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Fraser Amos Dunbar
Career Occupation
Chief Medical Officer
USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
83.9 kg (185 lb.)
Eye Color:
Deep blue
Hair Color:
Dark, dusty brown
Short, a little longer on top, never quite as neat as he'd like it to be
Not a powerhouse but well built and defined thanks to time in the gym
Ruddy, tends to pick up a tan easily
Facial Hair:
Technically clean-shaven but his hair is thick enough that some stubble is almost always visible
Low and somewhat soft, with a little whisky roughness around the edges. Speaks with a gentle but noticeable Scottish accent, which tends to thicken when he's very stressed or, conversely, very relaxed.
United Federation of Planets
Kirkcaldy, Scotland, Earth
Familial Relationships
Taylor Dunbar (62)
Lorraine Dunbar (deceased, 45 at time of death)
Status of Parents:
Taylor has never remarried since the death of his wife. He still lives in Kirkcaldy and runs a goods delivery business there.
Helena Dunbar (sister, 31)
Marital Status:
Formerly married to Richard Linwood, now divorced

Personal History

The first of two children, Fraser Dunbar was born to Taylor and Lorraine Dunbar in the bustling town of Kirkcaldy in Scotland. There, Taylor ran a small but successful goods delivery service, specializing in transporting loads between planets, and would occasionally need to pilot one of his vessels himself, spending a few weeks here and there away from the family home. Fraser was a rambunctious child, a tiny ball of mischievous energy, so when he was old enough, Taylor would take him along on these trips, largely to give his poor mother a break. This arrangement worked well for the family, allowing father and son to spend time together, while providing Lorraine with quiet time in which to work on her own career as a sculptress. Though infrequent, these trips would have a profound formative impact on the young Fraser, teaching him to be calmer and better behaved, and instilling in him a love of the stars which would never leave him.

Once his younger sister was born and Fraser started school, his journeys with his father became far more uncommon, restricted to the holidays, and he would spend the whole school year looking forward to them. Even then, so young that he could barely write his name without making a spelling mistake, he knew that he wanted to spend his life out there travelling in space, and resolved to find a way to make that happen.

Before he could do that though, he had a childhood to navigate. The early signs that he'd be an energetic troublemaker never materialized, and Fraser surprised everybody when he turned out to be a studious child. He was friendly and pretty popular with his classmates, at ease in the company of others, but it was clear that his priorities lay with his schoolwork over socializing. He worked hard and performed excellently in school as a result. By the time he hit his teens, he'd already quietly set his heart on joining Star Fleet as his way of reaching the stars, coming to believe that not only would this fulfill his dreams, it'd also allow him to devote his life to a good and noble purpose. Fraser fancied himself as a pilot, just like his dad.

His focus was nearly lost as he progressed through his teens, however, as typical teenage pursuits like partying, drinking and romancing entered his life. These were all things he quickly discovered he had a taste for and he found it increasingly difficult to avoid indulging in them. By the time he was sixteen, he was obliviously heading towards a crossroads where he'd either refocus on his studies or he'd careen off the rails into an unprompted teenage rebellion. As it turned out, fate intervened before he journeyed too far down the wrong path, when his mother was diagnosed with an uncommon and terminal degenerative disease. This news struck Fraser like a thunderbolt and he immediately abandoned the party lifestyle which had threatened to swallow him, reminded of what was truly important to him.

Lorraine's condition deteriorated quickly, though she was made as comfortable as possible by the medical professionals who tended to her. Fraser, his father, and his sister, spent as much time with her as possible and it soon became clear that she really needed that, no longer able to take care of herself. In the months that followed her diagnosis, Fraser slipped into a quiet depression. He kept his grades up, determined not to give his mother anything else to worry about, but he withdrew from his friends and stopped doing all the things he enjoyed. Life felt dark and bleak.

But then he met Richard Linwood. Richard's family was new to the area so he was the new guy in school. Attracted, Fraser befriended him and the two soon fell into a relationship. Richard turned out to be exactly the tonic he needed, a reason to start living his life again. That, in turn, gave him the strength to really be there for his mother when she needed him. It continued to be a difficult time for the Dunbar family, but they pulled together to get through it as best they could and make Lorraine's final days as happy as possible. Throughout this upsetting period, Richard was a rock for Fraser and this support deepened their connection, the relationship becoming a serious one despite their relatively young ages. Lorraine's suffering came to an end when she passed away soon after Fraser's eighteenth birthday.

