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Róisín Cord
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
140 lbs
Hair Color:
Strawberry blonde
Wavy down to shoulders
slim and curvy
Facial Hair:
Faint freckles across the nose to her cheek bones
Soft and pleasant normally. Strong and commanding when stressed or upset.
Ballynoe, Mariposa
Familial Relationships
Charles Cord
Bébhinn Andrews-Cord
Status of Parents:
Mother deceased. Father alive and well in Ballynoe
Half-brother Thomas 28, Andrew 26, Half-brother-Curt 23, Half-sister-Miach 22, Sadhbh 20
Marital Status:
Tristan, age 12, living with his father, Frank, in Ballynoe.

Personal History

Róisín (pronounced RO sheen), was born first of a second generation of Mariposan/Bringloidi union. The Mariposa colony was an Earth colony located on the class M planet Mariposa, located in the Ficus sector. The colony was established in the mid-22nd century from the remains of the colony ship SS Mariposa, the colony's namesake.

Mariposa History - Although originally intended to be established by a group of technology-savvy scientists, this all changed when the Mariposa began its planetary descent. As the ship attempted to land, the hull of the ship was breached and only five of the original colonists survived. Since the colonists knew that two women and three men could not sustain a society, they looked to science to survive and turned to cloning. Future generations later referred to them as the "progenitors". However, in the process of repetitive cloning, they have abandoned the practice of sexual reproduction entirely. After generations of this cloning they began to suffer from replicative fading and the need to find new DNA to clone became imperative.

Bringloidi History - The Bringloidi's are also descended from the Mariposa. There were two colonies aboard the ship. In 2365, the 223 inhabitants who inhabited the colony, and called themselves the Bringloidi, left the colony when Bringloid, this system's primary, entered a period of severe flare activity in 2365 and were relocated to the Mariposa colony, another lost Earth colony in the Ficus sector. In the end it was decided and agreed to merge the two colonies on the planet Mariposa. However, both would have to make changes. To encourage genetic diversity, both polygamy and polyandry will be permitted and encouraged for several generations (each person would take 3 spouses).

Róisín's early childhood was fairly normal, considering she was the oldest of her siblings. When she was 5, Charles, Bébhinn, and a close nit team of agriculturists decided to design a new settlement using the permaculture approach. As the settlement thrived, it was given the name Ballynoe, meaning "the new settlement". Róisín loved the outdoors and working close with her father, but her duties mainly kept her close to the home helping her mother with her younger brothers and sisters. Róisín didn't complain, she loved her mother and her siblings, and it prepared her for her future.

When Róisín was 10, her mother bedridden in her last month of pregnancy, and her father off at the capital, she took on the responsibilities of the household. As she was preparing the home for the new baby, she heard her mother scream out. Running to her mother's room, she found her in a lot of pain due to early labor. She contacted her father but it would be another hour and a half before he could arrive home. She tried to make her mother as comfortable as possible. She knew what was needed to be ready, remembering when Curt and Miach were born. In between caring for her mother, she kept her brothers and sisters occupied with various activities. Once her father arrived with the Dr., he took over. Róisín went into the family room with the other children and tried to study, since exams were a week away. Several hours later she heard the door open and her father coming through with a baby in his arms. Róisín blue eyes were on her father's face and not the baby, however. Crystalline tears were falling down his cheeks as he introduced them to their new sister. Róisín didn't hesitate but ran to her mother's room and stood at the door as the Dr. was pulling the sheet over her face.

Róisín's life changed at that moment. She continued her schoolwork and was exceptional at it but she also took care of her siblings from that point on. She was angry at everything it seemed like. She was angry at herself for not saving her mother, angry at her father for not being there, angry at her mother for leaving her. Most of all she was angry at a government that made it obligatory for women to have children. She buried her head in her books.

In high school she excelled in her studies, but the downside was she didn't make friends. She became a loner. The anger stayed with her through these years though and she let it out in inappropriate ways. She started hurting herself, first by pinching places on her body hard enough to leave bruises. After awhile she turned to cutting, not deeply, just enough to see the blood. One day, a boy named Frank, who had tried to be her friend, found her behind the school building cutting herself. She yelled and screamed at him to go away but the damage was done. Frank told his father who worked with Róisín's father. Charles, who became a workaholic since his wife died, was despondent on what had been happening with Róisín. Not knowing what to do he talked with the counselor at the high school. With much prodding and arguments, Róisín finally agreed to talk with her. It was to change her life.

Though it wasn't a cure, Róisín did stop cutting herself. She learned new ways to cope with her anger and started taking dual-credit courses in psychiatry. She wanted to help others as she was helped. Once she graduated high school, she was determined to go into this field in college, but fate had other thoughts in mind. Over the years in High School, she and Frank became friends, even though at first she wanted nothing to do with him because of what he did. They married when High School was over and attended college together. Nine months later, Róisín gave birth to Tristan. As she was in labor, her thoughts were of her mother the last time she saw her and at that moment decided this was the only "obligatory" child she would have. The anger had returned that she had buried and feeling that the counseling she received didn't help, she changed her major to biology and chemistry. The next three years found her excelling in her classes but her marriage failing. Frank couldn't understand why she didn't want more children, coming from a big family herself. He saw how she doted on her siblings and even on Tristan and could tell she loved children. Róisín made a decision once college was over that she wanted a divorce. She needed to "escape" this planet that made such laws where women can die from an "obligation" to populate the land. She packed up her bags and booked passage on the next cargo ship after graduation to arrive, leaving Tristan with his father. She arrived on Starbase 73 where she stayed the summer and was introduced to the idea of starfleet. She met Greg Erickson there who was a starfleet doctor. They spent many hours together talking about their lives. Many times she watched him work and it helped her make the decision to be a doctor. With Greg's help she applied to Starfleet Academy and hopped a transport to Earth. After passing her physical and interview, Róisín was accepted into Starfleet's medical program.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Xenobiology, Internal Medicine and Surgery, Trauma specialization
Academy Minor(s): Psychiatric Medicine, Forensic Pathology and Psychology
Hobbies and Pastimes: reading when she finds the time
Short-Term Goals: To be the best Starfleet officer she can be
Long-Term Goals: To use her knowledge and training to try to save people
Personality: outgoing and cheerful on the outside
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic
Phobias: pregnancy and delivery
Likes: swimming and computer games
Dislikes: being told she has to do something just because it's the norm.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: "yes men"
Bad Habits or Vices: She has a bad habit of isolating when upset or stressed
Achievements: Getting into Starfleet Academy
Disappointments: Not being able to help her mother.
Illnesses: normal childhood illnesses
Strengths: Focused on her profession and need to continue learning.
Weaknesses: Losing her temper when cornered
Fears: Being alone for the rest of her life, though it's a choice she's made
Prejudices: psychiatry in general
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Róisín is rarely out of uniform but when relaxed she goes back to her roots of the outdoors in jeans shorts or pants and a t-shirt
Pets: None
Friends: Greg Erickson

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When her mother died giving birth to Sadhbh
Most Crucial Experience: Talking with the high school counselor about her anger and learning new coping techniques. Giving birth to Tristan. Arriving on Starbase 73 and meeting Greg
Role Model: Deanna Troi - psychiatry is still Róisín's first love and hopes to one day conquer her prejudice about it, hoping to one day help others as Deanna does

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