Copernicus Mission 03: "The Borg Conduit"

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Stardate 20409.25

As soon as Captain Godard took the command of the USS Copernicus, she was asked to go in a nebula where a Borg transwarp conduit has been discovered by the USS Republic.

After months of testing, Star Fleet has determined, through sending dozens of probes through the conduit, that it is stable and set to a fixed point, and ordered the USS Copernicus to explore it.

However, inside the conduit the USS Copernicus met with difficulties and she is ejected of the conduit. The crew is now into the Magellanic Cloud with a damaged ship. While they were doing repair, a vessel hidden by a holographic-asteroid shell is for to collide with them. To avoid it, the crew fire on the asteroid. The vessel lost her shell, but her technology allowed them to take a hostage. Captain Godard sent an away team on the planet where they brought the hostage. It cost to them the life of 6 security officers and the seventh came back mysteriously to life after a clinical death, but the hostage is free and the crew escaped the aliens.

Then Captain Godard promised to her fiancé, and against the logic, to return into the Milky Way by the Borg Corridor. Even if the pre-test showed that it will be very risky, Godard ordered to try the Borg corridor again. Once again, the ship is badly damaged and 87 people died.

Captain's Logs

Capt Elisa Godard

Stardate 20403.12

Stardate 20403.12

I received my first mission as soon as I get the Copernicus. The rear Admiral Gage, my former Captain sends us in the Nebula PC-963. There we will find Borg installation and survey it… In fact, we would find a transwarp conduit. I’m looking forward to know if it’s true or not.

Stardate 20403.19 I have done a tour of my ship. I met many people and one reached my attention. Ensign Terys is working on an interesting project that I think Mr Becker would like to help and become a kind of mentor. With Prolog FO, the CEO place is free. It’s tempting to offer John Becker the position. I fear that he become bored to follow me. I have to find how and where he can be happier. The CMO is now aboard on the ship. So my crew is complete. I’m amazed by the diversity of the species I have aboard. And I can hide that their behavior and culture are sometime funny. The CTO and CSO are human though, and are working well on the bridge. The COS, is… errr… problematic… I have some worry. He fainted on the bridge. The doctor said he was ok, but I wonder if he feels ok. I have to learn about Klingon culture. I’m not sure that he is happy on a science vessel.

We have an intruder aboard. I don’t know how long the security will take to catch him or her. The shorter it will be the best. It’s an occasion to see how LCdr Avark’s method are good.

We are just arrived at the nebula.

End log.

Stardate 20403.31

Stardate 20403.31

We are now inside the Nebula PC-963, heading to a Borg’s installation. I got the coordinates from another Star Fleet ship, USS Vespucci. We are supposed to meet the USS Horus.

I did my first meeting with my seniors crew. It was… not what I thought it could be. I gave information about the mission. We will work on the hub then try the passage it will open. I thought they would manifest more their enthusiast or worries, but they acted like… startfleet officers! However, I suspect Prolog to put himself into a maintenance mode…LCdr Avark acted very oddly. He asked help of the doctor. And, he gave me his Combadge and he put himself off duty until he managed some personal problems. I’m waiting a report…

Stardate 20404.29

Stardate 20404.29

Captain Elisa Godard Recording.

We have reached the installation. At the first sight it’s very impressive. Captain Lovur comes here with an ex-drone. He helped us to prepare our ship for a long travel. The simulation in holodeck seems perfect.

Two things aren’t thought. First we have storms over storms here. I’m not lucky. After that an report assured me that LCdr Avark didn’t kill the Cardassian and that I promoted him to second officer, the CMO, LCdr Munroe had been in contact with a virus or bacteria. She is now in stasis and my FO, Prolog started to have some difficulty. I sent him in engineering room for a full check-up., The second officer, LCdr Avark will act by interim until we found out what Prolog is suffering…

Stardate 20406.05

Stardate 20406.05

We entered into the Borg conduit but we were kicked out. A colony of Tribbles is not strange to your problem.

The ship suffered of minor hull breaches, but no causalities have been reported… Expected… The computer started to act oddly. It seemed to have developed a personality. At the beginning I didn’t mind of it. I even found it funny, remembering me Prolog. However I should have paid more attention at this new characteristic. I realized it when I got a conversation with it. It started to be mean and take pleasure to spread chaos.

I think that it is not stranger to Prolog’s illness. I have the strong feeling that the computer was programmed to isolated me by disabling Prolog and then using of psychology to force my SO to put some punishable act.

With this conviction in mind, I rushed towards LCdr Avark and used the same ruse than the computer. As I couldn’t take the risk to say clearly my intention to disable the computer, I found another way which it cost me a leg. The core of the primary computer is destroyed. With it, probably a lot of evidence. I may have acted too quickly, but here the situation is not a garden of rose. We are lost, without possibility of returning. And now I have to face my crew… They are wonderful, doing their job as if it was a routine. I just hope they will forgive me.

End logs.

Stardate 20406.25

Stardate 20406.25

We have fired and hurt an asteroid. It appears to be a shield device or such form a unknown vessel. No sooner we saw them than we lost our energy, excepted the support live and the artificial gravity.

Something puzzles me. All batteries die as soon as we start to use them, but Prolog who has been repaired, seems to work properly. I think now that his illness was from the anomaly we have encountered or from the alien vessel. To be safe, I took the decision to demote him, fearing that he can be used by the Aliens.

Those aliens didn’t show real hostility though. I’m sure they have the power and the technology to destroy the Copernicus but they didn’t. I’m sending the Helium and the Xenon to make a first contact, hoping that we can find a way to communicate with them without using arsenal.

End logs…

Stardate 20407.29

Stardate 20407.29

I’m with a cultural shock.

The alien showed their hostility by kidnapping our only pregnant woman aboard : the LCdr Lacey. I fear the worst thinking at why they chose her. I can’t abandon my officer.

