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Shahrukh Dhawan
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
145 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Black with slight graying around the temples
Parted on the left, other side swept back and to the right
Light Brown
Deep and eloquent, with a mild Indian accent
United Federation of Planets
Chandigarh, India
Familial Relationships
Suresh Dhawan (73)
Anju Boti (deceased)
Status of Parents:
Mother - Deceased, Father – Teaching elementary school in Shahrukh’s hometown
Ramesh (45), Sali (42), Kamala (40), Prandeep (35)
Marital Status:
Married to Shanti Kaur (43) for 22 years
Son - Siddhartha “Sid” (21), Daughter – Pria (18), Rani (Deceased)

Personal History

Shahrukh Dhawan was born in the city Chandigarh, in the Punjab region of India. Shahrukh’s father was an elementary school teacher and his mother was a doctor. As a child, Shahrukh was given every opportunity when it came to education, but he didn’t really care for formal education. Instead, he preferred to spend his time playing in the outdoors.

This all changed when he was 6 years old. Playing outside near his neighbor’s chicken coop, he noticed one of the neighbor’s roosters had gotten loose. Being the kind, helpful child his mother had raised him to be, he tried to corral the rooster back into its pen. Unfortunately, the rooster had other ideas and went on the offensive, chasing the young boy across the road and through an open field. Not watching where he was going, Shahrukh fell into a deep culvert and broke both of his legs. During the long recovery period mandated by his mother, he discovered the joy of reading, and has been an avid reader ever since.

Growing up as the eldest of four, Shahrukh was responsible for watching after his brother and sisters. It was a responsibility which taught him, above anything else, patience. He was excited by the arrival of his second brother, and the fifth addition to the Dhawan household, Prandeep. However, this event was completely foreshadowed by the death of his mother, who passed away due to complications during the birth. From then on, whatever responsibility Shahrukh had before was doubled, if not tripled. Yet, somehow he managed to get through his childhood with little to regret.

Shahrukh enrolled in Star Fleet at the age of 18 as an NCO. Assigned to the USS Erikson, a small Columbus class scout ship, he was given a position within the support department and eventually worked his way up the ladder, becoming one of the captain’s yeomen. After three years on the Erikson, the ship’s captain retired, and his replacement, Captain Geoffrey Hollenbeck, saw a great deal of promise in the young petty officer. Captain Hollenbeck acted as his mentor and arranged to have him stationed in various positions throughout the ship, so that he could become better familiar with all aspects of ship life. After another two years of service, Hollenbeck, recognizing that Shahrukh was clearly officer material, convinced the man to return to Earth and enroll in the Academy. Shahrukh agreed and did as the captain suggested. Majoring in General Medicine and Psychology, he sought to honor his mother by continuing in her footsteps. During his time at the Academy, he met and married his wife, Shanti Kaur. Graduating five years later, Shahrukh was again assigned to the Erikson, at the request of Captain Hollenbeck. This time, however, he would serve as an officer and he had brought his family with him.

Serving under Captain Hollenbeck for another five years, Shahrukh’s life in Star Fleet was brought to a sudden halt due to the loss of his youngest daughter, Rani. She was Shahrukh’s little princess and he cared for her deeply. The two had gone fishing together on the river near their home during his shore leave. As the trip was coming to an end, Rani fell from the boat and she drowned before Shahrukh could get to her. He blames himself for her death to this very day, and as a result he left Star Fleet.

During his hiatus, he managed to remain current in his field, often authoring articles for Star Fleet’s medical and psychological journals. After six years had passed, he was given an opportunity to join Star Fleet Medical, which he accepted. He served there as both a researcher and medical practitioner until, at the age of 45, he accepted a post at the Academy, where he has been teaching ever since.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): General Medicine, Psychology
Academy Minor(s): Education, Holographic programming
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading books, Writing articles for the Star Fleet medical and psychological journals, and Fishing
Short-Term Goals: To seize the day
Long-Term Goals: To see his son and daughter both graduate from the Academy
Personality: Shahrukh tends to have a laid back personality, and it takes a lot of effort to push him to the point of anger. He can be serious, if the situation warrants, and is someone who values patience highly
Sense of Humor: He will respond to most jokes with a smile, or a quiet laugh; however, his preferred style of humor is wordplay
Phobias: Alektorophobia (Fear of Chickens) stemming from a childhood incident in which he was attacked by an overprotective rooster
Likes: One of Shahrukh’s guilty pleasures is to enjoy a traditional Bollywood holovid. He wouldn’t have anyone know, but his favorite part is being able to join along with the singing and dancing
Dislikes: Shahrukh does not like cats and he despises chickens
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who try to rush through life
Bad Habits or Vices: Coffee. Shahrukh is a big fan of coffee and will consume it in large quantities, a habit which his wife despises, especially if he forgets to do something about his coffee breath
Achievements: Multiple published articles in both of Star Fleet’s premiere medical and psychological journals
Disappointments: The death of his youngest daughter
Illnesses: Shahrukh is prone to the occasional cold
Strengths: Shahrukh’s greatest strength is his patience. It has afforded him the ability to stand through most any problem
Weaknesses: Since the death of his daughter, Shahrukh has had to live with a great deal of self doubt. This has lessened greatly with the passage of time, however, there are times when he still feels a resurgence of doubt
Fears: Losing another child
Prejudices: Shahrukh is fairly open-minded, but does not care much for Klingons, as he finds them to be brash and lacking in patience
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Prefers loose fitting, clothing in earth tones
Distinguishing Features: He has a light beard and a simple Hindu Ohm symbol tattooed on the inside of his right wrist
Pets: Shahrukh owns a Bull Mastiff named Viraj
Friends: His wife Shanti

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Rani’s death
Best Time: The birth of his children
Most Crucial Experience: Breaking his legs

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