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Chief petty officer (CPO) is an enlisted naval rate, a type of military rank used by the service organizations of different cultures. As a traditional naval grade, CPO is senior to a "Petty Officer." Personnel of this grade can be addressed simply as "Chief."

While CPOs are subordinate to all Commissioned Officers (Star Fleet Academy graduates), they generally have far more experience and practical knowledge than Ensigns and even Lieutenants, and are expected to act as mentors to them, and to the junior enlisted assigned. CPOs serve with distinction in most Star Fleet branches and specialties, but are particularly visible in Engineering and other technical trades, such as the Transporter Rooms.

The origins of the rank Chief Petty Officer can be traced to Earth, where the title was used in the United States Navy.

When Sergey Rozhenko met Chief Miles O'Brien (then Transporter Chief) aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2367, Rozhenko was excited to meet another chief petty officer. When O'Brien introduced himself, he acknowledged Rozhenko as 'sir.' According to Sergey, his proudest moment was when their adopted son, Worf, had earned his commission (graduated Star Fleet Academy). "Imagine. An old enlisted man like me raising a boy to be an officer!"

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