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Edon Kainan
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Bajoran
185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
79.4 kg (175 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Jet Black hair
Crew Cut during missions, but he often grows it out a bit long while on shore leave.
Athletic and toned, Edon seems deceivingly thin.
Lightly tanned
Warm and velvety
United Federation of Planets
Bahna Valley, Kendra Province, Bajor
Familial Relationships
Kainan Mar (Bajoran)
Miranda Salte-Kainan (Human)
Status of Parents:
Currently, Edon’s parents are divorced. Both separated on amicable terms, when they understood that they no longer shared feelings for one another as they once did. While neither one blames the other, Edon’s father seemed to take the split the hardest and rarely speaks of Miranda, or even the marriage in general.

Edon’s father, Mar, maintains farm land throughout the Bahna Valley. His daughter and Edon’s sister Sul lives with him still.

Miranda, Edon’s mother, currently resides on Earth where she teaches Anthropology.
Kainan Sul, 24 (fraternal twin). Sul serves in the Bajoran Militia and maintains a close relationship with her brother despite their distance.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Kainan Edon was born during a stormy night in the Bahna Valley in the Kendra Province of Bajor. Technically, Kainan was the first born, three minutes before his sister Sul.

While his father was Bajoran, his mother was Human: it was a twist of genetics that Edon gained only a bit of the physical features of a normal Bajoran. Instead, he looked more like his mother than his father, with only a small ridge on the bridge of his nose to show his mixed heritage. The opposite was true for his sister, Sul, whom looked more like her father and gained the typical Bajoran physicality.

Not looking like a normal Bajoran was of course a bane more than a boon for Edon – as their family stayed on Bajor to raise their children. Other Bajoran children bullied and teased Edon; calling him an outsider was sometimes the nicer of the things said. His sister often joined in on the teasing in an attempt to avoid the bullying herself, and assert herself as strong. This pushed the young ‘outsider’ to become more introverted, often being quiet and reserved.

Throughout his early school years, he would often study a great deal, and rarely was seen outside of the house except to attend classes and work the fields with his father. In particular, Edon enjoyed using the farm equipment. His father supervised him for the first few uses, but it was apparent that his son was a natural at driving almost anything.

At age 12, Edon found himself in a nasty fight with one of the larger school bullies. His sister, watched on in petrified horror as her brother was bloodied, and before the fight was over, he had his arm broken in the scuffle. Instead of hurrying her brother home, she took him to the village clinic, where he was treated immediately for his wounds. Both his father and mother were distraught, and initially blamed Sul for the incident – discovering that she had done nothing to stop or prevent the fight. They punished her, forcing her to take care of her brother during his recuperation sessions. Edon’s sudden reliance on his sister, and her realisation of their need to stick together, helped to create a stronger bond between the two. However, still worried after the incident that their son was too shy and introverted, both his parents made a decision to enrol Edon into the Bajoran Cadet Militia.

During his time in the Cadet Corps, the rigorous group training and team exercises helped him out of his shell. He quickly made friends within the Cadet Corps, and found strength in others. Edon become very close friends with two other cadets – Maru and Taban. The three of them spent much of their time together training not just on the specified nights, but also outside of the normal schedule. With their help, and the support of the rest of the squad, Edon went from shy loner, to a social extrovert. School issues and bullies evaporated, as his network of friends extended beyond his age range. Senior cadets, along with Maru and Taban, would stand up for Edon and gave him a sort of status.

At thirteen, Edon went to his first Cadet Militia summer camp. During this time, he found two of his strongest passions. Self defense training was a part of the camp, and it was here that he found a focus. He trained hard and learned everything he could by studying the technique in fine detail. Each move was almost like art for Edon, and it was his intensity that helped propel him to the top of the training class, which allowed him to become a Cadet Instructor in future years. It was also during the same summer camp, that the Cadets were invited to learn more about flight and spacecraft. What was more, each cadet was allowed to pilot a runabout for ten minutes (under strict supervision). The experience was phenomenal for Edon, as he felt the pull of the ship as he accelerated, the view of the ground pulling away, and the gorgeous sight of Bajor as he piloted the craft into orbit. Each minute that passed was like a year for him as he drank in the sweet experience and savoured it to the last drop. Indeed, it was another life defining moment in the young Cadet’s life, where he knew he wanted to pilot even larger and indeed faster ships.