Following them, we arrived into a solar system. We found and heavy traffic, but no one pay attention to us. They ignore all our communication. They seem to be preoccupied for a kind of event.

I have sent 2 shuttles… LCdr Avark, acting on his own, had succeeded to teleport his team aboard of an alien ship. Since I’m without news. I only know that the ship left the orbit to land on the planet. So I ordered Prolog to go there, and probably miss the whole point about the Prime directive.

While they are away, the engineers are working to find a way to block their purple light. I also asked to continue the scan around here. Data can be precious… if a day we return into the Milky Way.

End log.

Stardate 20408.29

Stardate 20408.29

The away team went on the planet where things turned very bad for them. Avark with Lt Rostov and five other security members fought and died. However the rest of the team succeeded to save LCdr Lacey and returned back to the Copernicus. We had to fight a little, but hostility stopped suddenly. I brought the ship near the Tarantula Nebula NGC 2070 the time to repair the ship, and give rest to the crew. We all need a break.

We got coordinates which supposed to be the doors from home. As it’s about only 2 years of the system solar that we have been victim of hostility, I will return there only when my crew and the ship full ready, as it may be a trap. But I have to verify, for the crew who wants to return home. I can’t miss a chance like that… Stardate 20409.25 We finally manage to return in the Milky way. The last few weeks we managed to fix impulse propulsion. I hope to have the warpcore online soon and reach the Starbase Alpha where we are waited

Tactical again have worked without losing their sangfroid, Lt Keless and LCdr Ferguson have mastered their skills, except the moment we have been all unconscious. Prolog managed to pilot the ship and kept her in one piece.

The security has the most lost among the crew. However by miracle or whatever, Cdr Avark came back to life. He is still out of duty. I won’t take him back of duty until he recovered more memory. Here a report from the security :

[Message ID: Q44328-A332 To: Captain Elisa Godard; Commander Prolog From: Lieutenant Frederick T Martin, senior officer, Security Department Stardate: 20409.13 Subject: Requested report on status of security department, stardates 20404.01 through 20409.13

Message follows:

Following is the official security department activity report for the above mentioned range of stardates.

-Shortly after we left starbase, a Cardassian saboteur was found aboard. Apparently the suspect had been hiding and had managed to mask himself from sensors for several months. He was pursued by members of security and chased to Deck 3, Cabin 13, by the Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Avark. The suspect, in his effort to escape fired on Lieutenant Junior Grade Susan Caffery, who was in this cabin, wounding her fatally. He was then intercepted by Midshipman Shard Vinzz and taken into custody.

-Lieutenant Commander Avark relieved himself of duty for medical and personal reasons following the above, placing Lieutenant Frederick T. Martin in command of Security. He was found, shortly thereafter to have had a parasitic being growing in his cranial cavity—apparently related to a previous mission before he arrived aboard the USS Copernicus.

-Meanwhile, according to logs, the Security Office was cleared of all personnel save Midshipman Shard Vinzz, who was left to guard the prisoner by himself. Reasons for the above are unknown, however a short time later, the prisoner was beamed out of Cell #1 of the security brig, utilizing Lieutenant Commander Avark's security codes, and beamed to the Holodeck, where he was apparently engaged in some sort of melee combat program with Lieutenant Imrix Trem, the Chief Engineer. The prisoner was fatally wounded, and the Chief Engineer very nearly so.

-Medical successfully removed the parasite from Lieutenant Commander Avark's cranium and he was returned to active duty. An investigation into the events in the holodeck revealed that Trem had been acting independently, and somehow had the proper clearances to perform the previously mentioned tasks.

-There was a report of phaser fire in Lieutenant Commander Ariana Lacey's quarters. Crewmen Will Jones and Tommy Lee Smith were dispatched. Upon arrival, they found the COS armed and acting irrationally. After Crewman Jones successfully removed the CSO from the room, the COS fired on Crewman Smith, wounding him fatally. Smith was later revived in Sickbay.

-The Captain entered the scene and managed to lead the COS out of the room. Exact details of what occurred are vague, but indications from reports from various crew indicate that the Captain led the COS to the main computer core. The COS injured two crew members who were guarding this area at the time, and then fired upon the Captain, missing her and destroying the computer core. In the explosion the Captain was seriously injured and the COS escaped.

-Lieutenant Commander Avark was arrested a short time later on the main bridge by Ensign Shard Vinzz, and placed into the brig pending a full inquiry. The primary arresting charge was the Murder of Crewman Tommy Lee Smith.

-Sometime later, while the security department was being run by the newly appointed Assistant Chief of Security, Lieutenant Junior Grade Shard Vinzz, the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ariana Lacey, was abducted from the Bridge. Under orders from the Captain, Lieutenant Commander Avark was released and re-instated as Chief of Security.

-Lieutenant Commander Avark led one security team while Lieutenant Junor Grade Vinzz led another team. The second team was there to provide security to a first-contact team being sent to try to negotiate for the release of Lieutenant Commander Lacey. Unfortunately they never had the opportunity as the assault team led by Lieutenant Commander Avark beamed to the alien planet ahead of them and attempted to initiate a rescue operation. He lost a team of five senior assault officers in his attempt.

-The crews were both subjected to an alien 'olympics' of sorts, where Avark was required to participate in gladiatorial games where he was to face three foes, in a fight to gain the freedom of the Chief Science Officer. In this event he was fatally wounded.

-After fleeing the planet, there have been a series of personal attacks and at least two possible murders aboard the ship. These are at present under Investigation.


