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Samantha Hart Colso
Career Occupation
Temporary Science Officer
USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
64.4 kg (142 lb.)
Eye Color:
Clear green
Hair Color:
Deep brown
Long and straight, gathered behind her head; reaches the bottom of her shoulder blades
Narrow shoulders, but seems taller due to long legs and a longer face
Fair, but not as white as her husband’s
Facial Hair:
An alto through and through, but a bright, hopeful quality to it
United Federation of Planets
Munroe Falls, Ohio, Earth
Familial Relationships
Thomas Hart
Jennifer Hart
Status of Parents:
Alive, living in Monroe Falls
Marital Status:
Married, Aitrus Colso (8 years)

Personal History

Samantha had a quiet childhood. She was born and raised in Munroe Falls by her parents, who worked in a nearby research facility in Indianapolis. She was a natural scientist, and grew up in her parent’s field just as she was growing in their life. All through elementary school and most of high school, she was going to follow in their footsteps. She planned on going to the Federation Institute of Science in Massachusetts after school and continuing her parents research into geological instability and controlling seismic activities.

However, her senior year, she spent a week with her aunt and uncle on Mars, and it changed her life. Having never set foot off of Earth before that, she reveled in the feel of foreign winds, of alien sand beneath her feet. She fell in love with the notion of seeing alien worlds, and decided during that week that she was going to join Star Fleet, and nearly blurted it to her parents in her excitement when she got home.

Having never seen anything but approval from her parents, she was shocked at their reaction. Her father flew into a fit of anger, her mother was just shocked. They were people of peace, they said; the military was no place for a child of theirs. He wouldn’t stand for it; she wouldn’t meet Samantha’s eyes. Samantha was frightened, needless to say, but she was determined. She applied anyway, and the day she got her acceptance letter to the Academy was the last time her father said anything to her.

Broken now, Samantha went to the Academy. She excelled at her classes, and threw herself into them with abandon. She eventually became involved in the theater, immersing herself in the lives of others so she wouldn’t have to think about her family. None of her friends knew about it; she never said anything about it to them. But time heals all wounds, and eventually, she got over it, or so she told herself. She graduated in the top three percent of her class, and was posted to the USS Philadelphia with Quill Dramar, who quickly became her close friend.

They worked together closely for quite a while; after all, a frigate doesn’t get many science officers. Then one day, not long after Quill was promoted to department head, they were assigned a new ensign: Aitrus Colso.

At first, she didn’t know what to make of this boy with the golden eyes. He seemed a little odd, maybe a little awkward, but she could tell that he liked her. So when he asked her on a date, she said yes, curious to find out more about him.

The beach was amazing. It was a shore on Bajor, the sea was a deep green so unlike the waters on Earth, and the twin moons hanging in the sky were spectacular. She had never seen anything like it. She knew then that this boy was something special.

They dated for a while after that, until the Borg came. The Borg attack seemed to change everything. They were flung to a distant corner of the quadrant, no power, no hope for getting home. As they sat alone in the darkness, Aitrus asked her to marry him. She didn’t have to think about it for long. She loved him; how could she say no?

They were married not long after, as the ship orbited Vulcan thanks to some newfound friends who got them there safely. A whirlwind of a battle later, and the ship was off on a new mission.

She hadn’t really noticed that they missed the honeymoon until later; so many things happened at once that the Philadelphia had two more missions under its belt before she and Aitrus realized something was wrong. They had gotten so caught up in their jobs that they were hardly spending any time together anymore. She was worried about him, and about them, when Aitrus came back from Pangar a shell of a man. She had heard about what happened down there, the people killing the Star Fleet crews there and even each other in a civil war. So when he put in for a transfer, she put in for one with him.

He was reassigned to a research post on the fringes of the Federation. She was glad, as they might finally be able to spend some time together.

