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Richard Cade
Career Occupation
USS Titan, CL-2007
Biographical Attributes
196 cm (6 ft. 5 in.)
65 kg (143 lb.)
Eye Color:
Greyish blue
Hair Color:
Jet black
Athletic, muscular, trim
Slightly tanned
United Federation of Planets
Danube, Acamar III, Acamar System
Familial Relationships
Ambassador Symon Cade
Jada Cade
Status of Parents:
Richard’s father is currently Federation Ambassador to the Acamarian race after Captain Jean-luc Picard (see: Picard, Jean-Luc) made first contact in 2366. He has been stationed there since 2368 after he was instrumental in negotiation peace terms with Sovereign Marouk, the planet’s leader. Before his assignment to Acamar III, Ambassador Symon was a Diplomatic Officer aboard the USS Challenger. He was born on earth in Italy, and as such had short black hair, tanned skin, and a slight Italian accent. Richard's mother is the childhood sweetheart of Symon Cade, and as such has dedicated her life to him, following him on all his postings. She first met him, when she was the barmaid when he was at the Federation Diplomatic Corps Academy, based in Washington USA.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Richard was born on the planet of Acamar III, in the Acamar System, to Symon and Jada Cade and lived in a large house, in the wealthy area of Danube, Acamar III’s prime city, with a view overlooking Lake Tyul.

Richard was very mischievous as a child, often getting into all sorts of trouble with his best friend Angmah. Their parents, unable to control their children, enlisted them at a local martial arts academy. Richard excelled here, beating all the students, and almost the teacher, as well as developing a code of honour that would define him as a man as well as meeting Amanda Newton, the love of his life.

However, this did little to curb the teens’ troublesome side, and one day after a particular elaborate prank, the two were caught by the local community constable, who consulted with the boy’s parents about suitable punishment.

It was decided the best way to punish the boys was to make them give back to the community, and to this end, were forced to work at the local garrison, assisting the local policing force. Richard had finally found his niche, assisting those who serve and protect the innocent, in line with his code. His performance earned him recognition and respect with the regular constables, and was allowed to assist them on patrols, but was never left unsupervised, due to him only being 15.

During the annual fair he was asked to act as a marshal, a chance he jumped at. Whilst on patrol, he saw someone being attacked. He rushed to the victim’s aid, fending off three drunken assailants, and realised it was Angmah that had been beaten, so severely he was barely able to breathe. He rushed for an ambulance, and on the way Angmah fell into a coma. Unable to forgive himself for not being able to save his friend sooner, he never left his friends’ bedside. As a result of this, Amanda left him, stating it was no longer working. Richard had never been so alone, his girlfriend leaving him, his best friend in a coma. One night at the hospital, Richard was on his way to get some coffee, when he met a terminally ill old man, in a military uniform, full of decorations. Fascinated by the man, Richard invited him to come and tell Angmah some stories, hoping to stir him from his coma, but sadly the man died before he awoke, and much to Richard's regret, he never found out the old soldier’s name.

After three months, Angmah finally awoke, greeted by Richard's beaming smile. Richard vowed never to let that happen to his friend again, and the two of them decided they would become the best they could be, and started training in the martial arts for nearly 18 hours a day, every day.

Seeing the boys’ dedication, and knowing their history from his father, Commodor Bukra of the Vok’Ra invited the two of them to undertake the Tum’Brok, the selection test for the Acamar military, that pushes candidates to their limits, mentally and physically for six gruelling months, the other six months dedicated to learning the ways of the warrior, as well as discipline and self-respect. Richard came in the top 30 (there were 150 applicants, with only the top 50 being offered a place), with Angmah coming first, and being offered a place in the Vok’Ra the military elite. Richard however, was denied entry due to being an off-worlder, despite being born on Acamar III receiving a high score.

Being split from Angmah the rejection drove Richard into a state of depression, and he turned to alcohol to solve his problems. His parents, seeing the descent of their only son, sent him off the Earth, to live with his grandfather and uncles in Italy.

Richard was overwhelmed by this opportunity, and waved his parents goodbye, promising that he would write to them all the time. Little did he know it would be a very, very long time before he saw them again.

Upon his arrival to Italy, Richard was overwhelmed and felt that he had finally found a home. He spent his days talking with his grandfather, a former Starfleet Captain. Richard was fascinated by his stories, and the more he heard, the further in love he fell with the idea.

