Curzon Dax

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Curzon Dax, on his deathbed

Curzon Dax was a joined Trill, and the seventh host of the Dax symbiont from 2286 to 2367.

Living past his 100th birthday, Curzon was a top ambassador for the Federation. He conducted early negotiations between the Federation and the Klingons, and represented the Federation at the Khitomer Conference. Forming close relationships with Klingons after the Conference, one of them made Curzon as his first child's godfather and namesake. A troublemaker and a lover, the Curzon host of Dax was as well-known for this as he was known for his Ambassador work. Curzon Dax was said to have led a very long and full life. According to the next Dax host, Jadzia, Curzon was known to fall in love with someone new every week.

Curzon died of strain incurred while seeking "jamaharon" on Risa in 2367. His final days were spent in a hospital room yelling at the doctors and friends who were trying to keep him alive. He finally died as his family assembled at his bedside, as the symbiont was removed and implanted in a new host, Jadzia Dax.