Unfortunately, she got stuck on the Philadelphia. She was angry, raging at the bureaucratic nightmare that had gotten her stuck on that accursed ship. But finally, she got away, and joined her husband. He remained mired in his work, though. She didn’t know what to do. He would occasionally snap out of it long enough to spend an evening with her, and those times were wonderful. But they just made her hurt all the more when he wound up back in his work again.

So when they were reassigned to the Dauntless temporarily, she did what she could to try and snap him out of it. Finally, when he forgot their anniversary – despite having planned the entire evening with her not two nights previous – she had had enough. She went to the bar and came back to their quarters drunk. She still doesn’t remember what she said, but it was enough to make Aitrus realize his mistakes, and he did his best to make amends. He took her on a honeymoon finally, and made it even better by going on a worlds tour.

The first stop was Earth, as he hadn’t been there much, and it gave her the chance to play tour guide. However, he also wanted to meet her parents.

She had hoped they’d gotten over their anger by now. She really had. But she was wrong. The meeting ended before it even began, as her father blew up at Aitrus, cursing him for not loving her, and then grew angry at her, for not being anything resembling a good daughter. Broken once more, angry, she and Aitrus left.

They healed from their hurt and grew closer together for it as they journeyed to their next destination, Bajor. He took her to the beach where they had had their first date, and it was a wonderful experience. It made her remember how tender he could be, remember why she loved him in the first place. Then they were kidnapped by the Maquis. Three months of captivity later, Aitrus managed to break them both out of the base, and they escaped with a shuttle into deep space. Once back to civilization, they rested for a while on Betazed, recovering from the ordeal and generally spending time together. She knew that he loved her, and she knew that she loved him more than anything. They transferred to a SFSI research station on Europa, each to their own projects, but at least they were together there.

She joined in on the ground floor of Ame-no-nuboku, a project for the Department of Terraforming designed to create landmasses on oceanic worlds. Named for the spear used to create the home islands in the Japanese creation myth, it’s intended to help relieve overcrowding due to relocations. The work was tough, but eventually they overcame the theoretical issues and, after two years, were able to move to an actual test. Currently in progress on Pacficia, all that she has to do now is wait and see. Of course, that brings its own problems, as paperwork gets boring much too quickly.

So when the call went out for help on the Ticonderoga, she answered the call and reported for duty.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Geology and Planetary Morphology
Academy Minor(s): Atmospheric Science
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, musicals, cooking, old movies
Short-Term Goals: Finishing her project and getting Ame-no-nuboko going
Long-Term Goals: A command, or just settling down with Aitrus somewhere
Personality: Kind, but slightly temperamental when things start going badly
Sense of Humor: Abrupt and biting, sarcasm mostly
Phobias: Spiders, dying alone
Likes: Science, the earth, working with good people and good friends
Dislikes: Fear, people who just can’t work well with others, when people hurt
Pet Peeves or Gripes: The sheer amount of paperwork involved with Star Fleet; she didn’t sign up for that!
Achievements: Serving as ACSO on the Philly, working with her husband, and being married
Disappointments: Not having a department of her own, not having talked to Quill in a long time
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Has a steel in her, is able to brook no disobedience from those she talks to
Weaknesses: Is kind almost to a fault; will help those in need at all costs
Fears: Being abandoned, one day losing her talents
Prejudices: None pronounced enough to deserve the name
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Blues and reds; usually wears slacks and a loose top, although dresses are also not uncommon
Distinguishing Features: None.
Pets: None
Friends: Quill Dramar

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When her father practically disowned her for joining Star Fleet, not saying more than three words to her since, at least until she and Aitrus went there
Best Time: Her time on the Philadelphia; she met Quill there, and met Aitrus there, and wouldn’t give that time up for anything in the world
Most Crucial Experience: The week she spent with her uncle on Mars; she fell in love with the idea of alien worlds then, and decided that there was no better way to see them than through Star Fleet
Role Model: Hoshi Sato; a brilliant linguist, and a capable commander in the years after the Federation was founded, she’s been someone to look up to

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