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Kyle DeWitt
DeWitt 2414.png
Career Occupation
Tactical Assessment Officer
Star Fleet Tactical Command
Star Fleet Registration:
2009071178-001 HEVZ
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Raymond Kyle DeWitt
Played By:
Debbie Prescott
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
97.5 kg (215 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Reddish Brown
Comb Over
Big Body
Facial Hair:
United Federation of Planets
Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States
Familial Relationships
Michael Edward DeWitt (deceased SD 21012.24)
Kimberly Dianne DeWitt (presumed KIA)
Marital Status:
Jordan Thrace
Note: This bio is for Kyle DeWitt of the primary universe. A separate bio exists for Kyle DeWitt of the alternate universe.

Personal History

Pre-Star Fleet

Growing up Kyle’s dad discouraged his son about Star Fleet, due to his mother’s death on a Star Fleet vessel that had been attacked by the Cardassians. However, unknown to his dad Kyle had wanted to join Star Fleet since he was 13 years old.

During his sophomore year he met a girl, Ashley Donn Warren, who would become his friend and later his girlfriend. At the start of his junior year Kyle and Ashley were walking down an alleyway and where jumped by 2 Klingon teenagers who wanted to take Ashley for their own. Knowing he had feeling for her, Kyle jumped to defend her and made sure they left. After the fight, Ashley rushed him to a medical facility to treat the broken arm the Klingons gave him. It was also on this day that Kyle asked Ashley out, who said yes.

Ashley’s graduation was a huge moment for both her and Kyle. She had decided to join Star Fleet. The night of his first day of his senior year Kyle decided to talk to his dad about this joining Star Fleet. Mike was furious and forbade him to join and an argument broke out between them. Kyle told his dad Ashley joined and she made him want to join. Mike saw that joining was what his son really wanted to do. However, before he gave in, he told his son the truth about his mother’s death and to be careful whenever he joined the Academy after he graduated High School.

Star Fleet Academy

Medical Years

Kyle originally started off training for the Medical Department. Most of the Medical Test he took to work his way to the one dream he had, a Medical Doctorate, he scored in the ranges of 90% and higher. A few of his specific instructors had known his mother, Kimberly DeWitt, and suspected that her skill in the Medical field must have been passed down to him through his genes. Kyle didn’t believe this as he had never met his mother, but he didn’t stop everyone from saying it.

During his 3rd Year of the Academy he was present at Ashley’s graduation from the Academy. Walking up to her he congratulated her, after she was doing celebrating about her black pip. She was disappointed that she was being assigned to the USS Excalibur, because she wanted to be stationed on Earth so she could be with Kyle. Giving her a kiss and a hug he told her whenever he made captain he’ll request her. She laughed and told him to stay in touch. She left the graduation and reported to the Excalibur leaving Kyle to think about proposing to her.

Along with every cadet he continued to progress through standard classes such as minor Engineering knowledge, piloting, and standard security procedures. Scoring in the top two percentile in his piloting exams the instructors began to talk amongst themselves considering the future of Cadet DeWitt. After being called into his Medical Professor’s office and saw they had been joined by one of the Tactical Instructors.

The Tactical Instructor cut to the chase and informed Kyle of high he scored in the Tactical Piloting exams. Before allowing Kyle to speak he was also told about how many pilots had been killed during the war that was going on. Intense conversion about the department change went on. Already earning his Medical Degree and feeling the need Star Fleet had was in the Tactical area Kyle agreed and the transfer was done.

Tactical Years

Heading back to class the next day Kyle was determined to continue to push on his classes to allow himself to get the best possible position on a newly commissioned ship, regardless of what its class was. When graduation came around he felt his new tactical uniform and moved his hand to the pip that had been placed on his collar. When walking out of the auditorium he was handed a PADD which contained his new given order, to report to Starbase Bravo. With his heart sunk, Kyle went to his instructor to verify that the PADD he was given was his or not. Without hesitation the instructor replied that they were and Kyle gave up with his argument and followed the orders he had been given, the Star Fleet journey of Kyle DeWitt had begun but not how he had expected.

Upon disembarking from the transport vessel that deposited him on Starbase Bravo Kyle decided to not waste anytime and report in to the station's commanding officer. After the realization that his posting on Bravo was only temporary Kyle gained another chance to look at his world like something good was going to happen. He decided to continue on with his duties and visiting the Space Dock on his off hours he imagined each of the glorious starships that came through. Wondering what it would be like to pilot anyone of them. However, with a cruel twist of fate, Kyle's dreams were crushed once again. Starbase Bravo's head yeoman approached Kyle with a PADD that contained the orders to his new assignment, Tactical Officer aboard Space Station Sierra-18.

Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18

While onboard his dull trip to Sierra Kyle was granted permission from the transport captain to take the helm and fly them to their destination. Once aboard Kyle saw that the station itself was in horrible shape. He saw blood stains lining the walls, making him sick to his stomach. Stomaching it he made his way to the nearest turbolift to take him to the Command Center, so he would be able to report in. When he arrived he realized that the Commanding Officer had defected to the Cardassians and the First Officer was in temporary command. Kyle was present when Captain Jericho Roberts had boarded the station and was soon promoted to his original flag officer rank of Commodore and assigned as the Commanding Officer with the departure of Captain Tregelen. Finally Kyle was able to fall in to a normal routine of a Star Fleet Officer.

