these books, is that the motion of the plot is a let down. Typically a storyline works towards some sort of climax, in the way a hiker climbs a mountain. You work so hard to get to the top, and when you finally make it you’re rewarded with a view, and then the walk home is easy and you feel quite happy at what you’ve accomplished. These books don’t even make an effort to push the storyline along. Throughout you feel like you’re only walking on flat ground, and do little to motivate the reader to continue.

These books are just plain bad, so I advise people to stay away from them. I’d bought seven in the series at a thrift store, and they’re all going to be donated back to the store without me even touching the other five. They were just that bad.



"He will need to be fed once a day. He prefers feline supplement number 25."
"I understand."
"And he will require water. And you must provide him with a sandbox. And you must talk to him. Tell him he is a pretty cat. And a good cat."
"I will feed him."
"Perhaps that will be enough."

  • Data and Worf, as Data asks Worf to take care of Spot

From: The Next Generation, Season 7 Episode 6, Phantasms


This Month’s Questions

10. Name this species.

1. What was Pavel Chekov’s job aboard the Enterprise?
2. In the TNG episode “Justice”, why was Wesley Crusher sentenced to death?
3. In which episode did Worf join the crew of Deep Space 9?
4. The Bajoran Maquis crew member in Voyager, Seska, was actually an undercover spy and member of what species?
5. How did James Kirk get Twentieth-Century Earth spending money in The Voyage Home?
6. In the episode “The Adversary,” a Founder tried to provoke a war between the Federation and who?
7. To what year in Earth’s history did James Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy travel in the episode “City on the Edge of Forever”?
8. What musical instrument did Ben Sisko play?
9. Who told James Kirk, “There’s no honourable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy; there is nothing good in war except its ending”?
10. Name the species pictured to the right.

Last Month’s Answers

Because there was no FNN in July, we had an extra twenty questions.

10. This is Species 571

1. Besides English, what other language was Nyota Uhura known to speak?

  • Swahili

2. Who introduced Jack Crusher to Beverly?

  • b) Walker Keel

3. Julia Bashir graduated ________ in his class from Star Fleet Medical.

  • Second

4. What was Seven of Nine’s complete Borg designation?

  • Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One

5. What was the name of the Vulcan science officer assigned to the Enterprise at the beginning of Star Trek The Motion Picture?

  • Sonak

6. Which Klingon’s engine room was once inundated with tribbles?

  • Koloth

7. The highest law in the Federation prevents interference in other cultures. What was this law known as?

  • The Prime Directive

8. What drink did Balok serve to Kirk, McCoy, and David Bailey in The Corbomite Maneuver?

  • Tranya

9. In which episode does an alien virus invade the Deep Space 9 computer system, become attached to Chief O’Brien’s company, and refuse to leave?

  • The Foresaken

10. Name the species pictured to the right.

  • Species 571

11. In The Original Series, what colour shirt did you not want to be wearing if you were part of a landing party?

  • Red

12. In the episode Preemptive Strike, with what group was the Enterprise-D in conflict?

  • The Maquis

13. Which of Deep Space 9’s runabouts was the only one never destroyed?

  • Rio Grande

14. True or False: In the episode Deadlock, Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman died but were replaced by exact duplicates who have been with the ship ever since.

  • True

15. What kind of weapons were banned by the Khitomer Accords?

  • Subspace weapons

16. Who are the greatest polluters of the Delta Quadrant?

  • The Malon

17. In the Mirror universe, what characteristic distinguished the alternate Spock from his counterpart?

  • A beard

18. What series is the episode Whispers from?

  • Deep Space 9

19. What kind of dog was Porthos in the Mirror universe?

  • A Rottweiler

20. How many times was Katherine Pulaski married?

  • Three

Last Month’s Winners

1- Laura Macleod
2- Kivsi Diaz

All Around Champs

Rank Player Score
1. Laura Macleod 64
2. Kivsi Diaz 15
3. Rachel Christie 12
4. Tara ch’Thane 8
5. Joseph Daher 6


That Skirt




The Lunar Module heading back to join the moon-orbiting Command and Service Module during the Apollo 11 mission, July 21, 1969.

Credit: NASA


Endeavour Returns Home

Stardate 20908.01

After it’s launch was plagued with bad weather and technical issues, the landing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission STS-127 took place on July 31 at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida without any problems. At approximately 10:48 in the morning EST, the Endeavour landed safely with is crew of seven astronauts.

Endeavour quickly came into full view and minutes later at 10:48 a.m. EDT it smoothly sailed onto the long space centre runway after being in space for 15 days, 16 hours, 44 minutes, and 58 seconds.

The mission took astronauts to the International Space Station and saw five spacewalks, the installation of a new platform on the ISS, new fuel sources, stocking up on spare parts, and the replacement of equipment. The astronauts on board the Endeavour and ISS celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with a celebratory space walk. While the mission was a success, it did have its own rough patches, including a piece of debris falling off a fuel tank during liftoff, an overheated air-purifier, and a flooded toilet.

This mission will be on of the last for the Space Shuttle fleet. NASA has plans to suspend the shuttle program at the end of next year, and will be using Russian airlifts to transport astronauts to space until 2015 when the new Orion exploration vehicle is ready to be launched. There are seven space shuttle missions remaining, with the next one scheduled for 1:36 a.m. EDT , August 25, 2009, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Read more here and here.