The Engineering room has been quite busy. LCdr Trem has suffered of a kind of multiple personality problem after has been electrocuted. LCdr Jackson like Lt Vinzz worked for the sake of the ship, giving heart and soul to make things running well…

Big deception in science. With our computer problem, I’m afraid that we had lost more than 80% of Magellanic’s Cloud. It’s terrible. However, LCdr Lacey pregnancy seem going well. She is taking pounds each day, I can see it. Ensign Abaa's knowledge helped us to redo the transwarp. It was chaotic and risky. Too much in my opinion to do it again. I will refuse to do it again.

In Medical, Ens Tru attracted my attention, the way she is working made of her a wonderful doctor. The neurologist Berringer replaced my leg, he also helped Avark.

Without the skill of each member of the crew, we never had been able to do what we did. Their acts must be notified, I will work on that way as soon as I get the Starbase...

End logs.

Crew Logs


COS LCdr Avark

Stardate 20403.11

LCdr Avark Chief of Security's Personal Log, Stardate 20403.11, Lieutenant Commander Avark:

Thus far the security personnel of this vessel seem to be meeting the requirements set by me. There have been some very minor morale problems, but they were quickly overcome. Lieutenant Caffery has been a great asset in managing the staff, and has helped the transition to be smooth.

Our first few days have been rather busy. Firstly, during a meeting, the ship suddenly fell out of warp, and I mistakenly assumed it was an attack and put the ship on Red Alert. This was quickly remedied, but I suffered some personal embarrassment and a minor medical problem, which I will discuss further later.

And then, as we approached the Tansec system I was informed of a rape having taken place. The victim was one of my own, Crewman First Class Amy Tudesky. Her service record indicates that she has been a model crewman up to this point, and I hope that she recovers quickly. The suspect, one Ensign Steven Hartmann of engineering has been sent to Earth on the USS Agincourt along with a statement from Miss Tudesky and the forensic evidence. Part of me would have preferred to have handled this on the ship, but had we found the man guilty we may have had to keep him confined for an extended period before returning to base. As such I decided to transfer him off. Should he be found innocent then the fleet can either re-assign him or he can rejoin the ship after our mission.

I have no idea what our current mission is or will bring, as the senior staff has yet to be briefed by our new Captain, which brings up the next point...

Our new Captain is Elisabeth Godard. She has a good record, having come up through the Engineering ranks, however I personally have some concerns about her stability and about her impressions of me.

I first met her in the Transporter room, where she ordered me to mate with her. And then shortly afterward in the turbolift she questioned why I was assigned to a Science ship—insinuating that I had done something wrong in my career to have been assigned here. I can only assume that there is something in my file which reflects poorly on me with regards to the events of Tharos III, and as such will have to work that much harder to improve my record from here on out.

Back to the Observation Lounge. I experienced extreme dizziness and collapsed. The incident only lasted a few moments, and I do not know what caused it. However a few hours ago on the Bridge of all places I once again lost consciousness. This time it was for a longer period and from what I have been told there was some sort of cardiac failure relating to it. However during my unconsciousness I experienced visions of the kind that I had on Tharos III, only more intense. And apparently during these visions I left sickbay, returned to my office, and then made my way to quarters.

On the way I injured a junior Science Officer, and passed out in a turbolift, where I was found by one of my security officers, Amanda Fondelmi. Susan averted some of the embarrassment by dealing with the woman after the fact, and found me in my, no 'our' quarters and is trying to help me. She sent me to bed to rest.

During my rest time, our new Captain visited, apparently to check on my status. Susan and her exchanged some pleasant words, and Susan told me that the Captain's order to mate with me had been a linguistic misunderstanding. I must explain to her that this is not a good way to greet a Klingon before someone accepts her offer.

Meanwhile things with Susan seem to be doing okay, but they could be better. She seems to be experimenting with some Klingon rituals and techniques, and although I appreciate her desire to understand, I liked her the way she was. She is a formidable woman, and a very strong spirit.

Now I am apparently to undergo medical examinations to ascertain my ability to perform my duties. I was ordered here by our new Captain, and the orders are being enforced by Susan. I dare not defy either of them. However I find the whole thought of such examinations completely uncomfortable and embarrassing. I am capable of performing my duties just fine.

End log.

Stardate 20404.18

LCdr Avark Chief of Security's Personal Log, Stardate 20403.18, Lieutenant Commander Avark:

Well I was found to be medically fit, however I am required to be injected each day with something that the doctor describes as something to keep me level, so that I have no further attacks. I find the process embarrassing and diminishing, and do not know yet if I will continue it. He said that they would seek out the cause of these attacks and attempt to find a way to correct the problem. Hopefully that will be less uncomfortable for me than these daily treatments. At least I am able to deal with it myself in quarters and am not subjected to having the entire sickbay witness it.

Personally, everything else is going well. Things with Susan are good. She has become very aggressive of late. She was aggressive to start with, and it seems that lately her level of interest and aggressiveness has gone up exponentially. It nearly seems that all she wants is physical contact when we are alone. Although we did have a very good talk the other day.

The Captain and I have discussed her statement to me in the Transporter Room and I now understand that it was a linguistic error. And I have explained the nature of her statements, much to her discomfort. I believe we are past that and can continue to have a good working relationship.

On another note, we have a saboteur on board, and we suspect a Cardassian stow-away. Midshipman Vinzz, one of my newest, is at present leading a task force comprised of himself and eight of our more elite officers on a hunt in the Engineering section. I have initiated General Quarters Three and am monitoring all teams from the Security Office, and coordinating their activities. I only hope that we find the culprit before any further incidents occur, and without anyone getting hurt.

I am certain we will be victorious. We have an excellent team. I doubt that ten Cardassian saboteurs would be a threat to us.

End Log.

Stardate 20403.27

LCdr Avark Personal Log, Avark, Stardate 20403.27:

Much has changed since my last log entry, only a short time ago…

Firstly, I have lost my beloved, and nearly my reason to live…

We were pursuing the Cardassian saboteur through the ship, and I was in close pursuit of him. By some unfortunate coincidence he ended up entering my quarters. As I came out of the hatchway I watched him fire a disruptor at Susan, and watched her die before me. I beamed her to sickbay, but it was too late for her. She was pronounced dead on arrival.

