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Hoya Dwora
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
68 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Mordock Dwora
Meroya Dwora
Status of Parents:
Both of Hoya’s parents are still alive and currently reside on the Benzar home world, or as the inhabitants call it Phedadon. Benzar's atmosphere is a typical Class M, comprised primarily of nitrogen and oxygen, though it also contains several rare gases that are essential to Benzite respiration. These gases, while inert to all other humanoid life forms, are so vital to Benzite existence that they had to be carried along by Benzar natives who journeyed upon Federation vessels or served on other UFP worlds. A small, timed release apparatus was worn at the neck and delivered the life sustaining atmosphere supplement to the nostril area automatically. The necessity of the special device that helps them breathe Class-M atmosphere is no longer needed, due to advances in Benzite medical technology making the former device unnecessary. Hoya’s mother Meroya is one of 2.3 million inhabitants of the massive space borne city of Merria; it is a major Federation port and repair facility and may soon be given Starbase status. Meroya is a Computer Programmer residing on Merria. Her father Mordock teaches Engineering on Merria at the university. Hoya’s twin sister Jensera is alive and living on Benzar, she is a home maker and a scientist studying the long term detrimental affects of warp drive on subspace. Kendaro, Hoya’s youngest and only brother is in his first year of study at the University of Herti, a Benzar moon with several million inhabitants, mostly students.
Jensera (29) Twin sister, Kendaro (19) Brother
Marital Status:
Single (never been married). Hoya would like to marry some day, if she can ever find the right man

Personal History

Hoya like most Benzites excel at science and engineering, it was just assumed that she would follow in her parents foot steps and go into engineering or the sciences. It came as quite a shock when she announced that she wanted to be a Doctor. Hoya was an outstanding student; she studied hard and knew her subjects inside and out, and with her excellent education and grades she was accepted to some of the most prestigious medical schools in the Alpha quadrant She actually attended college at the University of Benzar and then applied for and was accepted to the Klingon Medical Institute, The Bajoran Medical College and the Vulcan Academy of Medicine. Hoya knew that in Klingon medicine they dealt with most medical issues with cut off the wounded limb, or cauterize the wound approach as opposed to take the time to repair and heal a wound. She knew that the Klingon Medical institute would prove interesting but; she felt it was not a place she wanted to study. After, months of weighting her options she finally decided to go to the Vulcan Academy of Medicine, where she graduated at the top of her class.

Life on Vulcan was a bit lonely for her as the Vulcans tend to not understand or appreciate the emotions of others which makes it hard for one to get close to Vulcans and really enjoy life. She had a few friendly, not all of them were Vulcan some had been other medical students including two Andorians, three Betazoids, and even three Bolians. Hoya was always fond of her class mates and even had been involved with one of the Bolian doctors. They both realized that it wouldn’t work out due to their career choices taking them in vastly different directions, but the two of them remain friends to this day.

Hoya will never forget the first time she delivered a baby. Hoya had just finished studying in the lab and was walking back to her dorm room. When she was half way across the court yard she heard a woman scream. To hear a scream on Vulcan was unusual to say the least, but this was a really beastly kind of scream. A scream of someone in a great deal of pain. Hoya looked up and saw a huge hulking figure making his way towards her. Hoya had heard the figure asking her in a deep harsh tone if she was a Doctor. This rather rotund Klingon had a look on his face that Hoya could only describe as fear. She informed him that she was only a medical student and not licensed physician, at least not yet. Hoya notice he was wounded and offered to treat his wounds. Either the Klingon didn’t hear her, or he didn’t care because he dragged her insisting that she come with him. This obese Klingon stated that at least she had some medical knowledge while he had none. The Klingon explained how he and his wife were expecting their first child.

Hoya explained how again she was only a medical student and that they have not studied birthing, yet. Hoya was not sure what she could do. The rotund Klingon look annoyed and informed her that she would be coming one way or another. Hoya thinking better of it decided that it might be best if she went with him.

The two had made there way back across the courtyard and down a side street out in to Embassy row, Hoya and the Klingon passed several consulates. The Andorian, and Tellarite Consulates and several others that she did not recognize. Finally, coming to a halt in front of a typically Klingon designed building. Hoya had noticed that the Embassy was basically empty. The obese Klingon had informed her that the staff was at some party for the Vulcan Holiday of Enlightment. Her new Klingon friend informed her that his commanding officer said that he could stay and look after his mate. He further mentioned that there is a problem with their communications system and it was not possible to reach their Doctor.

Hoya asked why he didn’t call the Vulcan doctors. The Klingon told her that his people don’t fully trust the Vulcans. The Ambassador left strict instructions no Vulcans allowed in under any circumstances.