The routine Kyle had developed was broken weeks after arriving by a species never before seen by Star Fleet before had arrived, the Jinkarie. While initiating standard security scans of the Jinkarie vessel the station was hacked by the Jinkarie, however this was not known at the time. Before departing on the USS Jefferson with Commodore Roberts, Second Officer Kaiser promoted Kyle to the rank of Ensign. With Commander Kaiser off the station Kyle assumed the position of Acting Chief Tactical Officer. Soon after the crew of Sierra lost contact with their attached vessel, Jefferson, and the worst was assumed. Up to the point of Kyle blaming himself as he was not behind the helm of the vessel. However, he didn't have much time to worry about it as a disease began to spread across the station like wildfire. Becoming the one of the last to become infected his condition was much worse than the standard as he threatened to throw Ensign Codey down a shaft in Engineering when the Command Center was relocated there. 36 hours later a cure for the disease was brought back by the Cardassians and person by person the disease was being killed. Realizing he was in need of a vacation Kyle requested shore leave and was approved. Boarding the Excalibur Kyle stayed onboard until he arrived at his destination along with several other Star Fleet crews, Carraya IV.

USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471

Still on shore leave at Carraya IV, Kyle was already that he was receiving a transfer to the Ticonderoga with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. This had been achieved by the recommendation that had been pushed out by Lieutenant Commanders Kaiser and Archer, who had previously served with him, mainly to actually give a chance to pilot a starship.

There wasn’t any time wasted by the time Kyle boarded the vessel. After reporting in to the vessel’s First Officer, previous Chief Tactical Officer, the helm was quickly assigned to the Lieutenant. While maintaining the orbit of the vessel the newly promoted Captain emerged from his ready room, ordering a course at maximum warp to Ferenginar. Days later as the Ticonderoga began approaching Earth, Captain Braggins ordered a change of course to Star Base Alpha for crew transfers. This however was overruled by an Admiral at headquarters who had a transport vessel meet in their course to the Ferengi homeworld. It was also this vessel that Kyle would be boarding as he received a communiqué from a Tactical Rear Admiral.

Departing from the crew he had barely gotten to know he made his way to Star Base Alpha. Spending the next day on base, Kyle went on his usual of duty schedule until he received the official call to report to the reactivated frigate, USS Philadelphia.

4th Fleet

USS Philadelphia, FF-6053

After going through the required security checkpoint to board the vessel Kyle decided to make like a bee to his assigned quarters to drop off his bag. With everything personal accounted for Kyle made his way to the bridge to report in. Upon arrival and not seeing anyone in command red DeWitt made his way to the senior officer on deck, Cameron Pierce. After being approved Kyle made his way to the helm position and began the checks for the vessel’s departure.

With the vessel underway, to join their Flotilla leader, the acting command staff decided to host a friendly crew gathering in the Mess Hall. After Simon Thompson requested to stay on the bridge during the reception Kyle tried to talk the Midshipman in attending the party. After the decisions were made Kyle took the center chair while the senior staff meeting occurred. After seeing the staff emerge one hour later Kyle turned the bridge over to Thompson and made his way to his quarters to change for the gathering.

During this time he originally ended up being by himself sitting a table drinking his sweet tea. Trying to keep the Lieutenant from being alone the Head Chef, Sunshine Moone, joined the table and began a conversion with the man. While a fight broke out between Jenny Grant and a Ferengi crewman Sunshine ignored her duty and stayed with Kyle.

Upon the day of arrival at the location of the Nova, Kyle emerged out of the turbolift and onto the bridge. After the half an hour that it took to reach their assigned flotilla position transfer orders between ships were transferred. Finally approaching the mighty vessel Kyle received his orders and was shocked that he was being transferred yet again. Making his way to the transporter room Kyle was informed of the personnel transferring from the Nova and decided to wait and great them upon their arrival. Once transfers were complete Kyle and a fellow Security Midshipman made their way onto the pad that would take them to their new assignment.

USS Nova, BB-106

Seconds after materializing in the new transporter room the duo was greeted by the Captain’s yeoman, who instructed them on where to report to. With his first action Kyle made his way to the Bridge and report to his new boss, as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. After agreeing with Lieutenant Commander Hudson the two made their way to his office, which resided in the Strategic Operations Center. After being acquainted with his responsibilities Kyle met with his first Sub-Department Head and was given a tour of the facilities.

After being alerted of a Tactical Officer from the Philadelphia would be transporting over Kyle made his way to the transporter room on Deck 17. After being temporarily reacquainted with Simon, Bear entered the room and after a short trip to the turbolift the trio made their way to the Tactical Department’s Conference Room. It was here that Kyle was present for a briefing on the Flotilla’s newest member.

After the computer’s AI evolved to a further level the ship was brought to Red Alert, mostly due to the fact it had killed one of the ship’s Engineers. Along with Bear the Tactical Officers moved to the Bridge and began to assist in figuring out what was really going on. Hudson had been called down to Ten Forward for his promotion Kyle was left alone as the senior Tactical Officer on the Bridge. When the situation calmed down and his position was elevated to Acting Chief Tactical Officer a message from Nurse Cirrus he was ordered to report for his standard medical exam. Following the examination Kyle returned to the Bridge. With Admiral Grayson taking leave in the Ready Room Kyle remained on the Bridge throughout the graveyard shift. As dawn approached Grayson returned and ordered his Acting Chief Tactical Officer to a light day, but not before a promotion to full Lieutenant and permanent Chief Tactical Officer was given.