I also found out that she had been pregnant with twin fetuses. One of them has died, the other apparently lives. The fetus is somewhat damaged but the doctors seem convinced that there is no permanent damage, and they are seeking another woman to carry it. I am uncertain as to how I feel about this concept, however if it allows my child to live, then I will accept it. I only hope that the available ‘host’ is someone who I can be comfortable with and trust.

My beloved is dead.

How can I continue without her? She was a guiding light in this sea of darkness we call life. And with my brain disorder getting worse I do not know how to cope. If they cannot cure me of this, then my career is over, and I will have to consider Hegh bat before I get much worse. My life will be empty without her, and I do not know if I can continue—yet I must because of this child.

I meditated properly today for the first time in weeks. I believe it helped me to maintain control, however the visions I had while doing it were somewhat disturbing. I have reached a mental crossroads, and the choices I make in the near future will, apparently, have a major impact on my future, both personally and professionally.

I have relieved myself of all duties, and put myself on temporary leave. Although I am still on the ship, I am no longer a Lieutenant Commander and no longer the Chief of Security. My Captain has lost confidence in me, and for good reason. I cannot serve her—at least not until these other matters have been resolved.

If I get through this crisis I shall devote myself completely to my duty as a Star Fleet Officer and a parent.

End log.

Stardate 20404.08

LCdr Avark Chief of Security Personal Log, Stardate 20404.08, LCdr Avark Reporting:

Since my last log entry my world has fallen apart.

After the loss of my beloved, I was attacked by some sort of alien parasite, which apparently had been growing in my brainstem for some time. I don't know how I know this, all I can assume is that it relates to the telepathy I was experiencing with Trem.

The creature has been remove, leaving me with tainted vision. I cannot see correctly, and therefore may be forced to permanently seek another career. How can I effectively be a security officer without perfect vision?

Apparently there is an investigation into the whole incident with the Cardassian as there should be, and my quarters are under security lockdown, so I cannot even go there. I do not think I would want to anyway. Too many memories reside there.

I must find something to live for. I have lost my beloved. I have lost my ability to perform my duties.

I will meditate and find my path—I hope.

End log.

Stardate 20404.15

LCdr Avark Personal Log, Lieutenant Commander Avark, Chief of Security, Stardate 20404.15:

Once again everything seems to have changed, but at least for the most part it seems to be a change for the better.

Firstly, I found out that one of the fetuses within Susan survived, and it is presently in stasis. Lieutenant Commander Lacey has volunteered to be the surrogate and carry the child to term, so I shall be a father. I will owe her so much—perhaps my own life—after this is over, and I only hope that I can find a way to repay her.

Next, I celebrated my 26th birthday, but not quite as I would have planned or hoped. In front of a group of guests to our ship which included a Bolian Captain, a Vulcan woman, and a Borg—apparently one who is no longer a Borg if that is possible—I was forced, by my Captain, to be blindfolded and swing a painstick, which I had to old backwards, at a hanging model of a Ferengi warship. Each time I struck the model I received an electrical jolt from the stick, which although I found the pain invigorating, also pushed me into a full battle rage—which I rather enjoyed. The problem is that I ended up hitting the Bolian Captain. Fortunately he was not injured and I seem to have recovered my vision.

Our mission is to explore a Borg station.

But MY mission is to ensure the safety of my child, and therefore LCdr Lacey. And to find a way to honor the fallen dead—namely Susan and the unborn son she was carrying. I only hope I can find a way to do her memory justice…

Now I must go to spend time with Lacey and be there during the procedures—provided I am allowed and my other duties permit.

End log.

Stardate 20404.23

LCdr Avark Personal Log, Lieutenant Commander Avark, Chief of Security/Second Officer/Pseudo-Acting-First Officer, Stardate 20404.23:

This ship is an ever changing place…

Since my last log entry, I have been promoted to Second Officer, the procedures with Commander Lacey and the fetus have begun, and our First Officer has broken down—literally. My guess is his batteries are dead. [Chuckle]

So I have been left in command of the vessel while the Captain is in the holodeck on a training program with Ferguson.

My first time in the center seat has been, to say the least, a bit hectic and unpredictable.

Our CMO released a biotoxin in the morgue, so has been confined there under quarantine until the situation can be resolved.

We detected what appeared to be a cloaked vessel and I put the ship on red alert. And then we lost the signal. The probe returned from the Borg station and also disappeared, so I am thinking that the 'cloaked ship' is in the vicinity and perhaps still a threat.

I have ordered the Copernicus to move closer, and for Lieutenant Keless, our resident super-telepath, to scan for minds, and see if he can find anyone.

Meanwhile I have decided that I like the Copernicus, and can call it home, despite the bad things that have happened—or perhaps BECAUSE of them. I am unsure which.

Only time will tell…

End Log.

Stardate 20406.04

LCdr Avark Personal Log, Avark, Stardate 20406.04:

Begin recording…

I once said this ship is my home. Now it is my prison. I have been relieved of duty and confined to my own brig, by the overzealous Andorian Assistant LtJG Shard Vinzz. The charge: Attempted Murder.

The Copernicus is lost somewhere, I do not know where. And since this mission began we have had one failure or another. Some have been technological, and others have been personnel related. I myself have made many errors.

The transplantation of my child into LCdr Lacey—Ariana—I must remember that she prefers that I call her that—was successful. Shortly later, I was on the bridge, and the Captain and Ariana both reported in and started working. Knowing that they had not had any rest in over 24 hours, and of Ariana's condition, I was understandably concerned. I managed to convince them both, but only after an embarrassing exchange on the bridge, to take some needed rest.

