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Dhiov i-Ra'tleihfi t'Llhweiir
Dhiov llhweiir.jpg
Career Occupation
Star Base Delta
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Adaran 225
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Below the shoulder, slightly wavy
Slender, Athletic
Ra'tleihfi, Romulus
Familial Relationships
Ddoya e-Tei tr'Llhweiir, deceased
Thue i'Ra'tleihfi t'Llhweiir
Status of Parents:
Her father was a Romulan senator killed in the prelude to the Third Romulan Civil War. Her mother lives on Romulus.
Brother, Ahrm'n, 22
Marital Status:

Personal History

Dhiov Llhweiir was born on Romulus into a life of wealth, power and privilege. Several members of her family have served in high-ranking positions in the Empire, with her father having become a senator and later a member of the Continuing Commitee. Dhiov was sent to the finest traditional schools, where she excelled in math, economics and athletics. She won several major gymnastics events and was captain of her irhein'ghan team.

Dhiov's home life was one of removal from her parents. Her mother spent most of her time at the family's seaside villa near Mhiessan while Dhiov remained in Ra'tleihfi to attend school. She became closest to her father, though his duties kept him rather busy. She and her older brother, Ahrm'n, were raised mostly by a hired caretaker, who they quickly learned was more interested in the status of her position than in taking care of them. Thus, they became rather self-reliant. When Ahrm'n completed secondary school and went on to study at the university, Dhiov befriended some of the security staff assigned to her father, where she learned self-defense techniques.

Her life drastically changed, however, when one evening she and her bodyguard were attacked on the way home from an irhein'ghan game. Her bodyguard was killed, and she was rendered unconscious. When she woke, she found herself in a dark room aboard a civilian freighter. Her captors informed her that they also had her father, though it was two weeks before she finally saw him. She then learned that they'd been kidnapped by the Romulan Underground, who believed her father and Enriov Tei were planning to resurrect the telepathic adepts of their culture's past. The Undergound threatened to chop off her fingers to force her father to talk, but she was spared that fate when Imina Sevala, whom she didn't know at the time, turned weapons on her allies and took her off the freighter and onto the Federation's Starbase Alpha. Dhiov then found herself being held captive by Sevala and Derrick Grant on a Federation starship, the USS Gettysburg, unsure of what her ultimate fate would be.

As time went on, she began to trust Imina and Derrick more, and she resigned herself to being kept on the Gettysburg until such time as she could either escape or was released. The ship was sent deep into Romulan space, though, and after a battle with Romulan warships, it fell through a black nebula and into an alternate universe. Dhiov knew she was trapped there along with the rest of the crew, and she began to take on duties around the ship to help out. She later went with Derrick and Imina on the USS Apparition as they worked to uncover the secrets of a portal system used by one of the alternate universe's civilizations. Her math skills proved valuable, and she began to work directly with the ship's engineer and helped come up with the equations necessary to send them back home. Upon returning to the Gettysburg, she was given the rank of Acting Crewman and continued to help out as the ship returned to its own universe.

The Gettysburg emerged at the same location it had vanished, and it was soon confronted by three Romulan vessels. One vessel, the RIS Shadowhawk was friendly, commanded by a transporter duplicate of Sevala. The other two ships, however, led by Enriov Tei, the uncle of her best friend on Romulus, ordered the Gettysburg to turn her over to them. Unbeknownst to her, she had been used by her father as part of his and Tei's telepathic program, and her brain had been altered to act as a conduit for their power, thus increasing their effectiveness and allowing them to work together more efficiently when she was in range. Derrick saved her by putting her in the transporter buffer of the Shenandoah, the captain's yacht. The Shadowhawk and the Gettysburg defeated Tei's ships, and she returned to Earth along with Derrick and Imina, realizing that she wouldn't be able to go home to Romulus again until Tei's telepaths were finally defeated.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, athletics (gymnastics, track, irhein'ghan)
Short-Term Goals: To better adapt to life in the Federation, since she'll be living there for a while.
Long-Term Goals: She doesn't quite know what she wants to do long-term at this point. She's still living between two worlds, and she hasn't yet decided how to best combine them.
Personality: Dhiov is both resourceful and blunt. She doesn't mince words, and she takes advantage of any situation given her. She has high aspirations for her life, and she plans on achieving them, despite what anyone else wants of her. Once someone gets to know her though, they discover that she's a lot less secure than what she projects. She hates failure, and she takes it hard if she doesn't succeed at what she tries. Thus, she pushes herself, always attempting to be the best. When she's relaxed, she's much more at ease, though she tends to be high strung most of the time. She also has a very active imagination.
Sense of Humor: Her sense of humor is rather sophisticated, and thus she appears to have very little at times. She enjoys irony most of all.
Phobias: Live food
Likes: Learning new things, healthy food, music
Dislikes: Ignorant people, poor people, wasted opportunities
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being talked down to. Being threatened
Bad Habits or Vices: Staring, talking loudly when upset or excited
Achievements: Winning athletic medals and trophies. Helping the Gettysburg to return to its own universe.
Disappointments: Her mother's disinterest in her.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: She is resourceful, imaginative and unafraid to take chances.
Weaknesses: She sometimes acts before she considers all her options. She doesn't like people to help her. She prefers to do things herself, even if she doesn't really know how.
Fears: Being taken by Tei and his telepaths. Failure.
Prejudices: While she generally believes that Romulans are superior, she's come to appreciate other species, though she sometimes may not show it.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Dresses fairly feminine at all times. Prefers Romulan styles but is rapidly coming to appreciate Federation fashion as well.
Distinguishing Features: None
Pets: Haedl, a Zantaxian Spotted Housecat.
Friends: In the Federation, Imina Sevala and Derrick Grant. On Romulus, Kul Tei, niece of Enriov Tei.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Not being able to save her father from the Underground.
Best Time: Attending the Emperor's Ball with her father.
Most Crucial Experience: Being kidnapped by the Underground and rescued by Sevala.
Role Model: Increasingly she's come to regard Imina Sevala as a role model.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Civilian USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20903.10 Rescued from the Romulan Underground by Imina Sevala
Relocated to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Support Crewman USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20912.25 Appointed Crewman
Assigned to Support Crewman
Civilian USS Nova, BB-106 21004.25 Designated Civilian
Relocated to USS Nova, BB-106
Civilian USS Republic, CV-02 21005.26 Relocated to USS Republic, CV-02
Civilian Star Base Delta 21101.15 Relocated to Star Base Delta

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