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Maxwell Duran
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
375 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Normal mans haircut, normally parted on the left
Power lifters Build, Athletic and muscular
Fair skinned
Facial Hair:
Deep Baritone with that distinctive Boston accent.
United Federation of Planets
Boston MA United States of America (North America).
Familial Relationships
Bruce T. Duran
Jessica S. Duran (Davidson).
Status of Parents:
Married living on Nantucket Island off the East Coast of North America.
Kelly L. Duran (40), Bruce T. Duran, Jr. (38), Elizabeth M. Duran (36)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Max was born at the world famous Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts to Jessica and Bruce Duran both retired Star Fleet Officers. Max was raised on his parent’s adventures in Star Fleet. He grew up listening to how his parents would visit new worlds and seeing things that no human had ever seen before. How they met new races and unique civilizations that have added to the richness of the Terran civilization.

Max entered the world at 22 inches long and 12-lbs 10.5 ounces; he like his father was a big boy. Max would spend afternoons working out in the gym and practicing the martial arts and fencing that he loved. He would sometimes pretend that he was a 17th Century Swashbuckler sword fighting with pirates and looking for buried treasure. However, Max was also a serious student who excelled in History. Max had received many offers to study at some of the finest Universities and Colleges on Earth. Colleges and Universities such as Harvard, Brown and Boston College just to name a few. However, it was Star Fleet that lured him to their hallowed halls. He entered the academy, and exited as a Tactical Officer, his first assignment was the \u{USS Boston} under Captain Sharry.

Max’s time on the Boston was filled with many adventures. He was luck because being a Tactical Officer in most cases meant you knew when and where the ship was headed often before the rest of the crew. Max was often chosen for Away Team Missions. His size was often used to intimidate and tilt situations the Captain Sharry’s side more often than not. Max was no stranger to combat, he had often piloted the Boston in many a hide and seek with Romulan Warbirds through many Solar Systems and Asteroid Fields.

Max lead an Away Team to a planet in the Hukora System, he was leading a rescue mission to retrieve a Federation Diplomat that had been ambushed by a odd Klingon / Cardassian joint mission. Max was the senior officer on the Away Team. He led the Away Team to a building on the edge of a small farming community. The natives were an odd mixture of warrior and farmer. Max and his team arrived first followed quickly by two Klingons and two Cardassians. The natives of this world had taken the Federation Diplomat hostage but would turn the Ambassador over to whoever would fight for the Ambassador. The Ambassador was injured and she was going into labor and she was not expected to live. The Klingons and Cardassians had decided that a Klingon named Lenturo would fight. The Ambassador was carrying some vital information regarding some new ship designs and battle plans for the Bolians. If those plans feel into the hands of the Klingons and Cardassians could spell trouble for the Bolians and surrounding systems.

Lenturo was big even for a Klingon. Klingon are naturally bigger and stronger than your average Human. However, what kills a Human normally will kill a Klingon as well.

In most cases the Boston would lock in on the Ambassador and beam her up, but this planet’s atmosphere had a natural scattering effect that prevented beaming, as this civilization was a pre-warp civilization and using shuttle craft, transporters and even phaser would expose these primitive people to technology that was centuries beyond their present state of development and that would violate the Prime Directive.

The natives of this planet ordered that this fight was to the death. Lenturo sprang into action once the native leader motioned that the combatants to begin battle. Given Max’s size he was the natural choice to battle for the Ambassador. The Klingon landed a few good solid blows, hitting Max in the face and on the back of his neck in a violent fury in an attempt to get Max to the ground. Max blocked his blows with his fore arm and then landed several fists to the Klingons ribs bringing him to his knees. The battle went back and forth between the two hulking warriors for a while, neither one gaining a clear advantage over the other. Blood covered the two mammoth titans, Fists making contact to eye sockets, knees meeting ribs. Foreheads making contact with noses sending blood flying all over the place. Max hated waiting; he was hoping to gain some sort of clear, easy victory over the Klingon. Max was not killers by nature like the Klingon’s but the Ambassador and her child and the information she carried was of the utmost importance to the Federation.

The Klingon was growing more violent and cruel, finally Max felt something inside him break free like an animal that had caged, and he was filled with anger and rage. He leaped to his feet, he grasped the Klingon by the form arm and the snuck behind him and with a quick shot to the temple the Klingon fell limp and lifeless. Max had won the battle and the day. His Away team escorted the Ambassador to their hidden shuttle craft and safely fled the planet.

Something happened on that planet that changed Max. he was surprised at how easily he could kill another being but then again two lives were in immediately danger and millions of more lives were in danger if those ship designs and battle plans fell into the wrong hands.

That incident caused Max to reexamine his life; he still loved Star Fleet and had no desire to leave. Death was part of life in Star Fleet; death could come from anyplace or at anytime. You could be killed in a Warp Core breach, or during a routine training exercise, it was a given and those who joined Star Fleet accepted that. However, Max did feel that the Academy didn’t prepare him for that specific aspect of life in Star Fleet. Yes, it was often mentioned in passing, but never fully examined or explained. Yes, instructors would tell you, “The decisions you make effect your Away Team, your crew etc.etc, but it was never fully explained, the parameters never really looked at; the only cadets that are ever placed into a life or death decision situation where the cadet who were in Command Officer Training and those in Security.

The Engineering and Tactical cadets almost never faced a situation where they have to decided who lives and who dies, but that’s because they are unusually flying the ship or firing the weapons, or repairing the ship and Max was determined that he needed to change that, Max knew that in order to change that and in order to do that ne needed to shape and mold new cadets for that aspect of life in Star Fleet. Max knew that the only way to shape and influence new cadets was to become an instructor at the Academy.

Max applied for and was accepted as an Instructor at the Academy. Max took several certification courses when he arrived back at Star Fleet Academy and became a certified instructor in all current Academy subjects and courses, especially Federation History and Hand-to-Hand Combat and Tactical.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Tactics, Defense and Hand-to-Hand Combat
Academy Minor(s): Criminal Justice, Psychology and Federation Law
Hobbies and Pastimes: Weight Lifting, Fencing, Swimming, Reading
Short-Term Goals: Training cadets that can handle anything thrown at them.
Long-Term Goals: Someday to be the Superintendant of Star Fleet Academy.
Personality: Distant until he knows you, Warm caring and sensitive.
Sense of Humor: Dry, witty, kind of reserved with his humor until he knows you.
Likes: Good conversation, Loves Pizza, Wine
Dislikes: Self Absorbed, dishonest people.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Rude, cowardly and overzealous people.
Bad Habits or Vices: Tends to eat when upset or angry.
Achievements: Graduation from S.F.A and ensuing assignment as an Academy Instructor.
Disappointments: Disappointed how the Federation has let so many worlds secede from the Federation so easily without doing everything possible to win them back.
Illnesses: None blessed with good health.
Strengths: Great strength and stamina both physical and mental.
Weaknesses: A woman who cries. His caring heart.
Fears: Not being in control of situations in which someone could die.
Prejudices: Klingons, they are too willing to fight.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Modern styled loose comfortable clothing.
Distinguishing Features: Huge muscular build, and an English Bulldog tattoo on his upper thigh.
Pets: 1 dog, English Bulldog named ‘Bluto’.
Friends: Simon McGill

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having to kill the Klingon in the Hukora System.
Best Time: Graduating from Star Fleet Academy / Being chosen as an Instructor at the Academy.
Most Crucial Experience: Saving the Ambassador in the Hukora System
Role Model: His parents.

Career History

Stardate 20906.17 - Transferred,, Star Fleet Academy

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