I then called key members of our teams to the bridge, and, as Acting First Officer, I assigned them tasks appropriately. I could have done it over the COMM, but with the malfunctions in our computer—which I will mention shortly—I did not want to trust the COMM system.

The computer was malfunctioning. It appeared to have developed a personality, and a very fragile one. It was… affectionate… toward me and certain other members, and downright hostile toward others.

Ariana had left the bridge in a bad way, and I found myself concerned for her, so I left the bridge to Trem. I felt he was the best man for the job—and I trusted him. Lt Ferguson appeared somewhat displeased, and I can understand why—however I do not know him as well, and at this juncture I felt it best to have someone I trusted implicitly taking command.

I left the bridge and reported to Ariana's quarters, where I attempted to speak to her of the situation, and explain why I had relieved her and ordered her to rest. During this time the computer continued to malfunction, and then what I can only describe as an apparition appeared. It resembled my Susan, however it was not. The behavior and language were all wrong.

Due to my lack of meditation, and lack of proper rest, over the past few days… added to the stresses of what had been going on—including the loss of Susan and one of the unborn children—I overreacted, and fired on the apparition. I vaporized Ariana's couch but the apparition approached me still.

Two security crewmen burst into the room, one taking Ariana to safety, and the other drawing a weapon on me and demanding that I stand down. But I was too far gone. My battle rage was in full force and purely on instinct I turned and fired on the man.

The computer apparently erected a forcefield as the shot went off, and the man suffered a severe stun and fell to the deck. I later learned that he was dead, but had been revived by sickbay. The Captain burst into Ariana's quarters—I still do not know how she knew what was happening, and will have to ask her if I get to speak with her again—and proceeded to demand that I mate with her and to strike me while saying choQ repetitively. Somehow through the fog of my Klingon rage, I understood the term "Deck 12" from what she was doing.

She led me out of the room, and then, when we got to the corridor, she deprived me of my commbadge, along with taking her own off, and then threw them on the floor and bolted into a maintenance crawlspace. I followed in a raged pursuit. I was not sure at that moment why I was following her, but I was angry, and had I caught her, I am certain she would have been injured.

On Deck 12 we emerged and she ran into the computer room where the primary core is maintained. As we were at red alert for a reason I still do not know, there were two guards at the door. They attempted to stop me. I assaulted one of them, knocking him down, and took both their phasers and burst through the door. Somehow Doctor Talis was also in pursuit and entered the room just as I fired on our Captain with both phasers on full power.

She ducked luckily, and the shots hit the core dead on, causing a massive explosion and bringing a ceiling brace—which obviously was not properly attached—down upon her. Talis attempted to stun me but did not get a direct hit, and only partially paralyzed me.

With my assistance he got her to safety, and I recovered a commbadge and headed for the bridge, calling on LCdr Lacey to meet me there.

Upon arriving at the bridge, I was finding out from Trem what was happening, but before he could explain it, LtJG Vinzz burst onto the bridge with three armed guards, and placed me under arrest for the Murder of Crewman Smith—the security crewman from Ariana's quarters.

I was led to the brig, and the charges were dropped to Attempted Murder as the man apparently was revived.

I must note that right before I fired on the Crewman I perceived a change in the air in the room, and also the scent of the man changed. I am convinced that something is going on here that I do not yet perceive, but I have yet to figure out what it might be.

I have since been in the brig and have had my wounds treated by a medical officer.

I have lost my honor. I have lost the respect of the crew. And I have lost my career. More importantly I have lost my home and my family—the USS Copernicus and her crew.

As I record this log, I am considering the Heghbat. It is not normally performed unless a deforming physical injury has occurred, however I believe that what I have suffered is as bad as, if not worse than that.

There is little hope of return to the Federation, where I might seek a transfer or resign. There is little hope of my being acquitted. There is little to live for—other than my unborn daughter.

And I do not think I should be a parent. I have requested that Ariana visit me. I intend to ask her to care for the child. I am no father. I would not make a suitable parent.

All I can hope for is a fast death, rather than spending the rest of my life rotting away in this cell.

Eng log.


Mid Vinzz

Stardate unknown

Mid Vinzz Personal Log, Shard Vinzz. Gold Encryption Coding.

"What a day! First I get the whirlwind tour of the back-end of the Federation, just to find I've been assigned to a science ship that just relocated from the Cardassian Frontier. Then, after all the rushing to catch them, I arrive in the middle of Third Watch, and everyone is either off duty or off ship, partying at Starbase Bravo, and I can't even report in!

They'd never put up with this in the Andorian Home Fleet!

Anyway, after a quick cabin assignment and a few hours of sleep, I finally get to go meet my new Head of Department—who turns out to be some arrogant Klingon whack job named Avark.

Personal Note: Remember to message home and have Big Brother run a check on this Avark; see if he comes from any Klingon Family of consequence. Wouldn't do to get on the wrong side of someone with the ear of the High Council, or something. He might even be a good business contact.

So, I go and meet this Avark the Frelling Klingon—and he's having breakfast with the Captain! A little tiny slip of a woman—I'm sure that either Avark or myself could just pick her up and snap her in two! Well, Avark could. I'd probably be able to toss her across the room though!

Anyway, Avark and myself are joined by another Andorian...

Personal Note: Look her up, later.

...and the three of us start talking about this puzzle the fem has. She's discovered that a phaser and a tricorder have gone missing, and someone's been using a cargo bay replicator to make a few snacks.

And the Klingon is dumping this Federation-Shaking Mystery on me. Shard Vinzz. Pride of Clan Vinzz, Top Comet at Flight School, Cadet Instructor of Arctic Survival Techniques.

Oh, yeah. I've made the big-time, now.

