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Brother, Sister (Roberta and Rosalina Ramirez)
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Sallea T'Prell
Female*, Female (Identical Twins) *Identifies as either androgynous or male
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.) 165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
56.7 kg (125 lb.) 52.2 kg (115 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark Brown, almond shaped
Hair Color:
Near black
‘Brother’: fade (shaved sides, long top combed back), Sister: full angled bob (medium length)
Slender, wiry, with some muscular definition
Medium dark, reddish brown
‘Brother’: husky, but feminine enough to sound female, Sister: lightly-husky
United Federation of Planets
Ronara Prime
Familial Relationships
Marco Ramirez
Evelyn Ramirez
Status of Parents:
MIA, abducted by pirates about a year after the birth of the twins
None (Other than Brother to Sister, Sister to Brother)
Marital Status:

Personal History

The Twins, Brother (female anatomically, male identification) and Sister were born on Ronara Prime from a husband and wife diplomatic team. Ronara Prime lies within the Cardassian DMZ and was home to a former Marquis rebel cell, just prior and post the Dominion War.

While the Marquis had been virtually obliterated by the Cardassian Military (with Dominion help), some twenty years later, at the behest of the Federation Council, Star Fleet dispatched an exploratory mission to the planet to ascertain the aftermath of the war.

Brother’s and Sister’s parents were part of an away team, and discovered that the planet was still a long way off from recovering…2nd generation Cardassians made up the majority of the planet’s population followed by humans and a smattering of other humanoid species. The world was now, more or less, a neutral colony not recognizing the Cardassian Union or the Federation as having rights to the planet.

The Ramirez diplomats agreed to stay on the planet (until a return trip by Star Fleet could be arranged, a span of 1 to 2 years) and see what they could learn about this new society. As Ronara Prime was a poor colony world, in all practicality, technology, and especially medical equipment and expertise would be minimal.

After 6 months on the planet, two major events occurred, the Ramirez’s became pregnant and because the colony was out of the way, there was an attack by pirates (which was finally repulsed with minimal loss of life) the damage to the modern technology was severe (Gorn feedback tech destroyed most scanning devices); but the inhabitants (with the Ramirez’s) like pioneers from cultures old and ancient, made due with less…a simpler, yet physically more demanding life.

During the pregnancy, it was discovered that Evelyn was bearing twins, and only cursory scans were performed, but indicating a healthy start. However, what was missed, was that the twin’s foreheads were merged together, such that each twin shared the frontal lobes of their brains to each other. Later on during the pregnancy, there were some rudimentary scans to indicate the shared frontal lobes, and it was discussed that with the lack of sophisticated medical equipment available, the twins were left as is and only after cesarean birth at the due date. It was several months before the next starship arrived and the twins were separated without any undue complications…though concerns were raised about the frontal lobes being effectively cut in twain. State-of-the art techniques were used to separate them, including introducing cloned cells to replace and regrow missing parts, so that eventually both twins had complete frontal lobe tissue and reached normal developmental milestones during childhood as the grew, having no discernable intellectual or personality deficits.

The starship came under attack by pirates a day after retrieving the Ramirez family, and during a boarding attempt, the twin’s parents were abducted before the starship regained control. The twins were then taken to Earth (The Philippines), where extended family members agreed to raise them…and as they learned to speak…it became uncanny when they would trade off individual words of a sentence…

Sister A: C Sister B: is Sister A for Sister : cat

Additionally, the family agreed on the names Roberta and Rosalina, but the twins would always substitute ‘brother’ when Roberta was spoken and ‘sister’ when Rosalina was spoken. As the twins entered toddler and child stage, Roberta rebelled at dressing and behaving as a girl, and assumed a more boyish demeanor (refused to wear dresses, pants or shorts only). Rosalina was fine adhering to girl-like things (wearing dresses).

The siblings were inseparable and seemed to truly enjoy the company of each other, but not to the exclusivity of meeting others. But while attending public schools, the pair would often end up being picked on and physically tormented; until the two decided to fight back in self-defense…which was eerily or frighteningly scary as the twins could coordinate their attacks…as if one mind had controlled both their movements. As they were considered rather odd, they were soon only referred to as brother and sister, as Roberta, dressed exclusively as a male, and would not react to the name ‘Roberta’ whatsoever.

