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This individual is the subject of an active arrest warrant, as of 21604.19. Any Star Fleet Security officer sighting this person is to contact SFSECCOM immediately and move to arrest. The suspect is to be considered armed and dangerous - probability of lethal resistance is HIGH.
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Kala Celes (Kala prefers surname last)
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Ozaki, PFF-7168
Time on Site:
Longevity Medal 6
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
60 kg (132 lb.)
Eye Color:
A smoky, almost-grey shade of green
Hair Color:
Dark brown
Bun on duty, lazily let down off-duty
Athletic, fit, slightly lanky
Facial Hair:
Thin eyebrows, constantly maintained
Strong and reassured, middle of the range for a female
United Federation of Planets
Earth, San Francisco
Familial Relationships
Celes Petrik
Celes Lauren
Status of Parents:
Happily married, living on Bajor
Marital Status:

Personal History

Long before Kala was born, her parents were war orphans on a post-occupation Bajor. They and a number of other orphans found themselves adopted by sympathetic and childless couples stationed on Deep Space 9. As was common in those days on the station, these children roamed freely on the promenade during the day. This is when and where Kala’s parents first met, and it was love at first sight. They were inseparable.

Kala’s parents married once the time was right, and briefly held jobs in the various establishments found on the space station promenade. However, word that the Dominion was building a station on the other side of the wormhole caused them to re-evaluate their life and the decision was made to move to Earth. Bajor had too many sad memories for them, Earth would be a chance to make new happy ones.

Kalas mother became pregnant with Kala on the trip to Earth.

With the assistance of their old foster families, they were able to settle down in San Francisco in time for Kala to be born. Kalas parents ran a Bajoran eatery close to Starfleet Academy grounds, where they became a popular eating destination for Academy cadets looking for some spicy hasperat.

As soon as she could speak and walk Kala would wander away from her parent’s establishment and into the nearby academy grounds where she found the martial arts training area used by the cadets. Kala loved to watch the cadets here, likening their motions to a kind of dance. Unfortunately, she would ultimately get caught by a groundskeeper, cadet, instructor, or even her parents once they began to catch on.

Kala was not perturbed by being caught, but instead learned to get more and more cunning with her escapes and her hiding. By the time she was 11 she could slip out of her parents establishment even while being watched and at 12 she could hide out in the open of the outdoor martial arts training area by pretending to be a student practicing, momentarily assumed to be a cadet from a diminutive Federation species.

Kalas natural tendency to disappear unnoticed in just about any situation worried her parents. But there was little that they could do.

As the years wore on Kalas parents began to ask the hasperat loving cadets to escort her back home if they happened to find her in the academy. This would prove painful for the cadets unlucky enough to find her, as Kala proved more than capable of disabling all but the largest and strongest of cadets. Eventually weary cadets and her parents simply decided that her tenacity was too much to overcome, and she simply became an unofficial yet tolerated attendee to many outdoor combat lessons.

This stability was cut short, when word of a Borg invasion of the Sol system came. In 2402, Kala and her parents left their home once again to go to the only other place they knew, Bajor. Kala was 19 and irrationally angry at her parents for taking her from the place she had grown up. As soon as they arrived on Star Base Charlie Kala slipped away onto a departing Bajoran merchant vessel without so much as a “see ya later”.

For the first time she truly ran away from home.

Kala was able to stay hidden in the cargo bay until a routine security scan at the border of Federation space. The captain, also a Bajoran, was notified that her ship appeared to have a stowaway aboard. When she was found the captain noticed she was Bajoran and offered to let her work for them in exchange for not turning her over to the Federation checkpoint agents. While Kala had no reason to fear the Federation, she was still upset with her parents and quickly accepted the offer. The captain was pleased with this since she had become unexpectedly short handed at Star Base Charlie.

Kala was soon discovered practicing martial arts forms during the copious down-time the merchant ship had between ports of trade. Intrigued, the captain offered Kala a position as a personal bodyguard during trade negotiations if she could best the current bodyguard, an older Vulcan, 1 on 1.

The Vulcan, a handsome male by the name of Sojeph, was very strong and clearly had a great many years of practice under his belt, but Kala was able to keep up with his attacks even if she could not disable him. After 30 minutes, the captain called it off declaring that she felt Kala would make a perfect bodyguard and could work alongside Sojeph. Before Kala would be allowed to work in this new role, Sojeph would have to teach her the skills needed to be a bodyguard for the successful Bajoran merchant.

It turned out that Kala did not need much in the way of combat training, though the Vulcan was still able to teach her a thing or two, but the most important skill she had to learn was to shield her mind from telepathic interrogation. Since the merchants often entered into deals with telepaths, it was important that their hand not be tipped too early, so to speak. With time, Sojeph was pleased with Kalas progress and she was allowed to join them on face to face negotiations with telepaths such as Betazoids and Deltans.