Buck Bokai Replacements

Stardate 20908.01

Eager for holodecks to make their debut so that you can run a baseball sim with Buck Bokai? Perhaps that is several decades away, but if you can’t wait that long, Japanese scientist have deloped two baseball playing robots.

At the University of Japan, these two baseball playing robots could give normal ball player a run for their money. The pitching robot can throw 90 percent of its pitches in the strike zone, at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The scientist working on the bots, Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa, is hoping to get it up to 150 kph, with the ability to throw curve and slider balls. The batting robot is able to detect pitches and only hit balls that go into the strike zone, with an accuracy rate of almost 100 percent.

We won’t be seeing these robots on the ball diamonds anytime soon, as they look more like car assembly robots than people, but Japan is pushing to continue with the development of similar robots.

Read more.


Rank Name Ship
Tac-ens.jpg Brett Rangle USS Enterprise, CV-07
Tac-ens.jpg Skylar Volaris USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Sec-ens.jpg Sienna Tam Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Sec-ens.jpg Tom Dixon USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Sec-ens.jpg Thomas Cellawe USS Pulsar, BB-100
Tac-ens.jpg David Lamb USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Med-ltjg.jpg Xavier Thomas Carlson USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Sec-ltjg.jpg Charles Fitzalan-Howard USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Sci-ltjg.jpg Mick Roland USS Pulsar, BB-100
Tac-ltjg.jpg William Norton USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Sec-ltjg.jpg Jay Read Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Sec-lt.jpg Reginald Hendrix USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Tac-lt.jpg Griffin Wright USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Med-lcdr.jpg Laura Macleod USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Sec-lcdr.jpg John Zenteal USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Tac-lcdr.jpg Tek Jansen USS Enterprise, CV-07
Sci-lcdr.jpg Judith Tucker USS Gettysburg, BC-1863


Medal Name Ship
Sh-doth.jpg R'Kal Taris RIS Shadowhawk
Grph-med-sfam.jpg Julia Nielson USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Grph-med-sfam.jpg Alexis Tregelen Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Grph-med-sfam.jpg Mihar Kata USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfam.jpg Judith Tucker USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfam.jpg Charles Fitzalan-Howard USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Sh-iam.jpg S'Tokkr RIS Shadowhawk
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Aloysia Yvette USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Gav USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Terra Arking USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Laura Macleod USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Sevala USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Gabriel Fairen USS Enterprise, CV-07
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Jessica Whyte USS Enterprise, CV-07
Grph-med-sfcm.jpg Buck Wausau USS Enterprise, CV-07
Grph-med-gs.jpg Karina Ptaka USS Enterprise, CV-07
Grph-med-ds.jpg Nicholas Ristone USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Grph-med-ds.jpg Johan Schwicker USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Sh-lom.jpg Sevala RIS Shadowhawk
Sh-lom.jpg Amarik I'Dartha RIS Shadowhawk
Sh-lom.jpg S'Ten RIS Shadowhawk
Sh-lom.jpg R'Kal Taris RIS Shadowhawk
Sh-lom.jpg H'Daen R'Mor RIS Shadowhawk
Grph-med-sfdsg.jpg Julia Nielson USS Dauntless, BC-1553

Role-Player of the Month

Name Ship
Gabriel Fairen (June) USS Enterprise, CV-07
Karina Ptaka (July) USS Enterprise, CV-07
William Hudson (June) USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Sevala (July) USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Jack Burrowes (June) USS Pulsar, BB-100
Thomas Cellawe (July) USS Pulsar, BB-100
Alex Ankar (June) USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Griffin Wright (July) USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Jane Fields and Julio Korbel (June) USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Torock Powl and Kaleesh Tarel (July) USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
John Dempsey (June) USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
None awarded (July). USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
S'Renn Kapetanaki (June) USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Savek (July) USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Sienna Tam (June) Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
None awarded (July) Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
None awarded (June) RIS Shadowhawk
Amarik I'Dartha (July) RIS Shadowhawk
Qal (June) IKV Dreamslayer
M'Kota (July) IKV Dreamslayer

Academy Graduates

Rank Name Ship
Sec-mid.jpg Buck Wausau USS Enterprise, CV-07
Sci-mid.jpg Liam Gallagher USS Enterprise, CV-07
Med-mid.jpg Jessica Whyte USS Enterprise, CV-07
Eng-mid.jpg Rafe Stone USS Enterprise, CV-07
Med-mid.jpg Alara Laoun USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Sec-mid.jpg Thomas Cellawe USS Pulsar, BB-100
Med-mid.jpg Joshua Williams USS Pulsar, BB-100
Tac-mid.jpg Alys Griffin USS Pulsar, BB-100
Med-mid.jpg Sara Pendragon USS Pulsar, BB-100
Tac-mid.jpg Jaina Eaden USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Sec-mid.jpg Li Nadia USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Eng-mid.jpg Kralton Gylanna USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Tac-mid.jpg William Hatter USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Med-mid.jpg Kivsi Diaz USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Eng-mid.jpg Chaenai Sumeru USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Sec-mid.jpg Jordan Donovan USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Sec-mid.jpg Johnathan Corvenus USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Sci-mid.jpg Galen Savek USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Tac-mid.jpg Balin Legace Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Eng-mid.jpg Pekoe Fawkes Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Rom-mil-SubLt.jpg K'haeth Neral RIS Shadowhawk