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Codey Bravin
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
70.3 kg (155 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
short cropped sides/back and 5 cm long top draping down the sides, back and front
Thin but muscular, low body fat percentage
Facial Hair:
Crisp, medium Australian accent
United Federation of Planets
Adelaide, Australia, Earth
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Patrick Bravin
Catarina Lerrins Bravin
Status of Parents:
Nathan Bravin 26, Merinda Bravin 22
Marital Status:

Personal History

Born in Adelaide Australia, Codey has moved around the country on his own from family member to family member through his life. In the experience of living in multiple areas and with a variety of people, he gained a young education of acceptance of varying people and personality types and types of different cultures and lifestyles. This acceptance earned him great opportunities and friendships that gave him a diverse education from schools and apprenticeships as his curiosity developed. He learned of his interest in other boys when he was about 13 years old, an important time when boys begin developing. It was at that time that Codey was trying out for the Baseball team at his scool, and was also working out in the school Gym to build strength. He had had many personal encounters and friends over the years through school, but that’s all they were, as none seemed to have that special personality for him.

His family was able to enjoy many small excursions together, mostly only being able to go to local planets and systems, but also a few times out to other quadants and further systems, so Codey was taken on a few of those, and enjoyed them very much, learning how different cultures lived, trying different food and meeting unique people. However on one of those trips, There was a bad experience, one of the very few he was lucky to endure, but it was life changing. It is the only major one he would speak of, would be when he and his Grandparents took a trip to Vulcan and a side excursion. His family and he were on a transport back to Vulcan when a cascade reaction damaged the power systems of the vessel and caused a major explosion. His Grandparents were severely hurt and the half powered medical bay was ill equipped within their technology to help them. This affected him greatly as he was present at their painful deaths.

After this event he looked heavily into how starships worked. Medicine was never a major interest to him as biology, somehow was not able to comprehend the concepts as well as he was able to understand technology and circuitry. He could make almost anything work, and somehow knew how other materials or technologies would make something work better or in a different way. He basically became a technology upgrade consultant to Star Fleet, using his spare time to study his nanite and animated technology hobbies.

His life interests led him from technology schooling into Star Fleet Academy, where upon Entry and during the orientation week, an event happened that changed his life. He bumped into, almost literally, the love of his life. Matthew Brandt, an Inch taller than he, from the Chek Republic, took his breath away, and was also courted by matt as intensly as he had fallen for Matt. Immediately they moved in with eachother, something usually not allowed by the Acadamy. It was such a harmonius time in his life. Matt was a security expert, knowing many types of weapons and combat fighting styles, as well as being more thickly muscular that Codey. The two were ideologically a couple, until 2 years passed, and it was time for matt to graduate, with Codey staying there to continue his double Major.

The Acadamy understood Codey’s experience from his life and studies where they allowed him to work into Medical uses for technology and nanites. Excelling in Starship systems though, his Major shifted to that and his Minor became Nanite Technology half way through the Academy before his eventual Graduation. Part of the reason for that switch, was Codey had broken up his relationship with Matt when Matt Graduated. He only majored in one department, so he graduated earlier than Codey. That time tore at their hearts, and their separation was a quiet tearful one, vowing to each other that they would meet out in space. Codey switched Majors as a distraction from his sadness, as he could dwell on his studies to help his feelings.

After Graduation, Codey was posted to Starbases. For a one or two years at a time, Codey was stationed at one of the three major starbases, analyzing technology of Federation and other vessels, looking for upgrade suggestions and new uses for unique technological ideas and materials. He enjoyed this very much as it kept him out of many dangerous situations, yet his heart yearned for adventure from time to time, and as the years wore on, that yearning grew to a desire.

Recent times had him scouring the wreckage of a Sun-Tsu class destroyer called the Sheridan. There was not much left of the ship and as with other vessel studies, his research showed a very diverse crew life. He became very curious about the ship and its crew, learning about them and finding out that there was a replacement Sheridan they were commissioned to. He really began to get a feel for the people and their personalities based on ship and accessible crew logs.

He contacted his connections within Stafleet and was granted permission to transfer to that ship. He was delighted and frightened at the same time. Even though he was in a low danger position, he had worked his way up in the ranks quickly, being now a young man for the rank of Lt. He hoped that would not cause any problems with how he would integrate into the crew, but understood when his co-engineers on the station suggested a voluntary drop in rank to LTjg for experience and crew heigharchy.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering and Medical
Academy Minor(s): Biomechanics and Nanites
Hobbies and Pastimes: Acrylic paintings, holo-novels and remote controlled vehicles
Short-Term Goals: Find a position that fits him with a good crew
Long-Term Goals: See the Universe and meet interesting people
Personality: Crisp and chipper, but can be sharp and strict
Sense of Humor: Odd
Phobias: Dark and quiet combined no reference to where things are
Likes: Lemmon meringue pie, gardens, tart apple custard, a respectful person, contemporary design, green
Dislikes: Arrogance, pig headedness, and cheap dates
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Arrogance
Achievements: Helped to develop a simple nanite base for simple medical application, has seen recommendations for material uses work their way into Star Fleet technology
Disappointments: That he should have been less abrasive in School and the Academy
Illnesses: Nothing major
Strengths: Looks, thin agile fingers, good with tools and materials. Strength for lifting heavy items
Weaknesses: Cute men, puppies, birds, a dramatic holonovel, mocha cake
Fears: Dying slowly in view of others
Prejudices: None
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Shorts and a sleeveless top
Distinguishing Features: Australian Accent and chipper attitude
Pets: Chihuahua/Mini Doberman Pincher mix named Baron
Friends: Charles from High school, Mick and Toby from College

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Having to be there with his grandparents as they died in an accident.
Best Time: Two of his best friends argue over who will marry him first
Most Crucial Experience: Trying out an experiment that he read an article on, realizing that he had the Materials to try it as well, and succeeding better than the scientists did
Role Model: Albert Einstein and Alexander Graham Bell

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