The two made there way inside and into what Hoya could only describe as a Klingon medical facility and there Hoya found a very pregnant Klingon woman. All of a sudden she let out a scream so loud Hoya had never heard anything like it in her life. Hoya noticed an object fly past her head. The Klingon woman had hurled what looked like a small metallic brick at her husband and muttered something in Klingon, as the small brick hit its target with accuracy that one would not expect from a woman in labor.

Hoya introduced herself, “I am Hoya, and I am here to help you, what is your name?” The beefy Klingon looked as if Hoya had asked him the meaning of the Universe or some other deeply profound question. The portly Klingon introduced himself as Klang and the pregnant woman was his mate Miral. Hoya drew her Medical Tricorder and scanned the expectant mother and asked how long has she been in labor. Hoya scanned several times just to confirm her readings. “Well, barked Klang. What’s going on?” As he noticed Hoya’s face.

Hoya looked at him with a wide smile and said, “You realize she is expecting triplets, don’t you. Two boys and a girl” The two Klingons exchanged looks of glee. Hoya directed Miral, take a deep breath and push. Just take a deep breath and push instructed Hoya just as Miral hurled more of the bricks at her husband making contact square on his face. Blood started to run from his nose and down into his mouth. Hoya tried to treat the soon to be fathers wounds, but he would not hear of it, in fact he seemed offended that Hoya even offered to do it. Hoya asked if at the very least she could remove the blood. “No, do not remove the blood.” Roared Klang and Hoya with drew her hand.

Just then they turned in time to see the small crown of very pronounced ridges of a small head emerge from its mother. Hoya grabbed the baby and wrapped it in towels and offered the new born baby boy to his father. “Here Klang, here is your son. You need to cut...” but before she could finish Hoya could not believe what she saw next. Instead of cutting the umbilical cord with a laser scalpel or a knife that seemed to be rather plentiful here in this medical facility. Klang held the baby up and bit the umbilical cord in half. Miral delivered the other two children with in a few minutes of each other. She had delivered three healthy babies. Blood was flowing down Klang faces and had in fact soaked his Tunic and the floor was crimson as far as the eye could see. Hoya scanned the mother and the children and all seemed fine.

Just then the doors to the medical facility swished open and parted to allow a Klingon that had to be the meanest, nastiest looking Klingon she had ever seen enter the room. He was another huge fat Klingon with a missing eye and a scar that ran from just above the missing eye down the right side of his face. The new arrival demanded to know what is going on in here and who was she. He asked while looking at Hoya as if he was about to break her in half.

Klang greeted the Klingon with a quick snappy salute, the two hulking figures exchanged some words and then looked at Miral and then back to Hoya. The one eyed Klingon grabbed a scanner off the table and scanned Miral and then scanned her again. He then injected Miral with a hypo-spray and, then scanned her again. The female and her children need rest. The older fatter one eyed Klingon ordered them out to allow the mother and her children some privacy. The three stepped out into the hall. The one eyed Klingon disappeared for a few moments.

Klang want to thank you, Hoya for delivering his children. She did him a great honor. Hoya was humbled a bit but told Klang that it was not a problem and she was glad she could help in such a difficult time. Hoya took a look at Klang and insisted he let her at least check to make sure nothing was broken. Reluctantly he agreed and she took out her medical tricorder and scanned him several times to be on the safe side. She didn’t find anything broken. Just then the old, fat, one eyed Klingon returned. He told them to follow him. Hoya was a little nervous at this point. Had she done something wrong? She tried to recall but nothing came to her. The one eyed Klingon asked her what was her name. Hoya stood there for a moment. She drew a blank. “What is you name.” asked the one eyed Klingon.

Hoya was frozen for a moment and then took a deep breath. Hoya knew that Klingons always introduced themselves in ways that tried to intimidate others. I am blah, son of blah. Really what did all that mean to non Klingons?

“My name is Hoya Dwora, daughter of Mordock and Meroya Dwora, it is a pleasure and honor to meet you.” said Hoya as she gave a slight bow to the one eyed behemoth.

Hoya noticed that Klang and the one eyed Klingon looked a like, but then again to Hoya most Klingons looked alike to her, it was those damn ridges. They walked for a little while in silence and then Klang said, “Allow me to introduce my father, Doctor K’mpec.” as the trio continued off down the hall.

The trio left the hallway and worked there way through a maze of hallways and check points and found there way into a hall with shinny black floors and what seemed liked hundreds of colored banners all hanging down from the ceiling and Klingons. Klingons with so many different cranial ridges and scars. They did not look like a happy bunch, at least not to Hoya.

Doctor K’mpec parted the crowed and made his way to the far end of the chamber were Hoya saw the Klingon Ambassador sitting. Hoya had seen him many times before and knew him to be an honorable and just man, but a Klingon none the less. Doctor K’mpec motioned for Hoya to come and stand next to him on the platform. Hoya was afraid. She did not know what was going on. As Hoya made her way timidly through the crowd she heard the good Doctor informing all those who had gathered that she was Hoya Dwora, daughter of Mordock and Meroya Dwora. She just delivered my three. Yes, I said three Grandchildren. She has brought great honor to my house and is considered now puqbe' to the House of Denkara. The audience erupted with applause and cheers. It years later that Hoya found out that Doctor K’mpec had adopted her into his family. How was she going to explain that to her parents?

