Charlotte Ingram.

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Charlotte Marie Ingram
Career Occupation
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Charlotte Marie Ingram
Zaira Morgan
Eye Color:
Dark brown
Hair Color:
Chocolate Brown
Long almost past her shoulders with a slight curls at the bottom
slim and curvaceous
soft and sultry
United Federation of Planets
Ballyclare, Northern Ireland
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Scott Ingrim
Patricia Ingram
Status of Parents:
Both parents still run the Five Corners pub in Ballyclare
Marital Status:

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Personal History

Early Life to Present:

Charlotte was born in the small town of Ballyclare in County Antrim, Northern Ireland to Patricia and Scott Ingrim who both worked in various pubs and clubs before finally becoming the owners of the Five Corners one of the more popular pubs in town. They did consider having more children but with the hours they spent getting the pub back to its former glory it never happened and they made sure that Charlotte was their priority. She never missed having any siblings as her mother came from a large family and she often had various cousins both older and younger stay with them and she enjoyed every minute of her childhood including the time she met Marisa Henderson the youngest daughter of her parents friends Lewis and Mary and they soon became the best of friends. Their bond continued to grow as they got older and when they were in their teens got up to all kinds of mischief and trouble as well as working in the pub.

Charlotte loved working there and would often sing and dance along to the various bands and musicians that played there regularly until she was encouraged to sing with one of them. Again she loved being able to do that and when she turned 20 met and fell in love with the bands new lead singer Matthias.

Little did she know then what he would be capable of but she was young and in love and with her fathers encouragement to follow her heart she agreed to leave Ireland when Matthias decided to leave the band and focus on running his own business. It took almost a year before it started to become successful and not long after they became the proud owners of the SS Moran a small but beautiful Freighter.

As time went on Matthias became more and more controlling over her to the point where she didn't speak to anyone other than him and the crew and she was so blinded by her love for him that she continued to do everything he asked her to do.

That was until he put her in charge of a supply run to Argollia Nine which in itself wasn't too unusual as she had done runs without him before. However they had barely gotten near the planet when they were attacked by pirates leaving most of the crew dead and the ship drifting for days until they were rescued by a passing Starship.

When she eventually returned home she discovered that Matthias had been arrested and at first couldn't believe that he had been responsible for what had happened until she learned about his business dealings with a known criminal gang and that he had been working with them for years. Devastated and fearing for her life after agreeing to testify against him she left Earth as soon as she could and decided to go as far away as possible to start again and try to forget.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Enjoys reading, singing and dancing
Short-Term Goals: to find a job and start making a new life for herself
Long-Term Goals: to be happy, successful and to perhaps eventually settle down with someone she can trust.
Personality: Cautious yet fun loving once you get to know her
Sense of Humor: Normal and sometimes mischevious
Likes: Those who stand up for themselves, Loyalty, fun loving people
Dislikes: Liars, bullies, those who are dishonest for their own gain
Bad Habits or Vices: will chew on strands of hair when nervous
Achievements: becoming the Co Owner of the SS Moran (Freighter)
Disappointments: learning the truth about her now ex fiance
Illnesses: usual childhood illnesses nothing lasting or too serious
Strengths: Loyal, caring, friendly and compassionate
Weaknesses: can overthink in certain situations and tall dark haired men
Fears: that her past will catch up with her
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: favours dresses , occasionally jeans and nice smart tops
Distinguishing Features: two tattoos, a purple butterfly on her left shoulder and peace written in gaelic on her right thigh
Pets: NOne
Friends: Marisa Henderson (her friend from childhood but hasn't seen her since she left Earth)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Learning that her fiance arranged for the Freighter they owned to be attacked by pirates leaving most of the crew dead in exchange for a better deal with his associates.
Best Time: When her and Matthias first bought the Moran and the adventures they had
Most Crucial Experience: Again learning the truth about Matthias and how it allowed her to find the courage to leave.
Role Model: Her father Scott who always encouraged her to follow her heart

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