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Aubrey Brackenwood
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Biographical Attributes
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Swept back
Very slim
English-accented, deep
United Federation of Planets
New Berlin, Luna
Familial Relationships
Andrew Brackenwood (59)
Isabella Brackenwood (55)
Status of Parents:
Divorced. Andrew Brackenwood is retired, formally Governor of Mars. Isabella Brackenwood is retired, former Associate Representative to the Federation Council.
Alistair Brackenwood (d. 21) Anastasia Brackenwood (aged 28)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Aubrey Brackenwood is the youngest child of the Brackenwood family, which also boasts a Governor of Mars and Federation Junior Councillor - his father and mother respectively. His sister Anastasia was a prodigious artist, and his brother Alistair a celebrated athelete. In their shadow, Aubrey became a quiet, thoughtful man who discovered he could exercise more control over the world of computers and technology than the turbulent society around him.

Alistair decided to enroll in the Fleet, and joined the Marine Corps upon graduation. Within a year, the eldest Brackenwood son was dead, killed in a skirmish with pirates. Subsequently, Aubrey's parents divorced and withdrew from their political positions, and his sister suffered a breakdown, requiring permanent placement within a psychiatric unit.

Aged nineteen, with his family shattering around him, Aubrey Brackenwood enrolled in the Academy determined to forge a career for himself.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Engineering - Systems and Ship Operations
Academy Minor(s): Xeno-engineering - Alien Technology and Applications
Hobbies and Pastimes: Brackenwood is fascinated with Fleet Operations, co-ordinating task-forces and flotillas - and often recreates famous large battles on the Holodeck, pitting himself and his strategies against replications of foes from across Federation history. He loves alien cuisine, but ironically cannot cook himself.
Short-Term Goals: Brackenwood is very keen on becoming a Department Head and enjoying his first taste of responsibility.
Long-Term Goals: The very core of Brackenwood's drive is to achieve Flag rank, and to have authority over many vessels and starbases, to apply his policies to the actions of the entire Fleet.
Personality: He projects an aura of detached, confident and dedicated professionalism. He is courteous but distant to colleagues, and socialises infrequently. He deflects personal queries with arch humour, and is quietly loyal to the chain of command. Brackenwood nonetheless considers his orders carefully, and would not resist to question them if he felt necessary.

Under pressure Brackenwood is calm and collected, has an innovative problem-solving mind, but possesses a callous streak of surprising ruthlessness.

He never discusses his family, preferring to concentrate entirely on his career. He is clipped and direct in conversation, prides himself on efficiency and speed, and expects the same committment from subordinates.
Sense of Humor: Brackenwood has a dry wit and sarcastic turn of phrase, which he employs to deter casual questioning or deflate the severity of a situation to a manageable level.
Phobias: He cannot stand heights and has acute vertigo. He can function in zero-gee enviroments such as extra-vehicular procedures, but does not enjoy it at all.
Likes: Brackenwood enjoys alien cuisine, old Earth drinking spirits, classical music, reading and fiddling with xeno-tech.
Dislikes: Brackenwood has a very low opinion of Starfleet Marines, dismissing them as brainless homicidal maniacs. Unsurprisingly, he also has a low opinion of Klingons. He resents mention of his family, considers counselling and spirituality to be crutches for frightened minds, and detests treachery to the Federation.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: If Brackenwood has less than six hours sleep, he becomes distracted and irritable. He has precious little respect for the empty words and hollow threats of diplomats. He grew up in the tightly controlled environment of Luna, and suffers more than usual from the natural elements.
Achievements: Whilst at the Academy, his thesis "Integration of Foreign Technology and Starfleet Engineering aboard Rapid Reaction Warships to Improve Performance" was printed in several engineering holomagazines, to his lasting pride. Deep down, he is proud of himself for breaking out of his family's sheltered world.
Disappointments: Brackenwood was denied the Presidency of the Student's Engineering Association after a heated row with the committee over his occasionally provocative attitude, a problem which would surface fairly often in other social situations. He also had a few very unstable relationships with female cadets.
Illnesses: Aubrey has no ongoing illness, but his natural frame and permissive upbringing has led to a physical form that tires quickly and is not resistant to infection. He does not maintain himself physically, and is at the extreme of Starfleet tolerance for fitness.
Strengths: He has transformed a young interest in technology into a notable skill, especially with non-Federation technology. He has a real empathy with computer systems, and can smoothly co-ordinate many functions simultaneously. He is loyal to his superiors, carrying out orders promptly, but willing to suggest alternatives or even criticisms. He is utterly dedicated to the Federation and its preservation, but please see Weaknesses...
Weaknesses: It appears his morals are more flexible than they should be; he was once censured by his Academy instructors for arguing heatedly in support of former Admiral Erik Pressman's research into illegal Interphase Cloaking. This implies an acceptance of ethically questionable actions in furtherance of the 'greater good' of the Federation. His physical failings. He has a lack of empathy that renders him somewhat isolated socially, although he shows no signs of minding.
Fears: As mentioned previously, Brackenwood cannot stand great heights and suffers near-crippling vertigo. He also has a deep and unreasoning fear of total darkness, and must have some form of illumination present.
Prejudices: Brackenwood is socially aware enough to try and hide his prejudice against religion - he is fervently atheistic, and detests any and all spiritual beliefs. As mentioned previously, he dislikes Marines on principle. He is vaguely pro-human, but does not actively resent other alien races - he merely believes the Federation, whilst an alliance of so many other races, deserves to be led by humanity.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Old-fashioned, sober-coloured shirts and trousers.
Distinguishing Features: Thin, pale face, heavy eyebrows
Pets: None
Friends: Serina Shaughnessy. A fiery young Poli Sci student at the same school as Brackenwood; she rebuffed his romantic approaches, but the two maintained a friendship. They masked their affection one another with spiky antagonism, but their political arguments were real and passionate. After Alistair Brackenwood's death, and Aubrey's intention to join the Fleet in spite of it, Serina and Aubrey drifted apart over their political differences. They haven't spoken since he enrolled.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Aged fifteen he successfully broke into his father's journals where Andrew Brackenwood admitted to his disappointment at learning he was to have a new and unplanned second son. Aubrey did not fit into Andrew's political scheming and was possibly even a hindrance at a time when Andrew was working his way up the hierarchy - which Aubrey learned to his disgusted upset.
Best Time: Graduation from the Academy seemed to be a vindication of his plans as a young man, but he intends to build on this achievement immediately.
Most Crucial Experience: The death and funeral of Alistair Brackenwood was the turning point of his life. As his family fell apart, Aubrey was given the impetus to make the decisions that would influence his life, beginning with enrolling in the Academy.
Role Model: Brackenwood looks up to a long line of 'career officers', including Admiral William Ross, Admiral Edward Jellico and Captain Kelvar Garth of Axanar.

Career History

Stardate 21107.04 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy. Promoted to Midshipman, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471

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