Crawford, Bryan

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Bryan Crawford
Career Occupation
Security Attaché
USS Philadelphia, FSV-66053
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Tyra Crawford
205 lbs
Eye Color:
Ice blue with green and purple flacks and a gold ring around the iris.
Hair Color:
Neat and trim
Athletic, and muscular.
Facial Hair:
Light scruff
A warm southern drawl
Stillwater, OK, Earth
Familial Relationships
Jeremy Crawford
Tonya Crawford
Status of Parents:
Captain Tonya Crawford recently been reassigned to Starfleet Medical, while Rear Admiral Jeremy Crawford is a CO of the USS Guadalajara, although he is once again contemplating retirement.
Aurora, 42
Marital Status:
Married to Jenny
Carly, 1

Personal History

Early Life

Bryan was born in Stillwater, OK shortly after his father received an assignment to Starfleet HQ on Earth. He is the youngest of his parents’ biological children and the only son out of four children. Because of that, his mother doted on him constantly, truly treating him as the baby, and his father was exceptionally proud of nearly everything he did.

At the age of 8, his family endured a great tragedy, which significantly changed the dynamic. While coming home from a late holo-movie while visiting Luna, his older sister, Carly, was killed and his second oldest sister, Tyra, was brutally injured, resulting in a three month coma. His father suffered from extreme grief and guilt following the incident as he was suppose to have been with the girls but a last minute holo meeting had required his attention. His relationships with his children were never the same after that – he became over protective and overly critical, demanding perfection from each of them. It severely altered how Bryan viewed his family and their expectations.

Bryan coped with this new dynamic by becoming unruly and difficult. In contrast to his sister’s anger, he hid behind jokes and laughs. He was rarely ever serious and was known for being a practical joker. This earned him a great deal of popularity during school but if he was honest, there were few fellow students that really knew him.

Academy Years

Despite a lack of extreme effort, Bryan was a highly intelligent individual, who did excel in areas that he deemed important. At the age of 18, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy, and while his father had demanded he join the engineering or tactical training tracts, he decided to follow his sister’s path. Academically, he was a model student with great talent for the field but he seemed equally as incapable of staying out of trouble. Whether it was an ill-advised bar fight or smarting off to an instructor, he was a regular in the commandant’s office. On more than one occasion, his father stepped in to prevent him from receiving too harsh of a punishment, though it probably had the opposite of the desired effect. Bryan was lucky he was able to graduate and most likely, if it were not for his father, he would have been kicked out well before graduation.

Starbase Alpha

Bryan’s stint on Alpha was far smoother than his time in training had been. His supervisor, a crusty lieutenant with more than 20 years in the Fleet, had made it his mission to beat Bryan into an acceptable and disciplined officer. He was the first that truly took the time to understand where Bryan’s issues came from and to attempt to help him find a better coping mechanism.

While by no means perfect, Bryan left Alpha with far more displine than he had entered with. He was still prone to his temper getting the better of him but he no longer allowed it to beat him. He still occasionally made calculated errors, which resulted in getting his butt kicked by a suspect on more than one occasion, but he was being shaped into a good security officer.

USS Eerie

Following his assignment to Alpha, he was assigned as a security officer to the USS Eerie during the Krynar War. The Eerie was assigned to maintain patrols of the Romulan Neutral Zone, though they did see the occasional action. They were present during the Battle of Tellar, though they did not participate in the ground effort. Bryan has always viewed this assignment as his father’s way of keeping one of his children off the frontlines since his sister was a primary actor in some of the wars largest battles. It has been a point of contentious with his father ever since.

USS Artemis

After the end of the Krynar War, he was transferred to the USS Artemis as ACOS. Bryan handled the administrative duties of the role admirably but still occasionally let his temper get the better of him. During one of those occasions, he allowed a situation to escalate to the point that he took a roundhouse kick to the head from a drunk. While Bryan was easily able to neutralize the situation, he ended up in Sickbay with a concussion. After being cleared, he was sent to his quarters, where he found his longtime girlfriend in bed with the COS. Three days later, he requested a transfer to anywhere that had an opening; his CO, having been made aware of the situation, did not fight the request and assisted Bryan in securing a position on Bravo.

USS Gettysburg

Bryan’s time on Bravo was absolutely uneventful, except for meeting one Zephyr Praise. Had the circumstances been different, Bryan felt they might have been able to develop a relationship beyond friendship but he was worried that they were just rebounds for each other. While assigned to Bravo, Bryan was recruited to assist in the rescue of Jenny Braggins. Following its success, Admiral Braggins offered Bryan one favor, which he used to be assigned to the USS Gettysburg. He chose the Gettysburg because of his sister, wanting to be close to her during her pregnancy even though she wasn’t overly receptive of the assignment. However, while Bryan’s relationship with his father might be strained, his relationship with his sister is ironclad and he won’t leave her to deal with life on her own.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Tactics/Advanced Interrogation
Academy Minor(s): Investigations
Hobbies and Pastimes: Drawing, reading and working out.
Long-Term Goals: To be promoted to COS
Personality: Bryan is a warm, friendly individual with an evident mischievous streak. He enjoys being around people and has the reputation of being a ladies’ man, even though he certainly doesn’t intend for that.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic but good natured
Phobias: Betrayal
Likes: Adventure, a good laugh, and good company
Dislikes: Cheaters
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Excessive egos
Bad Habits or Vices: Scratches the back of his head when nervous, Easily flustered by women.
Achievements: Cracking a large smuggling ring while on Alpha
Disappointments: The death of his sister and his family’s inability to cope with it.
Illnesses: N/A
Strengths: Strong, quick witted and creative
Weaknesses: Temper
Fears: Being betrayed
Prejudices: Romulans
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Comfort, jeans and t-shirts
Distinguishing Features: Two tattoos
Pets: Fen, a Groenendael, who accompanies him on all of his assignments. Fen was a gift from a

previous girlfriend.
Friends: Bryan has a number of close friends, almost all security officers. He’s generally quite popular with the ladies, which causing issues when he really just wants to be friends.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The death of his sister and the realization that his girlfriend cheated on him
Best Time: His time on Alpha
Most Crucial Experience: The mentoring he received on Alpha.
Role Model: His sister, Tyra. She has managed to climb from a lowly security officer to a decorated war veteran to a commanding officer. While he knows that it hasn’t been without its pains and losses, he hopes that he can make her proud while he continues to develop.

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