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Brett Elswin
Career Occupation
Chief Engineer
USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Biographical Attributes
163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.)
86.2 kg (190 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Blue
Hair Color:
Highly variable length, but most of the hair is short and kept in a topknot
Deep, almost controlling
United Federation of Planets
Suburban Japan
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Presumed Deceased
Leto, brother, died at age 21, when Brett was 15
Marital Status:

Personal History

Brett was born and raised in suburbs of what was once Japan. Believing that there was once a truly rich culture, he became a history buff, studying the culture of the land he lived in. By the age of 8, Brett had very indepth knowledge of Samurai culture and training methods.

At the age of 12 Brett witnessed his parents being robbed at phaser point. His parents survived, barely getting away when several others present realized what was going on and created a distraction. The family escaped with their lives, and that was about all. Brett became interested in science, biology in particular, shortly after, probably influenced by the fact that his older brother had gone off to medical school.

Sometime later, around age 16, Brett ran into the same robbers again. This time, only him and a couple of friends were there. They didn’t have any money left, having spent their last penny at the movies earlier, which angered the robbers, who suggested robbing them of something else, perhaps body parts. At this, Brett’s younger friend Tiffany (whom he was “unofficially” dating, because her parents would have none of that) screamed, and the jumpier of the two robbers shot her. It wasn’t a kill shot, but it was at a close enough range that she did eventually die. Brett vowed then that he would learn to defend those he cared about. He knew one simple way to do that, study as a Samurai. Pouring over the information he had, Brett began to teach himself to fight.

A year later, word came of his brother’s death. Leto was supposed to be turning 23 soon, but he learned that Leto had barely made it past 21. After hearing that it was a transporter accident, and hearing a few fuzzy details as to what happened, Brett, determined to find out what happened, began studying transporters. In just a month, he had learned enough to understand what had killed his brother. A few months later Brett was the expert on transporter technology in his school. Brett never did lose his love of history, and he quickly discovered the interesting things he could learn by tracing how a technology evolved. It was interesting to discover that a mere 600 years ago the path to the stars was started with a short hop by a small vehicle that was held up by “wings” and moved forward using a small engine turning bicycle chains to turn “propellers.”

After graduating, Brett signed up as an EMT for the local hospital. It wasn’t much, but it was a job, and the hours were workable so he could spend time studying the fascinating history of technology. At age 23, Brett decided enough was enough. He wanted to quit playing with history, and this technology and do something with it. That’s when Brett saw his opportunity. Brett joined Star Fleet. Brett didn’t talk to his parents much after becoming an EMT, and when he tried to get in touch with them before going to Star Fleet, it proved impossible. That fact haunted Brett through his time in the Academy. He was sure that if they were dead he would have been informed, but his complete inability to find them concerned him. He knew they would have loved to hear that he was going to join Star Fleet, they had suggested it to him when he signed up as an EMT. Now that he has graduated Star Fleet, he has decided he is going to find out what happened.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Warp Core Physics
Academy Minor(s): Sublight propulsion
Hobbies and Pastimes: Aviation. Brett is a plane buff, especially if it's one of those old planes that is held in the air by that thing that basicly looks like a giant fan. Propellers they called them, but Brett remains convinced that the old joke about the propeller just being there to keep the pilot cool is true. After all, he'd seen enough holo-vids of what happens when one dies, and every time, without a doubt, the pilot would sweat.
Short-Term Goals: To improve the safety of his crewmates by improving the reliability of his ship
Long-Term Goals: To return to the Academy as an instructor.
Personality: Very mellow and even keeled, Brett’s only real angry trigger is crime. However, witnessing so much crime, and having had so many opportunities at love lost, he has become disenchanted with the idea of companionship, finding it hard to trust anyone
Sense of Humor: As long as the joke doesn’t play negatively on past cultures, he will probably laugh hard enough to turn blue. Brett has been known to laugh hard enough to actually pass out, and more than once has ended up in sickbay with mild concussions from falling out of his chair
Phobias: Brett's primary fear, is admitting fear
Likes: Old cultures, and learning about new older cultures, airplanes, swords, and computers
Dislikes: Very few strong ones, though crime lists quite highly
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Brett is easily ticked off by people who won't take the time to understand a new culture
Achievements: Brett's primary achievements have revolved around getting into Star Fleet in the first place
Disappointments: Brett has no major disappointments, though he wishes he'd joined Star Fleet sooner
Illnesses: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Rarely hangs out outside his uniform
Distinguishing Features: Carries one of the straightest postures ever seen, and moves like a dancer
Pets: None
Friends: Never really one to trust after his troublesome past, Brett doesn't have anyone he would call a best friend

Career History

Stardate 20610.19 - Graduated, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20610.19 - Promoted to Midshipman, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20612.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20701.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20702.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20704.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20704.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20709.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20711.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of the Month, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20801.01 - Awarded Co-RPG'er of Month, USS Copernicus GEC-9035
Stardate 20801.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Copernicus GEC-9035

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