Drummond, Robert

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Robert ‘Rob’ Drummond
Robert Drummond2.jpg
Career Occupation
Criminal Investigative Service
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
156 lbs
Eye Color:
Pale blue
Hair Color:
Curly and short
Big body/Barrel-chested
Facial Hair:
Full beard, neatly trimmed.
Edinburgh, Scotland, Earth
Familial Relationships
Duncan Drummond (current age 45)
Claire McKay (current age 43)
Status of Parents:
Both are alive and well. Living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Moira Drummond age 19, Fergus Drummond age 16.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Robert was born in Edinburgh Scotland, the eldest child to Claire and Duncan Drummond. He is five years older than Moira and eight years older than Fergus. Claire is an Estate Manager and Duncan is a Ghillie at the Munro estate in Lothian.

He had a very good education and excelled in outdoor activities. His father placed great importance in having an excellent education and it was for him that Robert studied hard for all his exams.

After leaving school Robert became adept at tracking, shooting and hunting. He eventually became a member of the estate staff and was assigned as head beater/tracker for the shooting season.

He became Head Gamekeeper and also helped on the administrative side of the estate management working with his mother on the upkeep of the estate grounds along with the gardeners.

It was at one of these shooting parties that Robert met his uncle Ewan Drummond who was an officer in the Star fFeet Marines. He became engrossed in the tales of his adventures against the Dominion during the First Great War. This led Robert into thinking of a new career – in Star Fleet.

His parents were against this at the start. Telling him that it was his duty to remain on the estate and eventually become a Ghillie like his father. This led to occasions of Robert storming out of their home and wandering the grounds of the estate deep in thought. It was during a particularly bad argument that he made up his mind and decided to join the Academy.

Telling his parents this they objected most forcibly which inevitably led to him leaving the house and the estate. This time he went straight to an Academy Recruitment Centre in Edinburgh where he took and passed the entrance exam to join the Security Division.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Criminal Science, and Forensics
Academy Minor(s): Personal Combat (Firearms and swords), and Outdoor Survival.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Due to his extensive use of firearms (especially shotguns) Robert has become something of a marksman. He excels in hunting and tracking and has a collection of several shotguns, although they are at home in Scotland. He also has an interest in swords (especially Claymores) and has three in his collection because of his interest in Scottish history.
Short-Term Goals: Make new friends and be an excellent CIS officer.
Long-Term Goals: To become Chief of Security or CIS on a ship or Star Base.
Personality: Rob is fun-loving generally and gets on well with people normally. He is very proud of the fact he is Scottish and that he is in Star Fleet. He does however have a short fuse at times if the debate gets heated and can be incredibly stubborn.
Sense of Humor: Dry and tends to be sarcastic when angry.
Phobias: None
Likes: Anything to do with guns. Making friends, strong black coffee and the occasional dram of a good Malt Whisky.
Dislikes: Poachers and pompous people
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Loud mouths, know-it-alls and slackers
Bad Habits or Vices: Cracks his knuckles.
Achievements: Becoming Head Gamekeeper on the estate and his graduation from Star Fleet Academy.
Disappointments: That his parents missed out on his graduation and the fact they refuse to talk to him.
Illnesses: General childhood illnesses (i.e. Measles)
Strengths: Will stand firm and offer help and counsel to those he feels deserve it.
Weaknesses: None
Fears: That he will never make up with his parents because of their stubbornness.
Prejudices: None
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of the Scottish lion on left shoulder.
Pets: None
Friends: Craig Fraser (age 25) who also lived in Edinburgh. They met each other when Rob was ten and Craig was eleven at a grouse shoot, which his father had arranged on behalf of the Laird. Craig and his father were among the quests invited to the event. Since then they both became firm friends.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Witnessing his parent’s anger and bitterness of him joining Star Fleet. The way his siblings have been turned against him by his parents.
Best Time: His time as a beater during grouse hunts with his friend Craig.
Most Crucial Experience: Passing the entrance exam into Star Fleet Academy.
Role Model: His Uncle Ewan Drummond, his exemplary service in the Star Fleet Marines during the First Great War inspired Robert towards a career in Star Fleet.

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