Richard would often visit the local bars with his cousins, (despite being underage, and often lead to them being kicked out), however he felt very out of place talking with the ladies, due to his earlier heartbreak. This all changed when he met Katie Pascoe, an interplanetary merchant’s daughter. Richard fell in love with her the moment he saw her, and plucked up the courage, with the aid of his cousin and alcohol to talk to her. The two of them hit if off straight away, spending almost all their time together. Richard's confidence with women skyrocketed, and he became known as one of the most generous and charismatic men in the area.

Eventually Richard plucked up the courage to propose, with Katie accepting, the two having never been happier, and started to plan their wedding that would have to wait a while, as tradition dictated they could not be wed before they were both 18.

However, shortly after Richard’s 17th birthday, Katie was declared missing, when on a routine trade run with her father their Starship disappeared without a trace.

Richard was devastated, and became more determined than ever to join Starfleet, his lost love and grandfather fuelling his passion to wear the Star Fleet uniform.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security, Tactical
Academy Minor(s): Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard, Engineering: Operations and Command Functions
Hobbies and Pastimes: Many different forms of martial art such as Taekwondo, Anbo-

Jytsu, & Mok'bara, endurance running, 20th & 21st century earth reading, old earth clay shooting, holo-war recreations
Short-Term Goals: Too make Assistant Department Head
Long-Term Goals: Become a Chief Tactical Officer.
Personality: Charismatic, witty, outgoing, sporty, risk taking, disregards no-win situations, and often loved by all
Sense of Humor: A very dry, dark sarcastic wit
Phobias: Dronbak spiders
Likes: Working out, chilling with friends, women, Acmary wine
Dislikes: Bullies, cowards, liars, inconsiderate narcissists
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Incompetent Commanders
Achievements: Becoming the first human to pass the Tum’Brok, a challenging course for Acamarian Military, finishing second in the course, as well as assisting the Danube Community Policing Agency.
Disappointments: Not being able to join the Vok’Ra, the Acamarian military elite with his best friend.
Illnesses: Had a bout of Jurea flu as a child, but nothing major.
Strengths: Athletic ability, charisma, very good intuition.
Weaknesses: Short tempered, womaniser
Fears: Losing his parents, failing those around him
Prejudices: Dislikes bossy, overweight officers, the Ferengi and their profit driven motives.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Loose fitting split bottom trousers, with a long jacket, and shin high boots
Distinguishing Features: Pointed nose, chin dimple
Pets: Richard had to leave his beloved Acamarian Husky at home when he enrolled at the academy due to the strict Acamarian rules on the interplanetary transport of native species.
Friends: Angmah – Angmah and Richard were destined to become best friends, after being born minutes apart in the same room, their parents being best friends. Angmahs’ father was the Acamarian attaché to the Federation Embassy, where Richard's father worked, the two of them being very close friends.

From an early age Angmah and Richard were inseparable and caused much mischief all across Danube.

Initially their parents decided some form of martial art may help calm them down, however after one too many pranks the two of them were caught by the local chief constable, who decided the best way to discipline the boys was to give them part time jobs at the local garrison. It was here that the two boys flourished, and the bonds of friendship were forged forever. After a particularly rowdy time at the annual fair with his girlfriend, she and Angmah were attacked by three drunken locals, and proceeded to suffer a severe beating. Richard saw this occurring and rushed to the aid of his beaten friends, seriously injuring all three attackers. Angmah suffered severe head trauma and had to be rushed to the hospital, where he fell into a coma, his girlfriend only suffering minor bruises.

For the next 3 months, Richard never left his friends’ side, blaming himself for what happened. When Angmah awoke, he was greeted by his friends beaming smile. This experience was a turning point in their lives, and the two of them threw themselves into their martial arts training.

It was shortly after this point the two of them were offered a place on the Tum’Brok, an elite military selection course, lasting a year, whilst aged only 16 making them some of the youngest cadets to enrol on the course. Angmah excelled here, coming seventh, and was accepted to serve in the Vok’ra, the Acamarian military elite.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Seeing his best friend joining the Vok’Ra, as well as not knowing the fate of his betrothed
Best Time: Completing the Tum’Brok with his lifelong friend Angmah, and also meeting Katie in Italy.
Most Crucial Experience: After being rejected by the Vok’Ra, going to Earth, meeting his grandfather a former Starfleet officer, and learning all about his exploits. It set his dream in motion.
Role Model: His grandfather, an exemplary Starfleet Officer, who dedicated his life to uphold the values of the Federation.

Career History

Stardate 21105.01 - Graduated, Tactical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21105.01 - Promoted, Midshipman, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21105.01 - Assigned, Tactical Department, USS Titan, CL-2007

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