Copernicus Mission 13: "Missing Sister"

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Captain's Logs

Cdr Jaden Hawk

Stardate 21210.04

Captain's Log Stardate 21210.04

Commander Jaden Hawk, Commanding Officer

Our mission to find and assist the USS Wright has been a success. During the rescue effort, it was determined that the only way to safely retrieve the Wright from the asteroid field was for her to do a saucer separation while evacuating everyone to the drive section and navigating out that way. Before the separation, our Science Department discovered that several of the asteroids around the Wright were actually Shard ship's in disguise. Captain McDowell and I decided to set the auto-destruct to only 10 seconds when the drive section of the Wright was clear. She was then beamed aboard the Copernicus via a transporter relay from one of our shuttles that our Engineers developed. Captain McDowell and I had hoped the short destruct count would not allow the Shard ships to escape in time of the explosion from the saucer section. It should be noted that my First Officer, disagreed with the short count, in hopes of giving the enemy time to escape siting Star Fleet ideals. I had to point out to her, that in time of war, the only Star Fleet ideals are survival. Regardless, Shards escaped anyway, they somehow managed to escape just before the saucer section detonated, however they did not attack, but simply retreated.

There is no sign of them on long or short range sensors. My theory that they were observing us is the best explanation for what happened here. Captain McDowell is back aboard the Wright and our Away Teams have also returned. I am pleased to report ship and crew performed up to their usual high expectations. We along with the Wright are preparing to return to Star Base Alpha. We have no damage or causalities of our own to report. May we be so fortunate next time as well.

End log.

Crew Logs


CE LCdr Peter Powell

Stardate 21210.05

Chief Engineering Officers report: Stardate 21210.03 Lieutenant Commander Peter Powell reporting.

We managed to fix the main bits on the USS Wright, but in order to get the rest of the crew home and of course to save ourselves, to get the Wright out of its predicament was to separate its saucer section, which meant it was able to manoeuvre out of the asteroid field, we later learned on returning to the Cop, that the asteroids were actually shard ships in disguise.

The engineering teams as expected performed their assigned duties with professionalism and speed, special notification should be given to Lt Shulpuk and Ensign Young, there commanded their teams with the dedication that I have come to believe of my engineers, I would also like to say on record that Lt Hagman and Lt Ross of the USS Wright worked extremely hard and should have special recommendations placed on their file for keeping the Wright operation in times of need, of course without the help of the Wright's engineering staff, they never would have survived.

With all the Cop crew back on board, I am hoping that we will be accompanying the Wright back to StarBase Alpha and also to drop of their inquired people to the medical staff on Alpha, if that is the case then I am not sure what to do for my shore leave period, I suppose I could visit gran again, make sure that she is ok and doesn't need anything doing, but I have time to think about that. I do hope that our next mission doesn't contain anything which means we are run off our feet. End log.

Stardate 21211.15

Personal log Lieutenant Commander Powell reporting. Stardate 21211.06.

"This is my final log entry as Chief Engineer of the Copernicus, I have resigned my commission due to personal reasons, I have official handed over my resignation PADD, along with my combadge and rank pins to Captain Hawk.

He allowed me permission to come back aboard ship one last time to collect my personal belongings, I have taken the final tour of engineering, as I felt I needed to say 'good bye' to her, I have loved this ship and her crew, this was a home to me for many years, I will miss the engineering teams which have helped me keep this ship up and running. I would like to say that there is no finer crew within all of StarFleet and the Federation, you can rely on these people to help you though the darkest days of life, these people make life worth living.

For the record I have made sure that everything is upto date so that my replacement doesn't need to do any of my left over work.

I know that Captain Hawk said that one day Command will accept me back, but I am not sure when that will be or even if I will return, it comes down to circumstances and timing.

I will miss this ship more than I can possible say, she has been my home for many years, my only assignment.

End log"

Lt Kraav

Stardate 21204.27

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Trans-Warp Project, Specialist Log. Lieutenant Kraav recording aboard USS Copernicus.

Log starts.

The experiment was a success. The USS Copernicus has successfully traveled 26.18 lightyears in 31.062 seconds, a record for a Star Fleet vessel operating without any outside influence. This is a day in history which will be remembered along with the first warp flight of Zephran Cochrane, and it is all due to my work, although I am certain that Commander Jaden Hawk, the captain of this vessel, will try to claim the success as his own.

Commander Hawk seemed less than impressed with the utter success of the experiment. Due to the shoddy condition of his ship, likely due to inadequate maintenance since her launch in 2403, the Copernicus suffered minor damage and inconvenience during the trial run. The ship simply was not able to handle the massive amount of power being channeled through her propulsion systems, and therefore came up less than perfect. But she is still over 90% operational, and his own engineers have reported that repairs will only take a few hours.

Still, he traps me aboard this ship; denies me ability to launch my shuttle and return to the great work of this project... because of the shortcomings of his ship, his crew, and most importantly himself.

So I have gone to Ten Forward where I can celebrate the success of the mission... alone...

End log.


CMO LCdr Daniel Brooks

Posted Star Date 21210.13

Chief Medical Officer Log, stardate 21210.13 Doctor Daniel Brooks recording, Thankfully we all arrived back safely from the USS Wright. Our sister ship. Having responded to the distress call we found her in an asteroid belt having run from the shards. We to had an encounter with them but they only took the time to mislead us away from our objective.