Well, to make a long story even longer, it turns out that my new ship—the U.S.S. Copernicus—on it's way out of the Cardassian sector, got attacked by a few Cardie ships. Attacked and Boarded, for Gozz' sake! And, now, a few days later, it looked like there were a few still left aboard.

On second thought, if this is what Klingon-led Security is like, I don't know what we of the Federation were ever afraid of.

So, I'm the one who figures out that there is a Cardassian stowaway on board, and Avark gives me command of the tactical squads to go out looking for the Cardie. Then, while I'm standing around like an idiot giving my men a briefing, the frelling Cardie pops up and gets himself chased by Avark—who chases the Cardie right into his own quarters, where the Cardie goes and burns down Avarks human lover!

If Avark were Andorian I'd suspect he set that all up just to rid himself of an unwanted lover, but I don't think Klingons are that twisted; if he was tired of her, he'd have just snapped her neck and claimed it was an accident during sex. Brrrrr.

So, the Cardie burns down the Klingon's Par'machai, and that's when I catch up to him and beat him senseless. I broke his jaw—though I didn't confirm that until later.

Avark and his woman beam off to Sickbay, while me and my team drag the Cardie off to the Brig. End of story, right? Wrong.

I figure that this Avark fellow will come charging into the Security office any second with blood in his eyes and a dagger in his paw—you know how Klingons are about revenge. So I tried a few things I remembered from my anthropology studies to try and defuse things. I clear the office, so that if Avark comes in roaring there won't be any witnesses—except yours truly—I put some of the Cardie's blood on Avarks dagger and have it sent to him, so that he can be shown that his honor is safe, because his weapons—the TacSquad under his command, specifically, and the bloody dagger, figuratively—have taken out his enemy.

So I'm standing there, all alone, expecting to have to face down an angry klingon—and, are there any other kind of klingon? -- me, a mere Midshipman, yet—when suddenly the Cardassian is beamed right out of the Brig Security Cell!

I mean what the Frack! What kind of a frelling security cell is it that let's it's contents be beamed out while the forcefields are active?! I'm going to send a message to the Chief Naval Architect back at the Andorian Shipyards to look into this! I certainly hope that Andorian made security cells are better secured than these Earth-built ones!

So I locate the Cardie—who's been beamed to a holodeck, I'd assumed, by Avark. Instead of doing a site-to-site myself—after all, I respect Avark's need for vengeance; I'd do the same in his place! -- I decide to take the time to run down to the holodeck; give Avark the time he needs to do what needs to be done.

Only, when I get there, it's this Trill engineer I'd met earlier inside the holodeck with the Cardie. The Cardie is sliced up, laying on the floor, dead, and the Trill is down, leaking all over the floor.

So there I am, thinking to get my Klingon commander into my debt by covering for him while he slices up the killer of his lover—but instead I end up with a leaky Trill, who appears to have killed the Cardie for the sheer fun of it! I thought I had a grasp of what to expect from aliens, but this just throws me for a loop.

But, a good plan is a good plan, no matter who it's sprung on, so I carried through and reported that the Cardie had managed his own escape to the holodeck, where he ran into the Trill, who then, in a fit of Patriotism, beat the Cardassian to death with a Bat'leth—which the Trill just happened to be holding, at the time.

Hmm. It still wouldn't be too difficult to frame Avark for the killing....

So that's the story I give Avark, and later, once the Trill is up and about, that's the story I tell him, too. Now I just have to hope he's smart enough to jump on the sled.

I've modified the computer records to show that, instead of the Trill authorizing the Cardassian's beam out from security, it was the same unauthorized coding used by the Cardie to access the replicator, for food. And I've even gone so far as to replicate a Ferengi style personal site-to-site transport controller, programmed it to access our transporters with the Cardie coding—so it will look like he managed his own escape. The controller is an old, fairly common design; I used one, years ago, to get around, when I was interning at the family industrial complex. I'll just claim I found it on the Cardies body, and that it's just the kind of infiltration equipment that a Cardie would carry.

Well, it's time to go be debriefed by the Captain. Either I'll be able to plow her under this snowdrift—and Avark and his Trill pal will owe me, big time—or I'll end up drummed out of Star Fleet; on my first assignment.

Appropriate ending, I suppose, for a Son who couldn't protect his Parents. Gozz be With Me.

End Log. Gold Encryption Sequencing Confirmed.

Lt Areack Jackson

Stardate 20405.30

Lt Jackson Personal log, Jackson, Areack Lieutenant. Stardate: 20405.30

This is my second mission aboard the Copernicus. I was surprised to see my cousin Jacob Johnson walk into Engineering upon departure, seems he has joined Star Fleet as an engineer. I am proud to be working with him; he has shown skill and promise. However he let his hatred get the best of him and I will address that occasion later.

We started our mission by heading to the Tansec sector to acquire our new captain. Seems Capt. Syntranos has been given command of the Gettysburg. Our new captain is Elisa Goddard, a former engineer.

After picking up Capt. Goddard we proceeded to the location of a captured Transwarp portal. We were going to be the guinea pigs in a Transwarp experiment. To help us in this mission 4 of 17, a former drone, was assigned to assist. Jacob apparently lost a friend in the Borg attack on earth and is very spiteful towards the Borg.

When we entered the transwarp portal the combination of a tribble infestation and a lightning bolt caused us to miss our target and go too far. Our exact location hasn't been pinned down yet but the telemetry reports I have skimmed over place us VERY far from home.

Adding to that pressure the computer seemed to acquire a personality. I found this amazing; I tried to become the computer's friend and did. Later I found that LCdr. Avark and Capt. Goddard had destroyed the main core, killing the computers personality. I admit that I was angry at them for destroying the computers personality. But I know that Capt. Goddard and LCdr Avark did what they thought was best and that is good enough for me. I trust the captain to do her duty to the best of her ability and that is good enough for me, even when I disagree with her methods.