His mother's illness had awoken something in Fraser, her deterioration changing the way he viewed life and his own future. He'd felt helpless, utterly powerless, throughout her decline and he never wanted to feel that way again. Suddenly, his daydreams of becoming a pilot in Star Fleet felt, if not exactly trivial, certainly no longer right for him. His talents had always lain primarily within the sciences, biology especially, and he decided he'd put that to good use. He'd become a doctor. In doing that, he could still be useful in Star Fleet, still do something important and worthwhile with his life but, more importantly, he'd never have to stand by uselessly while someone was in pain again. He could help people, truly make a difference in their lives, and he could no longer imagine anything more fulfilling.

But there was a problem. Richard didn't want him to join Star Fleet. He believed that serving in a military organization was effectively suicide and that, in his new role of healer, Fraser could never be happy in an environment which often encouraged combat and bloodshed. In truth, though Richard's stance was communicated with passion, he had nothing against Star Fleet in particular. He was just afraid for Fraser. He loved him and didn't want to see him putting himself in harm's way. So, Fraser was left with a choice between the man he loved and his lifelong dream. Feeling torn in two, he eventually came to the realization that he could find another rewarding career but he may never find a man he cared about as much as Richard. He was “The One”, surely he couldn't walk away from that? Reluctantly, he gave up on the idea of joining Star Fleet. He would remain grounded but he would be able to hang onto Richard and that was enough for him. Or so he told himself.

Though he'd abandoned his Star Fleet plans, he felt there was no reason he shouldn't still pursue medicine so he applied to a medical school in Edinburgh, where he began training to become a doctor. Fraser soon found that he'd made absolutely the right choice in switching to a medical track. He fell in love with it and, luckily, turned out to be very good at it. His relationship also flourished. Richard attended a nearby university, where he was training to become a physical fitness teacher, so the two were able to spend a lot of time together. By nineteen they were living together, two years later they were married. Upon graduation, they remained in Edinburgh, where Fraser, now Doctor Dunbar, took a position at the local hospital. His passion for his field only increased once he was actually practicing medicine. He was happy.

For a while. Fraser knew he should feel only gratitude for the life he had, with his happy family and strong marriage and the job he loved but a voice at the back of his head left him unsettled. In quiet moments or when he was trying to drift off to sleep, he'd find himself thinking about the stars, thinking about Star Fleet, longing for the life he'd always intended to live. Acceptance of his situation was slowly eaten by resentment and, inevitably, arguments began to spark between himself and Richard. Fraser's decision to walk away from Star Fleet at Richard's request wasn't the only problem developing between them either. When they'd met and fallen in love, they were teenagers. By the time they were heading into their late twenties, they were no longer the same people, no longer as perfectly compatible. Angry words seemed to pass between them more and more often as time went by, sometimes over Star Fleet, sometimes over the fact that Richard wanted children and Fraser didn't, sometimes over ridiculously trivial things.

During his years at the hospital, Fraser had done well and had elevated in position and status. When he was 29, he was offered a significant promotion but turned it down immediately because he couldn't stomach the thought of committing yet more deeply to his life on Earth. He knew this was a turning point. Returning home, he informed Richard that he'd be resigning from the hospital and applying to Star Fleet. He simply couldn't ignore his calling anymore. Richard told him that if he did that, their relationship would be over. In a moment of clarity, Fraser realized he was okay with that. After eight years, their marriage was over.

Fraser did just as he said, entering Star Fleet Academy just as his divorce was being finalized. He was distressed, of course, he certainly hadn't walked away from his husband emotionally unscathed, but he was determined to make this work. This was, after all, what he'd always wanted and it was finally within his grasp. Since he was already a qualified doctor, he used his time at the Academy to take advanced training in his favored area of medicine, dermatology, while also grabbing the opportunity to add more strings to his bow by taking classes in the Science department. Though his first few months were marred by a struggle to adjust, he soon came into his own, eventually graduating with friends and strong grades. The newly ranked Midshipman Dunbar's first assignment was on Starbase 63. He spent a year at this assignment, loving it every bit as much as he'd always thought he would. The year was a largely uneventful one however, and the place he really longed to be was on a starship. So, after being promoted to Ensign, he applied for a transfer to a starship and was eventually reassigned to the USS Philadelphia.

Is Anybody Out There?

Upon arrival at the Philadelphia, Fraser discovered that the Command staff had yet to board the ship and his Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Tara sh'Thane, would be standing in as Acting First Officer. This meant that Fraser was the highest ranked remaining officer in the Medical department during its early days, and as such he worked hard to ensure that Sickbay ran smoothly in sh'Thane's absence. By the time the ship had joined its flotilla and the CMO was able to return to Sickbay full-time, the department was running efficiently, much to Fraser's relief.