Once we arrived at the scene the away team headed over in shuttles with Commander Fields leading the Away Team. Once we arrived we were assigned to our opposite numbers, myself was assigned to Ensign Ta'nar who was acting CMO as their CMO was missing in action due to their sickbay taking a direct hit from the shards attack.

At first I wasn't sure how the Vulcan would take to us but it wasn't long before we found a common ground. Our Security Team headed up by Lieutenant Mitra came across the CMO who was brought to the make shift sickbay in Ten Forward. In this time we all had to evacuate to the Star Drive section which meant we where in the Aux Sickbay. The CMO of the USS Wright only had inhaled smoke which was quickly sorted out there. She has made a full recovery.

Meanwhile we transported most of the major cases over to the USS Copernicus, thanks to the Engineering team. Also notable mentions would be to the medical team on the Cop who did outstandingly well with the number of patients they had to deal with in such a short space of time. Special mention has to go to Ensign Dwora who I left in charge of Sickbay and I have heard she also had some help from Ensign Jean-Luc in Sickbay and Cargobay. I will have to find Jean-Luc and say thank you for his assistance.

Everyone has safely returned to the Copernicus and only the major cases are with us now who will be transferred over to Star Base Alpha's medical team when we arrive. The Wright took back it minor injury patients. I would say on the whole well done to all departments who pulled to gather in such a high pressure and stressed environment.

End Log.


COS Lt Eden Mitra

Stardate 21210.06

Chief Security Officers report ; Stardate 21210.06 Lieutenant Eden Mitra recording.

The Engineering teams of the Copernicus performed, in my opinion above and beyond. The USS Wright was salvaged and, albeit apart from the saucer section, was escorted out of the asteroid field. Their crew suffered numerous casualties. I had gone across with the away team and had been tasked with searching some of the more damaged decks. We recovered many bodies…..I don’t think I’ll get those imagines out of my head for awhile. But that’s the curse of emergency departments across the Universe. Back on the Cop now and heading in towards Alpha. I could do with the rest….


CTO Lt JG Mathew Briggs

Stardate 21210.16

“Chief Tactical Officer’s Log Star Date 21210.16, Lieutenant Junior Grade Mathew Briggs recording.

The past mission was one of a search and rescue for another Federation vessel, the USS Wright. It also involved learning much about a new enemy of the federation. After playing a game of cat and mouse with several shard ships, the Wright was found inside an asteroid field. We discovered the Wright had been severely damaged and we soon sent out our smaller vessels to rescue injured and assist with repairs.

While doing so, it was discovered that there would be no way for the Wright to leave the field without separating, as it was much too large and the asteroids were unusual in composition. Our science team soon discovered that these asteroids were merely shard ships in disguise. With this new information, we chose to act as if we hadn’t discovered their presence and continue the rescue.

Once the remaining crews from the Wright and Copernicus had arrived on the drive section of the Wright, the Wright’s captain activated the self-destruction of the vacant half. This action awoke the many shard vessels and they left the area. We have much data to be deciphered and delivered to the federation about these new forces.

End Log.”

Stardate 21210.16

“Personal Log Star Date 21210.16, Lieutenant Junior Grade Mathew Briggs recording.

I’ve now finished my first mission aboard my new ship, the Copernicus, as their Chief Tactical Officer. The mission didn’t take long as we were sent to find a sister ship, the USS Wright. We played a game with the new forces the federation is dealing with and I’m hopeful that throughout this mission, we gathered enough data about the forces to help with defending against them.

I’m just now getting used to my new home though, since we were thrust into action so quickly upon my arrival. I’ve briefly spoken with the captain and even more briefly spoken with the first officer. I know even less of the rest of the crew. It was odd giving orders to officers that I didn’t know. It seems like a good crew and good senior officers… from the little time I’ve been here.

Now that we are returning to the starbase, still assisting the Wright as needed, I have time to get settled and get to know others….and do paperwork. I’m finding that the paperwork for this job is something that I’ll have to force myself into doing. I’m already behind on reports.

With the downtime, comes time to think about my family. I still wonder about Allie. I’ve heard news that earlier reports of her death have been proved false, but if she’s alive, why wouldn’t she contact us? Perhaps if there’s time, I may visit Mom and Dad, though there’s a lot to get used to here and I want to be able to know the officers aboard… And have some fun before another mission takes us away.

End Log.”

Ens Dannon Jean-Luc

Stardate 21210.08

Tactical Officers log: Stardate 21210.09

Ensign Jean-Luc.

During my short time aboard the U.S.S Copernicus I have see a lot, I feel the crew were exemplary in our efforts to recover the Wright. I spent most of my time in Sickbay and the Cargobay helping the Doctors.

Hoya Dwora worked effortlessly with myself and others even when the situation became out of control.

I am hoping to get a bit of Holodeck time in before shore leave is over. Maybe a good old Tactical simulation or and adventure in the Delta Quadrant aboard the U.S.S Voyager.

I am proud to be part of this Crew, I believe they are one of the finest in Starfleet.

End Log.