Cargo Shuttle - Type 17

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngCargo Shuttle Type 17United Federation of Planets logo.png
Type 17
United Federation of Planets
Type: Cargo Shuttle
Length: 25 Meters
Beam: 7 Meters
Height: 4.5 Meters
Mass: 30 Metric Tons
Decks: 1
Crew Compliment: Standard: 2 Crew, 1 Passenger, Plus Cargo
Emergency: 30
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 1A)
Cruise Speed: 5.0
Sustainable Speed: 6.0
Emergency Speed: 7.0 (1 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engines (Type 2)
Speed: .5 C
Defensive Systems: Type 1 Main Shield Generator (MSG-1)
Other: None
Armament: 2 banks of 2 Type 3 (1F1A/360D)
Torpedoes: None
Other Capabilities: None
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-1
Tractor/Repulsor: None
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-1

The Type-17 shuttlecraft is designed for cargo, specifically, ground-to-orbit transportation.

Developed to support away teams during survey missions, this shuttle only requires a crew of two people. Often used to transport ground vehicles or hovercars in order to assist in extending stays on a planet, this space can also be easily converted into a rest area for the crew, which allows them to use the shuttle as a sort of "home base of operations."

Unlike other, more common shuttles, the Type 17 are usually posted on front-line starships only, with the intention of use in a wide variety of missions.

The forward area of this shuttlecraft contains a cockpit with two stations, as well as an auxiliary seat (called "jump seat" by pilots) that can be manned by a specialist or passenger.
Behind (or "aft") this seat are two large side hatches, which fold down and turn into ramps over the shuttle warp nacelles to reach the ground. Behind this section is where the bulk of the cargo is stored, with the floor in that section possessing special gravity plating that holds the cargo in place during flight.

At the very end of the shuttle, there is a large hatch which can also fold down and turn into a ramp.

The shuttle does have armament, in the form of forward and aft phaser arrays, as well as graviton shielding.

The reasoning behind these weapons is due to the nature of these shuttles, and their predisposition of attractiveness to pirates.