His enthusiasm as he came back from camp that year was unparelled with anything that he had done prior. So much so, that he was infectious in his fervour and it quickly spread to his sister, who also joined the Cadet Militia.

School science and math marks went up exponentially once Edon had learned what was needed to become a pilot. This, however, was not greeted readily by the entire family; his father was actually disappointed that his interest in the family farm waned to the point where Edon often found excuses to do other things than toil in the fields. This lead to a schism between his mother and father, as Miranda felt that her son had finally found his niche and that he should be supported. It was agreed by both of his parents that destiny decide the route their children would take, and that any tension be hidden from the children until they were of age.

Before his final year of school, Edon was offered a chance to go on an exchange program that the Militia has in place with Star Fleet. He hastily agreed, wanting badly the chance to pilot more craft. When he was accepted he was shipped to Relva VII with his two best friends from the Militia, Maru and Taban, in tow. There, they learned their regular curriculum, along with several advanced courses meant to give them a taste of what Star Fleet could offer. While the three had gone to the Base together, they rarely saw each other outside of classes, courses and simulations. Edon focused so hard that even his greatest supporter, his mother, complained about the lack of contact.

During the final semester of school, Edon was allowed to pilot several shuttlecraft due to his amazing aptitude for flying almost any craft he could get his hands on. Much like his experience at summer camp, he made the most of each flight, taking in everything as if he would never get another chance. It was during one of the flights that the shuttlecraft received a distress call from a transport only minutes away from their location. Being the closest craft able to assist, his instructor asked Edon to set course and pilot the craft so that he could focus on beaming the crew of the transport onto the shuttle. Like a professional, he kept calm and steady when he saw the plasma fire that was ravaging the transport. Without thought, he had piloted the shuttle into a perfect position and turned on the auto-pilot on a steady orbit was locked in. He then went back to his instructor and with his First Aid knowledge, helped to triage the survivors. Again, what was only minutes for the young man, seemed like a lifetime. Moments later, several other Federation craft came to assist and the shuttlecraft was relieved.

It was in that experience that Edon had found his calling, and he decided after returning to base to be debriefed, that he wanted to be a Star Fleet Officer.

Edon graduated with honours in his core classes as well as several of his advanced courses. He was also offered a chance to take the Star Fleet Academy Prepatory Program for the summer, which he also took. His path was set, and he was moving towards destiny at full warp.

After his return to Bajor, and his declaration of gaining admission to Star Fleet Academy, the tension between his mother and father was finally revealed to both of the children. It was devastating news for both Edon and Sul, and in a sense both felt a betrayal – as if their parents never fully trusted them enough to tell them the truth. Sul blamed her mother, and Edon blamed his father. Once a separation was decided, his sister decided to stay with her Father on Bajor and join the Bajoran Militia rather than Star Fleet. It was a bittersweet moment for the siblings, but both understood each other’s decisions.

Returning with his Mother to Earth, Edon began his first year of Star Fleet – this time, without the support of his two best friends, who also decided to stay on Bajor. In response, Edon did the only thing he knew how to in order to cope without the support of his friends or his sister: he threw himself headlong into his studies and training.

During the first week of finals, another stressed out Cadet bumped into Edon. Words were exchanged between the two, with Edon trying to be as conciliatory as possible. However, the other Cadet took out his frustration and started a fight. The young cadet used every bit of his expansive self defense training to protect himself and also not to hurt the other Cadet. After a few minutes had passed, and the other Cadet wore himself out, others stepped in to separate the two. It was in that moment that Edon had meet another new friend, Andrew Raine. Andrew pulled Edon aside after Security personnel questioned him and asked, “How on Earth did you do that?”

Smiling, he replied, “Do what?” Andrew didn’t need to go into further details, and instead simply asked if he could be taught. A disciplinary committee cleared Edon of any wrong doing, and in fact applauded him for restraining himself and using non-violent methods to fend off his attacker.

Andrew and Edon trained together, and it was during this time that the young Bajoran was introduced to Krav Maga – Cadet Raine’s favorite fighting style. Their training and friendship strengthened as each learned from each other. Andrew was the troublemaker of the two, though Edon honestly went along with the schemes of his friend – never once balking or failing to support his new best friend.

