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Luke Gawain Erdos
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Intrepid, CA-1708
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 1
Biographical Attributes
161 lbs
Eye Color:
Crystal-blue; sparkling and filled with life.
Hair Color:
Dirty blond
Thick, medium length, commonly styled as either a mop or a fringe brushed towards the left half of his forehead.
An athletic, slim build.
Facial Hair:
Often alternates between a circle beard (French beard) - as dirty blond as his hair - and a clean shave. Currently clean-shaved.
A mildly deep but soft voice, spoken in mildly hushed tone. Luke is accustomed to intentionally speaking in a hush because he finds loud sounds irritable, including those produced by his own vocal cords. His speaking English accent is distinctly, and strongly, Scottish
United Federation of Planets
Edinburgh, Scotland, Planet Earth
Familial Relationships
Dr. Gawain Erdos, PhD (deceased)
Dr. Natalia Erdos, MB BCh, FRCP Edin
Status of Parents:
His mother is alive, aged but well, still serving as a General Physician in her own private clinic back in their hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. His father died in a hovercar accident when he was very young.
Lucy Erdos, Luke's elder sister (deceased). She was a high school Chemistry teacher who has just recently passed away in the early part of Luke's fourth Academy year. She was married, and she and her brother were on excellent terms, loving one another dearly. She was the mother of Eden Reed.
Marital Status:
None of his own. His niece, Eden Reed (age: two years), is currently under his legal guardianship.

Personal History

Luke's paternal ancestors migrated from Hungary to the United Kingdom, settling in Scotland sometime in the 21st century. Dr. Natalia Nettlebed, Luke's distinctly Scottish mother, completed her civilian medical training and began serving as a General Physician (Internist) in Edinburgh, Scotland, and a few years into her service she encountered a man who came to her as a patient, named Gawain Erdos, who at that time intended to pursue a doctorate in a subspecialty of Physical Chemistry. The two coincidentally met once again outside the clinic, developed a liking for one another, and before anyone knew it, they tied the knot.

Their first child was a girl, Lucy Erdos. The second one born three years later was a boy, who was named Luke, a contracted form of Lucius, thus the names of both siblings meant 'light'. Luke grew up to be a bright and adventurous lad, as his parents and elder sister, who loved and adored him, and like any little boys in healthy families, he was particularly fond of his Da (he called him 'Da', not Dad). Of course, Da was often extremely busy with his research (having now successfully completed a PhD), and could not give as much time to Luke as the little boy desired.

The result was that Luke ended up being exposed to the medical environment since a tender young age; his Mum often took his sister and him to her Private Clinic after School as she needed to keep an eye on them with Da too busy in research. Luke was an adventurous child, but he was afraid of his mother's scolding (she could get really mad really quick) and so was mostly a nice boy. Still, Mum was awesome; the way she handled all those shiny instruments and high-tech equipment, the way she consoled and counselled her patients, the way she delivered good news or broke bad, the way she could often be a real-life Sherlock Holmes when it came to a particularly complex case... not to mention the weird sounds made by the Echocardiography machine that Mum told him was the sound of the blood flowing in her patient's vessels, and those strange whistling sounds in the lungs (whistles in lungs!) in that really nice asthma patient who allowed Dr. Erdos' kid to play doctor on him, and oh my gosh that MRI with contrast looked hoora cool!!! (he knew it was a brain); little Luke absorbed it all like a sponge, and at that point in his seven year old mind he only knew one truth:

Doctors. Were. Cool.

Mum was cool by extension.

Luke's relationship with his sister, Lucy, as a child was typical - she considered him a little pest, and he considered her a tattling spoilsport, and often wondered if she was secretly an adopted Klingon. Yet, she secretly adored him, and he secretly looked up to her. In other words, a perfectly healthy sibling relationship.

Still, every healthy boy needs a male figure in his life, and for Luke, it was his father. Da was awesome; when he was not with his head inside holograms of chemical equations, anyways. Sometimes, on Sundays every fortnight, he could convince Da to spare at a few hours of his time and take him stargazing. But for the most part, Luke often felt himself longing for Da - Da loved him, and Luke knew it, but Da was always too busy.

Da once noticed that Luke, as a child, liked to lie down in the grass of their yard and stare up at the night sky. Lucy never had a similar interest, so a love of space seemed to be unique to the boy. So, every fortnight or so on Sundays, Da would drive Luke away from the city into the rural areas at night on camping trips, where Luke could stargaze without light pollution. That was when Luke first clearly saw the Milky Way in all its beauty and glory as it arced across the night sky, and he fell in love with it. Those beautiful fireflies up against the black heavens became forever ingrained in Luke's mind. Stargazing with Da became his absolute favourite moments, and as those moments were what ignited his passion for Space for the first time, they also planted the seeds of a future Starfleet Medical Officer.

