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Darin Calcant
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Unjoined)
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
68 kg (150 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Cut short, kept in a fashion that makes sure it doesn't ever get in his eyes, and risk distracting him. He doesn't care too much about how it looks
Mildly Fair
Facial Hair:
Clipped, practical, and focused when he has a task before him. In conversation, it gains a bit more relaxed tone, as he loses some of the guarded note he hasn't entirely lost
United Federation of Planets
Gheryzan, Trill
Familial Relationships
Wavir Calcant
Lera Calcant
Status of Parents:
Alive and well on Trill. Wavir only speaks to Darin on vary rare occasions. currently, Wavir serves as a shopkeeper, with Lera assisting him. Neither is joined
Nari Divrin (Unjoined) - Sister, 28
Marital Status:

Personal History

Darin’s story isn’t an uncommon one on Trill. His parents are unjoined Trill, and they made it their goal to make sure one of their children became joined. They believed that being joined was the sole way for a Trill to have a full life. Anything else was just a shadow. Darin grew up under pressure to excel. Nari, his older sister, reacted through rebellion. She stopped doing her school work, and got married early, to show her complete lack of interest in being joined. Darin responded in the opposite way. He studied constantly, and focused on joining in exclusion of all else. He didn’t develop any other interests. The day he was accepted as an initiate still ranks as one of the happiest moments of his life, even with how it all turned out.

He continued through the program, working constantly. He excelled in the program. However, in a field of brilliant candidates, excellence was hardly enough. He needed an edge. So he started studying on his own. Surrounded by doctors, constantly, the natural choice was to study medicine. He thought by showing that he had specialized knowledge, he could show that he had something special to bring to the symbiont.

He went into his field test feeling fairly confident. He was assigned to work with a senior Medical Researcher at the Adelman Neurological Institute, a joined Trill named Laren Gelker. He was certain that his extra study would pay off. Instead, the man made Darin’s life a living hell. He made him work as a secretary, constantly pushing Darin. He demeaned the young man, and put him under severe stress. And Darin took it, knowing that in the end, obedience would be rewarded with a symbiont. He wasn’t informed till he was back on Trill of the recommendation. Laren had asked that he be classified as ‘Unsuitable for Joining,’ and the symbiosis commission had agreed. Darin had been dropped. His entire life, his entire body of work, broke down into three words ‘Unsuitable for Joining.’ Darin had no idea how to react. He was shown out of the institute, and told to have a nice life, essentially. His parents reacted by telling him that as long as his name was ‘Darin Calcant’ he wasn’t welcome in their home. So Darin went after the one person he had left. Laren. He managed to book passage on a number of ships, and found his way back to the Adelman Institute, where he confronted Laren. He shouted that he had done everything Laren had asked, that he had never once spoken out of turn, or argued back. Laren smiled calmly, and asked the young man to come to lunch with him. Darin accepted confused more then anything. Over the course of the lunch, Laren explained that the reason he had been so unreasonable had been to make Darin snap. To make him react angrily. To show that he had more in him then just the instinct to obey. Darin's reaction was simple astonishment, which Laren took with a quiet smile. Then, he arranged for Darin’s passage back to Trill, with a promise to recommend him to anything he wanted… except for another chance at joining.

Darin returned to Trill, and sat for a month, simply trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life. Eventually, he arrived at the conclusion of Star Fleet. He could leave Trill, put his medical training to work, and find a purpose for his life. He decided that he could put his determination, his focus, behind this attempt to join Star Fleet.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Surgical Procedures
Academy Minor(s): Neurology, Xenobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Other than reading to keep up to date on Medical Treatments and research, he has begun to play a Terran Musical Instrument, the flute. He doesn't know why he picked it, and that's one of the things he found so enchanting about it. As well, he has taken to listening to all types of music, though some he simply cannot see the appeal of, such as Klingon Opera.
Short-Term Goals: To become used to Star Fleet procedures, acclimate himself to life in Space, and enjoy the moment
Long-Term Goals: Serve with distinctin, get better at the flute, enjoy life, and finally, get over being dropped as an initiate, and reconcile with his father.
Personality: Focused. That marks Darin, more than anything. He is capable of bringing his whole attention to bear on any goal before him. Of course, this has its down sides, as well. Someone who is to focused can become caught up in things, to the point of letting other, important things slip. However, since being dropped as an Initiate, he has begun to change. The focus, the determination is still there. But he has also begun to develop a sense of humor, interests in something more than simply what he 'should' be interested in. He has begun to enjoy life, and understand there is more than work and study.
Sense of Humor: A little bit dry, slightly sarcastic, but definatly all in good fun
Phobias: He has a mild phobia, combined with a great deal of awe for joined Trill. He shares that with most former initiates. Other than that, he doesn't really have any. Psychological screening is part of the process of becoming an initiate
Likes: Working, being valued as a capable person playing the flute, listening to music, and speaking with friends
Dislikes: Tests, riddles, and people trying to manipulate him.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Lazy people. He absolutely cannot stand people who don't work the hardest, put everything behind their work
Achievements: Being accepted as an initiate, being accepted into Star Fleet Medical
Disappointments: Being dropped from the initiate program, his families refusal to associate with him afterwards
Illnesses: Nothing out of the ordinary
Strengths: Extrordinary powers of concentration, fairly intelligent, and possess very steady hands
Weaknesses: Cautious, sometimes to the point of being rendered inactive. Concentration can move on to obsession, an dcaus him to neglect other necessities. As well, despite his steady hands, he isn't a great shot with a Phaser. Something about the simple fact that he is holding a weapon capable of harming someone makes his hand start to shake a bit.
Fears: Failure. More than anything, he fears being labeled this again. As well he fears that he isn't much good at anything other then following what others tell him. That he will be asked to leave Star Fleet. That he won't be able to reconcile with his father. That in the end, his entire life will end up being entirely encompassed by the words 'unsuitable for joining.'
Prejudices: None really noticible. Perhaps a belief that intellectual pursuits are higher than those in other areas, but that's it.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: He doesn't have much in the way of off duty clothes. Those he does have tend to be muted green, or blues, with a quiet style. Not unflattering, but not the kind to draw attention to him
Distinguishing Features: Other than the Trill spots, there aren't any. He has lived a fairly sheltered life.
Pets: None
Friends: Not many. Most of the people he knew were other candidates for joining, and they have drifted apart

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The moment he was informed that he had been dropped from the initiates program
Best Time: For now, being accepted into the initiates program
Most Crucial Experience: His conversation with Dr. Gelker, where he understood why he had been dropped
Role Model: None, at the moment. Various joined Trill were the closest thing he had before, but now he is sill kind of adrift

Career History

Stardate 20805.04 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Promoted to Midshipman, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20805.05 - Assigned as Medical Officer, USS Sheridan, DD-4086

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