I hope to search through the debris of the main computer core, find what caused the personality, and hopefully implement it onto my shuttles computer.

Duty calls.


Stardate 20407.15

Lt Jackson Personal log, Jackson, Areack Lieutenant. Stardate: 20407.15

A few things of interest have happened since my last log. We were engaged by an alien ship which disabled us by using a purple beam. All electronic functions were inhibited by the weapon except for life support, anti-matter containment and the force fields in the brig. The crew was forced to operate using only glow-sticks and manual tools. I must say the engineering staff preformed admirably, they followed orders and did their duties the best they could with out any power. I later learned that the shuttles had been unaffected by the beam and were sent out to board the alien ship.

After about half an hour a shimmering, purple wave swept through the ship rendering every one unconscious for a few minutes, including those aboard the runabout and shuttle that were outside the ship. When we awoke the the aliens had abducted LCdr. Lacey, the CSO. We gave chase and arrived in a system swarming with the alien ships, however they ignored us and proceeded to send their crew members down the planet where a large number of the aliens were gathering.

I began work on a shield modification that would render the purple weapon ineffective. However I was called on an away mission to recrew the runabout after LCdr. Avark and his team beamed down to the planet. I left Jacob to finish the shields and arrived at the transporter room where Lt. Ferguson, Cdr. Prolog and I beamed over to the runabout, named Xenon, I suppose after the element. Once we arrived Cdr. Prolog ordered me to mask our signature as to be less detectable by the alien ships.

I had better end this log and finish up the task I was given.


Mid Vreean Abaa

Stardate 20408.18

Mid Abaa Personal Log, Stardate 20408.18, Midshipman Vreean Abaa Recording

Lieutenant Commander Lacey was successfully recovered from the alien abduction. She feels guilty for the lives lost during her rescue. In time, I hope that she can come to peace with it. Doctor Talis was correct, it was our duty, perhaps even a privilege to go after her. It’s all part of what the Terrans like to say: ‘It’s what makes us human.’ My duties, such as they have been, I have not really had any substantial contact with my DH. I can only wish…and pray that she and her baby will do well.

To Lieutenant Commander Avark, ‘Was today a good day to die?” Of course the answer is obvious. You were a Klingon, you fell in battle for your shipmates. I’m sure it was a glorious battle! I wonder…who announced your arrival to Sto-Vo-Kor? I would have liked to have met you. Though from the emotions that were displayed in sickbay, I feel that I have met you a little…Qap’la

My first Bridge experience…

All I know, is that I did the best that I could. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I could obtain (or use for that matter) a telepathic contact from orbit. It’s been three years or so since I last broadcasted any telepathic thoughts. I can only imagine Lieutenant Keless’s strength and ability in this regard. As for my ability, the intensity and/or range of the contact, caused the Tevian virus in my system to go active, fortunately my picobots won this latest battle. I would not hesitate to do this again…

Captain Godard…she is not what I expected. In my naiveté, I had assumed all starship captains were invulnerable, at least outwardly. Godard had been near tears…concern for the away team? No…it was more than concern, much more…a fear of loss, a fear of failure? Her emotions struck me like surging tide…I was compelled to offer what aide I could…I…so desired to ease her burden…my spirit was strong, but in the end, my body, my mind, was weak. I only hope that my presence was more beneficial than not.

Sickbay…I only vaguely remember how I arrived there. Middy Tru and Ensign Uni, I think. I must have been in pretty bad shape. I think I dreamt or re-lived something terrible, but the images have faded, though some hint of the feelings remain. I can only guess it was the Katzua attack. As I regained some sense of cognitive function, I received a contact…from Mah..Midshipman Tru. Apparently I was broadcasting my thoughts. I don’t remember having this type of problem before. I must endeavor to keep this under control. I had learned some Vulcan self-mind control techniques that should be particularly effective. I wonder…have I suffered any detrimental effects to my para-cortex? I will bring this up to the medical staff.

Sickbay (cont’d)…I will gloss over the bodily fluid expulsion of myself and others, let’s just say we survived it. Now, I don’t much care for sickbays, having spent weeks in one, the poking and the prodding, but Middy Tru made it tolerable. She has a strength-of-will and compassion that I’m drawn to. I believe it was she who convinced the Captain to get me off the Bridge, and to sickbay. I think she was a bit hasty in her determination of my condition, but if I had continued…could the virus have overwhelmed the picobots? I’m a Newbie and so wanted to impress the Captain. I can live with the bridge crew seeing me falter, being vulnerable. It is a part of who I am…nothing to be ashamed of. As I suppose, the same goes for the Captain. It’s not likely that I’ll be summoned to the Bridge anytime soon again anyway.

Sickbay (cont’d)…Middy Tru…Mahla…there I said her name. There’s something compelling about her…and it’s more than her wickedly impish smile and sea green eyes that one can virtually swim in. Her concern, her caring manner…I wish that we could have met under better circumstances, but if there’s an upside, the proverbial silver lining, she’s seen me at my worst…

Doctor Talis, Franz, and Lieutenant Commander Lacey, their experience with the away team has had a profound effect…emotions were running very high. The good doctor immersed himself in his work, he was physically and mentally exhausted, but he kept on going. My DH…she’s in shock or otherwise I am fairly certain she would have had a complete nervous meltdown. They’re walking on the edge…I hope they get time to begin the healing process.

Quarters…I feel quite rested…certainly fit enough to return to duty, but that’s Medicals call. I find myself anticipating Tru’s visit…I must tell myself that her manner is just that…her manner. She cares for her patients and her friendly, easy smile is for all. I can accept that…

It’s well known that Betazoids are very open and truthful to a fault. I wonder…how bad is it to lie to ones self?