Luke was also aware, as a child growing up on 25th century Earth, of Starfleet and the Federation, and he had heard the tales of the Vulcans and the Andorians and the Romulans and the Klingons and whatnot. So, for his seventh birthday, Da got Luke three volumes of Children's Encyclopedia Space & Universe because he knew Luke liked to read. That was probably the greatest gift Da had ever given him, and Luke read and read and read, and he couldn't believe all the different kinds of planets out there, and how much was still unknown. He read about famous people like Jonathan Archer and Jim Kirk, who had gone where no one had gone before, and Luke began to imagine himself aboard his own imaginary Enterprise. Luke loved Da even more after that, because whenever he looked at his Children's Encyclopaedia, or up at the Milky Way, he was reminded of Da.

Then Da died.

The news came suddenly to Luke. He was ten at the time, just returning from school when he saw his sobbing Mum and the Police at home. It was a hovercar accident. The driver was drunk. Luke's world crashed. He barely said a word for the next six months, but he slowly recovered. There was, however, since that day forwards, that empty pit in Luke's heart that has not gone away til this day. Luke never knew either of his grandfathers, he never had any elder brothers or male cousins, the only man he ever really knew was Da, whom he never got enough time with, and with Da permanently gone, Luke had no father, no male role model. Naturally, he constantly felt the psychological lack of a father figure as he grew up.

Luke grew up to be quite witty, remarkably intelligent (consistently at the top of his class), well-mannered and quite handsome in his teens. Needless to say he was a heart-throb, if you asked the girls in his class. But he never pursued a relationship; he simply never felt a need to commit to anyone but his mother and sister, as he had become quite introverted after his father's death. He mostly kept to himself at school, preferring literature over sports and the library over school events and functions. He never really developed a close bond with anyone, though he considered all (read: most) of his classmates friends and remained on cordial terms with them.

As he grew, Luke became more and more interested in Starfleet. Every time he went to his room, he would see his the Encyclopaedia volumes his Da gave him. As a teenager, Luke knew much more about Starfleet and the Universe than what could be contained in a children's Encyclopedia, but it reminded him so much of his Da, how sometimes (rare times, when Da was not busy), Da would lie down in the grass with him and help him name the stars of Earth's night sky from the list contained in the Encyclopedia. As soon as Luke was old enough to do so, he used to travel out into the countryside and gaze up at the Milky Way. It was during one such stargazing session, reminiscing about his Da, while lying down on the grass in the countryside with his old childhood Encyclopedia set as his pillow, that Luke decided he was done dreaming.

He already knew by eighteen years old that he was going to become a doctor, like his mother. His childhood fascination with the field had now developed into a passion; he had seen the happy expressions on the faces of people who came to his mother in follow-up and told her they were better now, the joy on a parent's face when their child was no longer in pain. Luke had long since wanted to become a part of that great profession.

But now, he also knew he was going to join Starfleet as soon as he could. Luke's mother did express her sadness that she would have to remain away from him for extended periods of time if he went off-world on Starfleet missions, but she still supported his decision. Lucy was much closer to her brother now as an adult, and she too encouraged her younger brother to pursue his dream, despite the fact that she had interest neither in medicine nor in Starfleet, having pursued a degree in Chemistry like her father.

Luke completed his A Levels, with a distinction in Biology, and five A* and two As in a total of eight subjects, and then took the Starfleet Academy Entrance Test, demonstrating aptitude and capability impressive enough to be accepted into the esteemed Institute.

His First Year was probably his worst, because it featured that endless horror: Anatomy. Now, Luke was intelligent in that he was good - rather, he was off the charts - with concepts. He was studious, hard working and he was gifted in that he could Master even the most overwhelming of concepts when he put enough effort into it. Which made Xenophysiology, Exobiochemistry and Pathology subjects he excelled at. But Anatomy - he was not afraid of cadavers (Luke actually had the fingers of a surgeon), but the lad had simply never done so much rote learning in his life. It was the sheer volume of all that he had to fill his mind with that overwhelmed him. Ultimately, he cleared the Anatomy Final, but his performance was mediocre compared to the rest of his class, unlike the other subjects where he had consistently ranked top tier. Luke also began a minor course in Xenobiology, as he figured that greater in-depth knowledge about the biology of multiple species would aid in his clinical studies as well.

In his personal life, Lucy, Luke's sister, decided to marry while Luke was in his First Year of the Academy, having fallen in love with a Human architect named Terrence Reed. She got pregnant a few months later.