Following up on his well needed sleep Kyle returned to Tactical Operations. With paperwork finished a greeting ensued with a Gondwanan, First Leader Neona, who was interested in how Star Fleet Tactical operated. Following permission from the ship's First Officer the group of officers made their way to the holodeck to run a series of simulations for Neona. With Red Alert being called the Chief Tactical Officer returned to the Bridge, against the Admiral's standing orders, and assisted in operations. Seconds after impact, by an unknown beam, the mighty Pulsar-classed ship had been disabled. Life support failing the crew had no choice but to abandon ship. Taking the ship's only runabout Kyle coordinated flights with shuttles, fighters, and Marine craft to save every crewmember. Approaching the newly joined Pegasus the runabout was sent back into space while the Lieutenant headed straight to the Bridge.

USS Pegasus, CL-2500

"Is Anybody Out There?"

With the ship overcrowded and the Nova situation subsided Commanders Azernal and Ristone joined Admiral Grayson in the ship's Ready Room, leaving Kyle the officer on the Bridge. With no further complications Nick was granted the position of Commanding Officer and immediately put a makeshift Chain of Command together. Remaining Chief Tactical Officer Kyle continued to serve in his strongest capacity. Hours later the unexpected happened again, the Pegasus's true CTO arrived in the most uncomfortable mode of transport, a torpedo tube. With Ciron Ouse basically receiving a temporary demotion Tactical, under Kyle's command, it got stronger with each passing second.

With Azernal seeing to the Neos in Sickbay, Kyle stepped up and temporarily filled in for the first officer. Despite the risk of causing a war with the Gondwanan’s under the direction of Admiral Grayson the Pegasus and the flotilla began an attempt a rescue of the Philadelphia. It was also during this time that Kyle began coordinating all tactical operations between every Star Fleet unit, under Grayson’s supervision.

While the Gondwanan intentions weren’t known, they soon appeared to be hostile with a launch of missiles at the Pegasus. Orders had been given to only fire on Grayson’s orders, but Ciron Ouse had disregarded them and fired anyway. Even though his intentions were good, Kyle was forced to relieve the junior officer. Their time in the system didn’t last much longer following the Philadelphia’s return to space. The appearance of a distortion wave from the Gondwanan star led to a Star Fleet evacuation to the newly constructed Star Base Delta.

During the return voyage most of the Nova’s senior officer had returned to get the ship back up and running. With unfinished business Kyle remained behind to file reports about the last mission, primarily why he had been forced to relieve Ouse. Following a personal delivery to Nicholas Ristone the Lieutenant soon found himself as the ship’s Chief Tactical Officer.

"Sunrise over Carraya"

With a travel restriction placed on 4th Fleet personnel, Kyle had been unable to attend his father’s funeral; he was forced to take another blow to his family. Not allowing his emotions to stop him the Base Christmas Party was still attended. Being awarded his second Gold Star he found himself emotionally hurt minutes before by Bria Iltan’s true date for the evening. Almost drunk the Lieutenant returned to the ship following the official part of the function.

The following day started more trouble for the poor man. A presentation by the Society of One pushed Kyle to his limits as he dragged the speaker down. Had it not been for the appearance of Lieutenant Commander Sheppard, his Nova successor, the situation would’ve gone from bad to worse. Strolling the Promenade together the two got to know each other until his ill cat arrived, forcing him to Sickbay.

Attempting to remain hidden he was caught by a nurse who informed her direct superior, who Kyle was trying to avoid. Being caught the two soon realized they both needed each other in a small way. Together they made it to an exclusive Italian restaurant, hitting it off. At the end of the night Kyle respected Bria’s traditions and began making mental arrangements to returning following the upcoming mission.

Under way the Pegasus was succumbed to a security drill, programmed by Commander Ristone, which was quickly beaten for a passing score of 9 out of 10. Following the drill Kyle couldn’t help but think what Carraya had in store for them.

While the Pegasus continued on with her mission near Carraya a disruption field soon disabled all of the ship’s wireless systems. Working on limited sensors it didn’t take long for the Klingons to physically board the ship. After a battle on the Bridge itself Kyle ended up losing his left arm. With an evacuation to Sickbay surgery was soon initiated.

Waiting for a cloned arm to replace his lost body part, Kyle was fitted with a prosthetic and returned to his post on the Bridge. Manning a combination of helm and weapons the Chief Tactical Officer hopes to keep anything horrible from happening again.

With no further complications the battle group was ordered to return to Star Base Delta. As the cross-trained crew brought the two halves of the Pegasus back together Kyle was receiving his newly cloned arm from Sickbay. Following final docking completion Kyle went to his First Officer and requested his Command Test.

Command Test

After a waiting period of a few days the Command Examination requested by Kyle was being prepared by Commander Azernal. Even though he wasn’t sure what to expect the Lieutenant tried to keep his thoughts together and stay prepared for his calling. He finally got the call whenever he fell asleep on Delta one night.

