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Emilia Cirrus
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Career Occupation
Nurse Practitioner
Area 42
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 11
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
59 kg (130 lb.)
Eye Color:
Bright green
Hair Color:
Light brown with some blonde streaks.
Long and layered. Slightly wavy. Styled bangs. Worn in a ponytail on duty.
Slender, but soft around the edges. Not very built.
Caucasian Terran skin. Smooth, light peach in color.
Facial Hair:
Soft soprano
United Federation of Planets
Centauri VII
Familial Relationships
Palmer Cirrus, postal transport coordinator.
Shawna Cirrus, administrative assistant.
Status of Parents:
Living on Centauri VII.
One older brother, Craig, high school football coach.
Marital Status:
Married to Xan Macleod
Gabriel Tassk Aldran, born 20904.25
James Thomas Macleod and Annabel Shawna Macleod born 21605.20

Personal History

Emilia grew up on Centauri VII in the Alpha Centauri system. She had a rather normal childhood, with the typical sibling rivalry and school woes. In high school she made it onto the cheerleading team. This and her flirtatious nature made Emilia very popular, especially among the jocks. She got a reputation for having slept with the entire sports team. This wasn’t entirely true, but she did get around.

Toward the end of her senior year, Emilia started thinking about the future and realized she didn’t like her reputation or who she was. She decided she needed to get away from Centauri VII and start over. So, after she graduated, she travelled to Earth and joined Star Fleet Academy. It didn’t take her very long to fall into the wrong scene again, and she actually became a cheerleader there as well. She didn’t sleep around quite as much, though she wasn’t shy about flirting and getting what she needed. She recognized that she was falling back into old habits, but reasoned that once she was actually assigned to a starship where things were more serious, she could fix her lifestyle.

Emilia had always been bright, but she wasn’t exactly smart. After being evaluated, Star Fleet decided it would be best for her to go into medical as a nurse. This seemed perfect for Emilia because she cared about people and had always been compassionate.

Star Fleet ended up keeping her as a nurse at Star Fleet Academy, much to her chagrin. After two and a half years, she needed a change and asked for a transfer onto a starship. She was tired of being planet-bound and knew that if she was ever going to get serious about her personal life, she had to get away. They kept her at the Academy for another 8 months before assigning her to the USS Titan.

Emilia quickly made many friends on the Titan, among them Horza Aldran. She met him in Sickbay during a dangerous mission in which he received a shrapnel injury. They were immediately attracted to each other, and became friends. After a short time they started dating seriously. It was the change that Emilia wanted in her life, and she was finally ready to commit to a relationship.

However, just when Emilia began to suspect that Horza would propose, he left her. It was at the beginning of the Third Romulan War, and he went AWOL to fight for what he believed in. Though Emilia understood his drive, she didn’t understand why he would leave without talking to her or Star Fleet about it. He broke her heart.

About a month after he left, Emilia discovered that she was pregnant with his child. During her sixth month of pregnancy, she was transferred to the USS Gettysburg after they lost most of the medical staff to a horrible virus.

Unbeknownst to her, Horza had returned from his quest and had managed to be reinstated into Star Fleet. He, too, was assigned to the Gettysburg though they didn’t realize it at the time. When they finally found each other during the travel to the next mission, Emilia was shocked but cautiously accepted him back into her life because of the baby.

Their son, Gabriel, was born when they were still enroute. To make things easier with taking care of the baby, Emilia allowed Horza to move in with her. During the Gettysburg’s busy and frightening mission to the alternate universe, they didn’t see much of each other except to pass the baby on during alternate shifts, or to collapse into sleep at the end of the day.

They began to argue frequently, and Emilia realized by the end of the mission that his earlier parting had made them very different people. They were no longer compatible and she no longer loved him. They broke up amicably, and Horza moved out. They continued to remain on good terms after the Gettysburg returned to Star Base Alpha.

The major problems began when they were assigned to different ships. Horza was to remain on the Gettysburg and Emilia was assigned to the Nova. Both wanted to bring Gabriel with them on the mission, and they ended up having to fight it out in court. Emilia won due to Horza’s past abandonment of her, though she was required to ensure that Gabe spent as much time with his father as possible during shoreleave. This fight put a huge wedge between her and Horza, and they were no longer on good terms. She feared that during their next shoreleave he would take her back to court to try to take Gabe for the next mission, and she didn’t know how she’ll be able to handle leaving her son.

During the Nova’s launch party, Emilia met Xan Macleod. She couldn’t resist his handsome face and dashing charm, and she quickly fell back into her old habits with him. They slept together, and during that he shared his telepathic ability with her. This touched her deeply, and strengthened the bond between them that she had felt upon first meeting him.

Emilia would have pursued a deeper, more serious relationship with him except they were assigned to different ships. She didn’t want to have a long distance relationship because she didn’t think that was fair to either of them if someone else came along. Instead, they maintained a close friendship through sending messages to each other. Emilia was very confused over her sudden feelings for Xan, but she had decided to ignore them for the time and focus on her friendship with him.

