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The Chrysalis Project was a scientific project for the genetic improvement of the human race, active from the late 1960s to May 18, 1974. It was listed as "Classified - Top Secret" in 1983.

Khan Noonien Singh, a "Chrysalis child"

This project tried to gather many of the finest geneticists, microbiologists, teachers and other scientists at the time, who believed that humanity was too weak and too unevolved to run itself.
These scientists hoped that by genetically engineering a new class of humans and sending them out into the world, they were help to create a free and open Utopian society.

However, the project's director planned instead to use this research to destroy the human race. This plan involved using several thousand specially-prepared biowarheads, loaded with a
genetically-engineered strain of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating form of Streptoccocus. By doing so, this would clear the way for the "Chrysalis children" to take over.

Financier Ralph Offenhouse, and other leaders in the business community, provided much of the financial support for this project.
(This would later become a source of great shame to Offenhouse, after learning his son had become a casualty of the Eugenics Wars after he had died and been placed in cryogenic suspension.)

The project was ultimately derailed when Chrysalis was infiltrated, all the Augmented children were beamed out and relocated to an orphanage, and the facility was destroyed.
In order to cover up the existence of Chrysalis, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India announced that the explosion was the nation's first experimental nuclear detonation, which was assigned the code name Smiling Buddha.