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In Star Fleet, an enlisted crewperson is one who has not completed the four-year Star Fleet Academy course. In most cases, enlisted crewmen sign up directly to a ship or posting, and receive basic training, as well as any specific courses required for their position. As with "commissioned officers" (Star Fleet Academy graduates), there is a rank structure amongst enlisted crew. The term "non-commissioned officer" refers specifically to any enlisted personnel given authority over other personnel. In Star Fleet, this could refer to any Petty Officer.

Its predecessor, the Earth Star Fleet, also had a hierarchy of enlisted positions.

Other structures, such as the Klingon Defense Force and the Bajoran Militia, also have enlisted men and women in their ranks, but it is unclear as to how they differ from their standard officer ranks.

All commissioned officer ranks, from Ensign upward, outrank all enlisted in the chain of command. However, in certain cases, non-commissioned officers can exercise authority over commissioned officers. For example, Chief Petty Officers such as Chief O'Brien wield influence far beyond their place in the rank structure, due to their extensive experience and skill, and are expected to mentor junior officers as well as other non-commissioned officers.

Enlisted personnel may be promoted to receive a commission, but must pass necessary examinations and/or attend Star Fleet Academy.

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