Emilia went with the Nova to the mission at New Gondwana. There, the ship was attacked by an energy weapon that rendered the ship completely inoperable and unsafe to live in. Along with the rest of her crew and her son, Gabe, Emilia was evacuated to the Pegasus. There she became part of the temporary Sickbay crew that made first contact with a group of ill Gondwanans. The information they received from the group was instrumental in helping the Fourth Fleet make the decision to withdraw from the system in order to leave the Gondwanans to their conflict.

It was during this mission that Emilia learned that Xan was assigned to the Philadelphia, another Fourth Fleet ship that served at Gondwana. His assignment allowed them to spend a lot more time together during the calm moments of the mission as well as during the travel time afterwards. Their friendship continued to grow, though their romantic relationship continued to be very confusing to Emilia.

Most of the crew that transferred from the Nova to the Pegasus was asked to stay on as her permanent crew, including Emilia and her boss from the Nova, Laura Macleod. Laura is also Xan’s older sister, and Emilia ended up befriending her as well. She was also hired as the Head Nurse for the Medical department on the Pegasus.

Once they returned to Star Base Delta, Gabe went with Horza to spend some time with his father. Emilia was invited by Xan to go on vacation with him and Laura to Acamar. She gladly took up the opportunity to spend time on the beach. They were joined by fellow crew members including Brodie Codey and Fraser Dunbar from the Philadelphia, and Azernal Rin from the Pegasus. It was one of the most relaxing and fun vacations of Emilia’s life. It was there that Xan revealed to her that he believed them to be Imzadi, the Betazoid equivalent of soul mates. That helped to clear some of Emilia’s confusion about their relationship, though they still have not established if there is any permanency to their romantic involvement.

The vacationing crew members were recalled sooner than they anticipated to join their ships on a mission to Carraya. There Emilia ended up serving as a medical rescuer on an ambulance shuttle where she helped to rescue fighter pilots from their wrecked crafts. In particular, she had to perform emergency surgery on one pilot who had a severed artery in his leg that she had to retrieve from his pelvis by reaching inside his leg. She managed to grab it and clamp it off, almost making herself sick in the process. It was then that she realized she was not meant to be a surgeon.

After the mission she returned to the Pegasus to help with the wounded there. One patient in particular caught her eye: Ciron Ouse. Ciron had taken an explosion to the face that included acid burns. Before they could even operate on his face, the Trill Symbiosis Commission tried to convince Laura to end Ciron’s life to save the Ouse symbiont. Laura and Emilia were both appalled and they refused because they knew they could save the Trill’s life. Laura was successful in rebuilding Ciron’s face from the bones up, and he recovered completely.

Emilia spent the short time they had for shoreleave mainly with Xan. Gabe was with Horza for much of the time, so they got to spend a lot of time together. Then, shortly before the Pegasus was sent on its next mission, Xan was reassigned to the Second Fleet. He had to leave before she did, and they shared a heartfelt goodbye. It was during their last moments together that Emilia realized she was in love with Xan, though she didn't tell him. They were parting, certainly for months and perhaps for years, and she didn't want to hold him back from having another serious relationship, even if that would hurt her. Still, Xan was her best friend and she continuously kept in touch with him via video and text messages.

The Pegasus was sent to the Dalmatia supersystem to investigate a sentient species on the planet Weyden. On the journey, Emilia began studying to become a nurse practitioner. She always wished she had the endurance to become a doctor and getting licensed as a practitioner would be the next best thing. Because of this goal, she was sent on the away team to Weyden to make first contact.

On the planet, the team was unknowingly infected with a parasite that affected their decisions. The leader of the team, Commander Azernal, was influenced to take over the Pegasus and the rest of the team was influenced to trust him implicitly. This ultimately led to a mutiny that ended in Azernal shooting and killing their commanding officer, Commander Cooper. Though Emilia wasn't directly involved in the mutiny, she still feels violated from the parasite.

The parasite was neutralized via a medication created by Doctor Schwicker. The ship was taken back because of the neutralizing agent, and the away team was confined to quarters while an investigation commenced. The investigation continued even after the team returned to Starbase Delta, though they were eventually cleared from all fault. (For more information, see the Pegasus mission logs).

While the Pegasus was on route back to Starbase Delta, Emilia received a message from Horza that showed how altered he had become. While she was away on mission with Gabe, he had again gone AWOL and when he returned he was obviously physically injured. His mental state had changed as well, and the message he sent made it clear that he had not forgiven Emilia for taking their son. He had got mixed up with pirates, and now was a fugitive that promised to haunt her while she was on Delta. As a result, Emilia did not have a very enjoyable shoreleave. The anxiety that Horza would try to take Gabe by force or confront her some other way caused her to remain holed up in her Starbase quarters most of the time, and the stress caused her to lose weight. She spent her time with Gabe, and finished up her courses for her nurse practitioner license.

