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Jeremy Evans
J Evans.jpg
Career Occupation
Chief Medical Officer
USS Beckett, CX-2000
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Jeremiah Evans
Played By:
Jack Ristone
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
79.8 kg (176 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Black, with the occasional gray peppering.
Very short, generally less than an inch.
Athletic/toned but not overly muscle-y
Facial Hair:
Often a short and well trimmed goatee. The goatee is black with some gray peppered in.
Clear and confident
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Alive and retired. Live on Earth, but spend a lot of their retirement traveling and sightseeing.
1 brother, 1 sister. Aaron (36) lives on Earth and works in finance. Jaynie (36) serves in Star Fleet as a Science Officer.
Marital Status:
Married to Katie (Rodgers)
3 daughters: Jenna (16 years old), Amy (12 years old) and Mary (2 years old)

Personal History

Jeremiah (Jeremy) Evans was born on Earth and had a relatively normal childhood. His parents, Sterling and Rachel, were high school sweethearts and married young. They both worked on Earth in Non-Star Fleet jobs and provided a good life for their children.

Jeremy, who only gets called Jeremiah by his parents (or his wife when he is in trouble), was the oldest of three children. His siblings, a brother, and a sister, were twins and were nearly inseparable, especially in their adolescent years.

Jeremy loved medicine before he loved the stars. While a young boy, Jeremy had asthma.This was eventually fixed medically, but Jeremy still remembers the feeling of not being able to catch your breath. It was this curing treatment, as well as the fact that his mother worked as a pharmacist, that caused him to fall in love with the medical sciences.

Jeremy’s love for the stars, however, did eventually develop. When he was a teenager, a classmate invited him to spend a few weeks of their summer vacation on his home planet. Jeremy accepted the invitation and for the first time experienced space travel and the excitement of seeing a planet not named Earth.

By the age of 16, Jeremy had decided that he wanted to serve in Star Fleet. He felt that this career path would not only let him see new and exciting worlds but would also let him see new and exciting advancements in medicine. And so he began working with a Star Fleet recruiter to ensure that he was academically and physically prepared to apply for the Academy. Given that Jeremy had been a reasonably bright young man and a decent athlete, this did not prove to be too difficult, and Jeremy was accepted into the Academy after graduating high school.

Jeremy’s Academy years passed without significant incident. He had joined Star Fleet during a time of peace after the First General War and was able to dedicate his time at the Academy to rigorous study while still being able to enjoy a fun social life. It was during his second year at the Academy that he met his future spouse. Katie was a civilian living in San Francisco. She was two years younger than Jeremy and was attending a culinary school to become a chef. The two dated during the rest of Jeremy’s time at the Academy and married after a short engagement before he was assigned to a vessel.

The distance in their marriage was challenging but manageable. Both were very busy with their work. Two years into their marriage they welcome their first daughter into the world. Jenna was born happy and healthy, and Jeremy ensured he was present for her birth.

Four years passed before they had their second child, a daughter named Amy. Those four years, however, were dark and difficult. The Federation had found themselves in armed conflict against the Romulans and then the Borg. The vessel Jeremy was serving on was directly involved with numerous battles against the Romulans and had small skirmishes against the Borg as a part of a battle group. Katie and Jenna had remained on Earth, and Jeremy had feared he had lost them when the Borg hit sector 001. Thankfully, they had managed to stay safe.

The next ten years passed in a blur. Jeremy had proven to be an extremely capable and competent doctor. This resulted in numerous advancements in his career, including assignments as Chief Medical Officer on both starships and star bases. Some of these assignments had allowed for Katie, Jenna, and Amy to live with him on assignment, but most times he found himself separated from his family for months at a time. Eventually, Jeremy would look back on this time with regret. Sure, he had advanced significantly in his medical career, but it had come at the cost of missing much of his children’s childhood.

It was likely the stress of the Krynar War that led to the conception of their third daughter, Mary. Neither Jeremy nor Katie had expected to have a child in their forties, but as they would quickly discover, their third child had her own way of doing things.

During his wife’s pregnancy, Jeremy decided to be more present in his family’s life. He asked for and was granted, a transfer back to Earth. Jeremy did miss the excitement associated with space exploration but was glad to at least still be in Star Fleet where he had access to the most sophisticated technology and medical research.

Jeremy served on Earth for two years until he was approached with an opportunity to serve on a vessel that was soon to be launched.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medical
Academy Minor(s): Internal Medicine, Surgery
Hobbies and Pastimes: Chess, Jeremy loves to play. Reading. Jeremy reads so much that he now needs reading glasses.
Short-Term Goals: Raise his family and be the best officer he can be.
Long-Term Goals: Potentially get into politics. Jeremy wants to make the universe a better place for his kids and will do anything to help that become a reality.
Personality: Guarded. Around his family he is very warm and loving. On the job he is fairly by-the-book and serious. He is friendly, but professional.
Sense of Humor: A bit dry, especially for those who do not know him well.
Phobias: Not a fan of confined or enclosed spaces.
Likes: Reading Medical Journals and biographies. Spending time with his family.
Dislikes: Overly emotional people, especially while on-duty.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who gossip.
Bad Habits or Vices: Dismissing the ideas of subordinates when his mind is set on a course of action.
Achievements: Recognized several times throughout his career for his Medical abilities. Decorated during several wars and conflicts, including the Second Romulan War, the Borg Invasion, and the Krynar Conflict. His greatest achievement was becoming a father.
Disappointments: Being too absorbed in his work during his first two kids younger years.
Illnesses: Had asthma as a child, but was cured of it.
Strengths: Hard worker. Intelligent doctor.
Weaknesses: Stubbornness
Fears: Losing his family. Wasting his time/life.
Prejudices: None. His medical training taught him to see everyone as equal.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual clothing such as jeans or khakis and t-shirts
Distinguishing Features: Wears reading glasses
Pets: None
Friends: Katie, his wife, is his best and closest friend. James Holbert, Star Fleet Tactical Officer, is another close friend of his. They served together out of the Academy and bonded. Although their careers have taken them in separate directions, they remain good friends.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Realizing that he had been far too absent during Jenna and Amy’s childhoods. He is trying to make that up now, as ensure the trend does not continue with Mary.
Best Time: Becoming a father each time.
Most Crucial Experience: Serving during the Romulan and Krynar Wars.
Role Model: His father Sterling. He taught him what it looked like to work hard, love your family, and provide for them sacrificially.

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