The Klingon Ambassador stood up and made his way next to Hoya and K’mpec and he thanked her for her service to the Klingon Empire and presented her with a broach it had the customary Klingon symbol on it, but behind it was what Hoya took to be the symbol for the House of Denkara. The Ambassador muttered something in Klingon and ordered them to leave now.

Hoya, Klang and Doctor K’mpec left the gathering hall and made their way back to the medical facility to check on Miral. Hoya asked Doctor K’mpec why had Miral throw those things at Klang and why did he chew through the babies umbilical cords, instead of cutting them. The old one eyed Klingon looked at her, smiled and in a soft low tone said.

“Well, it is Klingon custom, a man can not truly appreciate what his wife must endure during child birth, and he does not understand the pain. So, to help him understand she pelts him with heavy object to inflict as much pain as possible on him so he has a better understanding of what females go through”

Hoya thought about that for a few seconds and said. “Yes, I think I understand that, but chewing the umbilical cord?” Doctor K’mpec looked at her and said in a very matter of fact tone, for a Klingon male to truly bond with his child he must actually taste their soul. It is a symbolic, but meaningful act, as the babies mother has carried and bonded with the child already.

Doctor K’mpec grabbed Hoya by the shoulders and looked in her eyes and said, “I thank you again for your assistance.” Hoya blushed a little and said. “I am a Benzite, we aim to please.” And turned and exited the Embassy.

Hoya like all Benzites like to please others and in some cases trying to please someone can and often does bring out emotions. While most Benzites gravitate towards engineering and the sciences, Hoya loves helping people. Hoya takes a great deal of pride in helping people and feels that medicine is a extra special science, a calling really, granted doctors don’t discover new theories or come up with new advances in engineering, but they heal people. They help people when they need help the most. Hoya feels that with her knowledge and skill she can help change peoples perception of Benzites as showing a sincere but sometimes annoying eagerness to please that can be perceived as superiority. Benzites are truly skilled and gifted in the disciplines of science and engineering, its not that the Benzites don’t have doctors, it just Hoya’s parents had been sure that their daughter would not break a line of scientists and engineers that goes back for several generations. Hoya’s parents are proud of her and they fully supported her decision to join Star Fleet.

On Stardate 21203.22 Hoya returned to active duty aboard the USS Copernicus, GEC-9035, after serving a year in the stockade. Hoya was involved with a covert mission to help rescue a close friend and fellow Star Fleet Officer. The rescue mission required a doctor and Hoya participated, as she was medically bound by the Hippocratic Oath to render medical aid and comfort whenever and wherever possible. The mission didn’t turn out as planned and several civilians died, but it was noted they didn’t die as a result of Hoyas’ actions.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading and swimming. The Terran sports of Bowling and Billiards. Spending time with friends
Short-Term Goals: Become a valued and trusted member of what ever crew and ship she is assigned to
Long-Term Goals: To become Captain of a Star Fleet Medical Ship or Starbase
Personality: Hoya is generally easy going, friendly. Hoya is open minded and willing to please
Sense of Humor: Quick. Hoya likes to laugh. Benzar’s have a sense of humor, but it is not very well developed, as there is not much humor based on science and engineering
Likes: Good books, Music. She likes certain Terran foods, especially pizza. Hoya likes people who are open minded and honest
Dislikes: Hoya dislikes narrow minded people who have to put others down in order to build themselves up. Hoya hates show offs. Hoya is not overly fond of Romulans
Distinguishing Features: A tough Hoya is a lovely shade of purple, edging towards deep lilac in color with light blue highlights with just a hint of gray undertones. Her facial barbs are small, but well defined. Hoya has deep black eyes; in fact she has her mother’s eyes. Hoya like all Benzites is hairless.

Hoya like all Benzites is highly resistant to poisons and other noxious substances. She can digest and derive nutrition from almost any organic compound with in reason. Hoyas as all Benzites from the same geostructure are physically similar; so much so that they are indistinguishable to non-Benzites. Hoyas as do all Benzites have two opposable thumbs on each hand.

Career History

Stardate 20712.23 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Medical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20712.23 - Promoted to Midshipman, Assigned to USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20805.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20805.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20901.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20903.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20910.01 - Promoted to Chief Medical Officer, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20911.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 21008.27 - Transferred, USS Yeager, SC-8018
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Yeager, SC-8018
Stardate 21203.22 - Assigned as Ensign, Medical Division, USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Stardate 21205.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Stardate 21209.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Stardate 21211.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Copernicus, GEC-9035

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