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Dana Davenport
Mid Dana Davenport.jpg
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Biographical Attributes
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
72.6 kg (160 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark brown
Layered bob
Curvy, healthy
Facial Hair:
United Federation of Planets
Manchester, England, Earth
Familial Relationships
Walter Davenport
Melissa Davenport
Status of Parents:
One brother, Mackie Davenport age 35
Marital Status:

Personal History

Dana was born in Manchester, England. She had a really happy early childhood. Her parents were scientists and worked for Star Fleet. They sometimes went away and Dana would go with them. Mackie, her brother would stay at home. Although he loved his parents and Dana’s fascination with the stars and space, he had no desire himself to be out there. Dana always found it funny her brother wanted to stay on earth.

Dana's parents passed away when she was 12 years old, they were on an away mission and were killed in an explosion. Her brother then took responsibility for her and did a fine job of caring for her. They have a really close bond and despite being very different, Mackie has always understood Dana’s desire to be in Star Fleet. He also made sure that Dana worked hard at school and she did very well academically. Dana was by nature very nosey, always asking questions, reading and coming up with ideas. Her interest in others was matched only by that of space.

She met her best friend Lt Momo when they were aged 18. They hit it off instantly and a close friendship developed. They met through a work colleague of Mackie, at a party. It was one of the first ‘adult’ parties Dana had been to, she was a hit with the younger enforcement officers, flirted and had a great night. Momo was dancing and Dana had spilled a drink on the other young woman. They had stared at each other as Dana apologised and offered to pay for Momo’s dress to be cleaned but Momo had laughed it off and the friendship began. They did not get to spend much time together – Momo lived in America and was consumed by her passion for genetics. She reminded Dana of her parents when she spoke about her work. Now they communicated by journal logs, Dana missed seeing her friend and knowing they were not that far from each other.

Dana married when she was aged 20, her husband was also planning to enter Star Fleet, he was an engineering student and they had lots of plans to be posted together in the future. Mackie was not supportive of the marriage and neither were the parents of Paul, there was considerable conflict in the families but this did not deter either of them. Dana was head strong, confident and always trusted her instincts. Paul was in love and both of them were sure this was a relationship that would stand the test of time. Dana was devastated when Paul was killed. He had gone out with Mackie for an evening, Mackie told her Paul was mistaken for an officer on his squad, was shot and died instantly. They had only been married for 6 months.

Dana dealt with the loss of Paul as she did with her parents deaths. She threw herself further into her studies and planned for the future. She cried, slept, developed a taste for rum and coke (usually calling it Frum for some reason) and gave herself time and space to process what had happened. If you asked her she would say her life experiences had been good, sad and challenging. She would not have it any other way

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Psychology, Psychiatry, Communication, Relationships, Body Language
Academy Minor(s): Stella Cartography, Negotiation & Conflict in Cultural Differences
Hobbies and Pastimes: Puzzles, swimming, reading, ancient history
Short-Term Goals: To succeed at her posting
Long-Term Goals: To secure a Ships Counsellor posting
Personality: Friendly, approachable, honest, reliable, direct and loyal. Dana is able to empathise and can often sense what others are thinking and feeling
Sense of Humor: Very good - Dana thinks she is the funniest person she knows. Little sarcastic but never cruel. Observational type humour
Phobias: Clowns
Likes: Laughing, being challenged, food, swimming
Dislikes: Quitters, being bored
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Coffee is not quite the same in space
Achievements: Getting married and coping with my husbands sudden death
Disappointments: Not being able to sing or run fast
Illnesses: Little eczema, hayfever, nothing to worry about
Strengths: Humour, leadership skills, fairness
Weaknesses: Expects a lot from herself and can be very self critical
Fears: Clowns, Borg, fire
Prejudices: Impulsive risk takers
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Casual
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo across lower back of purple vine
Pets: None
Friends: Lt Momo

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Paul dying 6 months after the marriage
Best Time: Being accepted at the Academy, this has given Dana a chance to develop her potential and progress with her career. It is also the chance to start fresh after the loss of her husband
Most Crucial Experience: Dana delivered her neighbours child four years ago. This experience restored the balance of life and death for her
Role Model: Mackie Davenport, her brother, for taking care of her, supporting and pushing her to join the academy and move forward

Career History

Stardate 20901.30 - Graduated, Medical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20901.30 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned to, Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18

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