Second Year featured another memory-heavy subject: Pharmacology, but Luke performed well this time, both because Anatomy had given him enough practice in the art that was rote learning, and secondly, he genuinely liked Pharmacology because of its chemical-based nature, no doubt because of his paternal genes. Behaviorial Sciences, Epidemiology and Clinical Xenomicrobiology were subjects he excelled in, and he was the highest achiever in his class in Clinical Xenomicrobiology. Part of the reason for that was that it overlapped considerably with Xenobiology, Luke's minor, which he also successfully and uneventfully completed by the end of his Second Year. In his personal life, Luke became an uncle - Lucy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, named Eden Reed. Uncle Luke fell in love with the baby the moment he first held her in his arms.

Third and Fourth Year were the Big Leagues: Clinical Rotations. Otorhinolaryngology, Opthalmology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, and Paediatrics in Third Year. Gyne&Obs was unbearable - Luke disliked loud noises, and there were few things in the Universe louder than a Klingon giving birth - but he survived. During his Paediatrics rotation, Luke discovered that he had a really soft heart when it came to children. Noisy crying babies aside, those three months in Paeds were probably his most joyful in Starfleet Academy. Witnessing a sick child recover, it was not just the child that got well, Luke realised, it was the child's parents and family too. Seeing that joy on a parent's face was what made this choice of career feel worth the while for the first time to Luke Erdos. Luke also took up Exolinguistics as his second minor, a decision he took when he realised that language was the like a skeleton key that could open many doors, especially if he intended to travel to foreign worlds. While he had no interest in being a translator or communications officer, he still found that learning about the intricacies of phonology and syntax was as mentally stimulating as learning about the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System.

In Fourth Year, Luke's subjects included General Surgery and Internal Medicine (mandatory subjects, of course), and he selected Orthopaedics and Emergency Medicine as Electives. It was the most advanced (read: hectic) year of them all, so naturally it passed in a blur as far as academia were concerned. However, at the beginning of the year another tragedy struck, and what Luke had feared his whole life happened again. Just like his father, Lucy and Terrence Reed, Luke's sister and brother-in-law, got in a hovercar accident and perished, though their two month old baby, Eden, miraculously survived. Taking a few weeks of Bereavement Leave from the Academy, Luke, who was traumatised, dealt with her sister's painful death, comforted his mother and made all legal arrangements to assume guardianship of his niece. She really only had her Uncle Luke and her Grandmother now, and Luke felt it was something he had to do. Taking the two-year-old bundle of joy under his wing both helped him deal with his sister's death, as he could focus on the baby in lieu of the pain, while simultaneously honouring his sister's memory. Luke eventually returned to the Academy, completing the remainder of his courses while Eden was taken care of by both him and by his mother.

Luke cleared the Academy on his first attempt, and was assigned to the USS Intrepid, CA-1708 - a battle cruiser with a rich history and legacy. To say Luke was glad was an understatement, but his first mission was what he lividly recalls as 'basically gettin' magnificently trolled by a bunch o' higher-ups'. An associate of Captain Gabriel Archer was kidnapped or something, and that led them into a complete mess that was utterly chaotic. Under a heavy assault, there was huge casualties, and Luke was pushed into performing his first on-field surgery as the assistant to one of the senior surgeons aboard the Inteprid: their patient being a Gorn placed in suspended animation. Of course, moments before Luke was about to have a total breakdown it was revealed that the entire thing was a holosimulation, a program designed to root out a traitor in their midst.

The traitor turned out to be the very Gorn that Luke had put his heart and soul on the line trying to save. Needless to say, the young doctor was both angry and shocked. The fiasco had taken its toll on the mentality of the whole crew and, thus, they were given a well-deserved shore leave while the Intrepid was repaired - only one not-even-real mission after he joined. The whole thing left the young doctor scratching his head, and needless to say he would never see Starfleet as gloriously as he had seen it before. Still, although he considered the Intrepid to be as weird as "the offspring of a Chinese dragon and a she-duck", somehow, he had already begun to feel at home among all this madness

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Exobiology, Exolinguistics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Luke is an avid reader, and a fan of English literature, a habit he developed in school when he used to find solace in the library instead of hanging out with his classmates, or sports. He loves literature and poetry, including the Classics - he also has a taste for high fantasy among fictional novels, though his passion for reading is not limited to that. Luke likes to learn things; it can by anything of benefit, from fiction to space travelogues to history books. Books are his best friend.
Short-Term Goals: Complete his third read of the 201st edition of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, and annotate it. Also finish reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
Long-Term Goals: Luke does not have lofty ambitions. He has no desire to captain a ship or become a legend. He simply wishes to become a physician - seeing someone in pain or suffering recover and find relief is what brings contentment to his heart. Simultaneously, he wishes to go to the stars, exploring and visiting new worlds and new peoples. As long as he can do both of those, he is content.
Personality: Luke Erdos is primarily an ambivert bordering on being introverted. He really does not confide in anyone except his mother and sister. He has a lot of people whom he calls friends, but no one he feels particularly close to. He is bright, and he can be exceptionally funny and witty when he is in a fair mood and among people he knows well, but around strangers he is by default mild-mannered and decent, and it can take a lot of time for him to open up around someone. Luke is also naturally swift - he thinks fast, speaks fast, likes to get things done quickly, and walks a fast pace. At his heart he is a gentle soul, compassionate and kind, respectful to his seniors and loving towards those younger than him. The suffering of any sentient, or even animals, hurts him - he actively avoids stepping on ants, for instance. He has an urge to relieve anyone of pain as soon as he possibly can.

