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Average Male Height:
170 cm (5 ft. 7 in.) to 196 cm (6 ft. 5 in.)
Average Male Weight:
68 kg (150 lb.) to 108.9 kg (240 lb.)
Average Female Height:
163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.) to 188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
Average Female Weight:
59 kg (130 lb.) to 117.9 kg (260 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

Guinan, a female El-Aurian, in 2366 aboard the Enterprise
Note: This species is NOT rated for player use.

A humanoid species of "listeners" originating from the El-Aurian system, El-Aurians appear to have an awareness that supersedes the normal flow of time and space.


Externally, the El-Aurians are physically identical to Humans, in structure and even the range of racial phenotypes. The only significant physical difference between Humans and El-Aurians is in the aging process, as the extremely long-lived El-Aurian lifespan covers many centuries.


El-Aurians pride themselves on being a race of listeners, and appear to have a form of limited empathic ability. Some have used this to help others, acting as advisors or confidants. A few have turned their talent to more dubious pursuits, becoming con men and tricksters, such as Martus Mazur, while Dr. Soran used his abilities to help bring his genocidal plan to re-enter the Nexus to fruition.


Much of their seeming reticence comes from the El-Aurian racial character. They appear to be natural lore-keepers, and use their phenomenal lifespans and memories to collect the stories and life experiences of various sentient beings. They preserve this knowledge for their own kind, and only occasionally share it with non-El-Aurians. They are a highly personable species, and as such are very willing to help other sentients work out their problems. It is possible as an offshoot of their prodigious memories and mental facilities that El-Aurians are extraordinarily sensitive to the space-time continuum itself. In 2366, Guinan was able to perceive an alternate timeline which occurred because of a disruption in the starship Enterprise-C's history.

It is unclear if Guinan's special abilities and perceptions in regard to time and her ability to perceive Q were completely the result of her lineage, or if they were an extra side effect of her experience with the Nexus.


The El-Aurians are a widely-traveled people who have spread themselves across many parts of the galaxy. It is known that at least one El-Aurian visited Earth in 1893, before Humans had any official knowledge of alien species. In 2265 the Borg launched a major attack on this species, assimilating all but a handful. The survivors scattered throughout the galaxy, finding homes amongst many species.

In 2293, the Federation transported a group of El-Aurian refugees to Earth following their escape from the Borg. The two ships transporting the refugees, the SS Lakul and the SS Robert Fox, were caught in and destroyed by the Nexus near the Sol System. The USS Enterprise-B was able to save some of the refugees, including Guinan and Dr. Tolian Soran.

At the beginning of the 25th century, surviving El-Aurian refugees began to feel a 'calling' to travel into the unknown regions of the Alpha Quadrant. As of 2419, there are no known El-Aurians remaining within Federation Space, leading many to believe that they are extinct.