Deniz Tat'ian

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Deniz Tat'ian
Career Occupation
2nd Fleet, USS Chin'toka CA-1375
Biographical Attributes
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown
Left loose and straight or pulled back into a pony tail
Thin but curvy
She is softly spoken & very rarely raises her voice. She can be firm though when she feels the situation warrants it.
United Federation of Planets
Volan III
Familial Relationships
Deniz Hita
Deniz Ej
Status of Parents:
Single child
Marital Status:

Personal History

Tat’ian’s parents were both full-blooded Bajorans, however, she was not raised on Bajor. She was raised on Volan III. Her parents were botanists and ran a culture program in a cordoned area not far from the main colony. While Tat’ian went to school and made friends with the children in the colony, she always felt like an outsider.

When she reached teenage-hood there was an odd event in her parent’s laboratories. Some of the cultures developed poisonous spores that ruptured whilst they were working in the labs. The laboratory locked down just as Tat’ian was returning from a day at school. She arrived in time to watch her parents convulse to death on the laboratory floor – unable to get to them or save them. She was fostered into the care of an older couple who lived within the colony itself. For a long time, she hardly spoke to anyone and some feared that the event had left her mentally scared. She was forced to see councillors and psychologists who all came to the same conclusion – only time would tell. Eventually, as she reached the end of her schooling, Tat’ian did find the strength to pull free from her mental escape and began communicating again with those around her. During this time, her school work had not faltered. She had inherited her parents high IQ and easy processing of the sciences. To her, the language of science was as normal and easy to her as breathing. Her foster parents were concerned when she announced she wished to study further and become a scientist. She also wished to travel and explore other planets and places to expand science and it’s understanding of how the universe worked. In truth, she longed to be away and free from the colony, which she had never felt she had belonged too and which held far too many horribly memories of her parents’ death. A number of options were available to her but the one that made the most sense to her, was Star Fleet. Tat’ian did well during her time at the Academy. Some even said she was a quiet genius just waiting to be discovered. Her career consisted of a number of postings on large science vessels and postings in research facilities. After time she was promoted to a First Officer position on a vessel sent to obtain deep space mineral deposits from an exploded star. The properties of the minerals saw a rebel group infiltrate and cause a mutiny on the vessel. Her Captain was killed but she was able to pull the survivors together and retake control of the ship. This action saw her promoted to the rank of Captain. Currently she is assigned to Star Fleet Command on Earth as part of the science division but when she heard of her old Science crew going missing on a distant planet, requested to be put in charge of locating them. With her request granted she took a vessel to Bravo to meet with the Chin’toka, who was now assigned to the mission.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Biochemistry and molecular biology & Microbiology & Immunology
Academy Minor(s): Geology, Botany and Environmental Sciences
Hobbies and Pastimes: She loves playing Springball when she has time free or swimming
Short-Term Goals: To find her missing science crew
Long-Term Goals: To obtain a lead position in the Science division at Star Fleet Command
Personality: Tat'ian see's the universe as a mysterious place that, if not respected, will make you pay for that mistake. She has a very curious nature that is marred by caution. This makes her slow to make decisions at times. She is not accommodating to the use of violence in any situation and will always seek a diplomatic or scientific answer to issues that present themselves.
Sense of Humor: Her humor seems to go over peoples heads at times. She seems to think in a different sphere to most. She respects a joke with a moral or thought behind it.
Phobias: She fights hard not show it but she actually has an aversion to plants. She forced herself to study botany as a minor at the academy to attempt to cure herself of it and it worked - to a degree. She still has night terrors of the day she stumbled on her dying parents and days that follow, finds it difficult to be around any type of flora.
Likes: Complicated science related problems and puzzles - she will often get sucked into such conundrums and wont surface for days. Springball is her exercise of choice and she can get pretty competitive, despite her seemingly reserved nature.
Dislikes: People with her rely on violence to solve their problems. Coffee - the drink sparks anxiety.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Pastel colored cottens
Pets: None

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