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Vanessa Kaye Beech
Career Occupation
Star Base Delta
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Fraser Dunbar
165 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light blonde with a grey or two
Long, refuses to ever be perfectly straight
Slim, almost slight
A little pale but not so much that she appears unhealthy
Facial Hair:
Soft and smooth
Eugene, Oregon, Earth
Familial Relationships
Parker Beech (80)
Nikki Beech (79)
Status of Parents:
Both still living and still married. They remain in Oregon, where Nikki works as a landscape architect, while Parker has given up his career in graphic design to have a stab at writing a thriller.
Rebecca Shepperton (sister, 54), Penelope Ali (sister, 51)
Marital Status:
Miles Beech (son, 31)

Personal History

The youngest of three sisters, Vanessa Beech was born into a happy if unremarkable family and experienced a happy if unremarkable childhood. Having met in design school, her parents channelled their creative passions into more stable and productive careers once they started a family and were able to provide a comfortable and secure environment for their children to grow up in. They were attentive, usually patient with the demands of three strong-willed girls, and managed to guide them pretty successfully towards their teens. Intelligent and diligent, Vanessa was always the one who caused the least trouble for the Beech family. Instead of misbehaving or causing a ruckus, she was an observer. She would always be on the sidelines, watching and listening, seemingly quite happy as she did so.

Once she hit her teenage years, something changed in Vanessa. Even years later, she couldn't fathom exactly why she chose to rebel, writing it off as a tricky puberty, but it was possible that she'd simply had enough of observing and wanted the lion's share of attention. Certainly, the spotlight seemed to firmly sit on her louder sisters, both of whom were graduating from school and going to proms and embarking on their first serious relationships and generally generating enough drama and noise to eclipse Vanessa completely. She wanted to be the important one for a change, even if it was for the wrong reasons.

She began staying out later, seeking out the kind of people she knew her parents would class as 'the wrong crowd' and spending more and more time with them. Though she never turned her back on her studies completely, her grades dipped. This was the first alarm call for her parents, who reminded her that she wouldn't be able to achieve her goal of joining Star Fleet if she didn't work hard in school. Star Fleet had been her dream for as long as any of them could remember, seemingly for as long as she'd been able to talk. From an early age, Vanessa would spend hours avidly watching holovids of starships and space stations, and would save any articles and news stories on Star Fleet that she encountered. Her dream didn't die during her rebellious phase, but it felt harder to focus on it in the midst of a whirlwind of partying, drinking and boys. It didn't feel to her like anything she was doing would have any serious consequences.

She was wrong about that. Three weeks before her 16th birthday, Vanessa discovered she was pregnant. In the course of one afternoon, her whole outlook on life changed. Immediately, she realised just how foolish she'd been, how irresponsible. She'd hurt her parents, put her own future plans in jeopardy and now had a new life growing inside her which would be entirely her responsibility. And all of it for no good reason. Disgusted with herself and aching with frustration, Vanessa made a snap decision about how things would play out from that point forth, and she never wavered from it. She would keep the baby, give up her dreams of joining Star Fleet and devote herself to raising her child as well as she possibly could. She would give the child the best life she was able to provide and make sure that it grew into a happy and capable adult. Rather than allow this to be her greatest mistake, she would turn it into her greatest pride.

Of course, it wasn't an easy road for her. Her parents took the news hard but ultimately supported her. The baby's father, a slightly older boy named Garth Rickard, promised he'd be there for the child but it became clear that wasn't strictly true when he applied to a university on another planet a month later. That was fine by Vanessa. He was a bit of a mess and certainly not the kind of role model she wanted for her child. The pregnancy also turned out to be a troublesome one, with Vanessa ultimately giving birth to Miles five weeks prematurely, but both mother and baby emerged from the experience happy and healthy. True to her word, Vanessa abandoned her former lifestyle, cutting herself off from all the bad influences which had drawn her down the wrong path, and dedicated herself to Miles. She managed to graduate high school between changing diapers but otherwise, her dreams of science and Star Fleet were shelved. She had something to focus on which was more important and precious than her own goals, however much it hurt to let them go.