Following this, the Philadelphia was involved in a first contact situation with an insectoid species known as the Gondwanans, residents of a star system which had been shunted out of its own reality into this one. Excited at being present for such a situation, Fraser was even more thrilled when he was given the opportunity to give a tour of Sickbay to Master Lysar, a Gondwanan doctor who was visiting the Philadelphia as part of a crew exchange between the two cultures. Fraser was fascinated and charmed by Lysar, but their opportunity to learn from each other was interrupted twice, first by a newly arrived Medical Officer, Lt [JG] Douglas Hauser. Hauser reacted badly to Lysar's presence thanks to an extreme phobia of spiders, causing an awkward situation when Fraser and Lysar stumbled across him hiding in a storage closet. Soon after, a more serious diversion occurred when an altercation between the Gondwanans and a faction of their own people known as Neos, spiralled out of control, resulting in the wiping out of the USS Nova's electronic systems. Fraser assisted in the subsequent evacuation of the Nova's crew.

The next morning, Fraser was among the Medical Officers called to a meeting in the CMO's office, where she explained to them that a further situation had developed with the Gondwanans. It had emerged that the Neos were suffering from a disease which altered their personalities, caused their natural armour to fall away, and shortened their lengthy lifespans. These Neos had been isolated by the Gondwanans, placed on an island to keep them apart from the wider population, and were treated with little compassion. Though Fraser was appalled by the way the Gondwanan government had handled this situation, he was eager to be part of the away team which would visit the island to investigate the disease. Hauser was also one of those being considered for the mission. He and Fraser clashed when Hauser refused to reveal his phobia to Lt sh'Thane, afraid that any unwillingness to partake in the mission would damage his career. Ultimately, Fraser went along with Hauser's wishes, injecting him with Vistazine 50 to help control his nerves, though he remained uncomfortable with the decision and questioned his own judgment as a result.

As it turned out, Hauser made it through the mission without incident, though his jumpiness did draw attention from some of their colleagues. A team comprised of Medical, Science and Security officers from both the Philadelphia and the USS Pegasus journeyed to a Gondwanan research facility on the planet's surface, where they were greeted with reluctant acceptance. It soon emerged that the Gondwanans were in the habit of terminating their patients, a policy Fraser found so abhorrent that he seriously considered recommending they abort the mission. However, the decision was made to stay and the team were able to start collating information about the condition blighting the Neos. Before they could be of any help, the away team were recalled to the Philadelphia, after the Gondwanan government had requested that they leave the system. Feeling useless and frustrated, a dejected Fraser returned to the ship with the others, the mission a failure in his eyes.

