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Isabella Ekman
Career Occupation
Acting Chief Science Officer
None, classified as "MISSING" in Star Fleet files
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Jane Fields
1/2 Human, 1/2 Orion
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
59 kg (130 lb.)
Eye Color:
Brown, coloured like Tiger's Eye gemstones
Hair Color:
Very dark brown
Short, 'pageboy' cut
Pale green
Rich and musical, like aural velvet
United Federation of Planets
Deep Space Station K-7
Familial Relationships
Gustaf Björn Ekman
Status of Parents:
Mother's status unknown, Father alive on Earth.
Half-brother Rikard, 20, currently at college in San Francisco, Earth
Marital Status:

Personal History

Background and Early Life

Isabella's father, Gustaf, was a Federation diplomat working for the President's Office. On a diplomatic visit to Ekos he met her mother Genevra who was then an Orion slave owned by the head of the Ekosian diplomatic corps. Gustaf became infatuated with the woman and purchased her. Some months into their long journey back to Earth, on a routine stop at a starbase, Genvera beguiled another 'victim' with her potent pheromones. The male, a Markalian, stole her away on his ship and headed for Ajilon sector and into neutral space between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Gustaf chased the runaway pair, eventually tracking them down after some months and returning with the pregnant Genevra to a starbase near the border where Isabella was born soon afterwards. However, before Gustaf could return home with mother and child, Genevra fled again, leaving the child behind. This time she had used her pheromone powers to entrance a member of his vessel's crew, and the pair vanished without trace. Gustaf chose not to pursue her further and instead returned to Earth, to his home country Sweden, with his infant child. Isabella was brought up in various locations including Stockholm, Sweden, Paris, France, and San Francisco, US, by the same nanny, Ani, who had raised Gustaf himself during childhood. As a consequence of living in several countries, and attending the best schools, Isabella speaks a number of Earth languages fluently including Swedish, French, Italian, and German.

Ani was a surrogate mother to young Isabella and they developed a strong bond, the young girl quite accepting that she would never know her biological mother. Her father, who was away much of the time on diplomatic trips, tried hard to ensure that his daughter had a happy and indulgent childhood, never wanting for material things and attending the best schools. Eventually Gustaf married a human woman younger than himself and a son was born, Rikard. The teenage Isabella got on well with her stepmother Adriana and developed a great fondness for her little brother.

When Isabella reached puberty she became aware of the effects of her Orion pheromones on the opposite sex. Though these effects are much less powerful than those of a full Orion female, she has the ability to use the power of suggestion on most humanoid males to a degree. When on overdrive her pheromones can cause headaches in female humanoids, though Vulcans, male and female, are immune to the effects. Over the years Isabella learned to control her inherited Orion charms, and she normally takes a pheromone inhibitor to suppress the worst effects. However, she has a natural charm and grace and a vivacious and outgoing personality that makes her popular with men and women. Isabella chose a scientific career because she enjoyed the contrast that solitary lab work provided to her social life. Neuroscience and exopsychology attracted her initially as she wished to understand the mechanism of her Orion pheromones in order to master that side of her being.

Education and Star Fleet Intelligence

Isabella took a degree in neuroscience and exopsychology before pursuing doctoral research at the Daystrom Institute. Her doctoral thesis was on neural net and connectionist models of telepathic and non-telepathic suggestion in the humanoid brain, and won her the highly prestigious T'Iran Prize for Contribution to Galactic Cross-Species Science.
While researching her doctorate she was recruited by Star Fleet Intelligence Corps (SFIC) to spy on an Institute scientist, Professor Curt Myhill, a renowned expert on psionics. Myhill was being secretly funded by a shadowy organisation called Science for Human Advancement and Development (SHADe). Isabella infiltrated the Professor's lab, becoming a trusted confidante. Her work uncovered a human augmentation project on a massive scale, secretly worked on by teams of researchers on Earth and elsewhere. The goal was to create 'superhumans,' physically stronger, quicker and with greater endurance and augmented cognitive abilities. Myhill's role in the project was to augment human abilities with artificial psionic implants. However, the research had been plagued with problems as the implants had irreversible side effects of increased aggression and shortened life-span, with many test subjects rapidly descending into madness and death.