As the years passed, Vanessa found that being a mother to Miles was as rewarding as she'd hoped, and her devotion to him was good for them both. Miles became a bright and cheerful kid, earning him the nickname Smiles, while Vanessa matured and became the person she knew she should have been all along. She dated occasionally but never hit on a relationship that really clicked for her. In the end, they were all fighting a losing battle for her attention because Miles always won out. When her son reached his teens, Vanessa started to suspect that her dedication to her son had the potential to become a problem. She was in danger of smothering him, which would surely result in either pushing him away or making him vulnerable to the harshness of the world, while she was leaving herself with nothing outside him. Miles needed to start spreading his wings, and she needed to start establishing a life of her own.

Formulating a plan, Vanessa began attending a local university, where she studied Psychology and Sociology. Getting into a routine of studying and handling an energetic teenage boy was hard work but she quickly mastered the art of juggling different aspects of her life. She was exhilarated to be doing something for herself again, and fell in love with her subject. Graduating with honours, she immediately signed up for training as a counselor. Vanessa had always been interested in people, always been naturally inclined to listen and observe, and this felt like a true calling for her, a vocation. By the time Miles left home to attend university himself, Vanessa had become a qualified counselor and was working in a nearby clinic.

The next year or so felt a little empty. She missed Miles terribly, though she knew he was happy and was proud of the good man he was becoming. Unexpectedly, however, she also found her job somewhat lacking. She loved the work she was doing and was certain that this was what she wanted to spend her life doing, but something didn't feel quite right. Something was missing and she felt she was capable of more. It didn't take her long to realise what it was - Star Fleet. That was the one ambition that still seemed out of reach but, even after all these years of burying her dreams, she wanted it badly and could no longer deny it to herself. Vanessa came to the conclusion that it didn't have to be out of reach if she didn't want it to be. It would be incredibly hard work but she wasn't afraid of that. She'd proven before that she was driven enough to make a commitment and see it through. She would do it again.

Her application to Star Fleet Academy wasn't an easy one. Nearly 36 years old by that stage, her age worked against her, as did the fact that her education record wasn't as exemplary and smooth as most other applicants. However, the fact that she was already a trained, qualified and experienced counselor worked in her favour and, after determinedly acing the interview process, she was informed that she'd been accepted. Giddy with excitement, Vanessa attacked her classes and studies with enthusiasm and grit, and never stopped. On a social level, life at the Academy wasn't easy for her. She was older than almost all her fellow cadets and that isolated her, though she worked hard to break down the barriers. In the end, she found a few close friends and that was enough to keep her from feeling too lonely. She was also frequently left exhausted by the physical training she underwent, but she never considered giving up. She was too driven for that.