In the weeks that followed, he and his colleagues studied the data they had collected and determined that the Gondwanans had 'infected' themselves by altering their own genetics centuries earlier. However, they were unable to share any of this information with the Gondwanans as their star system had already returned to its home reality.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Dermatology, Reconstructive Surgery
Academy Minor(s): Linguistics, Anthropology, Exobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Fraser inherited his mother's love of sculpture and particularly enjoys creating objects from unusual materials, most commonly wax. He can often be found in quiet corners, whittling some strange lump of raw material into an intricate shape, a mass of shavings discarded at his feet. When he's in the mood for something more physical, he likes to go rock-climbing, though he enjoys most sports and exercising in general.
Short-Term Goals: In the immediate future, Fraser is aiming to reach the rank of Lieutenant. He'd also like to advance his study of Skrreean dermatology.
Long-Term Goals: Though he doesn't necessarily see himself in a Command position, Fraser would like to become a Department Head someday. He'd love to be involved in a new discovery of some kind, like a new disease, a major cure or another first contact situation. Remarrying would also be nice someday if he can find the right person, though that isn't something he'd even contemplate just yet.
Personality: Generally, Fraser comes across as a pretty laid-back guy, at ease in the company of practically anyone. Though he tends to be a little more business-like on duty, he still prefers a relaxed atmosphere, feeling people do their best work when they're comfortable in their working environment. Being alone is something he doesn't like much so he tends to seek out social situations when possible. That being said, he's not loud or the life and soul of the party, usually preferring to sit on the sidelines and soak up the ambience, though he does have the occasional moment of abandon. Loneliness is something he suffers from now and then but that's something he tries to hide. As a rule, he isn't terribly comfortable when it comes to discussing his feelings with anyone but his closest friends. He's an open-minded person and approaches most people with the assumption that they're worthy of respect, though he tends to hold a grudge once someone crosses him. His divorce has left him reluctant to get involved in serious relationships but, when the situation arises, he's happy to indulge in casual flirtation. Medicine is something he takes very seriously and he'll do almost anything to aid a patient, regardless of personal cost.
Sense of Humor: Often dry and occasionally sarcastic, but generally without malice. Laughter is important, in Fraser's opinion, especially in difficult periods. Life's too short to allow yourself to be consumed by angst.
Phobias: He has no fears which are extreme enough to be described as phobias but he gets jittery around most types of insects, especially moths. Sometimes, when he's alone, he gets anxious in the dark.
Likes: Fraser is fond of jazz music and likes spending time in loud, busy bars. Pizza is a quick way to his heart, as is any kind of greasy food even if it isn't good for him. He likes to find time for a workout in the gym every day, a leftover habit from being married to a physical fitness teacher.
Dislikes: Though he makes occasional stabs at being adventurous, Fraser has never really developed a taste for non-Earth foods and wouldn't even consider sampling the more outlandish cuisines, like Klingon. Though he wouldn't readily admit it for fear of looking uncultured, opera and classical music leave him cold and he'd rather read a trashy horror or detective novel than a classic.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being patronized drives him insane, especially by someone younger than him. Fraser also hates being ignored or not taken seriously - he tries to treat everyone with respect and expects the same in return.
Bad Habits or Vices: Alcohol is a good friend of his, though he doesn't drink irresponsibly. He's most likely to be seen drinking whisky, particularly scotch. He also has a weakness for tobacco whenever he can get his hands on it, especially cigars.
Achievements: Progressing quickly at the civilian hospital he worked at after graduating medical school is something he's proud of. He feels the same way about starting his career again at Star Fleet Academy and making it work.
Disappointments: Being unable to make his marriage work is the thing Fraser considers his greatest failure, by a mile.
Illnesses: Fraser has never suffered from any serious illnesses or uncommon injuries, though he does run a slim risk of developing the same degenerative disease as his mother. He's tested regularly to ensure he isn't showing any signs of that.
Strengths: Being able to keep a calm head in stressful situations is one of Fraser's greatest strengths, as is his ability to be relaxed and friendly with just about anyone. He's also not too shabby at his job.
Weaknesses: Once he loses faith in someone, Fraser finds it very hard to force himself to think kindly towards them again. In times of stress, he can turn to the bottle a little too quickly. Like many men, he can be a bit of a sucker for a pleasing face.
Fears: After one failed marriage, Fraser is afraid of entering into another serious relationship only to lose it again. On the other hand, he's just as afraid of growing old alone.
Prejudices: A man of science, Fraser doesn't have much time for religion and tends to be distrustful of those who devote themselves to it.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Fraser favours comfort over style, usually opting for plain and practical clothing
Distinguishing Features: None in particular
Pets: None
Friends: Basilio Delgado, a childhood school friend, now working as an editor on an Earth-based periodical

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having to face the fact that his marriage was over was extremely difficult for Fraser. Losing the security and hope for the future that a loving relationship brings was hard for him to deal with, and he grieved for his marriage for a long time. His feelings for Richard remain complex, though they've had no contact for some time, and he wouldn't attempt to rekindle their connection now, but he still misses him every single day.
Best Time: The first year of Fraser's marriage to Richard was the best time of his life. They were very much in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, and every day felt special and warm. Having said that, he's enjoying his time in Star Fleet almost as much because he's finally living his dream, so it's quite possible his best times are yet to come.
Most Crucial Experience: There are two periods in Fraser's life which were hugely impactful on him and shaped his future life. The first was his early childhood, when he'd join his father on trips off-planet, giving him his love of space and travelling among the stars. The other period was the time his mother spent succumbing to her illness. That experience taught him how important it is to help the sick and needy, and guided him down the path to medicine, which has become his greatest passion.
Role Model: Though 'role model' probably isn't an appropriate description given that Fraser ended up taking a quite different road in life, his father has certainly had the biggest influence on him. He wouldn't have fallen in love with space travel if not for him, and Fraser also respects him enormously as a man.

Career History

Stardate 21005.29 - Assigned as Medical Officer, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21008.02 - Awarded Role-Playing Gamer of the Month, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21101.03 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21101.05 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21101.05 - Assigned as Chief Medical Officer, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21103.01 - Awarded Role-Playing Gamer of the Month, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Role-Playing Gamer of the Month, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Diamond Star, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053

Contact Information

E-Mail: tenebrae78@gmail.com

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