Once they were recalled to the Pegasus, Emilia felt a lot safer since she believed Horza could not gain access the ship. Almost as soon as she and Gabe boarded, she received a message from Starfleet saying that Horza had died in a fall on the Starbase. She also received a message from a Lieutenant Aldren, who was with Horza in his last moments. He said Horza had expressed remorse over his actions, and the message made Emilia suspect that the fall was not an accident but rather a suicide attempt. Either way, she felt much safer with the man she felt was insane dead.

The Pegasus was delayed at Starbase Delta, and Emilia took advantage of the opportunity to take her final exam for her nurse practitioner license. She passed, but as she was on her way to the Promenade to celebrate with a shopping trip, Emilia was attacked in the turbolift.

The two attackers were members of the pirate crew that Horza had worked with. They were trying to find him, and didn’t believe Emilia when she said he was dead. They beat her, leaving bruises, scrapes, and a broken wrist. They would have done more, but someone had seen them acting suspiciously, and had reported their entry into the turbolift to Starfleet Security. Security seized one of the pirates, but the other one got away.

The pirate they caught said there were a lot more where he came from, plus pirates planted on the Pegasus. Because of the danger to Emilia and Gabriel, Starfleet Security decided that she needed to leave the sector, and transferred her to Starbase Bravo.

The Columbia, Xan’s ship, happened to be docked at Starbase Bravo when Emilia arrived. While spending time with him, she mentioned how unsafe she felt on the Starbase and their discussion turned to the possibility of her joining him on the Columbia. The rules of the Columbia stated that children were not allowed aboard, but after some convincing Xan agreed to talk to Captain Adaran to make an exception. The Captain required some convincing as well, but s/he agreed, and Emilia and Gabe joined the Columbia on their next mission.

Their next mission involved entering the Romulan Neutral Zone, though Emilia was unaware of most of the details except the fact that Captain Adaran was going on an off-ship mission and leaving Captain Sevala in command. Emilia had served with Sevala before on the Gettysburg, and so she was glad to see her again, though they didn’t have much interaction.

During the mission, the Chief Medical Officer – Andy Wood – was sent on a rescue mission to another ship, and he left Emilia in charge of Sickbay. While he was gone, the Columbia engaged in a ship-to-ship battle and ended up getting boarded. Emilia had her hands full in Sickbay with patients, though the only serious patients came in the form of the returned away team who were so beat up that they required extensive surgery. Andy was one of the injured, and Emilia was not qualified to fix him or any of the others. She ended up called Captain Sevala – a former doctor – down to Sickbay to assist her. Together and with Andy’s eventual help they were able to clean up all the patients quite efficiently. After that brief mission, the Columbia returned to Starbase Bravo.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Nursing
Academy Minor(s): General medicine and pharmaceuticals
Hobbies and Pastimes: People watching, window shopping, spending time with her friends, taking care of Gabriel.
Short-Term Goals: To see Starfleet Security apprehend the pirates that are chasing her.
Long-Term Goals: To become the first person without a Medical Doctorate to get a Chief Medical Officer position. To raise Gabriel into a good person.
Personality: Very kind and compassionate. Somewhat flirtatious but shy at the same time. She has a tendency to blush and also to talk too much.
Sense of Humor: Flirtatious, and also works off the humor of others.
Phobias: None.
Likes: A good romance novel, the beach, Earth, shopping for others.
Dislikes: Arguments, confusing emotions.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: None.
Bad Habits or Vices: Tends to fall into transient relationships, though she’s constantly trying to change that.
Achievements: Emilia considers Gabriel her biggest achievement.
Disappointments: Horza’s death. Though it makes her feel safer, she regrets that Gabriel will not know his father.
Illnesses: Nothing serious.
Strengths: Her compassion and her abilities with children.
Weaknesses: Tends to read too much into things or worry too much about her relationships.
Fears: Getting captured by the pirates that Horza worked with.
Prejudices: None.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans or a skirt with a colored blouse or t-shirt
Distinguishing Features: Prominent cheekbones, slightly crooked nose
Pets: None.
Friends: Judith Tucker, Xan Macleod.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When Horza left her to protect his home planet from the Romulans. That action led to a lot of bad things that have happened in Emilia’s life.
Best Time: The time she spent with Xan on Acamar with their friends from the Philadelphia and Pegasus.
Most Crucial Experience: The birth of her son. It changed her and her goals, even if she has to fight to remain on the path she wants for her life.
Role Model: Emilia doesn’t really have a role model that she could name.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Medical Officer USS Nova, BB-106 2102.20 – 21009.15 Assigned
Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21009.15 – 21012.06 Transferred
Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21101.03 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Nurse USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21101.06 Reassigned
Nurse USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21105.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Nurse USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21205.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Nurse Practitioner USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21206.23 Reassigned
Nurse Practitioner USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21209.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Nurse Practitioner USS Columbia, FF-6145 21210.01 Transferred
Nurse Practitioner USS Columbia, FF-6145 21211.09 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Nurse Practitioner USS Columbia, FF-6145 21212.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Nurse Practitioner USS Columbia, FF-6145 21303.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Nurse Practitioner USS Columbia, FF-6145 21306.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 3
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 2
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3

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