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The Eymorgs were the female inhabitants of the subsurface complex on Sigma Draconis VI.

Approximately 8000 BC, the Sigma Draconis VI civilization was advanced beyond even 23rd century Federation capabilities. However, it was cast into ruin by the return of a glacial age.
A vast complex was constructed for the women of the planet, while the men remained on the surface.
Within the underground complex, everything the women could need or want was provided, all administered by the Controller, an advanced computer that they revered.

  • The women themselves existed at a low intellectual level
  • Doctor McCoy theorized that disuse of their intellectual faculties had led to atrophy

When necessary, the leader of the Eymorgs could employ the "Great Teacher," a computer that could temporarily impart the vast knowledge of the ancestors.

  • This was done so that an Eymorg might take actions on behalf of her people
  • Use of the "Teacher" was strictly limited, for unknown reasons

In 2268, when visited by the Enterprise, the Controller and the "Great Teacher" extracted the brain of Science Officer Spock, in order to replace the dying Controller.

Kirk and his crew immediately sought after the stolen organ, using the knowledge of the "Great Teacher" to assist Bones in putting it safely back into Spock's skull.

With the Controller's eventual death, the Eymorgs and the Morgs would be forced to integrate and form a new society.

  • The status of this rejoined civilization is currently unknown.