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Breen Confederacy
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Breen Confederacy
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The Breen Confederacy is the official government of the Breen species. In late 2375, the Breen Confederacy entered the Dominion War, allowing itself to be annexed by the Dominion as the Cardassian Union had been two years prior.

According to the terms of the annexation, the Breen Confederacy received several planets from the Cardassian Union as compensation for joining the war. The Breen would also be given control of the Romulan Star Empire in the post-war galaxy. The Founders also promised the Breen control of Earth, though Weyoun was also given this assurance. The union was negotiated between the Female Changeling and Thot Gor, a prominent official in the Confederacy.

The Breen may have also been influenced to join the Dominion from a Changeling impersonator in the Confederacy's government, as an Unnamed Breen was seen in Internment Camp 371, where several people replaced by Changelings were placed.

The Confederacy proved very influential in its first weeks of fighting, thanks to the previously unknown energy dampening weapon, in addition to their conventional forces. The weapon proved decisive in the Second Battle of Chin'toka, allowing the Dominion to retake the system after inflicting huge losses on the Federation Allies. This, of course, served as proverbial "salt in the wound", as it followed a surprise attack on Earth, with the raid on San Francisco.

Fortunately, the Allies were able to capture an example of the Breen weapon, allowing them to develop countermeasures. The Breen continued to fight with the Dominion until the end, demonstrating a willingness to die for the cause that matched that of the Jem'Hadar. In some respects this actually worked to the benefit of the Allies - the Dominion's increasing reliance on the Breen forces made the Cardassians feel more and more isolated and abandoned and was a contributory factor in their eventual split from the Dominion. Ultimately, the Dominion was defeated at the Battle of Cardassia.

The Breen issue disruptor-style sidearms as standard for military personnel.

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Modern Era

As of 2421, the Breen have withdrawn almost completely from the galactic stage. The myriad wars of the 2400s and 2410s mostly passed them by, with only the Krynar conflict seeing them involved at all; even then, they fought the Krynar by themselves and in their own way, not allying with the rest of the Alpha Quadrant powers.

As such, little is known of their internal structures either civilian, political, or military. The Breen are even known to use privateers rather than expose their actual military ships to other powers, further obfuscating their actual strength. These privateers come in all sizes, from small "escort" type ships to larger cruisers, and with armament as eclectic as their sizes would indicate. The few glimpses Star Fleet Intelligence has been able to find of actual Breen warships shows them to be typically a bit larger overall than their types would indicate, but with their spaceframes consisting of various "arcs" and being asymmetrical they actually have less tonnage than ships of the type in other navies. See Breen Starships for more information on this.

Intelligence has also heard rumors that the Confederacy is in talks with their old allies, the Cardassians, for a new alliance against the Federation. It is believed that the construction of Pioneer Station by the Federation near their mutual border in the deep Alpha Quadrant was the catalyst for these talks, although it is unknown whether the two powers have or will come together in the future.