Responding to the call from Az, Kyle had no idea that he was now on the Pegasus’ holodeck. Rushing to the Bridge he was given the command for an emergency undocking procedure. Not having any confirmation for the orders Kyle confronted the First Officer as he exited the Ready Room. As he determined that nothing was making sense Kyle unintentionally performed a mutiny to, in his opinion, keep the ship out of danger.

Being relieved of duty Kyle confronted the Commander again, and eventually set up a meeting with Nick Ristone. After all that had been done was processed the Chief Tactical Officer was eventually given a second chance. Following a week of classwork with his Commanding Officer, Kyle passed his written examination.

"Occupy Pegasus"

The recent change the Pegasus’s Commanding Officer has recently left Kyle with an uneasy feeling. It was almost as if he felt like his own suggestions as a senior officer, for the betterment of the ship, were being shot down. However, knowing his duty as a Star Fleet officer Kyle was prepared to serve faithfully, at any cost, to Commander Cooper.

At their destination of Weyden a majority of the senior staff boarded the Bellerophon, piloted by Lieutenant Ouse, left Kyle and Cooper amongst green officers. Discovering the sensor net near Weyden had accessed all files pertaining to the crew and the ship’s specifications a high alert sounded in the Chief Tactical Officer’s mind. He then proceeded to suggest a defensive posture.

With the Away Team returning feeling all but exhausted, Kyle couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. Even as his Commanding Officer was worried, he still wanted the team to go back down the following day. With Doctor Macleod called over to help the Philadelphia crew, Kyle was the only remaining Department Head to remain onboard.

The ship’s sensors began to pick up an incoming astronomical body heading toward Weyden. From the flight path, Kyle was able to determine that this had been in the making for millennia, more than likely. Cooper decided the best course of action was to destroy the meteorite, thus saving the population below. With a startling development on the surface, the Bellerophon returned back to her home ship.

Once the Away Team returned to the ship, the Chief Tactical Officer couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. All he had was a gut feeling that the people who came back couldn’t be trusted, even after he was given a suggestion by Ciron himself. Figuring he had no one else to turn to, Kyle took it upon himself to try and figure out what was going on.

Covertly arming himself, Kyle headed for Sickbay to get a word in with their Acting Chief Medical Officer. He figured the best way to prove his theory was by a medical analysis. Somehow, a Crewman Saran was able to see that Kyle had his Type-1 phaser hidden. Security was called and the Chief Tactical Officer was hauled away to the Brig.

Tyra entered Security in an attempt to get a statement out of Kyle. Knowing anything he said wasn’t going to do any good, Kyle figured his best course of action was to keep telling what he knew was the truth no matter how far fetched it would seem. With the Chief of Security gone, Tyler Lawson broke regulation to speak with his friend and find out what was going on. Even after he gave what he had just said again, Ty said he would help Kyle only if his story was backed up by someone else.

As he tried to rest, Kyle’s mind wandered into a dream of where he saw the man he had always wanted to be. He was criticized by that figure and it angered Kyle to argue with himself, when he knew he was right about doing what he did. Awaking suddenly he didn’t know how much time had passed. However, it didn’t matter as Commander Cooper finally arrived. At first glance Kyle thought his career was finished with the seriousness he saw.

In the end, Kyle’s gut feeling was proven to be correct and the two made their way from the holding cells to Sickbay. Ryan had begun planning an elaborate plan to retake the Bridge with the assistance of Douglas Scott, who Kyle was still on the fence about. With everything in place Kyle was given the task of administering his hypospray into Tyra Crawford.

The capture was successful, but there happened to be a few hiccups along the way. In his attempt to inject Tyra, Kyle wasn’t as stealthy as he should’ve been. After receiving a broken nose a last ditch attempt was successfully made to unleash the cure made by Doctor Schwicker. The other problem was Petty Officer Edwards. With his phaser set on kill, he eliminated Ty from the equation with ease, but it wasn’t long before Cooper jumped in.

The phaser gone, a hand-to-hand fight was all that remained. Feeling weak, Kyle couldn’t do anything to help his Commanding Officer. Azernal picked up the weapon, without checking it’s setting, to aim and fire at the Petty Officer. Cooper had chosen the wrong time to jump for another attack as he was hit by the beam that was meant for Edwards. With this second death more anger rose in Kyle. As Lieutenant Ch’alev verbally lashed out at the First Officer, Kyle had him stand down as he knew how the man felt, although he knew it wasn’t the time for that.

At the coordinates from Space Station Sierra 18, there was no longer a station. Chunks of Federation and Klingon debris littered the area, and there wasn’t any reasoning. A file from Star Fleet showed something that helped explain, somewhat, before a new contact emerged on sensors. The USS Chin’toka, under the temporary command of Captain Nick Ristone, closed on the Pegasus’s location. With Commodore Dramar taking over, in light of the current dilemma, the Pegasus joined the Chin’toka in a return course to Star Base Delta.

"Theft of the Chin'toka"

Following their return to the base Kyle, along with every other person onboard, had been required to visit Star Fleet counselors regarding the mutiny and deaths that had taken place. In accordance with the counseling every crewmember had been required to take part in the party that was being planned on the Chin'toka. Without so much as a chance to get with Bria, Kyle ended up going alone.