Having spent many hours training with Sojeph, Kala found herself falling both literally and figuratively for the Vulcan. Despite trying to keep herself from outwardly showing feelings for Sojeph, during one of their training sessions she lost herself in the moment, and kissed Sojeph. Realizing what it could mean if the Captain found out, Kala apologized and promised Sojeph she would never try and kiss him again. Being a Vulcan, Sojeph didn't show any emotion in response to the kiss, and agreed that discretion was advised.

Kala never found out if Sojeph had any feelings for her, or whatever passed for feelings from a Vulcan.

Eventually the Captain was satisfied that Kala had paid her debt, but offered Kala a generous stipend to stay on board, which Kala gracefully accepted. Kala enjoyed her new life, feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Her job took her to many places and let her meet many new faces, with only a small fraction of which required breaking. The opportunity to continue working with Sojeph was both a blessing and a curse.

By 24, Kala had matured considerably, both physically and emotionally. She became increasingly agitated as the full weight of how her actions could be affecting her parents. This quickly turned to guilt, and dug into the back of her mind. She brought this up with the merchant captain, who sympathetically decided that she could go back to see her parents, at least for a while. Coincidentally, the ship had a rendezvous at Star Base Charlie anyway, so there was no need to detour.

At Star Base Charlie, Kala had a tearful reunion with her parents. They told her that they had long since reasoned that she could take of herself, but were incredibly glad that she had come back home. They only asked that, whatever she should choose to do, “please write home from now on”.

Happy in the thought her parents believed in her, Kala decided to join Star Fleet, and make something of herself. With a strong background in being a personal bodyguard and protecting other people's lives, she believed a role in Security would be the best place she could serve the Federation. The ability to send messages to her parents freely was a bonus.

Maybe some of the academy staff would recognize her. Some did.

Maybe the change would take her mind off Sojeph. It didn't.

It didn't help her mindset at all to have Bajor and her parents euphemistically go “missing “ for 3 of her Academy years.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security
Academy Minor(s): Hand to hand combat, Cryptography
Hobbies and Pastimes: Kala enjoys spending time alone. She finds training and exercise more of a hobby than anything else. She will begrudgingly spar with other people, but few can pose much of a challenge. She also loves playing the earth game darts
Short-Term Goals: Find suitable sparring partners
Long-Term Goals: Master every aspect of the martial art, ‘Kala Fu’, a form of martial arts she invented to challenge herself. Also to enter more darts competitions.
Personality: Kala seems to have two sides to her personality. Sometimes she can be warm and welcoming, and sometimes she can be short and snappy.
Sense of Humor: Kala doesn't get many jokes. It’s almost as if she doesn't find anything funny.
Phobias: The ceiling falling in on her.
Likes: Being challenged, so few physical tasks seem to challenger her, and to win dart games.
Dislikes: Losing. Not that it happens much, she has won almost all informal and amateur contests she has entered
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Kala can spot bad form easily, be it a fighting stance or simply walking about, Kala cringes at the sight of bad form. If seen in a sparring partner she may call the session off.
Bad Habits or Vices: Kala bounces her legs when she’s sitting down, almost as if she is anxious.
Achievements: Kala won a cadet-only free-style martial arts tournament while attending the academy, and then proceeded to informally beat winners in other weight classes. Kala also won a local dart tournament.
Disappointments: Occasionally wishes she had left her parents and entered Starfleet Academy before they had a chance to whisk her away to Deep Space 9. Not playing enough darts.
Illnesses: When Kala was younger she got the common cold from a human boy her age, but apart from that she has never been seriously ill.
Strengths: Can quickly learn many physical tasks, particularly combat related ones. She’s also exceptionally good at darts.
Weaknesses: Almost unilaterally refuses to adapt to others’ cultural norms, even Bajoran ones like the wearing religious earrings or flipping the order of names. Preferring to be referred to by her first name first and her last name last. Luckily the norms she does follow suits Starfleet, due to her Earth upbringing.
Fears: Children, for some reason Kala does her best to stay away from children.
Prejudices: Somewhat secretly dislikes telepaths, reflexively puts up a mental barrier when she becomes aware of them. This is an unfortunate result of her trade negotiation training.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Any functional clothing, preferring dark tones
Distinguishing Features: Never slouches, doesn't wear the traditional Bajoran earrings
Pets: None
Friends: Kala doesn't have any real friends. She likes her own company
Referrer: Internet search for star trek forum role playing game 'google'

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Not knowing if the Vulcan Sojeph felt the same way about her as she did about him, and leaving him without saying goodbye.
Best Time: Kala has many fond memories of her unauthorized visits to the beautiful Starfleet Academy campus.
Most Crucial Experience: f she had not snuck onto that merchant vessel she would no doubt be a very different person today.
Role Model: Sojeph, the Vulcan that mentored her while on the freight vessel.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21105.07 – 21405.07 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Security Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21405.07 Midshipman Midshipman
Security Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21411.27 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Security Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21411.31 Ensign Ensign
Security Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21412.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21510.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Ozaki, PFF-7168 21512.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3

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