End Log

Stardate 20409.15

Ens Abaa Personal Log, Stardate 20409.15, Ensign Vreean Abaa Recording

It’s been the most exhausting, brutal six weeks of my life…and the most rewarding. We have finally completed the transwarp modifications.

We had to choose the best warp coil segments from the main engines, as stress related micro-cracks had formed from our first conduit trip. The worst ones were replaced by the segments in stores. The coils in general yielded to the transverse hyperbolic conversion, but we lost three segments from the procedure. It was determined that we would be better off not using the heavily stressed segments. Sims indicate only a 2% reduction in transwarp modality, theta sub six; certainly better than the 18% segment failure from the heavily stressed segments.

I’ve never actually been in a warp nacelle before, but the engineering team was very supportive. We all ended up with minor scrapes and contusions, happily no major injuries at all. All the work was done in zero Gee, which made moving and positioning the massive coil segments a fascinating experience. I swear I think Ensign Papst intentionally kept bumping me, sending me ‘flying’ across the length of the nacelle housing. Once the coils and coupling were in place, Ensign Terrax would take tricorder readings from the center of the coils, looking too much like a fish swimming in and out of a tubular maze.

The dilithium chamber mods were much more straight foreword. Two banks of ship’s phaser emitters were pulled from the saucer section and brought to main engineering. There CMA Kincaid described the panel housing that would be needed and with engineering input, a panel was designed and replicated. Two panel housings were made, as the plan called for using the secondary warp core.

The only major problem occurred during the testing of the impulse engine power feed. A faulty sensor in a power coupler failed, causing a huge flash light and sparks, if not for the quick reaction of CMR Marsala (who sustained a nasty though not life threatening plasma burn on his back) I would not be recording. Needless to say…all pieces of hardware were to be rigorously checked before installation. And double and triple checked. The Lieutenant Commander chewed us all out…’The stakes are too high for accidents!’ We had been pulling double shifts up to that point. ‘From now until this is done…12 hours max! I don’t want us blowing up in space because one of you were too tired and missed something. All teams will double-check each others work. Make that triple checked!’

The dilithium mods went off without any further hitches. It was a happy moment went the first sensor readings of the reconfigured dilithium indicated expected crystal realignment. I think I saw Becker smile.

To compliment the hardware, are the temporal and intermix algorithms and support software. This by far took the longest time. I admit that I am pleased that I was able to make some credible contributions to this effort. I must say that Ensign Papst is the most incredible programmer I have ever met…her work is blindly fast and amazingly accurate. This strongly belies her informal…and flirtatious attitude.

The most amazing moment…for all of us, I think…was bringing the warp cores on line…slowly…180 degrees out of phase…the dual heart beat of the ship…THHRUMP… CHURUMP THHRUMP… CHURUMP…THHRUMP…CHURUMP… The low hiss of the phaser emitters bombarding the dilithium, changing the crystals’ color from deep amber to a bright orange…the pre-transwarp plasma, like violet-white lightning, controlled as if willed from a thunder goddess…

The warp coils held...sensors indicated they were in the correct pre-transwarp mode…a transwarp bubble wouldn’t manifest until both cores were operating at or near 100%, but the fact that the ship was generating standard warp showing mode phi sub four, indicates we matched the models.

Now that the mods are in place, anticipation around the ship remains a palpable force…not all of it healthy…an extreme anxiousness to get back home. Not to mention that we could just as easily all die in the attempt.

Perhaps it is just my perspective…the journey to this place, has not sat well amongst many members of the crew; especially the away team members and the Captain. I have had everything taken from me but my life…you either adapt to it or you die.

John Becker…now here’s a man wound so tight, so full of anger and fear…real or imagined I cannot say. His Star Fleet training has held him together so far…will it be enough? I am concerned for him…

The Captain…fortunately our paths haven’t crossed since my initial bridge summons. I try not to think about her too much. I don’t think I could withstand seeing her again in such a vulnerable state. The crew seems to have so much faith in her…that will have to do for me.

Keless…what an amazing telepath! My eyes had been opened…if only for a day. I am truly thankful. He never placed me on report…probably a lot on his mind then…

Avark…what an experience…a close personal experience…seemingly for naught, heaven, no hell…a virtual vegetable. No honor in that is there? I kept the shirt Commander…though your dried blood permeates it…my favorite shirt, it was a gift from sister after all.

Talis…an amazing doctor…with the constitution of Rygellian thrasher cat, didn’t let up his duties when he should have been placed on a biobed. Lacey doesn’t know it…or refuses to see it…but the good doctor is in love with her.

Lacey…we still haven’t met, but I remember that day in sickbay. I hope that you can come to some peace with what you had endured. Goddess bless you and your baby.

Papst…She’s my best friend on the ship…she and I can just ‘be’ ourselves…she’s offered ‘relations’ to me more than once…I actually believe that she was serious. I’d take it more seriously if I didn’t have my ‘condition’. But, both she and I know the real reason…she lets me lie to myself, and I am appreciative.

Tripper…every friendly overture I make she stays standoffish. I also sense her getting jealous of Papst and I. She and Strange seem to be getting close…I don’t know what to think of Strange…he’s been nice to me. He’s a very good looking guy and he knows it. That doesn’t make him a bad guy…does it?


I saved you for last. Flames did I ever mess up. I haven’t seen or heard from you since that evening in the observation lounge. I tell myself that there was just no other way. Now…I’m not so sure…Papst was right, I should have told you my fears…

Love, ‘physical love’ is not meant for me…certainly not now…maybe a cure will happen…someday...

Mahla..I can’t…and I won’t ask you to wait for someday…

You have given me a gift greater than I could have ever imagined…and greater than you will ever know...your gleaming green eyes, the mirror to your soul, no…the lens, and your smile which could heat up the very fabric of space…like the birth of a new blazing star…

I love you…

End Log