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Michael Beleren
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Columbia, FF-6145
Biographical Attributes
6’ 02”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Long tied back in a ponytail
Facial Hair:
Clean shaven
United Federation of Planets
Familial Relationships
Jason Beleren (Missing assumed KIA)
Barbara Beleren (Johnson)
Status of Parents:
Mother is retired, Father is MIA assumed KIA
Marital Status:
Engaged to Kayla Golden

Personal History


Michael was born in Chicago where is father was an engineer at one of Starfleet’s locations, and his mother was a medical officer. He was born with half a ring finger on his left hand. His parents decided not to have it fixed cause they believe in uniqueness, and that everything happens for a reason. When he was young he would go to Montana where his Grandfather Ray Beleren had some land. His grandfather taught him how to survive off the land how to track animals and how to hunt. This became a yearly trip with his grandfather. It was just the two of them for two weeks a year. When he was in school he met a kid named Thomas Conlin the two were inseparable for the longest time. They considered each other brothers that they both decided to join Starfleet together. Before they signed their paperwork to join Starfleet Thomas went off world with his father and Michael’s father on a routine mission. Michael stayed behind because he was on a hunting trip with his grandfather.

When Michael returned from his yearly trip with his grandfather. His mother had informed him that the ship his father was on was destroyed by a rebel group of Klingons and that his body was missing but he assumed dead. Michael always believed that one day he would find his father and friend.


Michael found the first year at the academy rough. He had a hard time focusing on his studies. During his free time and most of his class time he was trying to figure out what happened to his father. The one thing he couldn’t understand was if the mission was supposed to be routine how come no one would answer his questions.

He had always wanted to be a security officer on a starship. So, one class he took was Hand to Hand tactics and it was taught by a Klingon by the name of Morgah. Though Michael held no hatred towards Klingons he found trusting them very hard. But Morgah had taken a special interest in Michael. It took some time but towards the end of his first year Michael had learned to trust Morgah who had taken to training Michael after classes a couple times a week.

With Morgah’s help he was able to find a way to channel his anger into a discipline, and able to focus on his studies. The summer after his first year was a welcome relief he headed up to Montana for his yearly hunting trip with his Grandfather, and then returned to Chicago to spend some time with his mother.

His second year at the academy was more productive he continued his combat training with Morgah after classes and stayed up to date on his work. He also made new friends though none were as close as he was with Thomas. During his second year he met Kayla they hit it off right off way and were very close. At the end of their second year Kayla was going to Risa for the summer break and asked Michael to join. Michael wanted to go but he knew that he only had a few more trips left with his grandfather.

The next year began rough for Michael his grandfather had passed away, but he focused on his studies and training. This year though he had Morgah teach him more about Klingon culture he wanted to try and understand why the Klingons would have attacked his father’s ship. Morgah explained to him that some Klingons lived for war and that there is honor in battle and that they believe the Federation is an enemy, but it is hard to say why a certain group did anything.

His final year at the academy Michael focus hard on his studies, he could not wait to be on a starship and serve the Federation like his father. When the end of the year came close Michael took Kayla up to Montana to the house that his grandfather had left him. While they were up there he proposed to her that weekend. They agreed to wait a few years after their first assignments before they would get married.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security Tactics, Advanced weapons training
Academy Minor(s): Hand to hand combat, linguistics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Training, hunting, looking into his father’s final mission, collecting antique firearms.
Short-Term Goals: Become Chief of Security for a Starship
Long-Term Goals: Find out the truth about what happened to his father.
Personality: Very Serious when it comes to his job and duties.
Sense of Humor: Enjoys telling and listening to jokes, but believes there is a time and a place for them
Likes: Hunting and training
Dislikes: Food and drinks from the replicator. To him replicator food has a fake taste to it.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who do not do their jobs
Bad Habits or Vices: Looking into his father’s final mission
Achievements: Getting accepted into the Academy
Disappointments: Loss of his father and friend. The death of his grandfather
Illnesses: Missing half his ring finger
Strengths: Able to hunt, track and survive in the wild. Trained in Hand to Hand combat by a Klingon
Weaknesses: If anything comes up about his father he puts that first.
Fears: Never finding out what happened to his father. Dying alone
Prejudices: Doesn’t trust Klingons. Takes a while to build trust
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jeans and a T-shirt
Distinguishing Features: Was born with half of a ring finger on his left hand.
Pets: Pug named George
Friends: Thomas Conlin (Missing assumed deceased)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Loss of his father and friend
Best Time: Yearly hunting trips with his grandfather.
Most Crucial Experience: Meeting Morgah and learning to fight from him, learning to survive from his grandfather
Role Model: Morgah and his Grandfather

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Security Officer USS Columbia, FF-6145 21710.02 Assigned to USS Columbia

Contact Information


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