By the time graduation rolled around, Vanessa felt she'd performed well and was deeply proud of what she'd achieved. Equally proud was Miles, now building a successful career of his own in forensics, and he was there to see her graduate as Midshipman Beech. It was one of the happiest days of her life. She was assigned to Star Base 157 as an Assistant Counselor. Though her role largely involved administrative duties, she was happy with it. Star Base 157 was a good assignment, better than she'd hoped for, and it was the perfect place for her to become accustomed to the realities of being a Star Fleet Officer. Finally, she felt she'd achieved everything she'd dreamed of and could now focus on doing a good job and enjoying it. Perhaps because she was so content, she excelled and was quickly promoted to a full Counselor role, and climbed a couple of ranks over time until she became a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Confident in her capabilities and comfortable in the hubbub of the Star Base, Vanessa made friends and allies, developed good working relationships with her colleagues, and became a regular at The Big Dipper in the ensuing years. She liked to think she earned the respect of her crewmates too. The assignment wasn't trouble-free, however. Star Base 157 was at the heart of a tumultuous battle at the dawn of the war with the Romulans and Vanessa was lucky to survive it. Survive it she did, though, and worked hard over the following months to counsel both those who had been traumatised by the battle, and the countless others who were losing loved ones in the ongoing war. It was tiring but rewarding work and she did the best she could. Once the war was over, when it was announced that Star Base 157 would be expanded to be an Immense Class Star Base, Vanessa didn't consider transferring elsewhere. She was proud of her work there and felt she'd made the place her home. As a result, Vanessa now finds herself a Counselor on the newly minted Star Base Delta.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Psychotherapy, Advanced Psychology
Academy Minor(s): First Aid, Linguistics, Diplomacy
Hobbies and Pastimes: Vanessa likes to eat out and try different cuisines, dining in her quarters extremely rarely. Professionally, it's helpful for her to be out and about but she'd probably do it anyway. She also collects photographs, though she isn't actually very good at taking them herself. She just stores any that come her way and likes to while away an hour or two flicking through her photo albums.
Short-Term Goals: Vanessa is hoping to make full Lieutenant in the next couple of years. Otherwise, her immediate focus is on making sure the crew of Star Base Delta settles in quickly and happily.
Long-Term Goals: What she'd really like to do is head up the Department of Mental Health at Star Fleet Medical but Vanessa suspects she started her career too late to realistically hope to reach such a lofty position. She'd be quite happy to settle for being Ship's Counselor on a flagship.
Personality: Like most people in her profession, Vanessa is a good and understanding listener, perceptive, observant, gentle, kind, thoughtful, and comfortable in just about any social situation. These qualities are demands of her job but they are a natural part of who she is, her personality refined by her training rather than defined by it. For many, it is tempting to write her off as nice, capable but ultimately harmless and possibly even weak as she makes no attempt to intimidate anyone. This would be an error, though. Vanessa is nobody's fool and, when needed, she has a will of iron. She is a very determined woman when she sets her mind to something. She can also be very single-minded, often at the expense of her personal life.
Sense of Humor: A dry, sometimes slightly sarcastic sense of humour, though it is extremely rare for her to employ it to actually insult someone. Occasional light teasing is her limit.
Phobias: Clowns. Far too creepy. Also, though it isn't exactly a phobia, Vanessa doesn't really like to be alone.
Likes: Vanessa's favourite thing in the universe is, of course, her son. She loves to hear what he's up to and is always at her happiest when he visits the station, which isn't often enough for her liking. She's also a big fan of food, of any shape and size. Even gagh isn't off her menu, though it probably wouldn't be her first choice. She likes socialising and spending time in busy, lively environments. Unexpectedly, she's also discovered an appreciation for Romulan music since serving on the Star Base.
Dislikes: Klingon opera is something she struggles to tolerate, though even that is preferable to complete silence to Vanessa. Though she knows how, she doesn't like to drive or pilot any vehicle, always feeling slightly overwhelmed by the machine being under her control and much preferring to be the passenger.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Being patronised drives her insane, though she's learnt how to smile through it while clenching her teeth.
Bad Habits or Vices: Tends to scratch at her hair when under stress.
Achievements: No matter what she achieves professionally, Vanessa will always consider her son to be her greatest achievement.
Disappointments: The biggest disappointment in Vanessa's life was having to shelve her plans to join Star Fleet for two decades. She did it for the right reasons but it still stung and she's aware that she has potentially limited her future career opportunities by coming to Star Fleet so late.
Illnesses: Aside from a difficult pregnancy which resulted in a premature birth, Vanessa has suffered no serious medical problems.
Strengths: Grit. Vanessa is a quietly strong woman and is willing and able to commit to putting in years of hard work to achieve her goals. When she truly wants to do something, she doesn't allow anyone or anything to stand in her way.
Weaknesses: Vanessa's drive can lead her to abandon her personal life while she focuses on reaching her goals. There is a reason why she's never had a long-term relationship. She simply won't spare the time.
Fears: Though she occasionally worries about failing at her job, or even about never finding love, Vanessa's greatest fear is anything bad happening to her son.
Prejudices: Though she does her best not to let it show, Vanessa finds the Ferengi slightly trying.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Steers clear of form-fitting clothing when not on duty, favouring outfits which are perfectly positioned between casual and smart. She tends to be seen in autumnal and pastel shades.
Distinguishing Features: None in particular
Pets: She still considers her family's ancient labrador, Cookie, to be 'her' dog, but actually has no pets of her own.
Friends: Fiona Drescher, a waitress she met years ago, when their children were in the same class at school.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Though it ultimately became a source of joy, discovering she was pregnant at 15 was devastating for Vanessa. She instantly knew it would change everything and felt she'd let everyone down, herself most of all.
Best Time: The birth of her son, his graduation from university, and his presence at her graduation from Star Fleet Academy have been the greatest times of Vanessa's life.
Most Crucial Experience: Coming to the decision that she would abandon her own plans in life to devote herself to raising Miles was the crucial turning point in Vanessa's life. Not only did it radically alter the path she was on, it proved to her that she was fully capable of making major decisions and seeing them through.
Role Model: Though she'd never admit it to her, Vanessa's role model is her own mother, Nikki. When bringing up her son, she realised just what an excellent job Nikki had done in raising her, and she did that while managing a flourishing career of her own. She believes she gets her determination from her mother.

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