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Chris “Chief” Eaglestone
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander


Time on Site:


Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 8
Biographical Attributes
203 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Brown, but shaven
Bald (shaven)
Toned and strong but does not impede his speed or agility
Light tan
Facial Hair:
Deep, and course. Very loud and never quiet
United Federation of Planets
Key Biscayne, Florida, Earth
Familial Relationships
John Eaglestone
Evelynn Eaglestone
Status of Parents:
John and Evelynn both alive and living in the family home in Biscayne. Mark works for Star Fleet cartography in San Francisco and occasionally Starbase alpha. Casey is a civilian pilot working with Starways Transport and Janet is a science officer on the U.S.S. Icarus
Janet 33, Casey 25, and Mark 23
Marital Status:
Currently dating Ariana Lacey
Hannah, 16

Personal History

Chris grew up in Florida in the Keys, specifically Key Biscayne with his mother and father, his older sister and two younger brothers. He was a very adventurous child and very curious about how everything worked and loved science class at school. During his school years he gained an infection in lungs that drugs and immune system could not stop. There was no explanation for it and no other case ever reported, he quickly recovered after receiving a lung transplant and went on to have a normal and perfect childhood. During his teenage years he was able to take engineering classes and was fascinated by Star Fleet as a military organization. He watched promos, listened at seminars and decided early on that he would join Star Fleet and so the training began. He began to be heavily influenced by anything even remotely connected to the military and became very respectful of others using sir and ma’am all the time. Eventually the end of school came and he had o make a choice, he could be an engineer in the marines, but not the kind of engineer he wanted to be, he chose Star Fleet in the end and so began his training at Star Fleet academy. He was extremely fast in picking everything up and became a model student all round and a very popular guy with other students. Able to separate his school and personal life he was able to integrate both without sacrificing the other. It was here he would meet his future wife, Leanne Brooks. They grew closer together through the academy both helping each other through their final exams.

Upon graduating they were both positioned aboard Starbase Alpha in the engineering department and worked closely to keep the station functioning. Eventually Leanne became pregnant and they were both overjoyed and decided the time was right to get married. Eventually after being married and the birth of their daughter Hannah they decided to move to Earth for a nicer environment for her and move near the Eaglestone family home in Florida. The years seemed to fly by as they enjoyed happy family life and work life but eventually the old tale of stories never having happy endings proved true. One night whilst Chris was working the late shift at Star Fleet their house was burgled with both Leanne and Hannah there, Leanne ran to her daughters room but the burglar though she was running for help he moved through the door and shot her with a phaser in front of the now terrified girl. Not willing to kill a child especially a young girl of eight.

Chris was not aware of what happened until he returned home to find the front door malfunctioning open and shutting sporadically, He pushed through and found the house ransacked and immediately ran to the first bedroom along which happened to be his, with his wife not present he moved on the next and found Hannah, just staring at her mothers body, she hadn’t moved since it had happened two or three hours ago. Chris immediately reached out and grabbed her carrying her out of the house to a nearby friends and called local security forces. They scoured the area but found nothing vital as of yet.

Life was hard for Chris and Hannah for a couple of years, he was put on Extended Leave of absence for three years as helped his emotionless daughter come to terms with what had happened. A form of posttraumatic stress stopped her from grieving the death of her mother and at times she even forgot her. But after three years she walked home from school one day, walked into her father’s arms and cried for over an hour. Finally being able to show her emotions she blamed herself for her mothers death repeating over and over she could have done something. Her father tried to tell her that this wasn’t true and if she did she may have even died like her mother.

With his daughter now able to grieve and think about the future she didn’t want to be on Earth anymore and wanted to stay on a star ship. Her father agreed, not really wanting to leave the family home but doing it for his daughter they left for the Indestructible, then the and then finally the U.S.S. Gettysburg. By that time he was a lieutenant and was working under the command of Blair until Bohr replaced him. Not a fan of Bohr he continued his work to high standards regardless and became amicable colleagues with him but not really friends in the sense of the word. But unknown to him Isaac had rated his work so highly he had been recommended for a CEO position as soon as one became available.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Advanced Starship Engineering and Military History (Double majored)
Academy Minor(s): Advanced Weapon Mechanics and Modification, Field Medicine , Advanced Mathematics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Going to the gym and working out, playing war games on the holodeck, general a commando of some sort attacking a large force of enemy to destroy something or other. But his primary hobbie/intrest is spending time with his daughter, they are remarkably close especially since their mother died and spend a lot of time together
Short-Term Goals: To get his daughter into Star Fleet to give her a life
Long-Term Goals: To retire as Captain or higher
Personality: Quick to get things done, will not tolerate slow workers or those not out to work hard at their jobs. Generally patient in his work he can get frustrated if a thing constantly go wrong but is still able to function
Sense of Humor: He has an incredible sense of humour but is rarley used outside of the priavcy of his quarters or with his daughter
Phobias: Losing his daughter
Likes: Getting the job done and people with that goal. Likes the get up and go people and can’t wait to have them under his command if he indeed can one day
Dislikes: Time wasters and those in it for the thrills, Star Fleet is a military organization and should be run as such. These who are unfit for their duties but kept on because their social skills have no place in Eaglestone’s world
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Unproffesionalism in his colleagues, especially during emergency situations. People who put themeselves and others in danger without concern
Bad Habits or Vices: Can be very direct and decisive at most times, even inaprpriate ones
Achievements: Graduting from the Academy wih honours and becoming Chief Engineer of U.S.S. Gettysburg
Disappointments: Losing his wife
Illnesses: Suffered a severe lung disease whilst young and had to have a lung transplant, no chance of it reoccurring and shouldn’t effect duties, no other illness or disease worth of mention
Strengths: Able strong military ethics and able to take charge of a situation and weigh up the options incredibly quickly
Weaknesses: An incredible respect for the rules makes him a hard person to persuade to bend them, also his lack of social ability can make him seem a cold person to those that dont personally know him
Fears: Losing his daughter
Prejudices: Criminals of any shape or kind, everytime he sees one he has an incredible hatred for them no matter what they have done
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Loose shirts and combat style pants
Distinguishing Features: A small scar on his head, but barely noticeable
Pets: None
Friends: His daughter, Ariana and Leila Stevens

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his wife in a burglary gone wrong destroyed him and his daughter
Best Time: When his daughter was born he was the happiest he had ever been
Most Crucial Experience: Losing his wife is what got him off of Earth and out of the Sol system onto starships and eventually his CEO postion
Role Model: None, he is his own man

Career History

Stardate 21011.01 - Became Alt character, USS Pegasus, CL-2500

Contact Information

E-Mail: arking@fed-space.com

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