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Adam Cross
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Biographical Attributes
175 cm (5 ft. 9 in.)
90.7 kg (200 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Shaved head and a well trimmed goatee
Broad shoulders and a thick chest
Deep and commanding
United Federation of Planets
York, Maine
Familial Relationships
Jonathan Cross
Alexis Cross
Status of Parents:
Father alive and retired, mother deceased.
None, he is an only child
Marital Status:

Personal History

Adam was born to Alexis and Jonathan Cross on Halloween morning in a small town outside of Portland Maine. His father was the local sheriff; his mother ran a small bed and breakfast looking out on the ocean. He lived a comfortable small town life with a good strong upbringing.

Growing up Adam always pictured himself staying local, his fascination with anything that moved lent to him filling the roll of mechanic in those dreams. Regrettably his dream was smashed when his mother was found murdered late one night just after his sixteenth birthday. No one knew why she was killed and that alone infuriated him. He pushed his father to find her killer, and when he came up dry time and time again Adam began to resent him. In his mind more should have been done, and he was angry about it.

By some miracle he maintained his perfect grades, despite him acting out in any way he could to show his frustration. He quit the swim team, one that relied on him as captain to go to the finals. He would steel his father’s old hover bike and roam around at all times of the day and night, the rush of going twice as fast as he could sate the pain he felt. He hung out with the wrong crowd and was busted on more than one occasion for petty crimes. Thanks to his father’s position it all got swept under the rug, but this large favor always came attached to a long drawn out lecture of how Adam was ruining his life and that next time he wouldn’t be there to help him. Jonathan knew how hard his son was taking it and he was going what he thought was right in protecting him.

Several months after graduating a recruiter came to town, singing the need of the fleet and offering every man of age dreams of glory. When he found Adam, the boy’s first thought was how he could use it to get back at the person who tore apart his family. The recruiter sang the praises of the Security division, that in a few short years he would have the training to come back and ‘clean up this town’. Adam liked that and submitted his application. When the recruiter saw his academic and extracurricular records he immediately tore up the enlistment sheet and took him aside. Speaking to Adam in the most serious tone he could muster he explained the great things he could do as an officer, that in four short years he could be out of the academy and roaming the universe making it safe for everyone. Adam had stars in his eyes by the time the man was done.

He mustered everything he could and passed the entrance exam, leaving the small town of York and his father behind to start his new life. In San Francisco the instructors quickly took Adams roughness and began to polish it, forging his raw talent into a tool. While he had a rough beginning he soon found he liked the structure and order, a clear contrast to his personal rebellion, a fresh start. He soon adapted and went headstrong into his academics, focusing on Investigation. He graduated in the top 10 percentile of his class, changing from a hoodlum to a well articulated by the books officer.

During his time at the academy Adam was able to make amends with his father, realizing his anger was not at the senior Cross, but at the criminal who killed his mother. The men have made peace and talk as much as possible.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Criminal Investigation
Academy Minor(s): Assault tactics and Damage control
Hobbies and Pastimes: Adam has been an avid swimmer since he was very young, using it as his primary source of exercise. He was once called a gear head growing up, and while he did not keep up with engineering, he still prefers to operate and work on his own vehicles, specifically hover bikes. He is a bit of an adrenaline junky, looking for a new thrill.
Short-Term Goals: to get field experience in a security department and show off his leadership skills.
Long-Term Goals: Avenge the death of his mother and try to make the federation safer.
Personality: Adam can come off cold and rigid, and he likes that image using it to ‘keep him safe’. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and those able to get close to him can see it is only a cold exterior. Inside he cares deeply about people and wants to do his best. He is career orientated, avoiding personal romantic relationships so he can focus on the job at hand with little distractions. While he is eager for promotion and progress he is more concerned with getting the job done right.

Adam is very curious; from his father he was told. He wants to know everything happening around to him to the point of sometimes coming off nosey. He is doing his best to restrain this and use it as a tool rather than letting it get him in trouble.

He claims his strong morals came from his mother, and as such he will do what he sees as right. Deep down Adam knows he is trying to make up for his less then flattering history. To others he justifies his perceived self righteousness with words like duty and honor.
Sense of Humor: Adam is easy to laugh with friends; though around strangers and those he doesn’t know well he can be seen as cold. He can be very sarcastic, both as humor and to show his unhappiness with the situation at hand.
Phobias: he fears ridicule and being looked down on
Likes: Adam enjoys a cold beer at the end of a shift with a small number of close friends. He also has a weakness for mystery novels and holo programs.
Dislikes: Adam can’t stand when the justice system fails at any point. When someone that is guilty goes free his blood boils.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Adam can be a no nonsense kind of guy and because of this he can’t stand poor performance and slackness in ones responsibilities, the important ones at least.
Achievements: Adam was the captain of his swim team by the sophomore year of high school. He graduated with high marks from both high school and the academy and was a lead cadet in several Security related Academy clubs. Adam is a top rating marksman, a skill that took hours of practice to accomplish.
Disappointments: from the age of sixteen to his entrance into the academy he was a headstrong delinquent doing his best to get himself in trouble. He has outgrown this and wishes he could take it all back, especially the anger towards his father.
Illnesses: Adam has not suffered any major illnesses or diseases and has a standard immune system.
Strengths: Adam is a strong leader and a dogged investigator. During several simulations at the academy he spent hours above and beyond what was expected to find out the truth.
Weaknesses: Internally Adam is a worrier. He finds himself concerned of what everyone thinks about him. To his superiors he hopes he is seen as an asset and a candidate for promotion. To those under him he hopes they seem him as a strong leader, someone to be loyal to. He worries whenever someone gives even a hint of a negative though
Fears: Adam fears he will never find his mothers killer; that he will die not knowing the truth.
Prejudices: Adam does his best to keep open-minded, though some say he can have a heavy hand with those guilty of a crime.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Typically he wears jeans and a collared shirt with boots
Distinguishing Features: Adam has a small scar on his forehead from a hover bike accident. He survived it but the bike was totaled. He chose to keep the mark as a reminder that he wasn’t invincible. Adam is left handed, favoring most activities with it.
Pets: A Black and white cat Autumn. He has had her since right before leaving for the academy and has grown very fond of her.
Friends: David Polson, he grew up with Adam and when Adam chose the academy, David went with the local police force. While they do their best staying in touch, they don’t talk as much as they used to.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The loss of his mother.
Best Time: Those moments he is flying down the road on a hover bike, no thought of the consequences.
Most Crucial Experience: saying yes to the academy and then making peace with his father.
Role Model: Sherlock Holmes

Career History

Stardate 21108.21 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy and assigned, USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Stardate 21110.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Copernicus, GEC-9035

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