The Chin'toka party had some interesting bits, but it did come with one piece of knowledge that Kyle took a great liking too. While everyone had been easily able to forgive Commander Azernal only one person wasn't able to give it out freely. Kyle feels as though Azernal got of free even though he mutinied and caused the death of his Commanding Officer. So upon hearing that Nick was being reassigned as the Pegasus captain once again he figured that Azernal was going to be put right back into his place.

The pleasure Kyle gained from this news was unfortunately short lived as base sensors detected an Inquisitor fleet approaching Delta. Even though the crowd housed many officers, there was no denying that a wave of panic hit the Chin'toka Shuttle Bay. In response, each member began to transport to their respective ship to give the attackers an answer they sorely needed. Once arriving on the Pegasus Bridge only Commander Azernal had come aboard. Not having time to wonder why Nick hadn't joined them, Kyle began to focus on the task at hand.

As the Fourth Fleet waited their turns to undock it became clear that the incoming ships weren't real and that the whole thing had been a simulation set up to record their response times. However, during the confusion the USS Chin'toka released from her clamps and began to escape Spacedock. Willing to do whatever it took to stop the escaping Heavy Cruiser, the acting commander ordered Kyle to lock weapons onto both the clamps holding the Pegasus and Philadelphia. With Commodore Clark already sending out orders for weapons not to be fired in the Spacedock, Kyle warned the Commander before he attempted to fire, but was unsuccessful in stopping the First Officer. The first shot was locked into simulation mode, but the second hit into the hull of the Nova. This began to lead to the suspicion of sabotage as the system was designed to not allow such malfunction like that to happen.

Once the base crew finally fixed the problem that had been holding all the ships securely in place, the Pegasus shot off on an intercept course. With Commander Hudson, onboard the Philadelphia, being in command of the flotilla he requested a representative from each ship to transport over and take part in the Strategic Operations Center. Azernal quickly volunteered Kyle to go, and the Chief Tactical Officer saw that as a mistake and his trust in the hybrid dropped once again.

For the remainder of the chase, Kyle remained in the Observation Lounge of the Philadelphia feeling useless. This was even more evident after the flotilla had been attacked by the Chin'toka after pulling them into a cat and mouse game. Upon the successful recapture of the Heavy Cruiser, Kyle elected to remain on the Philadelphia instead of transporting back to the Pegasus during the return to base.


As the crew waited for their next mission the ship received Department Head changes. Rumors had been going around that Tyra had been reassigned, although at the moment Kyle didn't know if it had been true. Eventually time called upon the meeting Nick had set up with his Senior Staff. Once things got started the transfer of both Tyra and Johan quickly came into the light. What Kyle didn't know was that this was about to be his last meeting onboard the Pegasus. Interrupting the meeting, Helmsman Ciron Ouse had information he needed give to the Senior Staff.

Ciron's request for a Leave of Absence had been denied and Nick assigned the task of figuring out the validity of the Yridian's story that the Lieutenant received. To that end, Kyle was paired up with the Chief Engineer to gain information in the shadier areas of the base. With his uniform to be a hindrance on the mission, Kyle returned to his quarters to take an opportunity to change. It was during this time, however, that the Lieutenant Commander found out about his transfer. Deep down Kyle felt frustration at learning it through these means.

Heading straight to the Ready Room, Kyle tried to patiently wait as Nick finished up with Ciron. Once he walked in the aura of the room changed and both men knew why Kyle was walking into this with a PADD in hand. Ristone started off by saying that the transfer was it his request. The distrust that Kyle had in Azernal wasn't something the Pegasus needed at the moment and this caused Nick to take a tough love approach and send Kyle out with the strongest recommendations he could send. Even though Kyle saw this as a completely stupid decision, he knew orders were orders and he was going to carry them out.

Now in the Sol System the wondering of where he was going continued to bug Kyle. After speaking directly with an Admiral at Command his new assignment was clear. Kyle reported to the Academy as a Guest Instructor, but he did so while giving a fight. He kept in close communication with the Admiral that sent him, however with each passing message the Admiral eventually cut ties. Star Fleet no longer considered Kyle fit for space duty and was to remain at the Academy. It was made clear that only a ship's Commanding Officer would be able to transfer him away from his new assignment.

Kyle continued serving as a Guest Instructor, reluctantly at first, and slowly adapted into his new life style. What helped him cope better with his predicament happened to be being assigned quarters on Star Base Alpha. After months of waiting he was finally given orders to report to a starship, however those orders didn’t specify what position he was being assigned as. Despite not knowing what was in store for him, Kyle jumped at the opportunity.

USS Intrepid, CA-1708

Following a meeting with Captain Gabriel Archer, the holes regarding the assignment were quickly filled in. The current Chief Tactical Officer, Leanne Burke, was officially going into maternity leave which resulted in the senior position being vacant. Gracefully accepting his new, and somewhat old, responsibilities Kyle was quickly introduced to one of the new Tactical Officers, Jake Cenn. Not knowing what the Midshipman exactly knew, having overseen some of the training at Star Fleet Academy left Kyle feeling a little better with himself.

"The Best Defense"

Following his being assigned to the ship, the Intrepid received orders to report to the Badlands. The dangerous area of space had been spotted as a potential staging ground for the Krynar forces. Having been equipped with an experimental deflector weapon, based on information from the Gettysburg and Sheridan, the Intrepid and the Dover made there way. Without much information on how the weapon was to be deployed Kyle was joined in the holodeck by a security and tactical team. The purpose of the simulation was to examine the effects of the weapon, and observe how prepared the crew was for a potential boarding.

