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Alec Daher
Career Occupation
Sniper/Assault Specialist, Star Fleet Special Intelligence Services
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Star Fleet Registration:
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Joseph Daher
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
89.4 kg (197 lb.)
Eye Color:
Alec has dark brown eyes. They are the same shade as his hair.
Hair Color:
Alec’s hair is dark brown, almost black.
He wears a Marine Corps “High and Tight” fade. To achieve this, he usually has to get his head shaved every two weeks.
Alec is in excellent physical shape. His height is equally matched by his bold musculature.
Alec has an olive complexion and slightly darker skin tone than his brother, Joseph.
Facial Hair:
None. Alec is always clean shaven as per Star Fleet Marine Corps regulations.
Alec has a very loud and commanding voice common of most Marine NCOs.
United Federation of Planets
USS Houma, NCC-65522
Familial Relationships
Frank Daher
Amy Daher
Status of Parents:
Joseph’s parents are retired Star Fleet officers who met in high school in New Orleans. After retiring from Star Fleet, they returned to their home in Uptown New Orleans, Earth.
Alec has one brother and one sister. Joseph, 44, is the commanding officer of the USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 and commander of the 2nd Battle Group. Anna, 35, is a civilian attorney for the Federation
Marital Status:

Personal History

Alec was born on Stardate 17504.17 on the USS Houma, an old New Orleans Class frigate that was approaching mothball status. Like his brother, Joe, he grew up around everything Star Fleet. However, after sneaking out of his Quarters late at night (like he and his brother often did) and finding himself face to face with a small detachment of Star Fleet Marines, he was greatly impressed and found out everything he could about the history of the Star Fleet Marine Corps.

Intrigued by their long and proud traditions, Alec enlisted in the Corps at the age of 17 with his parents’ blessing. While his brother was just beginning his tour on the USS Gettysburg as a junior tactical officer, Daher attended basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina. While at boot, he met Scott Grable and immediately became best friends with his fellow recruit. After completing the grueling “Crucible”, Alec earned the title of “Marine.”

Private Daher then went to Camp Lejuene, North Carolina to attend his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) classes. After completing the MOS course for infantrymen, Daher was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal and assigned to the Federation embassy on Vulcan. After serving for two years at the embassy, he passed his NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) test and was promoted to the rank of Corporal. He was later reassigned to the marine base at Quantico, VA as an MP.

Two years later, the Marine Corps sent a small group of marines to serve aboard the USS Sheridan, a destroyer, (marine detachments normally do not serve on ships of that size) under the command of 1st Lieutenant Will Bateson. Daher was promoted to Sergeant and assigned as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) to the small marine unit. He served aboard the Sheridan for another year and a half with his brother, Joseph, who was the Executive Officer of the ship at the time.

On Stardate 20502.03, Sergeant Alec Daher was assigned to the USS Comet, BB-102 as the Company Sergeant for a small battalion of marines.

After serving for a few years on the Comet, Alec took a Leave of Absence from Star Fleet until Stardate 20708.16 when he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and assigned to the USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 and attached to their Criminal Investigations Division.

After successfully completing his first mission aboard the Gettysburg, Alec was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant on Stardate 20803.18.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Infantryman.
Academy Minor(s): N/A
Hobbies and Pastimes: Alec’s main hobby is martial arts and specifically the Korean defense form of Kuk Sool Won. He also likes to train with different weapons systems - he is an expert marksman and fully rated in most particle rifles used in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
Short-Term Goals: Alec hopes to become a Drill Instructor at Parris Island someday.
Long-Term Goals: Eventually retire and maybe raise a family.
Personality: Alec’s personality is strict and rigid, like the Marine Corps itself.
Sense of Humor: His humor is crude and sometimes vulgar.
Phobias: None
Likes: Alec likes discipline, uniformity, and his rifle.
Dislikes: Sloppiness and quitters.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Smoking
Bad Habits or Vices: Swears sometimes
Achievements: His greatest achievement so far is reaching the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.
Illnesses: He has had no major illnesses except the common children ones (Chicken Pox, etc.), however, he was injured in a live-fire training exercise during his MOS training.
Strengths: Daher is an excellent shot with most Federation and allied rifles. He rarely ever misses a target with a few exceptions, one of which he ended up shooting his brother’s wife in the shoulder. The Sheridan’s Cargo Bay had been taken hostage and Alec was part of the team to retake it. Hiding in the access tubes above the bay, he took aim at the Orion boarding party’s leader and fired at him with his sniper rifle. However, just as he squeezed the trigger, Commander Jessica Hunter-Daher had moved in between the bullet and its target, wounding her instead.
Weaknesses: Alec can be very arrogant sometimes; especially when it comes to the Marine Corps.
Prejudices: Squids (a nickname given to Navy fleeters by marines)
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: When off-duty, Alec prefers to wear Marine PT (Physical Training) gear – green skivvies, sweatpants, and tennis shoes.
Distinguishing Features: Alec is almost indistinguishable from his brother, Joseph. In fact, he has been mistaken for his brother on many occasions.
Pets: Alec had a Golden Retriever, Demore, that died when he was 3 years old.
Friends: Alec’s best friend is Scott Grable. They met during basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina, one of the SFMC's recruiting depots.

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