Training in the Academy was hard for Edon, as he focused on Three Majors and Four Minors. Surprisingly, this suited his friendship even more, as Andrew went on to the Medical Academy to become a full doctor. Both kept in very close contact as they went on into their advanced courses, and Edon even trained in some courses with Andrew for his Emergency Medical Training, which allowed him to become a medic for any future events that were like the transport incident of his past.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Astrophysics, Starship Operations, Advanced Flight Training (Fighters)
Academy Minor(s): Tactical Analysis, Advanced Close Quarters Combat, Emergency Medical Training
Hobbies and Pastimes: First and foremost, Edon maintains a strict training regimen to keep him fit and in top flight condition. He does this by doing cardio exercise and trains in Krav Maga and other CQC disciplines. He does that so that he can fly, which he often books holodeck time for flight simulators when he can’t do the real thing.
Short-Term Goals: Getting a chance to show his prowess at the many things he is good at, particularly while on his first official Star Fleet mission.
Long-Term Goals: Edon would like to one day become a Department Head, so that he can repay some of the support that was given to him, to others. The more adventurous side of Edon wants the chance to pilot a fighter in combat...
Personality: Edon is a natural introvert, but not necessarily by choice. He chases his passions almost blindly sometimes, and so he may often seem like his focus is on anything other than interaction. However, he can easily be roused by the offer of adventure, or by the prospect of indelible conversation.
Sense of Humor: Witty banter makes Edon laugh the most, though he is fairly open to all types of humour.
Phobias: Centipedes, creepy creepy centipedes. Centipedes are to Edon, what snakes are to Indiana Jones.
Likes: Piloting, martial arts, team sports, watching the starfield while a ship is in warp, adventures.
Dislikes: Bullies – Edon can neither stand nor abide them, and has found himself in several sticky situations when confronting them.
Achievements: Honours in his senior year, graduating the Academy, and assisting the Transport possibly saving lives.
Disappointments: Edon has few disappointments that are long lasting – though his current relationship with his father is one of the more longer term ones.
Illnesses: A broken arm was the biggest ‘illness’ that Edon had, though he did have the multitude of childhood illness that every kid gets.
Strengths: Spatial Awareness (even when there is no real down or up), smarts, reflexes, great stamina, and general flexibility.
Weaknesses: Reports and essays. Edon can write just fine, but putting his thoughts into written word can often turn into wordy, long winded, and rambling pieces that sometimes include Bajoran poetry.
Fears: Disappointing others, specifically those who trust in him, peers, or those in authority. While his father never spoke his disappointment, Edon still believes Mar is upset that Edon never stayed on the family’s pastoral lands.
Prejudices: Edon is cautious of the overly religious, as he has seen the best, and worst, that Bajoran religion has to offer.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Workout clothing when he is training in Krav Maga and other CQC disciplines. Flight gear during his holodeck fighter simulations. Otherwise, he prefers to be well dressed for when he is rarely doing neither of the above, as it is often a special occasion.
Distinguishing Features: A single Bajoran ridge at the bridge of his nose. As well, Edon does NOT wear a Bajoran Earring while on duty. Only while on shore leave or other unofficial duties does he wear his earring.
Pets: A 3 year old English Mastiff called Vol waits for Edon on Earth.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Edon’s second most painful experience was the separation and divorce of his parents. His most painful experience, however, was the betrayal he felt when he found out that his father was hiding his disappointment in Edon’s choice of career, and the tension between husband and wife. While he understood his father’s feelings to some degree, he couldn’t accept that the man who raised him could so easily give up on his family.
Best Time: Edon’s first flight was perhaps his happiest time. Surrounded by friends and the support of an entire team of people, he was free to enjoy the one thing that would bring him joy, happiness and focus for years to come.
Most Crucial Experience: Joining the Bajoran Cadet Militia was probably the most crucial experience of Edon’s life. If he hadn’t joined, he may have never come out of his shell, destined to be an introvert for the rest of his life. He wouldn’t have discovered his strongest passions, he wouldn’t have met his childhood and Academy best friends, and he might not have had the chance to see everything he has been able to see. Lastly, he might have never gone on the biggest and most important adventure of his life – to see the universe and everything that dwells in it.
Role Model: LCdr Anderton, the instructor during the Transport incident, is one of a few role models in Edon's life. His cool, calm demeanour was something Edon appreciated in a stressful situation. The two kept close contact even after he left for Earth.

Career History

Stardate 21009.01 - Graduated, Tactical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21009.01 - Promoted to Midshipman, Assigned to Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Stardate 21010.01 - Awarded Role Player of the Month, Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Stardate 21011.01 - Promoted to Ensign, Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18

Contact Information

E-Mail: leeaaronw@yahoo.com

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