Despite not having any combat experience against the Krynar, the simulated crew under Kyle's command fared well. Once the prototype weapon was deployed, however, as the power systems began to fluctuate. As the simulated Intrepid continued to punch through the mothership's shields the shard vessels swung around and attacked the ship from behind. Losing the aft phaser bank the damage of the dreadnought was balanced out by the destruction on the holographic Intrepid.

An abandon ship order was given by Kyle as the simulation came to an end. Walking into the debriefing, the joined officers had a round table discussion about their performance. Unfortunately it didn't go all as planned. Lieutenants Darmar and McCormick went at it in a verbal fight, in terms of the new deflector weapon. Despite wanting to see something break out against the engineer, Kyle ended the meeting before the tension escalated.

While on final approach to the Badlands, the ship received a communications burst from the frigate Dover. As the heavy cruiser entered the unstable area of space the Dover remained outside to be concealed from the Krynar, as a surprise if things went sour. As the Krynar came into visual range, Kyle felt confused as they hadn't been detected. In an effort to catch the Krynar off guard, the new weapon had been fired prematurely. With the surprise attacked ineffective, Krynar attack shards began their assault on the Intrepid.

While waiting for a gap to form in the capital ship, Kyle began fighting off the shards with the assistance of Enisgn Tallasa and Lieutenant Commander Read. With the Krynar venting towers exposed, and power at critical levels, there wasn't any choice but to take the available target. Luckily, the shot was dead on and the dreadnought ship began to drift into one of the plasma storms. All that remained were the shards which were easily taken care of by the combined forces of Intrepid and Dover.

During the return trip to Star Base Alpha, Kyle submitted a request to undergo his final training for Strategic Operations. The main reasoning behind the request was to help supplement the growing StratOps staff. As the Chief Tactical Officer transferred back to the Academy to follow through with the training, Star Fleet had already assigned a new officer to take over the Tactical Department. Following the completion of his training Kyle returned, after a uniform change to command crimson, as the Intrepid's Strategic Operations Director.

"The Lying Game"

The stepping stones into command came slowly, as Kyle continued to find his way. However, a diplomatic mission to occupied Tellar was ready to push him to the limit. Their official mission was to transport Vice President Selin Prenn to open talks with the Krynar Confederation. Unofficially, however, a side mission was established to gain intelligence on the Krynar should the peace talks prove to be unsuccessful.

Knowing that stealth would be an asset they could use, Kyle suggested that the Thomas Jefferson, the Intrepid's Cicero-class escort that stood in for the captain's yacht, be put on standby. The small ship had the potential to be less detectable due to her smaller side. With his suggestion approved, Kyle was appointed the escort's commander.

Even as Kyle spent most of the time en-route in his office, primarily as his quarters had been rented out to the Vice President's staff, the journey to Tellar was uneventful. The adjustment into his new position was still going slowly, but it was now possible to enter into a routine. Plus, there was the fact that Kyle liked the fact he was still on starship duty and not tied down to a desk.

The first portion of this time in the Tellar system seemed flow smoothly. Even as Kyle didn't trust Prenn, he had a feeling that the politician felt confident in his objective. A Star Fleet security team, in civilian attire, accompanied the Vice President's own detail. Not knowing what was going on below, Kyle was surprised to hear an immediate beam up request from Prenn's Chief of Staff, West. Immediately after the distress call, transporters and communications became jammed.

Without any other option, a rescue mission was to be undertaken. Kyle would take the Jefferson, loaded with a marine contingent led by Lieutenant John Calhoun, and dive into Tellar's atmosphere. It was risky, with an extreme possibility that it would be a one-way trip, yet Kyle accepted the mission. Requesting that Ensign Pedro Beaumont be reassigned to the escort, for his piloting expertise, the crew was assembled.

The second launch clearance was given, Jefferson shot towards Tellar orbit. However, before they'd even reached their destination the Krynar ordered the support vessel to return to the Intrepid. Knowing his orders, Kyle played along with the family emergency that Gabe had concocted for Lieutenant Kolkar. However, it didn't cause the Krynar to budge and soon after a texted-based message was received, which was indicated to have come from the Vice President Prenn, once again ordering Jefferson to return to port.

Despite the warnings received, Kyle had Ensign Beaumont continue their course. It slightly made the Commander feel nervous as what they were doing was technically illegal. Even as a Krynar dreadnought approached the escort and fired a warning shot Kyle wasn't persuaded from his actions. His own personal victory was short lived as the Krynar eventually attacked the Jefferson, and unfortunately just short of destroyed the small vessel.

Around him, the Jefferson was slowly dying. Main power was gone and unless they could restore some power to the engines, the escort would burn up in Tellar's atmosphere. There was no communications to speak of which essentially meant that Kyle was cut off from the Intrepid and his captain's guidance. Even though standing on his own two feet in command was something Kyle wanted, he just didn't appreciate the time it had come.

Luckily, Intrepid was still in the area and managed to somewhat capture it's support vessel in a tractor beam. It wasn't enough to bring them all the way back, but it did help to stabilize their orbit for the moment. What Kyle didn't expect was for a team of engineers to be beamed aboard with the Intrepid's industrial replicator. Repairs would be done to return the Jefferson to get her back to the Intrepid. Their new orders were to link up with Battle Group Epsilon-1 and rescue the Vice President by force.

