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Mariano Devlin
Career Occupation
Chief Engineer
USS Callisto, RSV-88001
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
5 ‘11”
Eye Color:
Naturally a chocolate brown, Mariano had his eyes changed to instead be an opalescent lavender-grey.
Hair Color:
Charcoal Black, with lavender undertones
A skin-tight fade with medium-length top and asymmetrical bangs.
Lean and muscular. Mariano believes that the body is as much a form of art as anything, and strives to keep his in peak aesthetic form.
Pale, but naturally olive skinned. Mariano tans easily, but he seldom spends enough time in the sun to have much color.
A light, lilting tenor. Mariano often has a sing-song, teasing tone to his voice; something that's gotten him into trouble in the past.
United Federation of Planets
Koroni, Ardanan
Familial Relationships
Fangor Pai'or
Miral Devlin
Status of Parents:
Both still living on Ardana. Miral works is a sculptor. Fangor is a foreman in the Zenite mines, and a leader in the local miner's union.
Faral, younger sister (deceased)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born to a working-class family on Ardana, Mariano Devlin would as a child never have expected to end up in Starfleet. His mother, Miral, was involved in the restoration of Statos. The immense project, re-building the former capital as a historic monument, was far from the trade center of Koroni and took her from home for long periods of time. While she was gone, Mariano and his younger sister looked after themselves for the most part. Mariano's father, Fangor, was an inconstant presence in the young Ardanans' lives. He spent his time in the mines, and had no patience for what he saw as the foolishness for children.

Mariano did well in school, and graduated the Koroni city school with honors in Maths and Data Science. He had few friends, but those he did have came through his involvement in the school's theatre program. Mariano did some acting, but preferred to work behind the scenes. It was here that he discovered his first love: costuming. The artisan in him came out in full force when he laid stylus to PADD and created costume after costume, most of them elegant in their form and mein of purpose.

After graduation, Mariano lucked into a junior position with a fashion designer in his hometown. He was excited, at first, to have to opportunity to design new garments and create new fashions. However, he slowly became disenchanted with the job, as he spent more time fixing broken sewing equipment and running errands than participating in any sort of creative process. It was during this period he met his best friend, Bex. He frequently took short jaunts away from Andara with Bex, and the prospect of seeing new worlds and new peoples kept him going during the day-to-day grind of life in un-glamorous Koroni city.

A quarrel with his father set Mariano on a rebellious course when he was 20. Fangor was a cautious, conservative man that did not approve of his son's chosen carrer, or of his friendship with Bex. Mariano moved out of his parent's house and into a flat in one of the more unsavory parts of Koroni. Free from the tether of family, the next six months saw Mariano turn into a party monster, going out every night and making quite a few bad choices. On one of these nights, drunkenly angry at his father, he decided to change the feature that most resembled Fangor, his eyes. Cosmetic enhancement was easy to come by in the city, and by the next day Mariano has swapped his chocolate brown irises for an opalescent lavender.

His sister's death was a life-altering experience for Mariano. Faral was a year from completing school when, on a class trip to a power-generation facility, she and a fellow classmate strayed into a restricted area and were vaporized by a routine baryon sweep. It was sudden, and meaningless, and Mariano was crushed by the loss. Faral had been the most constant thing in his life, and without her he felt unanchored and alone. He needed a change, and he needed meaning in his life. Some soul-searching kept leading him back to the sense of excitement he had when he went traveling with Bex, and a logical progression lead him to a new goal: a career in Starfleet. He started studying, devoting every spare moment to preparing for an exam that seemed particularly daunting with academia several years behind him. But he persisted, and his hard work paid off.

Mariano entered the academy when we was 22. He was a few years older than most of his peers, but he made friends with his classmates easily enough. It felt strange, at first, to be creating a new life on an alien world. However, his nervousness evaporated as he was immersed in the melting-pot that was the center of the Federation. He hadn't chosen a major when he arrived at the academy, but he discovered a passion for engineering after his first brush with the subject during his basic training. To Mariano, the creative process of engineering wasn't far afield from that of costuming. He loved the intricacies of designing components, fitting them to an existing system, and the challenge of "making it work" when faced with a problem and few resources to solve it.

