Butler, Keva

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Keva Butler
Career Occupation
Academy Instructor
Star Fleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
120 lbs
Eye Color:
Dark hazel, with flecks of gold.
Hair Color:
A dark caramel, with hints of white.
Mid-length cut, often pulled back, occasionally let down to mid-neck.
Pale, with freckles
Facial Hair:
Quiet, until she gets excited about a topic, then higher with rapidly spoken words.
United Federation of Planets
Terra, Ireland
Familial Relationships
Michael Butler
Cara (Flood) Butler
Status of Parents:
Keva’s parents still own a house in Ireland, though they are more frequently found in their apartment just outside academy grounds.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Keva was born in her family’s ancestral home in Galway, though for most of her life

Ireland has been little more than a place for a yearly extended vacation. Keva’s mother was a well-respected Starfleet commander, who took a posting in the academy administration after Keva was born. Her father is a distinguished scientist, known for his work in understanding the neuropathological disease known as the Scarlet Syndrome. Now also posted at Starfleet Headquarters, he rarely goes off-world, except to find new samples.

Growing up, Keva was a very talented musician from a young age. At the age of 8, she had already learned to sing, play the piano, and had a particular fascination with the lyre. By the age of 12, she could play more than 10 instruments, and spent most of her time studying and playing for small crowds. In addition to her penchant for music, Keva was particularly skilled with mathematical problems, tackling higher-level courses at a startlingly young age.

Keva entered the academy at age seventeen, much to the astonishment of many. Her natural talent in math served her well, and she graduated at an age where most students were just taking entrance exams. After graduation, she first served as a science officer aboard the Boston, where her work in gravitational calculations was put to work testing new propulsion systems. After only a few missions, Keva transferred to the Pythagoras, a smaller ship where she took on more duties, including leading her own away missions and research projects.

After a full year aboard the Pythagoras, Keva headed home for a brief family vacation, only to remember just how much she loved having a stationary home. She called in a couple favors and began working as an instructor at the academy. Since then, she has found that teaching gives her a sense of satisfaction that is unmatched by anything except perhaps performing one of her own musical pieces.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Keva majored in astrometric calculations, more specifically in transwarp theory.
Academy Minor(s): Keva minored in alien music theory, learning to play new instruments and understand

the history and intricacies of the music of several cultures.
Hobbies and Pastimes: : Keva spends much of her time playing music, both in small academy gatherings and, occasionally, in a local coffeehouse. She also spends a lot of time deep in thought, or people watching in nearby parks.
Short-Term Goals: Keva’s main goal as an instructor is to help nurture students and see them explore the galaxy. She tries to encourage her students to follow their hearts and minds together, and manages to stay in contact with several of them. In addition, Keva is still trying to find exactly where she fits in, and is hoping to find a balance between her studies and a social life (something she has always struggled with).
Long-Term Goals: Keva is still unsure about her future, but ideally would like to maintain her post at the academy and conduct research until she earns a few more ranks, and then would either like to lead a research mission, or perhaps simply play music for a living.
Personality: Keva has always been a very shy person, living more inside her head than in the outside world. She is extraordinarily kind, however, and quick to smile once engaged in conversation. While her words are usually hard to come by and restrained, if someone can get her talking about a topic she feels passionate about, it can be difficult to get her to stop.
Sense of Humor: Keva finds the idiosyncrasies of everyday life amusing, and will often find herself smiling at the smallest (and sometimes strangest) things. While she may not always understand jokes told in social interactions, Keva is capable of seeing the humor in even the most dire of situations.
Phobias: Keva is rather afraid of being disliked. From a young age, she focused more on her various studies than on building relationships, and she fears her social skills aren’t as developed as her peers.
Likes: Keva loves music, and loves anyone who can discuss it intelligently. She also loves walking in brisk weather, though she isn’t overly fond of snow and cold. She loves spicy foods, though she dislikes the taste of peppers.
Dislikes: Keva finds overly extroverted people intimidating, and generally finds herself avoiding them. She also has a firm dislike for Klingon cuisine, though she finds their operas beautiful and mysterious.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Above all else, Keva is annoyed by close-minded people. As an instructor, she feels one of her primary responsibilities is to ensure her students leave open-minded, and ready to take on the galaxy.
Bad Habits or Vices: Keva has a habit of constantly playing with her hair when she gets nervous. She will curl it around a finger, constantly ensure it is pulled back, or just run her fingers through it. In addition, she has a particular weakness for lightly spiced sweets, and often finds herself walking into bakeries or coffee shops just because of the smell.
Achievements: From her awards playing music to her academic achievements and publications, Keva has a lot to brag about, though she rarely talks about herself at all. Her first publication, written in her last year at the academy, detailed the possible system-wide gravitational changes that might occur from long-term transwarp usage.
Disappointments: Keva still feels a twinge of regret when she thinks back to her early life, and wonders what she missed. When she thinks about her classmates at the academy, she sometimes feels that, other than her friendship with Parren, that she missed out on a lot of valuable social interactions.
Illnesses: Keva suffers from minor bouts of dizziness at times, brought on by an inner-ear condition.
Strengths: Keva is a brilliant thinker and logician. She could compose an opera or figure out the degree of stresses on a starship travelling by a star at Warp 5 as easily as most people figure out what they want to eat.
Weaknesses: Keva struggles to make small talk or engage in large social gatherings. She doesn’t have many close friends, though she talks to many former instructors and students a lot. Oddly enough, Keva finds it easy to talk to groups of students or speak in front of crowds, so long as she has material prepared. She was surprised, in her first month of teaching, by how similar it felt to performing on stage.
Fears: Keva fears losing her grasp on reality. When she was very young, her grandmother (also a brilliant mind and musician) suffered from a genetic condition that drove her quite insane, and Keva fears that may one day happen to her.
Prejudices: Keva finds extremely confident people intimidating, though she tries not to let it influence her. She also is annoyed by arrogance, though once again she tries to never let it show.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: : A casual, warm sweater and comfortable, practical pants.
Pets: A cat named Angelo
Friends: : Keva’s best friend is a former classmate and roommate, a Vulcan scientist named Perren. The two met early in their studies, and maintained a strong relationship. Keva has often relied on Perren’s logical mind to help her maintain objectivity, while Perren has always found himself intrigued by Keva’s ambition.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: When Parren graduated and took a posting in deep space.
Best Time: Keva would say that her fondest memory is the first time she picked up and played a

handmade twentieth century fiddle. If one were to visit either her quarters or her family’s home, they would find a virtual museum of real and replicated historical instruments.
Most Crucial Experience: Keva’s most crucial experience would either be when she first performed to a large audience, or when she published her first paper.
Role Model: : Keva would have trouble defining a role model. She would probably list of one of the standards, like Cochrane, Mozart, Einstein, or Pasteur, but secretly she would hope to find her own path, completely separate from anyone else.

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