As the repairs proceeded, Kyle watched on the tactical display, being displayed on the viewscreen, Intrepid join up with the battle group. It was weird that the heavy cruiser hadn't been able to keep in formation perfectly, as most times that would only be because a tactical link-up wasn't established. Then the unexpected happened. Intrepid was attacked by the very battle group she was with, and it seemed that her shields didn't stand a chance.

Anger filled up in the Commander as he ordered to break orbit. It would mean that the repairs would take longer, but it seemed his own personal feelings were overriding his command judgment. The battle group had broken up into individual shards and the estimates that the computer showed were just overwhelming. One million shard essentially stood between them and their ship, and Kyle honestly didn't think they were even going to make it.

Luck seemed to still be on their side as the first audio communication, since West's final transmission, was received from the Vice President. It seemed that Prenn had managed a cease fire, but Kyle was obviously not sold on the idea. He figured there had to be something more going on, but for the moment he would take whatever he could get. Only Prenn and Lieutenant Darmar had survived, which was another blow. However, they were going to beam up and return to the Intrepid.

Greeting the Vice President in the small transporter room, with an armed security team, Kyle planned on speaking with Prenn to figure out what exactly had taken place below. The Commander didn't buy the story of suicide, but what he got made him even more uncomfortable. Prenn seemed to be willing to do whatever it took to make sure his goals were seen through, even if it mean killing.

Docking with the Intrepid, Kyle made it a priority to make sure Gabe knew about this. They were driven to the possibility that Prenn might've been under some form of Krynar control. Unfortunately, even as Kyle investigated it was an investigation team that had Midshipman Zephyr Praise, a Betazoid, they were never able to completely prove that Prenn wasn't acting out of the ordinary.

The remaining journey to Star Base Alpha was without incident. Upon arrival at the Sol system, the Intrepid was given priority access to dock. Soon afterwards the worst of all fears was realized, a Krynar dreadnought was just outside of Luna orbit. The First Fleet Commander, Dan Wueste, sent out a planetary distress signal and began to mobilize all available ships in the system. Even as the heavy cruiser wasn't completely repaired, she was authorized to take a contingent of Star Base Alpha engineers to join the group. All blew up when the Endeavor had a torpedo misfire that hit a cluster of Krynar shards. The dreadnought turned and hit Luna with an invisible beam, knowing it out of it's orbit on a collision course with Earth.

Fleet Command gave orders for all vessels to regroup at Mars orbit. With no way to save Earth, Captain Archer ordered a direct course to the sun. With time travel being tricky, Kyle relieved the current helmsman to keep precision flying. Eventually emerging a week in the past, the Intrepid was meet by it's past alternate universe counterpart. The ship was commanded by Captain Jaden Hawk, and without warning the ship transformed into the Endeavor. Rolling with the changes, the Endeavor tractored the Intrepid to return to it's correct time.

Back at the correct time, Intrepid was just outside the Tellar system. The Nova, which was serving as the mobile command center for the battle at Tellar, confirmed the Intrepid's identity and authorized Intrepid to receive two warp cores to replace the ones damaged following the time warp. Utilizing the graser weapon, Intrepid helped to remove the Krynar presence from Tellar and subsequently they retreated from Federation space. All ships were ordered back to Star Base Alpha for repair and refit, with word of attack against the Krynar home system.

"Another Drop in the Ocean"

With the Krynar threat eliminated, the Intrepid was given orders to explore a new region of space. Given the recent battles it was a nice relief for Kyle and his shipmates. Strangely upon departure, Captain Archer passed on command of the mission to Kaiser with explicit orders that he wasn't to be disturbed during his time in Science Lab 13. Kyle was just as concerned as everyone else, but he knew the mission had to come first.

With the cataloging going according to plan, sensors picked up a warp signature that wasn't expected. Seeing a new species launch themselves into space was awe-inspiring, as it made Kyle think about what Zefram Cochrane possibly experienced during humanity's first time achieving warp speed. First Contact seemed inevitable and more than what was expected from a simple mapping mission.

Kyle's command re-certification was still fresh in his mind and warranted is caution that he recommended to his friend, and Acting Commanding Officer. Despite his warning, communication was established with the world of Adhira. Instead of the expected world leader the speaker was the warp project leader, a man named Fankiir. Fankiir seemed friendly and offered the Intrepid crew a tour of the Vjeeiak warp facility.

Commander Kaiser choose to lead the away team, despite his current standing as the most senior officer onboard. Duty bound, Kyle pointed out that it was against regulations for the First Officer to lead the team, however he was overruled. Dietrich used his command authority to decide that it was necessary for the Commanding Officer to attend the First Contact mission.

Essentially in command for the first time, Kyle received authorization to examine the rest of the Adhira system. As the heavy cruiser was underway, Kyle took in the knowledge that the chain of command was shaky at best given the absence of Commanders Kaiser and Jackson. The duties of First Officer technically feel to the ship's Chief Tactical Officer, but Jennifer Sheppard felt as though she wasn't needed on the Bridge since her promotion to Department Head status wasn't necessary. Using his authority, Kyle field promoted junior Lieutenant Korl to full Lieutenant and position of First Officer. While the position was only temporary, Kyle told the Brikar that if Captain Archer had no qualms with the field promotion that he could solidify it upon his return.