A fairly average academic career didn't distinguish Mariano from his peers, with the exception of a 6-month fellowship at the Daystrom Institute he got after he completed his third year. One of the professors at the academy, Commander Weynard, saw potential in the gadgets Mariano created in his engineering labs, and had urged the young Aldanan to apply for the fellowship, in a project working to build the next version of Tricorder. It was a fabulous experience where Mariano had the opportunity to work with brilliant leaders in industrial design, circuit miniaturization, and portable power generation and storage. When he returned to the academy to finish off his final year, the work ethic and collaboration skills he'd had a chance to improve during his fellowship made a great impression on both his instructors and his classmates.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering
Academy Minor(s): Cartography & Inter-species Diplomacy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Mariano still loves to design clothing and costumes, so he spends hours in his quarters sketching up new ideas and bringing them into existence, either through sewing or programming his creations into the replicator. A self-described gym rat (a term he learned on Earth and took to immediately), Mariano has a strict fitness regiment that keeps him in the gym 6 days a week. Though not an overly dramatic person in his day-to-day life, he also enjoys exercising his acting skills; occasionally picking up small roles in a play or musical.
Short-Term Goals: Mariano is happiest when he's building & creating things, and hopes that his tinkering will lead to a piece of equipment that will be used across Starfleet.
Long-Term Goals: Chief engineer, on a ship or starbase in deep space. Mariano is hungry to see things and solve problems no one in the Federation has before.
Personality: In a work setting, Mariano is a straightforward, quiet, and clever worker. He is generally self-effacing but will make his opinion heard when he feels strongly about something. In social situations, he is rarely the first to strike up small talk, but can be an engaging and enjoyable companion once he's warmed up to his surroundings. He is loyal friend, and a good listener.
Sense of Humor: Punny. Mariano tries to be funny, but most of his jokes just come across as goofy, or don't come across at all. He immensely enjoys sassing his friends when he has the opportunity.
Phobias: After a nasty encounter with a parasitic insect when he was a child, Mariano has always been wary of any bugs, especially those of the flea, tick, and mite variety.
Likes: Klingon opera, Vulcan brandy, Haute couture, Swimming, Blondes
Dislikes: Insects, shellfish, anything orange
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Dirty floors, inefficiency, mismatched patterns
Bad Habits or Vices: Quick to judge others, and a nervous fidgeter.
Achievements: Mariano's greatest achievement is his fellowship at the Daystrom Institute.
Disappointments: He regrets that he is not closer with his parents. The family was never particularly close, but with Faral gone, messages between Mariano and his parents are scant. He hasn't seen them since he left for the academy.
Illnesses: A bout of Zenite gas poisoning when he was a child kept him out of school for more than a month.
Strengths: Problem-solving, particularly with limited resources.
Weaknesses: Mariano can be stubborn, and once he's decided on something he has trouble seeing the truth, even if it is right in front of him.
Fears: Getting stranded alone on an alien planet is Mariano's greatest fear.
Prejudices: A rough encounter with an Orion and a Bolian has left him wary of members of either species. He knows this is irrational, especially in the case of the Bolians, but the prejudice still remains. He also has a tendency to prefer working and socializing with men, not because of any real prejudice, but more because he feels more comfortable with males.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Mariano prefers fitted, fashionable attire in tones of grey and black. Usually a piece of silver jewelry completes the look
Distinguishing Features: A geometric tattoo half-sleeve covers Mariano's upper right arm. It generally appears to be monochrome, but in the right light the lines have a metallic shine to them.
Pets: None
Friends: Bex Traal, an unruly, impulsive "trader" from Alpha Centauri. Mariano met Bex in one of the nicer venues of the Ardanan spaceport's entertainment sector. After "distracting" Bex from whatever nefarious activity had brought him there, the two fell into a short, tempestuous romance. Deciding that they didn't work as a couple, the two fell into an easy camaraderie. Whenever Bex visited Andara the two would spend time together, and Mariano went on more than a few adventures with Bex aboard his small ship, the "Vendala".

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: His sister's death
Best Time: A trip to Rigel IV with Bex when he was 20. Bex had a job running a mysterious package to a shady character in one of the planet's larger cities. Not finding the recipient where he was supposed to be, they ended up on a wild goose chase across the entire Rigel system. They had a lot of fun, even if they came close to getting into trouble a few times.
Most Crucial Experience: Mariano's first excursion with Bex, to Valt Minor. This was the first time he felt the thrill of seeing a new world and the excitement of exploration.
Role Model: Mariano takes inspiration from Charles Tucker III and his adventures aboard the Enterprise NX-01. Tucker got to serve on the real frontier; everything was a new experience, with all of the opportunities and challenges that come with being a pioneer.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20306.10 – 21809.02 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Engineering Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21809.03 Midshipman Midshipman
Engineering Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 21903.01 Transferred
Engineering Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 21905.01 Ensign Ensign
Engineering Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 21907.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 21909.01 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering Officer USS Magellan, FSC-28019 21912.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Chief Engineer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22003.27 Transferred
Chief Engineer USS Callisto, RSV-88001 22004.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 1

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