The pair was highly prized by martial arts schools around Manilla and brother and sister took up the native, historical forms of Eskrima also known by the names of Kali and Arnis…the use of knives, sticks and other bladed weapons (along with unarmed techniques).

It wasn’t long after that the pair became known to not be trifled with, or you’d get your just desserts, though the twins had a wisdom beyond their years where they would stop the violence if their attackers ended or surrendered. There was no punitive retribution…they were considered fair and just. Both brother and sister while lithe and thin framed, possessed strength greater than their light bodies indicated (nothing super human, just surprisingly strong for their weight class).

The twins were also very curious, so most things related to the biological and Medical sciences were of interest…not so much a deep understanding, save for an exceptional skill in surgical techniques, but fairly well realized understanding of many life science subjects.

By the end of their 3rd year of high school, the twins were tested and given early acceptance to Star Fleet Academy after they graduated high school which they of course did. A major accommodation was that the two would be treated as one…this was proven (with much surprise) that the twin’s telepathic bond when in close proximity was profound as if both bodies possessed identical inputs and coordinated outputs.

As Brother and Sister’s physical distance increased, the pure telepathic link quickly diminished, but a strong empathic bond remained over the distances measured (Earth to Luna distances); and these separation tests were kept brief.

A facet of Brother and Sister’s telepathy, is that they are telepathically inert to others (they can neither read nor send telepathic thoughts to/from other minds) and are ‘mostly’ inert to other telepathic races…their minds appear similar to Ferengi and Breen in that regard. Genetic testing has shown previously dormant Betazoid DNA present along the maternal side, by three generations minimum. The twins’ brains produce the same chemical that Betazoids produce, psilosynine, and brain scans show a paracortex-like structure imbedded in their respective frontal lobes.

Technically, both Brother and Sister surnames is Ramirez, but virtually always go by ‘Rank’ ‘Brother’, ‘Rank’ Sister or Doctor Brother, Doctor Sister. Star Fleet has acquiesced to the siblings’ name convention.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Surgical techniques, humans and humanoids
Academy Minor(s): General Medicine, Life Sciences, Immunology
Hobbies and Pastimes: : Horseback riding, dancing, paddy cake (an incredible display of body produced percussion and coordination, almost unbelievable), juggling, reading mystery and romance novels
Short-Term Goals: Gain experience in a Medical Department of a starship
Long-Term Goals: Eventually try a search for their parents, what was their fate?
Personality: Near Zen-like, even-keeled, respectful, ready smiles
Sense of Humor: appreciates stand-up comedy and a good humorous story
Phobias: None
Likes: Country Rock, (fresh) seafood dishes, colorful salad greens, ginger beer, whisky, base jumping, beaches (and sand between the toes), the ocean, canines
Dislikes: : anything with peanuts or peanut butter (smell and taste very off putting), vodka (tastes too medicinal), most dairy products (ice cream okay though), bullies, too much aggressive behavior by people
Pet Peeves or Gripes: nothing significant
Bad Habits or Vices: Dividing their speech between each other
Achievements: Accepted into Star Fleet Academy before even finishing high school, 3rd degree black belts, eskrima (a Filipino Martial Art, using sticks and swords)
Disappointments: none of particular significance, save not knowing the fate of their parents
Illnesses: Chicken Pox
Strengths: ethical, exceptional dexterity (and agility between them)
Weaknesses: introverted, except when situation or experience is what brother and sister are competent in
Fears: being separated from each other for extended periods
Prejudices: Reptilian (Gorn) and Saurian species (such pirates took their parents away from them)
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Long jackets (trench coat lengths) over t-shirts and shorts
Distinguishing Features: 1) Brother’s and Sister’s facial features are similar save for the minor differences in height and weight differences

2) Brother and Sister are telepathically linked to each other (one might describe the twins as one mind with two bodies, each is always experiencing what the other experiences)
Pets: None
Friends: None

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: none of particular note, as their memories of their parent’s abduction occurred as they were infants…mostly a sense of loss and ‘what if’…and being bullied was not viewed as a major painful event, it was a learning experience, a lesson to be learned and how to react to it.
Best Time: No strong best time…life itself is a best time to the twins, getting into Star Fleet was nice, but not an end all, above all else thing.
Most Crucial Experience: grade school: choosing to defend themselves from bullies and the uninformed
Role Model: Master Ruben Ignacio – brother and sister’s eskrima teacher; life lessons of honor, fight avoidance, treat others fairly and with respect, love of self

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