Scans of Adhira's moon began to show the possibility of a second species that occupied Adhira. The disturbing thought was that they were possibly slaves, and that a civil war was in the process of developing on Adhira. It was disturbing to think that Kaiser could be in the middle of it, and Kyle's fears seemed to be confirmed as the away team's life signs began to disappear. Shortly afterwards, the Intrepid received an emergency hail from the First Officer for an emergency beam out.

Not wanting to wait a second more than necessary, Kyle ordered Ensign Rage to bring the ship about to Adhira orbit. Only Kaiser and Yannor was able to be beamed up, and as Kyle entered Sickbay he noticed that is superior officer was in a dangerous state. There wasn't any guarantees that he'd survive surgery, and Kyle was being thrusted into full command of the ship. The hardest part was Kyle having to deal with Grand Potentate Raza, who had contacted the ship.

As the talks developed, Kyle invited Raza onboard the ship to talk things out. Despite the fact he wasn't entirely trained in diplomacy, Kyle was interested in trying to solve the potential civil war down below through the diplomacy process. Unfortunately, Raza wanted the Intrepid's help in dealing with the people he called "terrorists". Being a direct violation of the Prime Directive, Kyle denied the request and tried to return to diplomacy.

The plan was thrown into chaos as Science Officer Jadaris blatantly accused Raza in trying to fight the civil war. Fed up, Raza decided to return to his planet and informed Kyle that he couldn't guarantee the safety of the Star Fleet personnel being held by the Minon. Needing to take control of the situation, Kyle ordered Korl to take the Thomas Jefferson down to the detected Minon underwater base and retrieve their people.

The only Star Fleet casualty was Lieutenant Hill. It was heart breaking, but he was glad Raza would be punished for his crimes. As the Intrepid returned to base, Kyle was happy to return to his duties as Strategic Operations Director. However, there was a part of him that longed for another taste of the center chair.

More to come when this has played out in game...

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Starship Piloting, Medical Doctorate, Certification in Strategic Operations
Academy Minor(s): Starship Weaponary & Operations
Hobbies and Pastimes: Participating in Late 23rd Century to Mid 24th Century Star Fleet Missions onboard the USS Enterprise on the holodeck. Favorite holodeck program is the simulation of Wolf 359 to find out if the battle could have been one before the Enterprise arrived.
Short-Term Goals: Regain the trust he had in Commander Rin Azernal. Earn his own starship command.
Long-Term Goals: To reach the flag officer ranks and assume a position at Star Fleet Tactical Command.
Personality: Kyle is cautious and careful but is willing to take advantage of a situation if needed.
Sense of Humor: Likes other people telling jokes, but Kyle can’t tell a joke to save his life.
Phobias: Arachnophobia
Likes: Being on duty and a part of the action that goes on.
Dislikes: Cardassians for the death of his mother.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Liars, cheaters, and people who would steal from him.
Achievements: Graduating High School as Salutatorian.
Disappointments: Whenever a friend gets something he deserved when they didn’t earn it.
Illnesses: Jinkarie telepathic disease on Sierra-18.
Strengths: Being able to pilot a starship in almost an condition.
Weaknesses: The ability to control his feeling when he causes himself to fail.
Fears: Letting down the people he cares about.
Prejudices: Cardassians
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: When off duty on board starship/station Kyle tends to wear his uniform as he feels like he could always be ready to go back on duty if he is needed while off duty. However, on shore leave he wears a loose comfortable T-Shirt and a nice pair of jeans.
Distinguishing Features: Scar from a tattoo that symbolized his ex-girlfriend.
Pets: Cat named Kitty, currently on Earth
Friends: Gabriel Archer, Dietrich Kaiser, and his fellow Intrepid shipmates

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Finally learning about his mother’s death.
Best Time: Commanding the USS Thomas Jefferson.
Most Crucial Experience: Getting his dad to let him join Star Fleet.
Role Model: Captain James T. Kirk

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20908.09 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Tactical Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 20908.09 – 20911.01 Midshipman Midshipman
Tactical Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 20911.01 – 21005.02 Ensign Ensign
Tactical Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 20912.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 21003.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Tactical Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 21005.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Tactical Officer USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 21005.02 – 21008.27 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Acting Chief Tactical Officer USS Nova, BB-106 21005.23 Transferred
Acting Chief Tactical Officer USS Nova, BB-106 21008.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Nova, BB-106 21008.27 – 21105.22 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21010.07 Transferred
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21012.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21101.03 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21104.15 Short Story Participant Short Story Participant
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21105.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21105.22 – 21302.26 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21201.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21205.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Chief Tactical Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21206.26 Transferred
Chief Tactical Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21209.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21211.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Tactical Officer USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21301.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21302.26 – 21503.28 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21303.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21311.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21403.02 Annual Citation of Excellence Annual Citation of Excellence
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21404.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21408.01 Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21409.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21501.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Strategic Operations Director USS Intrepid, CA-1708 21501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
Tactical Assessment Officer Star Fleet Tactical Command 21503.28 Commander Commander
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 2
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 3
Gold Star Gold Star 4
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 8
Short Story Participant Short Story Participant 1
Annual Citation of Excellence Annual Citation of Excellence 1

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