An important aspect of his personality, is his instrinsic nobility and moral integrity. Luke does not compromise ethics, medical or otherwise. He is rooted in a strong moral code, and values uprightness and upright people. He is emotionally intelligent and perceptive - he is the kind of person who will know when you are feeling down, no matter how well you try to hide it. He is also the kind of person who will try to cheer you up, even if you are, unfortunately for you, a Vulcan. One thing about his personality, however, is that he has an 'orphan's temperament' - in that after he lost his father, and grew up without a father figure, he does have a subconscious urge to try to find a father figure in any male elder he encounters.
Sense of Humor: Decent - and not obscene - jokes (he hates dirty jokes). Luke has a great sense of humour (at least he thinks he does) and he can be exceptionally witty when he is in familiar surroundings, among old friends or people he trusts.
Phobias: His mother when she's mad. Also, the thought of losing anyone he cares about, particularly his Mum, Sister or Niece suddenly and unexpectedly, the way he lost his father.
Likes: His parents; his sister; his niece; stargazing at the Milky Way, and the rest of the stars in the night sky; ethics; bringing relief from suffering; seeing others laugh; the biological and astronomical sciences; science in general; gardens; rivers; literature (classical, high fantasy, science fiction); movies with good stories; poetry; reading; the acquisition of general knowledge; the black, green and silver colours; stillness, thinking and reflection; lemon tart pastries.
Dislikes: Loud noises; when his niece cries; unprofessional, unethical or morally indecent people; people who hurt or abuse others or usurp their rights; dry people (those without a sense of humour); arrogance; people who are unfaithful to their families; people who have never read a book in their life; spinach and most green leafy vegetables.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: When people start snogging in public. Public is defined as anywhere they are not alone togther. ("Git a room, ye gits!")
Bad Habits or Vices: Lip chewing when bored - he acquired that habit as a child, and he never got rid of it, and he doesn't even realise it when he does it until sometimes they start to bleed.
Achievements: He has consistently remained highest academic achiever in his class throughout his school and high school years, and is also the first member in his family to join Starfleet (though he does not personally consider that a huge achievement, others in his family sure do).
Disappointments: About his father; that he never got to spend enough time with him.
Illnesses: Other than the yearly fever, either as a typical flu or the common cold; nothing.
Strengths: Conceptual study - Luke's geeky mind craves concepts, and no matter how complex, he can usually learn them, reasoning through them and understanding and mastering them given enough time.
Weaknesses: Cooking. He cannot understand it, let alone do it. Not for the life of him. Thankfully, Starfleet has food synthesizers.
Fears: He still used to get nightmares about losing someone he loves suddenly the way he lost his father; these have only been recently reinforced with his sister's death.
Prejudices: He is not prejudiced against anyone in that manner, though he tends to dislike arrogant people with a cocksure attitude.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Black is his (obsessively) favourite colour in dress. Typically a black shirt, either a dress shirt or a high-neck T-shirt, and baggy black pants. Also, Luke has a fascination with outerwear; he can often be seen wearing a peacoat, wool car jacket, or his father's old waked cotton jacket. All black.
Distinguishing Features: There is a small (3-4 millimeters in diameter) birthmark (a facial mole, raised bump over the skin) below the right corner of his lips, and a clefted chin.
Pets: None
Friends: . Books are his best friend. When it comes to sentient species, however, Luke maintains a cordial and respectful attitude with most people he knows, but he has never really had someone he could confide in sufficiently to consider a 'best friend'. Not yet anyways.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: His father's and sister's deaths.
Best Time: When his father took him to the countryside to see the Milky Way without light pollution for the first time. Close ties with that moment are when his father gifted him Children's Encyclopedia Space & Universe for his seventh birthday, and the day Eden, his niece, was born.
Most Crucial Experience: The time he spent with his parents - looking up at the beautiful but mysterious Milky Way with his Da as a child was eventually the catalyst that led him to choosing Starfleet, and spending time in his Mum's clinic helped him choose to become a doctor like her.
Role Model: His mother, as a doctor. Jonathan Archer, as a childhood hero.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21406.10 – 21807.12 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Medical Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21807.12 Midshipman Midshipman
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

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