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Leonard Muad’dib Church
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Biographical Attributes
1/2 Human, 1/2 Bajoran
193 cm (6 ft. 4 in.)
95.3 kg (210 lb.)
Eye Color:
Color fluctuates based on mood, from a Brown (Fearful), to a Grey (Angry), to a Light Blue (Passionate/Calm).
Hair Color:
Dark Brown.
Wavy, But Short Hair.
Modestly Muscular.
Light Tan.
Loud and Bold, he was a lead bass in his Honor Choir.
United Federation of Planets
Underwater Colony Outside San Francisco, Earth.
Familial Relationships
Justin Church.
Jaclyn Church.
Status of Parents:
Divorced, Mother remarried to Aaron Muad’dib (Stepfather).
Paul Muad'dib (Step-Brother).
Marital Status:
Previously engaged to a Beth (Tex), now dating Rebekah Mims.

Personal History

Leonard led a life of musicianship, he was in over five music groups that were famous around the planet Earth. After his high school career, he began to study music at Julliard on a double major of both Music Education and Composition. While in School, his old school friends got in touch with him. They had an insane idea to all enlist in Starfleet at the same time in different fields so that they could work on the same ship, Tucker was going to apply as a security officer, “Caboose” was going to apply as an engineer, and Tex (church’s ex-fiance) was going to apply as a tactical officer. All applied at the same time. A year passed, and Leonard was the first and only one accepted out of the whole group of applicants. All were ecstatic for Leonard, but they were all upset that they had to go back to their old jobs. Caboose went back to fixing voice-operated tanks; Tucker went back to working at the Casino’s in Las Vegas. And Tex was so upset, that she left Leonard and went to explore the galaxy whether she was in Starfleet or not. It is always in the back of Leonard’s mind that he finds her after not seeing her in so many years.

Feeling depressed, Leonard went to see his old musical friends at his high School Reunion, and he was surprised to see that his close friend and old High School girlfriend, Rebekah Mims was still single, since the reunion, they have been dating for 10 months now despite the fact that she cannot join him in the final frontier.

Rebekah is a Singer/Dancer for many Earth Musicals and is a recording artist. Church’s blood father Justin, is a planetary Fire Prevention instructor. His mother Jaclyn is a Doctor as well as a trumpet player in her spare time. His stepfather Aaron Muad’dib is a studio director/recording artist. His younger step-brother Paul, is still in high School, although he isn’t as musically talented as Leonard is, Paul hopes to join Starfleet as a tactical officer. When Leonard’s mother remarried, he did not want to change his last name from Church to Muad’dib, for the reason that his friends all called him “Church” as a nickname, so to compromise, he altered his middle name from “Lucifer” to Muad’dib.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Basic Medical Officer Training, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Historical Medicine vs Modern Medicine.
Academy Minor(s): Shuttle Craft Piloting, Basic Combat Skills, Music Therapy.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Loves to teach and play his saxophone.
Short-Term Goals: To become a Department Head or Ship's Counselor.
Long-Term Goals: To work on the Bridge as a First Officer and later Commanding Officer.
Personality: He is a kind person, emotionally driven. Have tendencies to get angry quickly and lash out unintentionally. He is also sensitive to other people’s opinion.
Sense of Humor: Dry and Sarcastic.
Phobias: Spiders.
Likes: Sports, Music and People.
Dislikes: Liars.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: When he sees a patient that isn’t willing to put the effort to make themselves better.
Achievements: Uncountable Musical Awards, Honored for his musical academic effort at Julliard before enlisting in Star Fleet.
Disappointments: Did not get a PhD in Music Education or Composition before enlisting.
Illnesses: “Stress” Ulcers.
Strengths: Emotional Understanding, Communication to anyone (hostile personalities/children/elderly).
Weaknesses: Critics.
Fears: Disappointing his Friends and fellow Officers.
Prejudices: None.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Button up Shirts and Jeans.
Distinguishing Features: Passionate Eyes.
Pets: An old Wolf/Husky Hybrid that passed away before he left to join the Academy.
Friends: Dan Neece, Deborah Divine (his two original band and choir teachers).

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Leaving his Musical Passion to enlist in Starfleet.
Best Time: When he was a Senior at Enterprise High School and received awards for each of his musical groups and passion.
Most Crucial Experience: Leaving Julliard.
Role Model: Ben Sisko; he was a strong and passionate leader and a great listener. As for medical doctors, Doctor Katherine Pulaski was the best; she used old style medicine when modern medicine was not available.

Career History

Stardate 21006.27 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21006.27 - Promoted to Midshipman, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21006.27 - Assigned as Medical Officer, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21008.01 - Awarded the Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21011.01 - Awarded the Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21101.23 - Division Transfer, Medical to Security, Assigned as Security Officer, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21104.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863

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