Isabella's intel was enough to apprehend Myhill and put a stop to his work. It also gained SFIC valuable information on SHADe - a lavishly-funded pro-human organisation with xenophobic tendencies that appears to be dedicated to human advancement at all costs.

After her successful intelligence work, Isabella was encouraged to join the Fleet permanently, and underwent a fast track training route through Star Fleet Academy, her decision to leave academe motivated by the discovery of such a powerful and dangerous organisation as SHADe. Her brilliance as a researcher, coupled with the prior work for SFIC, led to Isabella being swiftly recruited by the USS Challenger on completion of her Academy training.

The Challenger CX-1986 (not to be confused with other ships of that name) was a short-lived intelligence project, the ship was a floating science, research and development centre, kind of a starship 'Area 51', and it was tasked with cutting edge research on many classified projects, but also sent on active intelligence assignments in the field. In particular, their work led them to cross paths with SHADe on several occasions, and they became a kind of nemesis.

After the Challenger project and kidnapping

Funding for such a lavish project as Challenger, however, was withdrawn during the Krynar war, and the ship was decommissioned. Ekman conducted research on Star Base Alpha for a short time, before moving to cover the CSO post on the USS Copernicus. She had only been in post for a few months when she was kidnapped by SHADe operatives while on SBA, and was declared missing.

What is known only to very few people is that Ekman was held captive on Luna at an undercover SHADe facility, which posed as a legitimate pharmaceutical company. Here she was forced to conduct research for SHADe on human augmentation and psionics, abused and coerced through threats to her and her family on Earth. It was over a year before Kamiro Deklos, with insider help from one of SHADe's own top operatives who had turned against the organization, rescued her. However, both she and the SHADe operative known as "Al" disappeared completely off the radar afterwards, and Ekman is still classified as "MISSING" in Star Fleet files.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Neuroscience and Exopsychology
Academy Minor(s): Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science
Hobbies and Pastimes: Socialising, horse riding, swimming, fencing, reading, listening to music
Short-Term Goals: To settle in to her new role aboard Challenger
Long-Term Goals: To discover a new species of sentient life
Personality: Vivacious, charming and charismatic, warm, outgoing.
Sense of Humor: Playful
Phobias: None
Likes: Good company, exploring new and exotic cultures
Dislikes: Prejudice of any kind, close-minded people. She isn't fond of Orion culture but has tried to understand it through study
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Formality, arrogance
Bad Habits or Vices: Occasionally uses her charms and Orion pheromones to influence the opposite sex
Achievements: First degree and doctorate
Disappointments: None yet, she has so far lived a happy and fulfilled life and does not regret never knowing her real mother.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Sharp and incisive mind. Adaptable to changing circumstances – nothing fazes her
Weaknesses: Not physically strong
Fears: Being alone in later life
Prejudices: None, she's very broad-minded
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Chic: smart suits, elegant dresses that show off her svelte figure
Distinguishing Features: an elegant almost aristocratic bearing, graceful and very attractive
Pets: A horse called Dante back on Earth, and Pipu, an Altarian Kinkajou which is a small white furry arboreal mammal something like a mongoose in appearance but with a long prehensile tail
Friends: Ani Magnusson, her nanny through childhood, now retired on Earth, Kamiro Deklos with whom she served on the Challenger project

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Nothing too traumatic, but leaving her nanny and best friend to go away to University
Best Time: Childhood which was very protected and indulged
Most Crucial Experience: Recruited by SFIC while researching for her doctorate
Role Model: T'Iran the Vulcan scientist who pioneered research into exoethology and outlined in detail the similarities and differences between the nervous systems of different sentient species

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Chief of Sciences USS Challenger, CX-1986 21011.00 Appointed Chief of Sciences
Assigned to USS Challenger, CX-1986
Acting Chief Science Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21405.00 – MISSING, presumed kidnapped Reassigned to Acting Chief Science Officer
Transferred to USS Copernicus, GSC-9035

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